A nasty surprise awaits the girls as they wake up

By Fenton Creek

When the dormitory lights came on I looked at the clock. It was six-fifty, ten minutes earlier than usual.

Penelope Molton, the Head Girl, stood at the foot of Sengeeta’s bed next to mine, while a prefect walked up and down the dormitory rattling beds and poking at feet crying: “Everybody up!”

There were yawns, groans, an occasional whispered: “What’s going on?”

Sengeeta clambered out of bed in her long white cotton nightie, rubbing her eyes.

“Stand by your bed Sengeeta,” commanded Penelope. “The rest of you, gather round.” Seven girls clad in various nightwear gathered around the bed.

“Sengeeta,” said Penelope. “Mrs Wilson has sent me to get you ready for your punishment. Are you wearing anything under your nightie? Got any knickers on?”

“No, nothing,” answered Sengeeta, eyes downcast.

“Show me then?”

“What?” asked a wide-eyed Sengeeta.

“Lift up your nightie, show me there’s nothing underneath.”

Sengeeta paused for a second then turned round and hitched her nightie up to her waist, revealing her bare bottom. “Satisfied?” She said over her shoulder, with a hint of irritation.

“OK, that’s fine.”

Sengeeta let her nightie fall back down and turned to face Penelope.

Eyes turned to the doorway as Mrs Wilson, the Head Teacher, entered the room.

“Just getting Sengeeta ready for you Miss.”

“Thank you Penelope, carry on.” Penelope turned back to Sengeeta. “Up on to your bed, on all fours, facing the end of the bed.”

Sengeeta shrugged and complied.

“The rest of you, come and watch.” Said Mrs Wilson. “Let Sengeeta’s punishment be a warning to you.”

As we gathered round bed, Penelope took the hem of Sengeeta’s nightie and pulled it up to the unfortunate girl’s shoulders. I was standing right behind her and could see the line of black curls between her legs and the outline of her vagina.

“Now, put your head down and rest your cheek on the bed.”

Sengeeta paused for a second, then did as she was told.

Mrs Wilson picked up the cane, lightly touched it to Sengeeta’s bottom, then brought her arm back and then down again for the first stroke. Sengeeta yelped, more, I thought, from surprise than pain. The second stroke was suffered in silence. The third brought a cry and half a sob. Her bottom was starting to redden. The fourth stroke yielded another cry of pain, and a sniffle, then she started to sob. At the fifth, a little scream.

Mrs Wilson lowered the cane. “Sengeeta, you can stand up now.”

“Thank you Miss,” said Sengeeta as she pulled her nightie down and clambered off the bed.

“Now,” said Mrs Wilson. “Sengeeta is not the only one receiving attention this morning. Marion O’Dell?” She turned to the red-headed girl who was clad in a short t-shirt and black knickers. “You are next. Penelope will prepare you.”

“OK, Marion,” commanded Penelope. “Take your pants off and get on to your bed.”

Marion reluctantly slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slipped them down and stepped out of them. Her pubic hair was as red and curly as that on her head.

“On to the bed, we don’t have all day.”

Marion hesitated. “I really need to go to the loo.”

Penelope rolled her eyeballs. “OK, but quick about it, and you won’t need those, leave them on the bed,” said as Marion started to put her knickers back on. “Go on girl, quick.”

I watched as a bare-bottomed Marion almost ran to the doorway, both hands across her exposed maidenhead.

“Let’s do the next one then,” said Mrs Wilson. “Hina Satou, where is she?”

A slim oriental girl in a floral sleepsuit raised her hand.

“Over here, then girl. Penelope?”

“Hina, take your pyjama bottoms off.” Penelope commanded.

“I can’t, it’s all one piece.”

Penelope turned to the Head for guidance who simply said: “Well Hina, just take the whole thing off then.”

Hina, blinking, looked at Head and then the Head Girl as if waiting for confirmation. She unbuttoned the top of her sleepsuit, pushed it back over her shoulders, then pulled it down and stepped out of it, leaving her completely naked.

“On to your bed, then.”

Hina walked the few steps to her bed, climbed on to it on all fours, and without being bidden, pressed her cheek down on to the cover while the rest of us, once again, stood around to witness proceedings.

Her small drooping breasts shook a little with each of the three strokes that were administered but she made not a sound apart from a little gasp of breath each time the cane struck her bottom.

“You can stand up now Hina. You can get dressed in a minute, once we’ve dealt with Marion.”

Marion had returned and was standing by her bed. On Penelope’s command she climbed on to the bed then buried her face in the pillow with her bottom in the air. As with Sengeeta, I found myself right behind her.

The other girls gathered round, clad in various nightdresses, t-shirts and pyjamas, and, of course, poor Hina who still had nothing on.

Marion was as noisy as Hina had been silent. At the first stroke she screamed, arched her shoulders and pushed her bottom down. Mrs Wilson tapped her on the shoulder and she lowered her head and pushed her bottom up again. As she did so, her buttocks flared and I hoped I would never be in her position.

The second stroke descended and Marion screamed again, followed by a plaintive: “No more, please no more.”

Mrs Wilson waited for probably ten seconds then quickly dealt the third stroke. Marion’s scream cut off as she gasped when the fourth followed quickly afterwards.

“Marion, get up. Hina, Sengeeta, over here as well.”

The three girls stood before the Head Teacher and Head Girl in various states of undress. Sengeeta modest in her long nightie, Marion naked from navel to toes and Hina still completely nude.

“You will now have a minute to reflect on your punishment. But first, it seems unfair that Hina has no clothes on. Let us do something about this.” Hina, who seemed to have been holding her breath, let out a sigh of relief.

Penelope had picked up Marion’s knickers and Hina’s pyjamas. “Shall I give these back Miss?”

“Thank you Penelope, but no. Let’s make it fair another way. Marion, Sengeeta, you too can strip as well.”

Sengeeta’s bottom lip trembled, but she grasped the hem of her nightie and pulled it over her head. A reluctant Marion did the same with her t-shirt. Penelope took the garments from them as the Head Teacher continued: “Hands on your heads.”

The three girls complied. Mrs Wilson turned to look at the clock on the wall. “You can stand like that for a whole minute, next time it will be two minutes.”

Silence fell. I looked at the clock knowing that the three girls’ eyes must be watching every tick. 10 seconds, 20 seconds. At 30 seconds Sengeeta’s face dissolved into a mask of misery and silent sobs. 40, 50, as sixty seconds ticked round, Marion lowered her arms.

“Time is up when I say so, Marion.”

Marion quickly put her hands back on her head.

After a few more seconds: “I do trust that I will not need to make another morning visit like this.”

The three girls shook their heads miserably.

“Will I?”

“No Miss,” the girls mumbled in approximate unison.

Mrs Wilson addressed the rest of us: “Fortunately I do not have to visit the dormitory in this way very often. Most of you are well behaved but do let this be a warning.”

She turned back to the three naked girls. “You are dismissed. Get dressed. Don’t come to my attention again today for anything but the right reasons.”

The End