When Erin catches a boy smoking at her father’s school, she takes the law into her own hands, and then pays the price.

By Frances Stephenson

Elin Powell was a thoughtful sort of girl, but definitely not a swot; in fact she was very sporty and her enthusiasm for every type of sporting activity showed in her excellent figure and toned body.

She was not a conventionally pretty girl but her face was animated and there was something very taking in her expression and her well-opened brown eyes shone with health and interest.

She was eighteen years of age and lived with her parents in a large Edwardian house. The family lived in an apartment on the first floor and the remainder of the house was occupied, in term time, by some 30 senior boys. The house was a satellite of a much larger house which, in turn, formed part of St Edwards, a large and well known boysPublic School.

The Powell’s house was known as The Laurels. Elin did not mix with the boys, somewhat to her regret as some of the boys, whose ages ranged from seventeen through to late eighteen, were really dishy and she noted that she drew many an appreciative glance from many of them. She was under the strictest instructions from her parents to have nothing to do with any of them and for their part the boys knew that to be caught with the House master’s daughter would result in a painful session across their well bent over bottoms with Mr Powell’s cane.

The spectre of a painful thrashing did not deter all of the boys and two or three had risked punishment by inviting the lively Elin for clandestine meetings and a bit of a snog in the old orchard.

Elin realised that she too would be in line to have her bottom well tanned if she was found out but this only seemed to add to the excitement. Elin was, of course, aware that her father regularly caned boys in his study and the aspect of school life appealed and excited her and made her tingle. She used to know when her father was due to cane a boy, sometimes more than one, and on these occasions Elin would sometimes make her way along the inside of a hedge to a clump of laurel bushes outside he father’s bow windowed study and watch whilst events unfolded themselves.

She usually did not have long to wait as her father was very much a creature of habit and the miscreants would present themselves at 6.00 pm. Her father would deliver a short lecture, fetch his cane from a corner cabinet and instruct the boy to face the fireplace and bend over. Sometimes he would instruct the boy to bend further over to make sure that the thin grey material of the boy’s trousers was stretched really tight and then he would proceed to deliver a very well measured caning. There were no half measures and he raised the cane as high as the ceiling would permit and bring it down with quite some force with plenty of shoulder behind it. After six such strokes the red faced boy would turn and shake hands before making his painful way out of the study.

Each time Elin saw a caning, she became aroused and her mouth half opened to show her teeth and her breathing became faster. She then made good her exit and went to the peace and solitude of her own room.

One Wednesday afternoon when her mother was out shopping and her father engaged in School business, Elin was wandering around the extensive grounds and came across one of the boys, Jamie Patterson, a good looking young man about her own age. Jamie started in agitation and tried, pretty unsuccessfully, to hide a cigarette which he had been enjoying. He stared at Elin in some anxiety as his ‘cigarette’ was a bedraggled looking home made variety and contained not only cheap tobacco but some Moroccan weed as well.

Jamie was well aware of the high level punishment that smoking pot would incur. Not only a hard thrashing but possibly expulsion as well as his parents being told and, possibly, the Police also. Zero tolerance was the watch word as far as drugs were concerned.

Elin was fully aware Jamie had been smoking pot but was very reluctant to report him as it would probably blight his life for some years to come.

“Jamie Patterson,” she said, “I hope you are well aware what could happen to you if I were to report you to my father; he would throw the book at you, you do realise that?”

“Please Elin, please don’t report me,” begged Jamie.

A thoughtful look came over Elin’s face. “Even if my father was unaware that you were smoking pot you would still get a severe hiding for smoking, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Elin, I would,” responded an increasingly anxious Jamie.

“I think I will deal with you myself,” announced Elin. “I am sure that I will be able to deliver a really sound caning and it is, after all, just what you deserve.”

“Yes Elin, please, would you cane me?” Said a relieved Jamie.

“It will be no picnic, I assure you,” said a clearly excited Elin. “Go and put on your gym shorts and report to my father’s study, nothing on underneath mind. I intend this session will stay with you for some time.”

Elin went to her father’s study and before long Jamie knocked at the door. He entered looking both vulnerable and nervous in his thin white cotton shorts. Elin had already found her father’s cane and was gently swishing it in a menacing way.

“Face the fireplace,” Elin instructed. “Bend over, further, that’s better.”

Jamie’s shorts strain making his youthful bottom making a really good target. Elin was well aware of the vulnerability of certain areas of a male’s anatomy and resolved not to get carried away and cane too low.

“Right, Jamie Patterson, here it comes,” and without further ado she swung the cane in a wide arc delivering a good wristy stroke with a well-timed swing of her hips. There was a painful sounding thwick as the cane landed dead centre but, apart from a sharp intake of breath, there was no sound from Jamie.

Slightly piqued, Elin delivered the next stroke slightly higher and the third slightly lower than the first. Still no sound came from the meekly bending Jamie.

Elin frowned; she had been putting considerable effort into the caning and had expected some sort of vocal reaction. She resumed the caning and put even more effort into the next two strokes. Still nothing, even though one of the strokes must have landed on an existing stripe. She could clearly see the results of her caning through the thin white cotton with each stripe showing clearly.

She gathered herself for the last stroke which, she resolved, would be the hardest yet and would definitely cross over an existing one. She gathered herself and delivered the final stroke which ended with a dull twick. Jamie grunted in pain but remained in position.

A somewhat breathless Elin rather excitedly surveyed her handiwork.

As though perfectly stage-managed, the door opened and Elin’s father walked into the room.

“What on earth is going on?” He rasped, clearly very annoyed.

Jamie jumped up and Elin dropped the cane in her agitation. She finally managed to give her father the main facts but although she told him about Jamie smoking she did not mention that he was smoking pot.

“So you thought you would take the matter into your own hands, did you?” He thundered.

“Yes father,” whispered Elin.

“Totally and completely unacceptable,” roared her father.

“Now, Patterson, I can see that you are not wearing underpants, so bend over and let me see how severe my daughter has been with you.”

Jamie bent over, not without difficulty as Elin had really laid on the six strokes.

“Yes, I can see that you have been satisfactorily thrashed and that you received six strokes which is what you would have received from me. I do not, therefore, propose the cane you further.”

A look of great relief appeared on Jamie’s worried face.

“This only leaves you, Elin.” He turns to address his anxious daughter. “The Punishment shall, indeed, fit the crime and you will be caned; it would be poetic justice for Patterson to cane you but I really cannot sanction this course of action. I propose, therefore, to cane you myself, here and now with Patterson here to bear witness.

“You caned him on his gym shorts and it is only fair that you will receive your caning with only your knickers to protect you. I am minded not to be lenient; this will be a painful session but it should serve to remind you of your status in this house and never to take the law into your hands again.

“Stand here Patterson.” He motioned Jamie into position.

“Elin, face the fireplace and bend over and lift your skirt; remember to take your caning bravely.”

Elin bent over easily and presented a charming expanse of thin white knickered bottom. The knickers had ridden up slightly, exposing a portion of soft white bottom. Mr Powell lifted the cane and delivered a good wristy stroke to the centre of his daughter’s delectable bottom. Elin uttered a soft squeal but manages to hold her position.

The second and third strokes whickered in and Elin uttered a sharp squeal as number three left its painful calling card, her hips moving sharply from side to side and she moaned in pain. Her father was certainly laying them on.

Jamie watched with close interest. He was sorry for the attractive Elin but more than a little stimulated by the sight of her tightly knickered bottom receiving such a good hiding.

Numbers four and five tried Elin’s resolve and she squealed loudly at each one but she remained bent with her bottom correctly presented for her thrashing. She also did not want to ‘break’ in front of Jamie.

‘One to go,’ she thought, aware that it would be the hardest. At just that moment it whipped in and she gave an anguished squeal, sobbing with pain.

“You may get up now, Elin,” said her father. “I hope you have both learnt lessons from these sessions. You both may go now.”

He shook hands with Jamie and gave his daughter a brief hug.

“Go to your room now,” he instructed Elin.

Later that evening, Elin was enjoying a quiet walk in the grounds and thinking about the days events, occasionally rubbing her hot and throbbing bottom. Again, she met Jamie who was having some time to himself after the day’s events.

The two stared at each other in embarrassed silence before Jamie stammered: “I am so, so sorry that you had to endure such a hiding. I hope that your poor bottom is recovering.”

“Yes, thank you,” said Elin “I am aware it was my fault for punishing you in the first place. Please forgive me for caning you so hard. I don’t know what got into me. I really deserved my caning even although I shall find sitting down uncomfortable for days!”

She looked so contrite and appealing that Jamie took her into his arms and proceeded to have a long and highly satisfying snog. They were both aware that if they were caught then retribution would come thick and fast and be extremely painful but they both continued and Jamie gently cherished Elin’s knickered bottom.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014