A sequel to ‘Drunken Night’ and ‘Drunken Night – Six Months Later’

By PG 

It was almost exactly three years since Mavis Smith got herself into real trouble by bringing the service into disrepute. She had gone out to a party and, after having way too much to drink, found herself in a passionate embrace with a member of the local football team, which led to them having sex in a quiet corner.

This was bad enough, but she was in uniform and the events of the night had been witnessed by a senior officer who duly reported on what he had seen. After being summoned by her unit commander two days later, she was sent to the Disciplinary Unit for a severe caning, receiving eighteen strokes, six from each of the three Officers. Part of that punishment was ‘elongation’, meaning the caning lasted over twenty minutes.

She had also been instructed never to return to the bar in question, and never to fraternise with anyone from the local football team. Six months after she had been so severely caned, for one reason or another she was persuaded by a friend to return to the bar and, although she had behaved well and left early, she had been spotted by Officer Hunt, one of the members of the Disciplinary team.

She was summoned by Hunt, who pointed out that she had disobeyed an order, and offered a choice of being reported to her Unit Commander or taking an ‘un-official short-sharp-shock punishment’.

After asking what the punishment involved, Mavis was told it would be six strokes of the cane, which would be carried out in a very different manner to the previous punishment; no need to completely undress, no need for the other members of the team to be present, no need to be secured to the trestle, and that the caning would be a quick affair lasting 75 seconds in all.

Mavis had decided to opt for the punishment and, moments later, was bent across the same trestle minus her jacket, skirt and knickers, before receiving a quick-fire thrashing.

It was now two and half years later, and many things had changed. Mavis had been transferred to Aden for 28 months to join a Planning Unit and work on a specific project where she had excelled, being promoted twice. After the Project was completed, she had been transferred back to Malta, but now as a Junior Officer. And it only took a matter of weeks before she bumped into Hunt in the Officers’ mess. Chris Hunt was now a Flight Lieutenant and was now in charge of the Disciplinary Unit following the retirement of Officer Wilson. When he noticed Mavis, he immediately went over to say hello and congratulate her on the promotions. Mavis had always found Chris Hunt to be a very attractive man and she was pleased to see him and they shared a couple of drinks together.

He asked how long it had been since they had last talked and, smiling, Mavis replied: “I do not think there has been any conversation between us since you put six stripes across my bottom.”

He laughed and said: “I hope you don’t hold that against me.”

Mavis told him that, no, she held nothing against him and added that she probably deserved the short sharp shock. She told him that the second time she was caned was something that she looked back on with almost a certain pleasure. It had been a quick punishment with no other officer in the room and, whilst it had been painful, she remembered that in the hours after her caning she experienced a glow in her bottom that was really quite nice. She added that she had often thought about that morning and overall she looked back on the session with some nostalgia.

She was now talking quite freely and went onto refer to the first time she had suffered punishment, saying that was a completely different matter having to take eighteen strokes of the cane in front of all three members of the Disciplinary Team.

But she said that however awful that punishment had been, the shame she had felt over her behaviour the previous Saturday night when she had allowed herself to have sex in the club with a man that she did not know, was something she would never forgive herself for.

Officer Hunt was listening to Mavis’s thoughts with considerable interest and was surprised how open she was to talking about the two times she had been caned, and was particularly interested in her comments about the second caning which she seemed to look back on with some pleasurable memories.

Hunt asked her if she was aware of the original system employed by the Disciplinary Unit and added that she had actually received a Level One and a Level Four punishment. Mavis was interested to know more details and he told her that Level One and Two were similar in that they were both quick punishments with clothing removed below the waist and six stokes for a Level One and twelve strokes for a Level Two. In both cases the strokes were given at fifteen-second intervals whilst the recipient is positioned over one of the trestles, but not restrained. Hunt went onto to explain that Level Three, Four and Five were quite different and had two added key elements, one being ‘Nude Humiliation’ with the recipient being required to be completely without clothes for the entire session and secondly these punishments were purposely elongated to prolong the experience, the only difference being the number of strokes with twelve, eighteen and twenty-four given as the punishments escalated in severity. Additionally, for these punishments it was normal for whichever Officers that were part of the Unit that were available to be present to add to the statue of the session. Hunt added that in his time within the Disciplinary Unit no Cadet or Junior had ever received a Level Five punishment of twenty-four strokes.

Mavis knew some of this, but it had never been explained in quite so much detail. Chris Hunt went onto to explain that since Mavis had been away there had been some significant changes. There had been a change of Base Commander, and whilst he still approved of unofficial corporal punishment, the new man had made three significant changes; first, all canings had to be administered by an officer of the same gender; secondly, bare bottomed canings were no longer allowed with the recipient being allowed to retain their underwear; and lastly, whilst Level Three, Four and Five punishments still included a level of humiliation, the recipient would only have to undress to their underwear.

Hunt asked how discipline was handled in Aden where Mavis had been for the last two years. She told him that there was a similar approach and, like in Malta, the Base Commander in Aden was an advocate of unofficial corporal punishment to be used to punish Cadets and Junior’s as opposed to other sanctions such as loss of pay and leave. All such punishments were given across the bottom, and the cane was the only implement used. However, there were five key differences and in some ways the system was simpler.

Firstly, there was no Disciplinary Unit as such. Instead, there was a single Punishment Officer who was actually an NCO who was also the Base Commander’s Personal Assistant or ‘Batman’. His name was Hobbs and he conducted all canings irrespective of the gender of the recipient. Second, there were only three levels with six strokes for a less serious matter, twelve strokes for a more serious offence and twenty-four for a very serious matter or a repeat offender. Third it was compulsory that all canings were witnessed by another Officer, and Hobbs had a list of five individuals that were approved by the Base Commander to be called on to attend a punishment session.

Mavis added that when she had been promoted to Junior Officer, she had sent a message to Hobbs volunteering to be on the list, and in her final year she was accepted and had been called on to witness six or seven canings. Interestingly, she added that there was no requirement for the witness to be of the same gender as the person to be caned. However, Mavis added that most of the canings she had witnessed had been female recipients, although there had been one memorable time when she had witnessed a nineteen-year-old male getting the cane and his obvious embarrassment of being thrashed in front of a female. Fourth the routine was always the same; the individual to be caned would be given a time to report and called into the NCO’s office where the witness officer would already be present.

Hobbs would remain seated, simply saying: “You know why you are here and before I read the charge sheet please go to the table in the corner and remove your jacket and everything below the waist before coming back over to stand to attention in front of me whilst we discuss the reason why you here.”

Apart from the embarrassment of undressing below the waist, the individual then had to endure the indignity of standing before Hobbs as he read the charge sheet. He would then give the recipient a major telling-off before instructing them to fetch the punishment stool and place it in the middle of the office. As they turned away, they gave Hobbs and the Witness Officer the first view of their bottom. Once the stool was in place they would be instructed to bend across it and to hold onto the specially designed handles on each side of the front legs, with their own legs stretched out behind them, adding that if at any time during punishment their hands moved from the handles the previous stroke would not count.

Once in position, Hobbs would leave them for a minute or two with their bottom perfectly presented to the witness officer, before standing up, removing his own jacket, rolling up his sleeve before selecting a 36” cane from his selection. He would then walk around to their left-hand side and normally touch the inside of their legs with the cane to indicate that he wanted them slightly parted before in a very unemotional way thrashing their bottom six or twelve times with no more than 10 second gaps. After the final stroke, he would tell them to remain in position for at least a minute and not even think about touching their bottom.

Eventually they would be told to rise and return to his desk. They would then have to sign the form to confirm they had received the correct number of cane strokes, after which the witness officer would be asked to counter-sign. Eventually they would return to the corner to dress.

Fifth, Mavis told him that Hobbs caned in a different way, telling Hunt that whilst she had never watched him deliver a caning, she well remembered being the recipient and in particular the results of the second time she had been thrashed and the six perfect well-spaced stripes across her bottom that lasted for over a week. In contrast, Hobbs in Aden put all his cane strokes in the centre of the recipient’s bottom creating a solid red ribbon that was less than an inch wide after six strokes and a little wider after twelve strokes.

Mavis added that whilst the Punishment Officer kept a file containing all charge sheets which had the details of the caning administered, it was very rare for the punishment to be added to the service record of the individual. The Base Commander was of the view that unofficial punishments were designed to put an end to the matter. She added that, interestingly, there was a rumour the Base Commander in Aden was also considering putting an end to bare bottom canings but that there was no change to Hobbs conducting all punishments, irrespective of gender.

It was clear to Chris Hunt that Mavis had gained something of an interest in the subject of corporal punishment and an idea suddenly struck him. He knew that Officer Davies, one of the three Officers in the Disciplinary Team, was leaving the base in two months and was the only female within the Unit. He also knew that in order to comply with the new guidelines he had to have a female within the Disciplinary Team and he wondered if Mavis would be a suitable candidate to join the team. She had been a recipient twice and had interesting experience during her second year in Aden acting as a witness, and was now an Officer. It seemed to make her qualified.

A week later

Flight Lieutenant Hunt had given much thought to the idea of Mavis Smith replacing Officer Davies within the Disciplinary Unit and decided to discuss the matter with the Base Commander. In his meeting, he explained the reasons for considering Mavis to replace Davies; she had been a recipient, she was now an Officer and she had gained some experience during her posting in Aden, albeit only acting as a witness. The Base Commander immediately agreed that Hunt’s idea was a good one, adding that he had in any case to replace Davies with another female officer to comply with the new guidelines.

The following day, Chris Hunt sent a message to Mavis asking her for a meeting, and the next day they met in the Officers’ mess. It is fair to say that Mavis jumped at the idea of joining the Disciplinary Unit to replace Davies. To Mavis, this was a great opportunity and a twang of electricity went through her when she imagined actually using the cane as opposed to receiving it. After a second drink, she did however have a big surprise for Hunt when she asked him if she could float an idea, to which Hunt said: “Go ahead.”

Mavis said that he might find it ridiculous, but if she was going to join the Disciplinary team she would like to experience the cane one more time and in the process learn about the administration of such a punishment, and for the avoidance of doubt she was suggesting an identical caning to the ‘short-sharp-shock’ she had experienced two and half years ago. Hunt was not overly surprised by this request as he had a slight suspicion about Mavis’s interest since their chat the week before. He was also happy to comply with her request but made it clear that it would have to be a pants-on caning and it was agreed that they would meet the following morning at the Disciplinary Suite at 0700.

That night, as they went their separate ways, both had thoughts about the morning that lay ahead. Hunt was in two minds; was it right that he should agree to Mavis’s request, balanced by the fact he secretly wanted to cane her lovely bottom again? Did this conflict with his professional standards?

Mavis was also in two minds; had she gone completely mad, knowing that a caning from Hunt could only be extremely painful? At the same time, she was excited about the prospect of again having the cane across her bottom, something she had thought about for over two years. She was slightly disappointed that she was going to retain her knickers because she liked showing Hunt her bottom, but she had an idea.

However, for both Chris Hunt and Mavis Smith the dye was cast, and at 0700 the following morning they were both present in the Punishment Suite. Hunt decided to ask one question.

“Are you certain you want to go through with your request?”

Mavis simply replied, “We have gone too far and, yes, I want to experience the cane one more time if at some stage I am going to be given responsibility to administer such punishment myself. Whilst I am being caned, I do however want you to explain the fundamentals of how a perfect caning should be given.”

Hunt simply said, “OK,” and as they both moved next door to the actual punishment room, he told Mavis to remove her jacket and skirt. As Mavis undressed, there was another twang of electricity as she stepped out of her skirt, revealing that again she was wearing stockings, but this time instead of the plain white knickers she had previously had to remove, she was sporting a G-string which was completely transparent at the front and obviously did nothing to offer any protection to her bottom.

Chris Hunt smiled as he again took in the vision of Mavis with her shapely legs flaring up to her hips and her extremely skimpy pants. His suspicions were confirmed. He told her that she had complied by wearing knickers, but she must have known that with the decision to wear those pants she was effectively going to get a bare-bottom caning. He told her to get into position over the smaller trestle as he selected an appropriate cane and, turning back toward Mavis, who was now in position, he could not help but admire the most wonderful bottom presented to him awaiting the cane. Her legs were tight together and Hunt touched the inside of her thighs to indicate that she should part them to get a better balance. As Mavis waited, the sense of anticipation was tremendous and she thought about Hunt looking at her bottom and again hoped he liked the view.

Hunt decided to tell her the fundamentals of delivering a perfect caning in simple steps. Standing to the left-hand side and tapping her bottom for a number of times he delivered the first stroke right across the centre of Mavis’s bottom, telling her that it was important the cane should at its extent hit no further across than the middle part of the right cheek.

Mavis, meanwhile, had just suffered a devastating whack which had seriously questioned her sanity as she tried to absorb the pain of just one stroke. Before he delivered her second stroke, he told her that it was important to take the cane back slowly to ensure accuracy and to be clear about which part of the bottom you want to strike. He told her that in his opinion the strokes should be spaced out, and if only six is being given it should be easy to achieve a perfect design with clear individual stripes, adding that it was obviously more difficult if it was a twelve stroke punishment, but it is still important to cover the whole expanse of the recipients bottom.

He also added that he disagreed with the NCO in Aden who actively wanted all the strokes to be within a narrow band. He said that he normally puts the first whack in the centre as a marker before aiming the second stroke lower down just above the crease, which is just where he struck Mavis for the second time causing a gasp as she tried to come to terms with the incredible pain. Hunt told her that for a short sharp shock caning it is important to keep momentum up and use the clock on the wall to deliver the first three strokes at no more than every fifteen seconds. He added that he now had two clear stripes and that the third was going to be higher up, which he then delivered with devastating force two inches above the centre of her bottom. He told her that two of the remaining strokes would be in the gap below the centre with the other one being between the first and third stroke.

After the third stroke, Hunt gave her a slightly longer pause and a strange thing happened. In Mavis’s mind, she was half way and she thought about him concentrating on her bottom and actually wanted the next stroke, which he delivered in the gap above the centre of her bottom, and although painful was more manageable. With two strokes left, Hunt told her they would both be just below the centre and, with his excellent accuracy, he delivered each perfectly in the gap left. Mavis recalled that when she had been caned before, the zone just below the centre of her bottom had been, if anything, the easiest place to receive Hunt’s devastating cane strokes.

As she remained over the trestle with her almost bare bottom now sporting six perfect stripes, Mavis was pleased the caning was over. The first strokes had been more painful than expected and perhaps memories of her previous caning at the hands of Hunt had been slightly through rose tinted spectacles, although she did have to admit that she wanted the last three strokes. He told her to stand and said she could rub her bottom, which she did as she faced Hunt with her tiny pants doing little to cover her modesty.

Hunt asked her if she was pleased to have asked to experience the cane again, to which she said, “Now that it is over, yes, but when you were actually caning me, especially the first two strokes, I was questioning my sanity.”

She added that she had benefitted from his commentary and hoped that when she herself became a member of the Disciplinary Unit she would benefit from the instructions given whilst she herself was being caned, albeit at her own request.

Mavis then put her clothes back on before saying her goodbyes. Hunt suggested that he buy her a drink later in the day in the Officers’ Mess to celebrate her joining the Disciplinary Unit. In the meantime, Mavis did once again enjoy the feeling of an afterglow in her bottom as the intense pain generated by the cane subsided. It was confusing, but made the whole experience worthwhile.

A month later

Officer Davies left the Malta base, and Mavis Smith officially became a full member of the Disciplinary Unit. It was not long before she received a message that she was to report to the Unit the following day to attend a punishment session. Mavis was excited that it was finally time and knew that the cadet to be caned was female and she would be required to administer the punishment.

The punishment session was at 0800, and Mavis made sure she was there in good time. Chris Hunt was already there when Mavis arrived and he briefed her on the situation. A female cadet had returned to the base completely intoxicated, and this was the second time. She had been given a massive dressing-down by her Unit Commander the first time, but had not been punished. However, a second time resulted in her being sent to the Disciplinary Unit for a Level One punishment; a six stroke caning delivered as the least severe of the two ‘short-sharp-shock’ punishments. Hunt told Mavis that she would be required to administer the punishment to the Cadet in line with the new guidelines and at the same time told her that he was sure she was ready. A twang of nerves went through Mavis and she realised that this was actually going to happen.

Moments later, a very sullen Cadet knocked on the door and entered the room. She was nineteen, but horrified to find herself in the Punishment Suite. Officer Hunt took a very stern approach and asked the cadet why on earth she had got herself intoxicated for the second time when she had been given a chance after the first time. He told her that she had now brought herself into a much more serious position by repeating her silliness and that she was about to beaten. Hunt went onto to tell the cadet that she would be receiving six strokes of the cane and that she should prepare herself by removing her jacket and everything below the waist except her underwear. For the young Cadet, this could not get any worse, having to undress in front of Hunt and Mavis, but she had no choice. Moments later, having taken off her jacket and shoes, she was facing the shame of having to take off her skirt. Her embarrassment of being mostly naked below the waist in front of Hunt and Smith was intense.

Once undressed, the female cadet was told by Hunt to get into position across the trestle, and Mavis thought she had quite a cute bottom. He added that it was very important to understand that whilst she was being caned, she must remain in position. Without any undue process, Mavis took control of her nerves and selected a 36-inch cane. At this point, Hunt stepped forward and pulled the young cadets knickers upwards into the cleft of her bottom, effectively ensuring that the lower part of her bottom was bare, a tactic that had been agreed with the Base Commander.

Mavis tapped her bottom with the cane just below the centre and took the cane slowly back before bringing it down with force to deliver a perfect stroke exactly where she had intended to the middle of her bottom. It resulted in a very loud gasp; this Cadet have never before experienced such pain.

If the Cadet had thought Mavis might be slightly less severe than a male punishment officer, she was mistaken. The second stroke was just as hard, just below the previous whack and again resulted in an anguished gasp. 30 seconds later, Mavis thrashed her bottom again, striking lower down above the crease with a repeated gasp.

The fourth followed, striking above the center of her bottom into virgin territory and resulted in a louder gasp than before. As Hunt watched, he was incredibly impressed with the accuracy that Mavis was demonstrating. Mavis had decided the fifth stroke would be again above the centre of her bottom and delivered it into a perfect white space causing an even more anguished gasp. It was now time for the final stroke and Mavis paused before delivering a devastating blow to the centre of the Cadet’s bottom which caused the loudest gasp so far.

Hunt told the Cadet to remain in position whilst he admired Mavis’s handiwork. The Cadet’s bottom was very well marked with the six strokes all separate and identifiable. After a minute, Hunt instructed the Cadet to rise and face them. He was impressed with the girl’s fortitude; she had taken a severe caning and, despite being far from quiet, she had remained in position throughout. However, they could not leave her standing before them mostly naked from the waist down for ever and told her get dressed.

After she had left the Unit, Hunt told Mavis the Cadet certainly knew about the caning she had delivered. He was very complementary about how she had carried out her first ever caning and was particularly impressed with her accuracy. Mavis told Hunt she had played a lot of tennis at school and was used to hitting something with accuracy, but also added that she had a good teacher, and she had remembered the simple steps he had taught her during her own recent extraordinary training session.

Mavis went on to deliver numerous canings to deserving female cadets and juniors, and in time, as rumours spread, she was to become much feared. Whilst Mavis took pride in her ability to cane effectively, she also enjoyed her role within the Disciplinary Unit, often acting as a witness when Hunt was caning a male cadet or junior.

The End

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