There’s a surprise in store for a girl when she gets home.

By Lisamum

Her father’s slipper lay in the middle of the settee.

‘Mum’s going a bit mental leaving that there,’ Dorothy thought. ‘I’d get a right ear bashing if I’d have left my slipper there.’ Mum never allowed anyone to put their slippers or shoes onto the furniture, whether they were wearing them or not.

“Oh, you’re home dear? I didn’t hear you come in.” Mrs Rock said, as she descended the stairs.

“Only just, mum.” Dorothy looked towards the slipper on the settee. “I was wondering if you were going senile?”

“Probably dear, probably,” Mrs Rock agreed as she went to arrange the flowers on the sideboard.

“You ok, mum?” Dorothy asked, concerned, thinking her mum was acting strange.

“Fine love, fine. Oh, I was talking to Mrs Smith dear, Margaret’s mum.”

“Yes mum, I know who Mrs Smith is!” Dorothy replied sharply. “Margaret’s my best friend, remember?”

“Yes dear, so I expect she told you that her mother spanked her the other day.”

Dorothy fought a smile. “No, she didn’t. What had she done?”

“Can’t remember dear,” Mrs Rock lied.

“Bet you’re glad I’m a good girl, aren’t you mum?”

“I’d like to believe that, dear.”

Dorothy was taken aback. Normally her mom said: “You’re a very good girl, dear.” Not today though.

“You alright, Mum?”

“Not really, dear.”

“Coming down with a cold, are you? Would you like me to make you a cuppa?”

“That’s very kind, dear, but no thank you.” Mrs Rock moved towards the settee, sitting down in the left hand corner. “This really is the most comfortable settee. Your Gran bought it for us when we got married.”

“I know mom, you’ve said.” Dorothy was getting worried about her mom. She wasn’t acting normal. “Are you sure I can’t get you a cuppa?”

“No dear, I want to talk to you.”

Dorothy moved to sit down in the other corner of the settee.

“No dear, please remain standing.”

Dorothy was taken aback by her mom’s sudden seriousness. “What is it, mum?”

“Like I said, I was talking to Mrs Smith. She said she had spanked Margaret because she found cigarettes in her bedroom.”

Dorothy shrugged her shoulders. “She smokes, mum, always has.”

“Mrs Smith said it wasn’t the first time she spanked her for smoking.”

“Really?” Dorothy smiled. “She normally says her spankings are for not doing homework or talking back to her mum. Wait till I see her.”

“So I searched your room this morning.”

Dorothy’s smile disappeared from her face. “Why? I don’t smoke!”

“Don’t you, dear?” Mrs Rock replied with a steely edge in her voice. “I found two packets of cigarettes taped underneath your dressing table.”

“How dare you search my room. You’ve no right to,” cried Dorothy.

“Myself and your father have every right to. You stand there and have the nerve to tell me, your mother, a blatant lie.”

“It’s not a lie, honest, I’ve never smoked.”

“Then how do you explain the cigarettes?”

Dorothy head bowed. Her eyes stared at the carpet.

“I’ve asked you a question,” Mrs Rock spoke firmly. “I want a truthful answer.”

Dorothy’s eyes looked up, catching sight of her dad’s slipper. It was very evident now of its significance lying in the middle of the settee. “I smoked one fag, only a bit of it. It was horrible.” She took a deep breath and carried on with the truth. “Then I had a stupid idea.”

“No dear, it’s only a stupid idea now that you’ve been caught out.”

“I had a stupid idea to sell the fags at school. There’s always someone needing a fag or two. I sold them before I got to school. If I had any leftover I would throw them away. I never took any into school, honest.”

“Because of your conscience or because you might get caught and get the cane?”

“I didn’t want the cane mum.”

“I want you to bend over and touch your toes.”

Dorothy looked close to tears. “Please mum, I won’t sell anymore.”

“I’ve told you what I want you to do, now please do it.”

Dorothy had been slippered at school, not that she had told her mum. “You’ve never spanked me before, aren’t I too old now?”

“Apparently not dear, now bend over.”

Dorothy widened her stance, bending over and touching her toes.

Mrs Rock took a few moments to see her daughter bent over awaiting her punishment. She reached over for the slipper, gripping it firmly in her right hand. She stood up straight, walking behind her daughter. The slipper changed hands, allowing Mrs Rock to lift up Dorothy’s school skirt.

Dorothy swayed uneasily at this, thinking, hoping, praying that it would be over her skirt. It was quickly followed by her slip being raised. Dorothy ran through a number of ‘if only’s’.

“Oh God mum, nooo!”

“Keep quiet and stay in position. I will not tell you again.”

“Yes mum,” Dorothy mumbled quietly, as she felt her school knickers sliding down her legs. Dorothy hated being seen naked, even half naked, by her mum. She had been blessed/cursed with large breasts and an ample backside. She felt more exposed than she imagined other girls would feel in a similar position. She had only been spanked on her bare flesh and that was only once, a quick whack of a plimsoll onto her left cheek, as she came out of the shower after flicking a towel at Penny Frampton.

Dorothy almost stopped breathing as she waited, dreading, fearing her own slipper.

“Aaarrgghhh,” Dorothy cried out loud. The whack nearly took her breath away. The spanky dance was in full flow moments later as the second strike hit home.

Mrs Rock shook her head sadly. Kids today didn’t know they were born.

“Get back into position now. If you jump up again before I’ve finished I will start again, do you understand me?”

“Yes mum,” sniffled Dorothy as she took up her position again. At the moment, though, she was more worried that Margaret would find out. She was in no doubt her mum would tell Mrs Smith the events of this afternoon.

Dorothy braced herself as her mum tapped her backside again. She closed her eyes and dug her nails into her palms. Her dad’s slipper hurt her bottom more than it hurt her pride. Dorothy grabbed her ankles as tight as she could as the slipper stung like hell.

Mrs Rock was beginning to regret being so lax with her daughter all these years. The, hopefully, occasional spanking would have kept Dorothy in check. One final hard whack of the slipper landed on her daughter’s plump backside.

Dorothy jerked forward.

“Stand up.”

Dorothy gingerly straightened up. Tears dripping from her eyes down her face. She tried to wipe them away on the back of her hand. Still they came.

“Go to bed, dear. There won’t be any tea.”

“Oh mum! I’ve got to eat.”

“There are those two packets of cigarettes dear, if you really are hungry?”

Dorothy sniffled. “Mum?”

“Go to bed dear. I’m sure your father will want to speak to you when he gets home.”

Dorothy face froze in horror. “He’s not going to spank me as well is he?”

“I don’t know dear, you’ll have to ask him when he gets home. No doubt he’ll be wanting answers as to why you had two packets of cigarettes taped to your dressing table, dear?”

Dorothy turned and ran upstairs to her bedroom and cried into her pillow as she threw herself face down onto her bed, her bare bum burning like she’d never known. How could she save it from another slippering if she couldn’t come up with a believable reason for having those fags?

The End

© Lisamum 2016