If you know you’re going to get paddled, dress accordingly

By Kenny Walters

“That’s it, Kayley. I just need you to sign the form and you’re free to go.” As the attractive blond puffed her cheeks out and slowly eased herself up from bending over the desk, Coach Harrison sat down in his chair on the opposite side. He turned the pink form around and held out a pen, the wooden paddle already back in the open drawer to his right.

Kayley Connor briefly brushed her hands over the seat of her white denim shorts, wiped a tear from her right eye with the back of her right hand and took the pen. Her eyes too watery to focus properly on the form, she signed her name when Tom Harrison pointed out the correct place, returned the pen to the surface of the desk and straightened up.

The high school coach waited patiently for the sullen faced eighteen year old to collect her thoughts together, noting that Kayley managed all the while to avoid eye contact with him. Eventually she sighed, gave her backside another brush with her hands and turned away. The door slammed shut with a bang.

Tom Harrison filed the signed pink form in one of three trays to his left and took another pink form from its neighbour. His eyes flashed rapidly over the form before he stood up and went to the door to his office.

“Megan Lacey?” As the coach leaned through the doorway, he looked briefly at each of the two girls and one boy sitting on a line of chairs in the corridor. They all glanced anxiously up at him; a pretty girl with long dark hair appeared that bit extra wide-eyed. Her glossed lips parted and that added weight to the coach’s reckoning that she was the one he needed. “Megan?” He asked again, his eyes studying just the dark haired girl.


The girl leapt up from her chair, her haste fuelled almost certainly by fear rather than enthusiasm. Coach Harrison had already turned and was on his way back to his desk, leaving Megan to follow him in. She closed the door behind her, avoiding the interested stares of the girl and boy still sitting.

Coach Harrison was now seated at his desk and studying the pink form. Megan stood in front of the desk looking around. She didn’t see the item she was seeking.

“Megan Lacey. You saw Vice Principal Gilbert yesterday because you missed three lessons Tuesday afternoon. Apparently you were at the beach. Vice Principal Gilbert was clearly unimpressed with any explanation you gave him because he awarded you a choice of five swats with the paddle or a full week’s In School Suspension. Is that about right, Megan?”

The girl shrugged nervously. “Yes, sir. I guess so.”

For a few moments, Coach Harrison looked up at the tall, slim twelfth grade girl although he kept his thoughts to himself. “And you chose to take the paddle. Is that correct?”

“Yes, sir.” The eighteen year old almost choked as she answered. “I’m sorry, sir. I guess I’m a little nervous. I’ve never been paddled before.”

“Okay, let’s get to it, then.” Coach Harrison ignored Megan’s explanation and stood up, making her even more apprehensive. She watched a he reached down into his desk drawer and pulled out the paddle, a fourteen inch by five board of pale maplewood on the end of a short handle.

As Coach Harrison manoeuvred himself around to the front of his desk, Megan’s eyes focused all the while on the slender paddle. She wanted to say something, anything, to break the tension but the words never came. In the event, it was Coach Harrison who spoke once he was at her side.

“Remove anything from your back pockets and lay them on the desk, Megan. Then I need you to bend over across the desk.”

The girl pushed trembling fingers into both back pockets of her low-slung blue jeans, searching for any scraps of paper she may have inadvertently left there. There were none, nothing to put back her compliance of the next part of the coach’s instructions. She bent across the desk and rested her elbows and forearms on the hard wooden desktop.

“Okay, if you’re ready, Megan? Oh.”

Megan, having closed her eyes and begun praying the impact of the paddle against the tight seat of her jeans would at least be bearable, realised instantly there was a problem. She remained bent over, her bottom thrust back in preparation, unable to think what it was.

“Megan, you have metal studs all the way across the seat of your jeans. I can’t paddle you in those pants.”

Megan pushed herself up onto the palms of her hands as she realised she’d spent a couple of hours inserting those metal studs into the denim until her name ‘Megan’ was spelt out across her bottom.

Tom Harrison still hovered behind her, studying her bottom, and Megan began to wonder whether he was waiting for her to undo the jeans and drop them to her ankles, but surely that couldn’t be?

“What do I have to do, sir?” Megan looked round anxiously.

“You need to come back another day, Megan.” Coach Harrison finally went back behind his desk and replaced the paddle in the drawer. “Just make sure you take your punishment before next Wednesday so you don’t accumulate another penalty, and make sure you’re wearing something suitable. Okay?”

“Okay, sir.”

Looking a little bewildered, Megan pushed herself up from the desk and rotated herself round so she was almost facing the door. Without saying another word, the eighteen year old pulled open the door and left the office. The two students outside, both as confused as Megan, looked up as she left but no-one spoke.

As Megan passed by the secretaries’ station on her way out of the administrative block, a woman at the counter and another seated at a computer desk looked across in her direction, but they soon returned to their work when they realised there was nothing to see.

“You get it?” Holly Daniels, a small bubbly blonde girl who lived in the same street as Megan, was sitting on a low wall across the narrow drive separating the administration block from the neighbouring teaching block.


“No? Why not?”

“Coach Harrison wouldn’t paddle me in these pants. They’ve got my name spelt out in studs across the back.”

“Really? He could’ve branded your name across your butt while he was at it.” Holly joked.

“That’s not funny!”

“It is from where I’m sitting. So, what’s going to happen?”

“I have to get it done in the next week. By next Wednesday at the latest. Otherwise I’m in more trouble.”

“Why not get it done tomorrow? Then you won’t have to dwell on it for all that time.”


At that moment, Megan truly did mean to consider reporting to Coach Harrison the following day. The trouble was, when tomorrow came there was always a reason for putting it off to the following day.

On Tuesday afternoon, late in the school day, Megan was on the sports field practising her starts for the one hundred metres sprint that she was due to compete in that weekend. It was a hot day and Megan was glad to be wearing just brief pale yellow shorts and a matching pale yellow T-shirt. She was aware that Coach Harrison was watching her from the pavilion wing, but then he was ultimately responsible for her athletics training. When Coach Harrison came out onto the field and walked up to her, Megan was expecting no more than maybe a little verbal advice on her technique.

“Hey, Megan.”


“Megan, I don’t want to upset your practice but are you aware it’s Wednesday tomorrow and you still haven’t reported for your paddling?”

“Yes, sir.” Megan, who had put it right out of her mind, lied. “I, er, I’ll be outside your office first thing tomorrow, sir.”

“I guess you didn’t read the notice then?”

“Notice, sir?”

Coach Harrison sighed. “Yes, Megan. The notice I put on the main bulletin board and emailed to anyone I thought needed to know, like you! The notice that says I’ll be away for three days and anyone needing to see me before next Monday needs to see me today.”

“Oh.” Megan thought for a moment. “Sorry, sir. I haven’t had a chance to check my emails and I guess I didn’t look at the board too closely. Can we put it off until you get back?”

“Sorry, Megan, that’s not allowed. You need to get paddled today to avoid picking up another violation, which then means you could have two paddlings lining up and I’m pretty damn sure you don’t want that.”

“Ah!” Megan’s mind raced as she panicked. “Um, well, guess I could see you after we finish up here?” Megan phrased it as a question because, although she wasn’t wearing a watch, she knew it must be getting late in the school day and well beyond the usual time for paddling sessions.

“I need to be finishing up here, Megan.” Tom Harrison, a tall and robustly built man, seemed to loom over the much shorter, athletic girl. “I’ve got a full evening ahead of me, getting ready for my trip.”

“Well, what can I do, sir?” Megan’s voice accurately portrayed her fear of picking up another violation and getting herself into even more trouble.”

“As a special favour, Megan, if you come right now back to my office, we’ll get you paddled and that’ll be it.”

“Do I have time to go get changed, sir?”

“Megan, I’ve got just ten minutes. You come back to my office with me right now or else I’ll have to write you up a second violation for missing your paddling. It’s up to you.”

“But sir, I’ve only got these thin shorts on.”

“I’m afraid that’s going to have to be just too bad, Megan. I need to get away pretty darn soon. And you have had the best part of a week to come and see me. I doubt you’ve been wearing thin shorts all that time, have you?”

“No, sir.” Megan conceded reluctantly.

“So, do you want to get paddled now or do you want a second violation? It’s your choice, Megan. It makes no difference to me.”

“I guess I’ll take the paddling, sir.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

The big coach held an arm out for Megan to lead the way. As she did so, her friend Holly Daniels gave her an ‘I told you so’ kind of look.

It took less than five minutes for Megan and Coach Harrison to reach his office. Thankfully for the eighteen year old, she was invited straight into his office and thus managed to avoid having to sit in the corridor outside in just her sports wear.

“Okay, Megan. I just need to locate the paperwork. Let’s see now.”

While the coach searched out the forms authorising the punishment, Megan looked idly around the office. Tom Harrison soon found the pink form in the tray where it should have been and then sat down at his desk while he studied the details.

“Where were we now? Let’s see here. Absconding from school all afternoon, saw Mr Gilbert, five swats awarded. That sound about right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“While I sort this paperwork out, Megan, how about you moving that chair aside so you’re clear to bend over the desk? Perhaps you could it over there by the wall so it won’t get in the way?”

As Coach Harrison signed the pink form with a flourish, Megan picked up the small office chair that sat just in front of the desk and carried it over the side wall where the coach had indicated. Having a task to perform didn’t make the waiting any easier.

Nor did seeing Coach Harrison put his pen down and reach for the paddle from the desk drawer.

“Okay, Megan.”

Megan froze by the side of the chair she’d placed against the wall. Coach Harrison stood by the side of his desk ready for Megan to go and stand in front of it.

“When you’re ready, Megan.”

Megan wasn’t sure whether that was sarcasm or a genuine invite for her to take her time positioning herself for punishment. Whatever, she knew there was little point in prevaricating.

“Okay.” The eighteen year old muttered under her breath.

Rubbing the palms of both hands down the back of her thin pale yellow cotton shorts reminded Megan she had only very brief panties on underneath, really little more than a thong, and she rued her foolishness in not taking the punishment days earlier. Regrets were not going to help her now, though.

It took the girl just five steps to reach the desk and stand looking down at the pale wood surface that had just been cleared for the occasion.

“I guess you don’t have pockets in those shorts, Megan?” The tall man looked down at the girl’s neatly rounded bottom covered merely by the thin shorts.

“No, sir.” It wasn’t much beyond a whisper, but then the question seemed pointless anyway.

“Okay, well I need you to bend over the desk with your forearms flat on the desk. Stick your butt out.”

Megan leaned over and supported her upper body on the desk with her elbows and forearms as instructed. She was tempted to entwine her hands together but settled for placing both palms flat on the desk.

“Butt out!” Tom Harrison reminded her, and Megan thrust her bottom back. The thin material of the shorts felt tight across her bottom.

Almost immediately, Megan felt her bottom being patted several times with the flat wooden paddle. That stopped, and then there was an agonising silence before, with a loud crack, the paddle crashed hard across her bottom.

“Aaaah!!” Megan gasped.

“Hold tight!” Tom Harrison warned.

As Megan braced herself, she felt a single pat before the paddle swung down again and impacted with the thin shorts.


“Keep your butt sticking out.” The coach advised, just as Megan tried to shrink her bottom in the hopes it might save her from more pain.

As soon as Megan complied, a third swipe of the paddle whacked across her bottom and she arched her back and gasped loudly.

“Just two more.”

At other times, when her bottom wasn’t feeling like it had been branded several times with a red hot iron, Megan might have been irritated by the obvious suggestion she couldn’t count, even up to five. For now, though, she just thrust her bottom back for it to be hit again.


As the paddle slammed into her poorly protected bottom, Megan wiggled her hips from side to side in an attempt to dissipate the pain. It didn’t seem to be working.

“Why not hold still and let’s get this over, Megan?”

“Because my backside is on fire, sir?”

Tom Harrison chuckled. “I guess that’s the idea, Megan.”

The eighteen year old tried to think of a response but her mind was focused more on her sore bottom than trying to engage in conversation, witty or otherwise, with the coach. When she finally held her bottom motionless and thrust out, Coach Harrison took it as his cue to administer the final stroke.

“Yeeeeeeeouch!!” Megan felt the tears rolling down her face as she still bent over the desk. Already, though, the coach was returning to his chair and, as he sat down, their eyes met.

“I just need you to sign the form here, then you’re free to go, Megan.”

The coach appeared to have little sympathy for the sniffling teenager as he spun the pink form around and held out a pen for her to sign. For the moment, though, Megan reckoned her backside needed gently massaging more than Coach Harrison’s form needed signing. At least the form gave her something to focus on rather than having to keep staring the coach in the face.

“Megan, just sign the form and then you can go sort yourself out in the washroom.”

“Yes, sir!” Megan’s voice came out louder than she intended. She seized the pen and quickly scribbled her name in the box indicated by Coach Harrison.

“Bye, Megan.”

Megan didn’t answer. She just left the room with one hand still gently rubbing her bottom through the thin pale yellow athletics shorts.

The End