A mother deals with her teenage twins, a girl and a boy.

By Jill Waterhouse

Alison, known as Ali, and Paul were twins just coming up to their 19th birthdays. Both still lived with their mum, a single parent. Dad left for the quite literal younger model when they were 4 years old and moved to America where she became a big fashion star and he a stock broker. Mum was left to pick up the pieces and had done a pretty amazing job of it too. She was deputy manager of a large retail furniture outlet. Both kids had secured part-time work there. Basic pay was rubbish but they did get commission. Both were good looking so were able to use their obvious charm to good effect and were soon earning a substantiation monthly bonus.

After sixth form, both went to the local university. This was partly because they were a very close knit family, but also mum could not afford to subsidise them and they could still have the part-time jobs to fit around their studies. Both kids had done pretty well at school and were, on the whole, good kids. Like all children, mum had to keep them in line. She favoured a swift punishment rather than a long drawn out one like grounding which never really works. Usually Paul and/or Ali would find themselves across her lap getting their bottoms firmly spanked. Usually, she did this over their underwear, but would, if spanking only one of them for something more serious, apply this to their bare bottom. Generally, it was Ali who would have her panties taken down, but Paul’s boxers occasionally ended up around his knees too. She would never spank both together on the bare bottom for modesty’s sake. 9 times out of 10 she used her hand, but occasionally felt a slippering or even her hair brush was needed to drive home the point.

As very young children, mum would put both over her lap at once and smack both their bottoms, working her way from one to the other and back again. As they got older they were punished one at a time with no pattern to who was first up. By the age of 14 or 15, spanking was fairly uncommon, though with her hormones raging Ali did require some guidance and did attract a spanking every few months for one thing or another. Paul had received his last trip across his mum’s lap at the age of 15 or 16 years.

It was now summer 2017, and they had finished their first year at university. Paul was studying Geography, and Ali was studying Biology. Both had made new friends at university, but their childhood friends had now returned from their respective universities and everyone was meeting up and letting their hair down. One Friday evening in July, Paul, Ali and about 14 friends of them both were meeting up and going to an outdoor gig in the local park. None of the acts were well known but it was a night out and the weather gods were smiling. No alcohol was allowed at the venue, and water taps had been provided so people could refill bottles free of charge. The evening was going very well. Craig, Ali’s best friend, disappeared for a few minutes and they assumed he had gone to the loo. He was a nice guy but could be an idiot at times. Then splash, splash, slash, three explosions of ice cold water soaked the group. Three more followed, hitting a group to their left. Craig had been filling some large balloons with water which he then proceeded to lob at his mates. The other group were not best pleased and angrily started after Craig. Paul’s group tried to protect Craig and at the same time retreated towards the back of the crowd, all the time trying to quell the situation. A bit of a scuffle resulted and whilst no punches were thrown, there was quite a bit of grabbing and pushing between the two groups with everyone involved to some extent or another.

Luckily, the gig was very well stewarded and three burly chaps in high-viz jackets and wearing dark sunglasses came between the two groups.

“OK, what’s going on?” asked the tallest of the three stewards.

“That idiot has soaked us all with water bombs. I know it’s a warm night but we are going on to a club afterwards. Look at us. We look like drowned rats,” screeched one of the girls in the group.

“We are sorry, mate. Craig can be a real idiot at times, but he meant no harm,” chipped in Paul.

“Look, I’m really sorry. I guess my aim isn’t all it used to be,” Craig poured oil on troubled water with his comments.

Suddenly we saw blue lights. Clearly seeing trouble brewing, someone had called the police who responded with two double-crewed cars.

“So, what is going on here?” asked one of the police officers.

Paul explained what had happened and apologised profusely for his idiot friend. By now, the other group had calmed down and were making their way back to the stage area, leaving Paul’s group in the hands of the police.

“OK,” said another officer. “Everything has calmed down, but you are not going back into the gig. Have you all got phones?” he enquired.

Everyone nodded.

“I want all of you to call a responsible adult (said with irony as clearly some of these young adults could be trusted to be responsible) to come and pick you up.”

Paul and Ali looked at each other. “Mum! She’ll be mad,” they said to each other, but with the officer standing over them they made the call.

“Yes Paul, I thought you were at the gig in the park. I was just off to meet Lucy, one of my colleagues from work, and her husband for a drink,” their mum explained.

“Sorry mum, you’ll have to put that on hold. There has been some bother at the gig. Craig spoiled it for everyone. Don’t panic, we’ll explain when you get here but the police are insisting we are picked up and taken away by a responsible adult.” Paul tried to explain in a way that would not make their mum angry or panic.

“Police? What the hell has happened, Paul?” she demanded.

“Craig soaked some people with water bombs and a scuffle happened. No one was hurt but we have had to leave. Ali is a bit upset but she’s otherwise fine, mum.”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes. I’ll pick you both up at the gate. I suppose all I have to do is look for the flashing blue lights and I’ll soon find you,” their mum said angrily as she hung up the call.

Quickly, she texted Lucy to say she would be late but would get there at some point, picked up her car keys and left the house. Five minutes later, she arrived at the gates where indeed both squad cars still had their lights flashing as two other parental cars with two young adults in each drove away. In silence, Paul and Ali got in the back of their mum’s car and she drove off without saying a word. Soon they arrived home and they went in, still in total silence. Then mum turned to them both.

“So, which one of you is going to explain what has been going on? I thought, at your age, you could be trusted to go out with your friends and enjoy yourselves safely, but instead you get into a fight!” she yelled.

“It was hardly a fight, no punches were thrown,” piped up Ali. “It was Craig, he was being an idiot as usual. He had taken some large balloons to make into water bombs. No one else knew anything about it until he threw them,” she tried to explain.

“OK, but who was involved in the unruly behaviour that resulted in the police being called?” their mum demanded.

“Well, sort of all of us I suppose,” said Paul weakly.

“You suppose? You suppose! What on earth does that mean? Someone is either involved, or they are not involved. In your two cases, were you or were you not involved? Surely for two bright university students, that shouldn’t be too difficult to explain!” she snapped.

” All of us were pushing and shoving, yes. The other group were trying to get to Craig and we all tried to stop them,” Ali said quietly. “I think he would have come off badly if we hadn’t.”

“Or you could have just got out of there quickly,” suggested their mother. “Not only have you let yourselves down badly, you have thrown my plans in the air. I had been looking forward to seeing Lucy and Brian all week.”

Their mum rarely went out socialising.

“And I have had to pick you both up from the police and bring you home like naughty children. What do you have to say for yourselves?”

The twins looked at each other and Ai said, ” We are really sorry mum. We are home safely now, thank you. Why don’t you let me drive you to wherever you are meeting Lucy, and you can enjoy the rest of your evening?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I do intend to still meet up with them, but I have to deal with you too first,” said mum firmly.

Again, they twins looked at each other, both wondering what she meant by that comment. They didn’t have long to wait to find out.

“If you insist on behaving like children, I will treat you like I did when you were children!” mum paused for effect. The twins again exchanged glances, both realising immediately what she meant.

“But mum, ” said Ali. “We are nearly 19-years-old. We are way too old for that!”

“If you misbehave, and you are still living under my roof, you are never too old to receive a well-earned spanking, my dears! I was 24 when my mum last spanked me after I had stayed out all night at a party with some girlfriends. She pulled my knickers down and took the hairbrush to my bare bottom. I never did it again! So don’t tell me you are too old, my girl!  Now both of you, into the dining room, now!” she barked.

The twins walked slowly into the dining room.

Paul whispered very quietly to Ali, “She’s not spanked me since I was about 15. How about you?”

“Last year. I’d broken an ornament when I threw something whilst I was in a strop and got the slipper bare bottom,” she confessed.

Mum followed a moment later and instinctively closed the door. The dining room overlooked a pretty little garden with a high fence around, so there was no need to draw the curtains and the bright evening sunshine streamed in. Walking behind them both, she pulled out a straight-backed chair from under the table and turned it around 180 degrees and sat down upon it, smoothing her knee-length red skirt as she did so.

“Ok Ali, you are first. Come here!” mum barked.

Ali, dressed in a short yellow lightweight cotton summer dress, did as she was told and, without being instructed, bent herself over her mum’s lap with her hands flat on the floor in front of her and her ponytail hanging down the right-hand side of her face. Her pert, firm bottom was sticking up in just the correct position for what was to come.

Without a word, mum then proceeded to pull the bottom of the dress up along the back of Ali’s thighs and up and over her bottom. Ali’s bottom was now protected only by her light yellow cotton panties which hugged her bottom tightly and fully defined her bottom for her mother to spank. Ail was hoping the traditional rules still applied and that mum only spanked bare bottom when only one of them was being punished. It is bad enough for an 18-year-old to be spanked in front of her sibling, but she would simply die if her pretty bottom was on full display as well.

Spank! The first blow landed without warning. It stung like a swarm of bees had descended all at once, but it was at least over her yellow panties.

Spank, spank, spank! More followed as mum got into a rhythm. She placed three spanks on each orb, then the other, and back again.

Mum eventually stopped.

“OK Ali, you can get up now.”

Slowly, Ali eased herself up from over her mum’s lap and massaged her bottom under her dress as she did so. By now, Paul seeing her panties for a little longer just didn’t matter any more.

“Paul, your turn. Come over here, please,” mum commanded.

As he did so, she unbuttoned his trousers and they fell around his knees as they had done many times when he was younger. Ali was now standing in the spot that Paul had just vacated and was still rubbing her sore bum under her dress. Mum pulled Paul’s shirt out of the way and told him to bend over. Like Ali’s panties, Paul’s boxers were a very snug fit and made his bottom a clear and obvious target for his mother to spank.

As she got underway with Paul’s punishment, like Ali’s before him, she spanked in groups of three stinging smacks on alternate buttocks. Paul squirmed around more than Ali did, which made Ali smirk. His spanking too lasted for about 60 spanks or so before mum decided he had been spanked enough and told him that he could get up.

As Paul stood up, Ali could not help but notice glowing circles showing through his snug-fitting boxers. Poor Paul, his face was now as red as his bottom, and he quickly regained his feet and whipped up his trousers to hide his embarrassment.

“Now, you two. I hope you are ashamed of your behaviour this evening. A mother should not need to spank people of your age. I hope the soreness you are now feeling, and will no doubt feel for the rest of the day, sinks into your thick skulls. Right, now I have finished with your punishments, I will get on with the rest of my evening. I expect you both to be in bed when I get home. If I hear a single peep from either of you, it’ll be my slipper you feel next time, not just my hand. Clear?”

“Yes mum,” they chimed in unison.

With that, mum grabbed her bag and hurried off to catch her bus into town.

“Boy, did that sting,” said Ali. “I had forgotten what a formidable right hand mum has,” she continued, cracking a smile and once again rubbing her sore bottom through her panties. “You should have seen your face when you stood up,” she laughed. “It was a picture. I have never seen you go that red before,” she teased.

“Don’t tease, Ali. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” Paul stammered. “Please don’t mention it again, Ali, and don’t even think of telling any of your mates.”

“What? And by inference let them know I was also spanked? No way, Paul, our secret stays in this room, that’s for sure,” Ali assured Paul. “I’m going to get changed and inspect the damage,” said Ali as she rubbed her backside again without thinking.

“Hello Lucy, Brian. Sorry I’m late!” said mum apologetically.

“Trouble at the mill?” asked Lucy.

“Oh, nothing a little bit of parenting skills couldn’t sort out. I’m going to the bar, can I get you two another?”

The End

© Jill Waterhouse 2021