Rivalries in a sixth form gym class

By Brian Melville

Patricia Patterson is a slender, attractive eighteen year old standing 5’3” tall in her socks with her long, straight, light brown hair and olive green eyes. As a sixth form student at the exclusive Queen Mary’s Academy for Girls in the south east of London, where the slipper and cane were still used frequently by the gym mistress, the deputy headmistress and the headmaster, who himself had not slippered or caned a girl in more than a year. The girls always have to change into their gym kit for punishment, to ensure the slipper or cane is only ever given over two layers of clothing.

It was a rather warm Tuesday morning during July of 1972 when Patricia, or Trish as she’s known to her friends, was, along with all five hundred girls at Queen Mary’s, smartly dressed in their school uniforms.

Queen Mary’s Academy uniform consisted of a maroon skirt, long sleeve white blouse, maroon tie, maroon blazer with white pin stripes, white knee socks and black Mary Jane school shoes.

The twenty 18 year old sixth formers stood waiting outside the school hall for their gym mistress, Mrs Jenkins, a very tall, fit and attractive lady with ash blonde hair and blue eyes. She was well known as ‘the slipper queen’ by the girls, as she could whack a slipper across a bottom the hardest of all teachers at the school.

Mrs Jenkins, who was in her late thirties, arrived at the school hall and, as she opened the door, she said in a firm voice: “Right girls, straight to the changing room behind the stage and change into your gym kit as quick as possible. And no talking while you are doing it!”

The girls filed in and went straight to the changing room with its four rows of wooden benches in the front half, and the ten showers and five toilets at the back of the spacious room.

Trish and her two best friends, the dark haired, slender twins, Hellen and Adele Ingram took up their  places at the middle bench and started to change into their unusual but very feminine gym kit, consisting of a short white gym skirt, white gym shorts, maroon vest, maroon knee socks and white tennis shoes.

Gwen Murray, a chubby short girl with long,  red, curly hair, came past and pinched Adele’s bottom, resulting in a rather loud “Ouch!” coming from Adele.

Gwen, who is always in trouble for her almost child-like mischief, is also well known as the school bully, finding herself more than regularly on the receiving end of the slipper. There had also been a few painful visits to the study of Mrs Roberts, the deputy headmistress of Queen Mary’s, for the slipper and more than one dose of the cane. Fortunately, the gym mistress did not hear Adele’s painful yelp, as it would have resulted in a very sore bottom for Adele.

One by one, the girls filed out into the hall in their gym clothes where the gym mistress was waiting. Once all the girls were ready, Mrs Jenkins made them run ten laps all around the walls of the hall. As the girls finished their ten laps, the teacher let them spread out across the hall and they had to divide in to groups of two to do sit ups. Trish was unfortunate to be grouped with Gwen Murray.

Gwen did her ten sit ups first, with Patricia holding her feet firmly to the floor. Then it was Patricia’s turn with Gwen holding her feet, but Gwen Murray had other ideas. Gwen wanted to get the pretty Trish in trouble with Mrs Jenkins so she could see how Patricia Patterson handled a dose of the slipper from the ‘slipper queen’.

Trish struggled to do her ten sit ups properly, to the annoyance of the gym mistress.

“Do come along, Patricia Patterson! You can do better sit ups than that. Or do you need some motivation from my slipper across your young bottom, girl?”

Trish replied: “Yes miss! I mean, no Mrs Jenkins, I will do better without the motivation of the slipper, miss.”

Mrs Jenkins looked at the teenager and snapped: “If you speak to me like that again, you will find yourself in Mrs Roberts’ study, girl, and I will make sure you get a good thrashing from her cane, Patricia!”

Trish replied meekly: “Sorry, Mrs Jenkins.”

The girls then had to get a skipping rope each from a basket at the front of the class, and, as Trish bent down to get her skipping rope, Gwen pinched her bottom. This caused Trish to leap into the air while screeching: “Oww!”

She also knocked the basket over.

Mrs Jenkins looked at the sixth former angrily, and then spoke sternly: “Why make such a noise, Patricia?”

Trish looked at the teacher with a red face and said: “Someone pinched my bum, miss!”

The teacher looked at Patricia and then at the rest of the girls and asked: “Who of you girls pinched Patricia’s bottom? Be honest!”

With no reaction from the girls, the teacher spoke again.

“Well, Patricia, it seems like no one pinched your bottom, girl. It looks like I have no choice but to slipper you for disrupting the class.”

This caused a huge grin on Gwen Murray’s face. Patricia wanted to argue, but decided not to as it might just make things worse for herself. Suddenly, she felt sick to her stomach and felt like crying, knowing the reputation the ‘slipper queen’ had.

Then there was the other side to getting slippered or caned at Queen Mary’s; that being that they had to change into their gym kit because of the school’s policy when it came to corporal punishment. Known as ‘the two layer rule’, it meant the girls could have a choice of knickers plus their gym shorts. The skirt either had to be removed or lifted out of the way. The skirt was allowed just to satisfy those girls who were self-conscious about their bottoms, and to make them feel more feminine.

Mrs Jenkins then asked: “Will you two Ingram girls please move the gym vaulting horse to the centre of the hall? And Gwen, will you go fetch my slipper in the store room, please?”

As the three girls obliged, the teacher continued: “Patricia, remove your gym skirt while you wait, girl.”

A rather nervous and blushing Trish took her skirt off and handed it to Hellen to hold for her. Once the vaulting horse was in place, Gwen came almost running at full speed, with a grin that stretched from ear to ear on her face, from the store room with the size 13 slipper in hand. Gwen handed the slipper to the teacher.

As Gwen took her place again, just behind Patricia, she whispered in her ear: “You are in for a very sore bum, Trish darling!”

This caused Trish to blush bright red.

The teacher took the slipper from Gwen, then she snapped at Trish: “Right Patricia, get yourself over that horse and thrust your bottom out so it is nice and high up. Hold on to the legs on the other side, as low down as you can!”

The vaulting horse was rather high, and Patricia Patterson had to stand on tip toes to bend over the soft leather covered seat and hold on to the legs on the other side. Feeling rather self-conscious, being in the position she was in, bottom thrust up in the air, her gym shorts stretched tightly over her tiny, tight little round bottom. From previous experience watching others, Patricia knew the entire sixth form class would be focussing on her bottom while Mrs Jenkins spanked her with that huge slipper.

Mrs Jenkins then snapped: “Right Patterson, that will be 6 good, hard whacks for disrupting my class like that!”

Trish just sighed at the pronounced punishment.

The next moment, Mrs Jenkins tapped the slipper once against the girls left buttock and then with an almighty whop, the first smack of the slipper landed on her left bum cheek, causing an instant sting. Then whop, the second smack landed on her right bum cheek, causing the same stinging sensation. Within seconds, whop, whop, whop. Three strokes in quick succession caused Trish to cry out rather noisy and wiggle her bottom to try
and soothe the horrible stinging pain.

Mrs Jenkins waited a full 30 seconds and then, without any warning, she let the slipper rip through the air and the final smack landed across both buttocks.

“Oh my gosh! Oh my poor bottom!” Trish leaped to her feet and rubbed her stinging rear frantically. She turned to the teacher, saying: “That hurts so bad, miss!.Sorry, miss!”

Mrs Jenkins gave the teenager a minute, then handed the slipper to Trish and snapped: “Go put the slipper back on the shelf in the store room and get back here quickly!”

Patricia almost sprinted to the store room. After replacing the slipper on the shelf, she hastily made her way back to the teacher who was now holding her gym skirt. As Patricia came to the teacher, she handed the skirt back and motioned for Trish to put it back on, which the girl did.

Mrs Jenkins then noticed Gwen mimicking Trish’s little show after the slippering to a few of the other girls who were laughing. Mrs Jenkins then spoke loudly: “You five girls over there, what is so funny?”

The five teenagers instantly froze and slowly turned to face the teacher with heads bowed.   The teacher looked at them for a full minute. Standing there from left to right: Melissa Cader, a tall and skinny ash blonde girl, Ella Jane Bates, a plump but tall dark brown haired girl, then stood Fiona Weiman an attractive, medium height girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Next to her was Gwen Murray, the red head known for her mischievous acts, and the dark haired Juliette Jameson, who was also the first team netball captain.

“Come on, answer me. It must have been very funny for you to laugh so much.”

There was no reply from the girls.

“You were laughing at Gwen Murray for her pathetic reproduction of Patricia Patterson after the slippering she got from me. Right girls?”

There was still with no reply from any of the girls, so the teacher decided on some scare tactics.

“Are you going to own up or must we go visit the deputy headmistress and see what her thoughts are on this silly shenanigans?”

The mere threat of a visit to the deputy headmistress was enough to get the desired answer.

Juliette was first to answer. “Yes miss!”

Melissa was next with another: “Yes miss.”

Ella Jane answered. “Yes, Miss!.Sorry, miss!”

Fiona also answered: “Yes miss, we were laughing at Gwen, sorry miss!”

Gwen did not answer. She just stood there with a grin stretching from ear to ear.

Mrs Jenkins looked at Gwen and snapped: “Well Murray, aren’t you going to answer my question?”

Gwen replied: “I did nothing wrong, miss, so I don’t see why I have to answer your question, miss.”

Mrs Jenkins, now rather angered by the defiance of the girl, replied: “I will not tolerate you talking to me in that tone of voice, girl! Get your skirt off, right now!”

The gym mistress then turned and went to get the slipper from the store room.
Gwen gave a sigh, rolled her eyes and removed her skirt, handing it to Fiona.   As the teacher returned with the slipper in her hand, just the sight of it made Trish subconsciously cover her tender, smarting and still warm bottom protectively with both hands.

Mrs Jenkins then spoke sternly: “All of you girls, listen to me carefully. It is against school rules and against the way a lady should behave to make fun of another girl’s agony after she has been punished, and it will not be tolerated. You four girls can count yourselves lucky today, as I will not be applying the slipper to your bottoms, and I will also spare you the pain of Mrs Robert’s cane. As for you, Murray, bend over and touch your toes, girl! I’m awarding you a full 8 whacks. BEND OVER!!!”

Gwen just stood there staring at the floor, hands behind her back, not moving a muscle. Mrs Jenkins looked at the defiant girl in anger before asking: “What is the problem, girl? I told you to bend over. Now, bend over!”

Gwen, without looking at the teacher, replied: “I will not bend over, miss, as I did nothing wrong.”

Mrs Jenkins snapped: “If you don’t bend over right now, I will have to send you to the deputy headmistress for the cane. Gwen?”

Gwen just sighed and replied: “I will not bend over, miss. Sorry.”

Fiona muttered: “Gwen, just bend over and get it over with. You are just making it worse for yourself.”

Gwen snapped at Fiona rather angrily: “Don’t you dare tell me what to do, Fiona!”

Mrs Jenkins replied: “You should listen to your friend and not be so nasty when she is only trying to help you.”

Gwen just stared at the floor, ignoring the teacher. Melissa stepped forward and placed her hand around Gwen’s shoulders. She whispered something to her, which caused Gwen to snap back.

“Go to hell, Melissa! I will not give this cow the honour of slippering me! I did nothing wrong. I just had some fun after that bitch Patricia Patterson was slippered at last!”

Melissa was shocked at her friend’s reaction and stepped back, giving the girl some space.

Mrs Jenkins snapped: “Watch your language and tone of voice, girl! How dare you call me a cow! Bend over now for 8 whacks or I will be forced to send you to Mrs Roberts for the cane!”

Gwen sighed again and replied: “Oh, just send me to the deputy headmistress, and stop making such a fuss! I will take the cane from Mrs Roberts with a smile before I will bend over for the slipper from you.”

Mrs Jenkins stood looking at Gwen Murray in disbelief at the teenager’s defiant and arrogant behaviour. At that point, Miss Gilmore, the very attractive and toned, young and almost doll-like blonde science teacher knocked on the door.

Miss Gilmore must have heard the gym mistress and said: “Sorry to interrupt your class, Mrs Jenkins, but I over heard the last part of your conversation. Mrs Roberts has gone home with a stomach bug. Mr Camphor, the headmaster, will be taking over the disciplinary tasks until Mrs Roberts returns.”

This caused Gwen Murray to regret her behaviour as a chill went down her spine realising she would now surely get the cane, and with Mr Camphor, the headmaster, giving it, it would be very painful.

Mrs Jenkins smiled at the now shaken and nervous Gwen Murray as she stood, head bowed, biting her lip, hands clasped behind her back, before answering the pretty science teacher.

“Thank you for the information, Miss Gilmore. Is there anything I can assist you with?”

Miss Gilmore replied: “No, Mrs Jenkins, I have a double period with no classes, so I thought I would come and see what gym class is all about, but it seems like you are rather busy.

Mrs Jenkins answered: “Indeed, Miss Gilmore. May I ask you to keep an eye on this lot while I accompany Gwen Murray to the headmaster’s study?”

Miss Gilmore replied: “Certainly, Mrs Jenkins.”

The gym teacher turned to Patricia and said: “Patterson, go and take a shower, and then change into your school uniform. Meet us at the headmaster’s study. We will be waiting for you, so be quick about it.”

Patricia turned and made a bee-line for the changing rooms.

Then Mrs Jenkins continued: “The rest of you, do three laps around the hall and then get yourselves showered and changed into your uniforms. Do it in silence. I will be checking with Miss Gilmore later. Gwen Murray, we have a meeting with Mr. Camphor, so follow me, girl.”

As the teacher turned and made her way out the door, she said: “Get running, girls!”

As they made their way to the headmaster, Gwen got more and more nervous, but did not want to show the teacher her feelings. She kept a straight face as she followed Mrs Jenkins down the corridors of Queen Mary’s.

As they arrived at the headmaster’s study, Mrs Jenkins spoke to the naughty girl again.

“Right, Murray, over here, please. Nose to the wall, hands on your head, and stay there till you are called in. DO NOT MOVE from that position! When Patterson gets her, send her straight in.”

Gwen did as she was told and replied: “Yes, Mrs Jenkins.”

The teacher knocked on the door and, after a slight pause, a voice came from inside:  “ENTER!”

The teacher opened the door and closed it behind her again. The headmaster, a grey haired man of 58, sat behind his large desk wearing a black three piece suit, white shirt and black tie. He looked up and saw the gym mistress.

“Mrs Jenkins, nice to see you. Please have a seat!”

As he motioned to the two seats in front of his desk, “Mrs Jenkins replied: “Morning headmaster! Thank you.”

Mr Camphor looked at the teacher before asking: “So how can I be of assistance to you today?”

Mrs Jenkins: “Well, headmaster, I have a six former here for disruptive behaviour and the use of vulgar language and for calling me a cow in gym class earlier. I slippered one of the girls for disruptive behaviour and this girl decided to mock her by demonstrating to her friends how Patricia Patterson rubbed her bottom after the slippering I gave her.”

The headmaster interrupted: “Does the girl you have waiting outside have a name, Mrs Jenkins?”

“Gwen Murray, sir.”

Mr Camphor then asked: “Anything else to add, Mrs Jenkins?”

The teacher replied: “Well, she called Patricia a bitch and me a cow. Patricia is on her way here, headmaster.”

The headmaster replied: “Good! While we wait for Patterson, let us have a cup of tea.”

The headmaster stood and poured them each a cup of tea. Mr. Camphor then decided to get the cane from its hook behind the door and placed the three foot, 1/4 inch thick, crook handled rattan rod on his desk, so that it was in full view.

Patricia approached the headmaster’s study. She saw Gwen standing against the wall with her hands on her head and could not help smiling.

As she came to the door, Gwen mumbled: “Oh, the bitch has arrived! Mrs Jenkins said if you get here you must knock on the door.”

Trish replied in a whisper: “I would stop if I were you, Gwen. Your bottom will be the one feeling the cane, not mine!”

Gwen grimaced and sighed, not uttering a word, just rolling her eyes and continued keeping the tip of her nose to the cream coloured wall. Inwardly, she hoped that Trish was wrong and that she would be sent to the ‘slipper queen’ for a dose of the slipper.

Trish knocked and the voice came immediately from inside: “ENTER!”

Patricia smiled at Gwen as she entered the study, closing the door behind her.  As Patricia turned, she saw Mrs Jenkins taking a sip of tea and the headmaster seated behind his big desk, with floor to ceiling bookshelves and cabinets against the opposite wall to the door. The thick-pile brown carpet felt soft under her school shoes.

Mr Camphor said: “You must be Patricia Patterson?”

Trish replied: “Yes, Sir!”

Mr Camphor replied: “You may sit on the chair next to Mrs Jenkins, Patricia”

As Patricia made her way to the chair, she saw the cane on the desk and was shocked at the first sight of it. She sat down carefully, next to the teacher who just a while ago spanked her bottom with a size 13 slipper.

The headmaster then looked at the girl and the teacher in front of him and could not help but notice that, especially, the sixth former’s eyes were staring at the cane.

The headmaster then spoke. “Yes, Patricia, that is the school cane I use, not as often as I should, perhaps. So, would you tell me exactly what happened in gym class this morning? Keep it to the point, please.”

Trish answered: “Yes, Sir,” and told the headmaster her side of the story.

When she had finished, the headmaster took a moment and then said: “Is that what happened, Mrs Jenkins?”

Mrs Jenkins replied: “Yes, Headmaster.”

Mr. Camphor then asked: “Would you be so kind as to let Gwen Murray in here, please Mrs Jenkins?”

Mrs Jenkins stood and went to the door, opened it and, as she stepped out, she saw Gwen still standing as instructed a good 15 to 20 minutes ago, facing the wall.

Mrs Jenkins said: “Come inside, Gwen. The headmaster wants to see you now.”

Gwen’s heart sank to her feet as she let her hands down to her sides and turned, entering the study in anticipation. As she stepped inside she immediately saw the cane lying on the headmaster’s desk and she knew she was in for it now. Mrs Jenkins closed the door behind her and took her seat on the comfortable chair next to Patricia, who now sat with a slight smile on her face, looking at a very nervous, very subdued Gwen Murray. The Headmaster placed his empty tea cup on his desk before he spoke sternly, to the sixth former.

“So you are Gwen Murray?”

Gwen replied softly: “Yes, Sir.”

Mr Camphor then snapped: “Come stand here by the side of my desk, girl!”

Gwen stepped forward to take her place, looking across the length of the desk to the bookshelves.

The Headmaster snapped again: “Stand up straight, girl, and put your hands on your head!”

Again, Gwen complied without any resistance or cheek.

Mr Camphor spoke again. “Gwen Murray, I have heard the entire story from Mrs Jenkins and Patterson here, and I am NOT interested in any excuses! What you did is totally unacceptable and deserves a severe punishment.”

Gwen’s knees bucked and she wanted to plead to the headmaster not to cane her, but she did not want to give the ‘slipper queen’ and the bitch that was Patricia Patterson the satisfaction of seeing her cry and beg for mercy.

The headmaster continued his lecture for a good five minutes on how a well educated young lady should behave, then he paused.

“Now, that brings me to your punishment, Miss Murray. I have no choice but to give you 6 strokes with the school cane across the seat of your gym shorts, girl.”

Gwen almost fainted, but then realised she had full cotton knickers on under her shorts and that they were quite thick and would give her a bit more protection than the thin lace ones she normally wore.

“You know the two layer policy when it comes to school punishment,” the headmaster continued. “I am presuming you have underwear on under your shorts, so you can remove your gym skirt and fold it before placing it neatly on my desk, Gwen.”

Gwen Murray reluctantly took her white gym skirt off, folded it and placed it on the desk while the headmaster made an entry in the punishment book.

Gwen Murray, Disruptive behaviour in class, swearing at teacher and
another girl, 6 strokes over two layers of clothing, bending over back of a chair.’

Patricia could not help but smile and glance at the very nervously fidgeting and rather uncomfortable looking Gwen, now without her skirt, in only her maroon vest, white gym shorts, maroon knee socks and white tennis shoes.

The Headmaster then snapped at the girl: “Stop that fidgeting, Murray! Hands back on your head, girl!”

Once the girl was standing still with her hands on her head, the headmaster continued: “Seeing that you witnessed Patterson’s slippering and then went on mocking her movements after she was slippered, I will allow Patricia Patterson to witness your caning, along with Mrs Jenkins who will be the female witness, of course.”

This made Gwen blush and even hate Patricia Patterson even more. Patricia sat with her heart pounding at the thought of actually being allowed to witness the bully, Gwen, getting the cane from the headmaster, thinking how jealous Hellen and Adele would be, when she told them all about it.

The headmaster then stood and took his blazer off, then he picked up the cane and swished it through the air a couple of times, looking at Gwen who stood expressionless by his desk, staring at the bookcase on the other side of the desk.

Mr Camphor then addressed Patricia: “Patterson, will you please move your chair to about a foot from the corner behind you, so the chair’s back is facing us?”

Trish did not even hesitate. She almost jumped to her feet and moved the chair as quickly as she could into position in the corner, assuming it was for Gwen to bend over.

Mr Camphor then spoke again: “Go and stand by the chair, Gwen. Face it, then bend yourself over the back and get your head as low down as you can. I suggest you hold on to the bottom of the front legs.”

Gwen looked at the headmaster before moving to the chair. She gave a sigh before she assumed the prescribed position. Being rather short, she could just reach the middle of the front legs while standing on tip toes, causing her bottom to be thrust out into the air under those very tightly stretched gym shorts.

Mr Camphor then got Mrs Jenkins and Patricia to stand behind his desk, so as to give him enough space to swing the cane properly. Patricia could not help but notice just how vulnerable Gwen’s bottom looked in the position she now found herself.

The headmaster took a few practice swings with the cane, which made swishing sounds as it ripped through the air. Patricia could not help but notice how Gwen’s bottom muscles tensed each time the cane swished behind her, not knowing when the swish would be followed by that all too familiar thwack as it landed across her bottom.

Then the head moved to the left of the bending girl and placed the cane firmly against her plump bottom. Mr Camphor tapped the cane about eight times lightly against Gwen’s bottom, then with one swift movement he drew the cane back and whipped it down with force, flicking his wrist in the process. The cane hissed through the air with a swish and landed with a thwack across the centre of Gwen’s bottom.

“Uurrgghh!” The red headed eighteen year old cried, as she felt the searing, stinging pain. Gwen now realised her full, thicker knickers did not give any protection against the sting of Mr Camphor’s cane.

A few taps of the cane and; swish, thwack! The second stroke landed just above the first.

It was met with a loud:  “Aaarghh!”

Tap, tap, swisshh, thwack.

“Ow, ow..ouch!”

The third stroke fell just below the first.

The headmaster decided to give the three previous strokes time to sink in, and he noticed, along with the two witnesses, that Gwen was definitely feeling it as she was swayed her hips from side to side, her bottom tensing involuntarily every few seconds.

After a full 30 seconds, Mr Camphor tapped the upturned target a few times while speaking to the bent over girl.

“Legs straight and keep still, Murray!”

The girl complied with a muffled: “Yes, sir!..Sorry, sir! It hurts, sir!”

Mr Camphor smiled and, with a single movement, the cane hissed through the air for the fourth time, landing with a swish, thwack.

“Hmmpphhh! Ow!”

Tap, tap, tap, swisshh, thhwacckk!

Gwen’s left leg kicked up and her head jerked back at the force of the impact as the cane fell across the middle of the lower half of her bottom.

She cried out: “Ouuchh, it hurts!!”

As she began to cry softly, sniffing back the tears, Gwen regained just enough composure before the cane tapped her bottom again, this time very low, almost where her bottom makes the natural crease before bottom becomes thighs.

Mr. Camphor snapped: “Keep still, girl! This is the last one and the last one is always the hardest. Now hold on tight!”

Tap, tap, then an almighty ssswwwiiisshh, ttthhwwwaacckkk.

“Oww! Owww! Owww! My bottom hurts!!”

Gwen kept her position except that now she was standing with her feet flat on the carpet, swaying her hips from side to side, still bent over the chair, her bottom a mixture of a stinging, throbbing pain.

Mr Camphor looked at the bottom before him as he congratulated himself on a job well done, seing that he last caned a girl more than six months ago.

Patricia Patterson actually felt sorry for Gwen Murray now, after actually witnessing her being caned, but also felt like justice had been served.

The headmaster then spoke: “You may get up, Murray!”

Gwen got to her feet slowly and immediately started to rub her very sore bottom. She could actually feel the welts left by the cane through her gym shorts and knickers.

Mr Camphor returned the cane to his desk and took his seat as the gym mistress went back to her seat in front of the headmaster’s desk, with Trish and Gwen standing side by side next to Mrs Jenkins.

The headmaster took a deep breath before he spoke sternly to the two girls in front of him.

Gwen could not help but notice the smile on Patricia’s face. Her fellow sixth former was obviously enjoying the painful and humiliating situation she had just witnessed.

Mr Camphor continued: “Well, Gwen Murray, let that be a lesson to you. I do not want to see you in here again for the same offence. Are we clear?”

“Yes sir, never again, sir!” Gwen replied.

The headmaster then turned his attention to Patricia Patterson.

“As for you, Patricia, I will be keeping a close eye on your behaviour as well. Don’t think you are too good not to find yourself in here for the same sort of punishment you witnessed a few minutes ago.”

The smile instantly disappeared from the pretty teenager’s face, as she listened to the headmaster’s warning.

Mr Camphor continued: “Right, Miss Murray, you may take a shower and get changed back into your school uniform. Then get straight to your next class. I will have a word with your teacher and explain to him why you are late.”

Gwen Murray was so relieved to be dismissed that she almost ran from the study, but her bottom was hurting too much.

“Patterson, you may also get to your next class and you can explain to your teacher why you are late. Remember to tell him that you were slippered by Mrs Jenkins.”

As the tall teenager disappeared through the door, Mrs Jenkins thanked the headmaster for his help in dealing with the problem so swiftly. Then she returned to the gym for her next class.

That afternoon, on their way home, Trish explained in detail to Hellen and Adele Ingram what a caning from the headmaster was like. All three girls agreed it wasn’t something any of them would want to experience.

The End

© Brian Melville 2017