A date tones her up nicely

By Paul S

Elaine had tried to date Ben recently at hotseat.com dating agency, but was unsuccessful as he was now dating Anna, one of the matchmakers, and they had become an item.

Elaine was 28 and quite attractive. She had long dark hair and was a shapely and trim 36-26-38 with a few nice curves and a rotund, if slightly plump, bottom. She worked in the city. She had a succession of failed relationships behind her, as, although she had no problem at all attracting men, the long hours city culture, rail delays getting home for local dates and slow dating meant that she was unlucky in love.

Elaine had tried to fix this gap in her love life by signing on at hotseat.com. She had a few promising matches initially, but men were reluctant to take her on knowing her situation and past failures. The weeks went by with little sign of love in the air.

Then Elaine’s luck changed one day. Anna rang her up and said she had a new guy called Pete, age 29, who was a local registered masseur who had split up with his girlfriend because she had moved away with her job abroad on a long contract. Anna asked if she would be interested in a date as they seemed to match up quite well.

Elaine said: “Yes please, I’m pretty desperate for any dates at present.”

So Anna set her up for a date in the city at the ‘Sky garden’ after work one Friday.

Pete said OK, and didn’t mind travelling up to town to make it more convenient for Anna.

They met at the entrance to the modern ‘Walkie Talkie’ skyscraper in the city, and Anna was a bit shy initially. Pete was a ‘people’ person and soon put her at ease with a few charming words and praised her smart appearance.

They took the lift to the 43rd floor and walked out to onto to the external balcony. As it was mid-October and just after 7.30pm, it gave them a marvellous view of the city at night all lit up like a thousand stars.

It was quite breezy on the viewing platform so they couldn’t stay out for long. Pete asked if Anna wanted a drink, and she asked for a Pimms, whilst Pete had a rum and coke.

Elaine said: “I hear you are a masseur, is that right?”

Pete said: “Yes, I work locally to you, and unfortunately my long term girlfriend is now in New Zealand and miles away. Since I can’t easily visit, we agreed to call it a day.”

Elaine said: “Oh, that’s a real shame.”

Pete said: “I don’t know if the relationship was going anywhere, to be honest.”

They sat in the seating area in the large bar which was crowded and buzzing as there was a live band playing.

Pete said: “You look very attractive, so I’m a bit surprised that you have been unlucky with boyfriends.”

Elaine said: “Thanks. You have really nice hands,” and touched one of them.

Pete said: “Why thank you. Yes, but my job requires me to be sensitive and caring as I handle a number of ladies every day doing massages and fitness care.”

Elaine laughed and said: “Well, perhaps when we get to know each other better, you could give me a massage and handle some of my assets for me?”

Pete said: “I would be delighted to.”

Elaine said: “Do you fancy a dance?” So, they got up and joined the dance floor for a few jazzy numbers. The band then did a slow number, and they embraced and shared a first small kiss together.

Pete said: “You are a very nice dancer, and have a great body. I wish you wouldn’t roll your eyes at me and tut though when you don’t like something.”

Elaine blushed and said: “Sorry!” And gave him a kiss.

They had a brief look around the Sky garden itself, which had tropical plants up to the walkway at the rear where there was another bar and seating area with great views to the north of the city.

Around 9.45pm they decided to return home and caught the train. Pete walked Elaine to her door and she thanked him and they shared a nice kiss on the lips.

Elaine said: “I would like to meet you again.” So they pencilled in a date for the next weekend.

Anna rang Elaine the following Monday to ask how the date went.

Elaine said: “It went well, and the Sky Garden was a great venue. We are seeing each other locally next week. Will let you know how it goes.”

The following week they met locally on Saturday night at the local pub, which was rowdy and noisy. Pete and Elaine tried to talk but were being drowned out by a juke box, and the service was slow. So Pete suggested they go back to his place, which was nearby, for a drink and chat to get to know each other better. Elaine agreed, so they left the pub.

Pete opened the door for Elaine and they walked in, and took off their coats.

Pete said: “Coffee?”

Elaine said: “Yes, white, one sugar please.”

Pete gave Elaine a coffee and they sat down and chatted about their experiences.

Elaine said: “How long have you been a masseur?”

Pete said: “It’s about 5 years now since I qualified. What job do you do Elaine?”

Elaine replied: “I am an asset manager in the city, which is quite a responsible job.”

Pete said: “What sort of values do you deal with?”

Elaine said: “It literally can be millions a day.”

Pete replied: “Wow! I would certainly like to handle some of those assets. Would you like me to give you a massage?”

Elaine said: “I wasn’t expecting that, but yes, I would like that. However don’t expect sex just yet. It’s a bit soon.”

Pete said: “Don’t worry, I do this for a living and people recommend me. I am pretty rubbish at sex anyway. I have a treatment room set up in the back if you want to see?”

So they went into the back room which had a treatment table, and looked a bit like a doctor’s surgery.

Elaine said: “It looks a bit clinical.”

Pete said: “Well good hygiene is important. If you want a massage, we will have to change. I will change into a smock, and you would need to strip down to your nylons.”

Pete took off his top and put on a white smock.

Elaine took off her top and skirt, suspenders and shoes and put them on a chair, leaving just her white nylon bra and panties on, which looked like they were stretched to the limit in just keeping her pneumatic bottom in place.

Pete told Elaine to lay on the treatment table face up initially, and explained the procedure. He also put on some mood music in the background to help Elaine relax.

Pete then rubbed cream into his hands, before putting some body oils in his palm and rubbing them slowly into Elaine’s legs and tummy and top with a circular motion.

Elaine said: “Ooooh! That feels better than sex.”

Pete said: “Yes, but sex is overrated in my opinion. I find foreplay and massage can be far more stimulating. Can you turn over please?”

Elaine rolled over onto her front, so that the back of her legs, bottom and back were exposed. Pete then put more body oil in his hands and rubbed it into Elaine’s legs and back.

Pete said to Elaine: “Can you not fidget, please, as it’s very distracting?”

Elaine looked up and rolled her eyes at Pete and tutted.

Pete said playfully: “Did you just roll your eyes and tut at me again, young lady? I will have to give you a short spanking as I find it most disrespectful.”

Elaine said: “Sorry! I wasn’t thinking.”

Pete lightly but firmly spanked Elaine about 10 times across her rotund and very tightly nylon covered bottom.

Pete said jokingly: “Next time, I will take your panties down, and charge you for a massage!”

Elaine said: “How much is a full massage these days?”

Pete said: “About £150 at the spa, although we also do half and special massages, and can do them here.”

Elaine got up, thanked Pete and gave him a small kiss. Then she said: “Sorry I fidgeted and rolled my eyes at you. I loved the massage and definitely want to see you again.”

Pete said: “I would love to see you again and next time give you a naked full body massage, but only if you want to.”

Elaine said: “I will certainly think about the offer,” and left.

Anna phoned Elaine at work the following Monday to see how the second date went.

Elaine said: “It was nicer than I expected, and he gave me a free massage. His hands are wonderful. I want them all over my body.”

Anna said: “Really? Do you think you will see him again?”

Elaine said: “Definitely. Can you arrange a date at his spa after hours on Friday so that we can be alone together?”

Anna said: “No problem.”

Elaine then asked: “Pete has offered to give me an all over naked body massage for free. I would really like that, but feel it’s a little bit forward for a 3rd date, baring everything.”

Anna said: “That’s the eternal 64 dollar question for a woman; dare to bare on a date. We have couples who have sex on a first date but the relationship rarely lasts. Others take far too long, and their partner gets bored or has an affair.”

Elaine said: “He also gave me a short spanking for being disrespectful, which tingled, and he says he is rubbish at sex.”

Anna said: “Do you want me to confront him about that?”

Elaine said: “No, don’t worry. I’m just a little concerned that I would be completely naked as I am a bit self-conscious.”

Anna said: “Relationships are not all about sex. Some couples feel happy and comfortable just being together. Others like foreplay, and some are in a BDSM relationship involving spanking.” As she said it, she knew herself she was now in such a relationship.

It was now Friday afternoon and Elaine was finishing her work on time, and catching her train home, which didn’t go fast enough for her liking. So, she changed to another company’s fast train which got her home quicker.

She hurriedly changed for her date into a short black dress with suspenders and boots and coat, had a quick snack and drink and made her way to Pete’s spa where customers were still being treated.

She walked in and the receptionist said: “We are running a bit late as it’s been really busy today, so your personal appointment with Pete is now 6.30pm, I’m afraid. It’s an all over body massage, I believe.”

Elaine said: “Yes,” and blushed red, knowing it was to be fully naked.

“Would you like a drink whilst you are waiting?” Asked the receptionist.

Elaine said: “Yes, a glass of Prosecco would be nice.”

Pete then walked in from the back, gave Elaine a kiss and said: “Hi, are you OK and can I get you anything? It’s been manic today.”

Elaine gave him another kiss on the cheek and said: “Yes, I’m fine and looking forward to it.”

Eventually the last customers and the other staff finally left, leaving Pete and Elaine completely alone in the spa.

Pete said: “Come on through to the private VIP suite at the rear.”

They walked through into a very nice plush VIP suite, which was fully equipped and quite luxurious.

Pete said: “This is for special customers like you and normally costs a premium, as it involves alcoholic drinks and personal services.”

Elaine was surprised to see a small ‘flogger’ and a riding crop, plus an electromagnetic device on the mobile unit with body oils. She asked Pete what they were for.

Pete said: “They are for lightly toning up the skin and stimulating the body, where it is flaccid. That is usually for older, flabbier customers, although some of our younger ladies are now asking to try it after seeing ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The electric ‘Magnetech’ is for muscular aches and pains. Shall we get started then, and don’t be nervous?”

Elaine said: “But of course,” and Pete topped up her glass of Prosecco and put on some background music to help her relax.

Pete was already in his smock, and Elaine slowly took off her top and skirt, and loosened her suspenders and took them down. She pulled off her boots, leaving just her bra and panties on.

Pete watched as she released her bra and took it off, exposing her firm young breasts. Elaine then put both thumbs into the waistline of her very tight nylon panties and slowly eased them down, bending forward in doing so and exposing her superb rotund bottom.

Elain then lay face down on the treatment table as Pete put cream on his hands and then poured body oil into his palms. He rubbed them together before applying them to Elaine’s legs and back. He then rubbed some oil into Elaine’s rotund bottom, making it shine in the light.

Elaine said: “Ooooh! That feels really nice after a hard day’s work.”

Pete then rubbed oils into Elaine’s front including her tummy, legs, bared breasts and between her legs.

She then rolled onto her back for more massaging, but was already becoming very turned on by the whole experience.

Just then the phone rang, but Pete said: “Ignore it. It goes to Ansafone anyway this time of night. Your body and skin overall is actually very good for your age, but your bottom is a little bit too big, I would recommend toning it up and tanning it into shape.”

Elaine said: “How much toning up and tanning does my bottom need?”

Pete said: “It probably needs a moderate toning up and tanning all over with some body oils to tighten and smoothen the skin.”

Pete firstly poured another oil on his hands which smelt good, and applied it across Elaine’s bottom to smoothen the skin.

He then picked up the flogger and said: “Elaine, can you lift your bottom up slightly please,” and then gently applied 30 light to moderate strokes swished across her whole bottom. He also toned up her legs and back, before finishing with a further 15 strokes across her bottom and thighs.

This drew gentle gasps from Elaine who found the whole experience very sensual and stimulating. The flogger gently reddened the skin of her bottom and upper thighs and made her skin tingle all over deliciously. She could feel her whole bottom tightening slightly, and glistening in the light with the oils applied to it. Elaine also experienced a warm glow below her waist.

Pete then said: “There! All done. How was that for you?”

Elaine got up, still completely naked, and gave him a passionate kiss and said: “That was absolutely wonderful. Your hands are so sensitive. Can we do this again sometime?”

Pete said: “Same time next week?”

Elaine said: “Oooh! Yes please. I would just like my bottom toned up and tanned a bit more next time.”

The End

© Paul S 2016