Another Emma Stiles story. Despite having two detentions to serve she manages to get in more trouble.

By Gillian Howard

On the way to school, knowing that I had to serve a 1 hour detention tonight under the watchful eye of Mr Traynor, I was talking to Jane and Christine about the dance we were all going to on Saturday. They asked me if I was going to be wearing the underwear that Madame Rebois had bought me and I replied that I didn’t want Steve, my date for the night, getting the wrong ideas.

I was not looking forward to detention as Mr Traynor was a teacher who used the slipper a lot and was known as a severe user. In fact Jane commented on this fact as we approached the school gates as he had given her the only slippering she had ever had last term. As she had never been caned either it came as quite a shock as to how painful it was.

During the day it was agreed that, as both Jane and Christine were coming to my house for tea, Christine would go home and meet us there as she only lived around the corner from me and Jane said she would wait outside for me. Christine’s grandmother was staying with them and was quite poorly so she could not take friends home at the moment.

At 4.00pm I made my way to the detention room and arranged to meet Jane by the Gym afterwards. Mr Traynor arrived and it was obvious that he was in a bad mood. There were twelve of us in detention, nine girls and three boys. Within the first 10 minutes he had given 6 of the best with the  slipper to 3 girls and 1 boy. I tried to keep working and not to annoy him in any way.

All was quiet for the next 15 minutes and then I heard Mr Traynor shout:  “Emma Stiles, stand up!”

I stood nervously, wondering why he was going to slipper me.

He just said: “Go to the Headmaster’s office and ask him to come here please, and be quick.”

I arrived and knocked on the door.

“Enter!” I heard from within.

I walked in and the Headmaster was seated. He looked up and said: “Misbehaving in detention,  Emma?  That warrants a caning if you’ve been sent to me.”

“No Sir, Mr Traynor has asked me to request that you come to the detention room as soon as possible, sir. I don’t know why.”

“Probably somebody in trouble. I had better be prepared.” As he rose from his seat he collected two canes from his cupboard and also the punishment book.

We arrived at the detention room and I was told to continue with my task. They went outside for a minute. When they returned, Mr Traynor picked up his books and left.

The Headmaster told everyone to sit up and said: “Mr Traynor is feeling unwell and has had to go home, so I will be supervising the remainder of the detention. Now get on with your work unless you want to feel the slipper or cane.”

As we settled back into our work, the door burst open and Mr Traynor dragged Jane into the room and said: “I have just found this girl in trousers outside the Gym changing rooms when she should be on her way home.”

He then turned and left, leaving Jane looking terrified.

“What is your name, girl, and why are you still in school and not in uniform?” The headmaster shouted as everybody in detention looked up.

”Sorry sir. My name is Jane Alder and I am waiting for Emma Stiles, sir, as I am going to her house for tea and it is pouring with rain, sir, so I thought I would change out of uniform and wait inside the door till it stopped.”

The Headmaster looked at Jane and after contemplating he said: “Right, Alder, you can serve the remainder of this detention with your friend and also next week as well. Did Stiles know that you would be on school property?”

Jane replied: “No sir, she thought I was meeting her outside the doors to the gym, sir.”

“Very well, before we continue there is the matter of school uniform. Go and wait in the corridor outside for me. I will deal with you shortly.”

After Jane closed the door behind her, we could see her standing against the wall through the windows.

“Emma Stiles, out here now. You knew that Alder would be on school premises when she should be on the way home as she was waiting for you. You had arranged to meet her on school property if not in school. I will not tolerate pupils being on school property when they should not be.”

He walked over to his desk, picked up his large cane and told me to stand against the wall with my hands on my head while he dealt with Jane. He left the classroom but did not fully close the door and we all heard him speak to Jane.

“Alder, drop those trousers and bend over. I am going to give you four strokes of the cane for being in school without uniform.”

“Please sir, I have never been in trouble, sir. Do I have to be caned? I was only in school because it was raining.”

“DO AS YOU ARE TOLD now, or it will be six!”

We could see Jane move slightly then bend over.

“Not even wearing school knickers, Alder. Don’t move till I tell you to stand.”

We saw the headmaster stand to the side and raise his cane before unleashing a powerful swing followed by a crack as it landed on Jane’s bottom. The scream came immediately, followed by three more at regular intervals. She was told to stand and make herself presentable and then to stand with me at the front of the classroom.

As she came into the classroom I noticed that she started to really blush till I saw David sat near the back of the class. David had been her first boyfriend and she still really liked him but she finished with him when she found out that his two previous girlfriends had both visited the Headmaster and been caned for doing something wrong while with him. She was scared that if she stayed with him she too would visit the Headmaster for the cane. Now here she was looking at him having been caned.

The Headmaster brought everybody to order before saying: “As you have all heard, Jane has just been caned for not wearing school uniform in school. You all know the penalty. Also, both Stiles and Alder knew that Alder would be on school premises when she should not be. In fact they both arranged to meet there. For that they are both to receive two stokes of the cane across their hands. Stiles, hold out you hand.”

As I did so, he picked up the smaller cane and rested it on my palm before raising it and bringing it down with such speed I thought he had cut my fingers off. The same happened with my other hand. I managed not to scream but was blowing them and putting them under my armpits to try and ease the pain. I was told to sit down and Jane was called over.

She too managed to avoid screaming in pain before being sent to sit down in front of David.

As she sat down, I heard David say to her: “You should not have finished with me,” with a wry smile on his face.

This had not gone unnoticed by the Headmaster who, after putting his cane down, looked at the class.

“David Johnson, stand up. What did you say to Jane?”

“Nothing, sir.”

“I do not like being lied to. Tell me now, or I will ask Jane and I don’t think she will want another caning.”

“I just said that she should not have finished with me, sir. She used to be my girlfriend but finished with me when she found out my two previous girlfriends had been caned with me, sir.”

“I think she did the correct thing because there is every chance that she would have been caned on more than one occasion since you are the most frequent visitor to my office. Outside now, and trousers and pants down. I warned you last time any more this term would be on the bare, so six of the best for you.”

David went outside and we saw him bending over before receiving six almighty strokes which had him in tears after four. He returned a very forlorn figure.

As we walked home I quizzed Jane about her finishing with David. The story that went round from both of them was that David had finished with her because she would not let him get his hands in her knickers or to take her virginity and she had agreed to go along with the story. She then admitted that he did get his hands into her knickers several times but nothing else and that she had finished with him but if she had stayed with him he would probably have got everything he wanted. She was glad she had resisted as she now knew it would have been all round the school.

As we got home mum noticed the state we were both in.

“Whatever is the matter with you two?”

“Jane sheltered in school when it rained and got changed, but she was caught by Mr Traynor who was going home sick and was brought to the detention room. As the headmaster had taken over detention from him, she received four stokes of the cane across her knickers and then we both received one stroke of the cane across each hand for arranging to meet on school premises well after school had finished.”

“Take Jane to your room and put some of that cream on her bottom that I put on yours, then come down for tea.”

The rest of our evening was very pleasant and then dad drove Jane home.

At school the following day it was all round school about what had happened but it was soon forgotten and we carried on as normal during the nest week. I was given the ruler on three occasions and received six of the slipper in gym.

The following Thursday we were in detention again and as we walked towards the detention room we saw Mr Traynor waiting for us. As we went in, we were told to stand at the front, replacing one of the six boys that were there.

Nobody else arrived and there were six boys and four girls in detention. Mr Traynor explained that he did not like it when pupils strolled along to detention and that even though we were on time he would show everybody what would happen if they were naughty tonight. We  were both told to bend over his desk and we received six of the best with his slipper and, yes, he is harder than any other teacher.

Over the last few weeks of the school year Jane started to see David again and twice in that time she had to visit the headmaster and receive six of the best.

Our final year at school will follow shortly.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2014