A girl talks to her diary about her life with her boyfriend. Part of an ebook but a complete story in its own right.

By Penny Toulouse

4th January 2013

Hi Diary,

I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was writing to you to tell you I’ve been a bad girl. I’m in my room thinking about my behaviour. I’ll need to fix my make-up before I come out when I’m allowed; my mascara has run. Diary, can you hug me? It was so unfair of Dan to spank me.

It was a beautiful morning today, a nice crisp sunny winter’s morning. Dan stayed over last night and this morning after breakfast we went to the local forest for a walk together. Breakfast was lovely, Dan made me a cup of tea to wake up to, then after a nice cuddle we got up and had toast and jam for breakfast. Then after a shower and catching Dan taking a cheeky look at me in the shower we were off.

Well wrapped up in our hats and scarves we set of, I was driving. The forest is about half hour away; the plan was a nice walk, take some winter pictures together and get a nice hot chocolate at a café there. On the way, Dan kept telling me to slow down because of ice on the road.

Eventually, I curtly told him: “I’m doing the speed limit, Dan, and I know how to drive which is something you don’t.”

Dan has failed his driving test three times now. He went silent. I knew I had hurt him and I knew he was just concerned for his safety, but I was still mad. I was the one with the driving licence and I knew what I was doing, beside we hadn’t had a crash and we were about 5 minutes away now.

As we pulled into the forest car park, I had calmed down and thought I’d make it up to Dan later. I have never been able to keep a temper for long. Once I switched the engine off and put the hand brake on, I leant over and kissed Dan on the cheek. He got out the car without speaking to me. I got out and went to the boot to get my walking boots out. Dan came up behind me and SMACK, he smacked me around the back of my left leg. I jumped and turned round, ready to slap him. He had already stepped back, he knows my temper.

Calmly, he said: “Now are you going to listen to me and drive safely?”

My temper rose again, but with my left thigh smarting and not really wanting another smack, and the risk of someone else seeing, I just bowed my head and said sorry.

Little did I know at this point, diary, my sore leg was going to be insignificant to me by the time I got to writing about it.

Walking away from the car, Dan holding my hand we went for our winter’s walk. My leg was still sore and I was wondering how red it probably was under my jeans but the pain was lessening as we walked. I was just trying to forget the smack and have a nice time with Dan. It was cute walking with Dan through the forest as there was an air frost and all the trees were shimmery white. With the landscape painted white, we took plenty of photos and I remembered how much I love winter. Diary, I really hope we get some good snowfall this year. November and December had been cold but there was no snow.

We must have taken over 100 photos, of ourselves, the landscape and trees. Oh and a photo of this one cute little wooden bridge over a frozen stream that had been painted white by the frost, which is where I got myself in trouble. Dan was standing on the bridge and I playfully pushed him. I didn’t mean it to happen, but Dan slipped and landed on his butt. I laughed out loudly, bending over with laughter. He just looked so funny as he fell and then slid down one side of the bridge. Diary, you couldn’t have done it a second time. Then Dan looked round at me and I stopped laughing; his eyes said it all. It was like my bum knew a spanking was coming its way.

He got up and, walked towards me holding his left wrist in his right hand, his eyes not cross but with a look of finality. When he reached me he let go of his wrist and with his right arm he grabbed my upper arm and pulled me close.

He whispered sternly: “You think it’s funny to push me over? You’ve hurt my back and my wrist; you’re lucky I didn’t hurt myself any more. I could have broken something.”

I apologised to him, telling him how I just wanted to be playful with him and didn’t mean for him to get hurt.

Dan continued: “When we get home, straight to your bedroom, young girl.”

Thinking Dan would direct our walk straight back to the car so he could get me home quickly and spank me, I was surprised as we walked towards the café. While we walked I asked Dan how his back and wrist were feeling. He told me he thought it was fine and was just a jolt. I was pleased that I had done no real damage to him but I kept up apologising.

Dan stopped walking just as we reached the café and said: “May, I know you’re sorry but you have to be punished, you could have really hurt me.”

That word ‘punished’ made me feel like such a small girl again. I didn’t want to be punished and didn’t really feel it was deserved but knew that Dan was going to do it.

“Now come on, let’s get some hot chocolate, May,” Dan said.

He asked me to go find a bench to sit while he went and bought the hot chocolate. He was always so generous, Dan. I found a bench and sat down. As my bum felt the wood of the bench as I sat down, I remembered how sore it was going to be later. I hoped he wouldn’t be too hard on me. We drank our hot chocolate, looking at the trees and chatting. I was being extra cute and lovely to Dan in the hope, the desperate hope, Dan wouldn’t spank me.

I even turned the topic to sex, to which Dan chuckled saying: “You really don’t want this spanking, do you, May?”

Frowning at him, I looked him in the eye and said: “No.”

Dan just smiled.

After we finished our drinks, we headed back to the car. As we drove back home I took extra care to go slow. I didn’t want to be in any more trouble now, did I? The conversation was friendly on the way back but as we got closer to home my bum started to tingle a bit; it was like it knew what was coming. I squirmed. We reached home about 11am, it was still very cold. The car thermometer said -3c.

Getting home, I took my shoes, hat, scarf and gloves off and headed quickly to my room as Dan had told me to.

He came in and shut my door behind me saying: “Let’s get done with this.”

Gulping, I nodded. He walked towards me, undid my belt and unfastened my jeans. Quick as flash, my jeans and knickers were around my ankles. I was wearing my black lace frenchies today. Dan took me to the corner, I knew the drill. Get in as close as possible, hands on head and stay there until Dan came and got me.

Dan had gone into the living room come dining room; it’s not a big flat and I could hear the TV. My bedroom window was open and I could feel the cold breeze on my bum and goose bumps starting to form on my bum and thighs. I’ve been here many times but I suddenly wondered: ‘Can the flat across the road see me?’ I hoped no one was getting an eye-full. No doubt if there was a guy over there looking he’ll be looking across more often, or perhaps he already knows what goes on over here and is a regular spectator.

Dan came back into my room after 15 minutes and sat down on my bedroom chair. I waited till I was called. Once Dan called me, I turned round and started to walk towards him. I was relieved to see he hadn’t brought a wooden spoon or hair brush with him. I’ve been here so many times I didn’t need telling what to do. As I reached Dan he took my arm and guided me as I laid myself over his knee to be spanked. I was over, my bum was bare, exposed, and raised to be spanked. Dan always said the best way to make a girl behave was to spank her. He said the pain in a bottom was the best way to send a message to her head. I have to say I agree with him.

Dan began his telling-off as he always does before spanking me. “May Smith, I am so disappointed in you today. You put mine and your life at risk with the speed you were driving on the ice today. I told you so many times to slow down but you didn’t listen. Clearly the smack I gave you didn’t have any effect on you about being safe.”

“It did, Dan,” I interrupted, well aware of my vulnerable position.

Dan continued: “Then you could have seriously hurt me by larking about. What if I had really hurt myself, May, how would you have got me to hospital or how would an ambulance have reached me quickly?”

I stayed silent; it felt like opening my mouth at this point would only lead me into more trouble.

“Well, as you’ve got nothing to say, not even an apology, we might as well get this started,” said Dan.

“I’m sorry,” I said hearing the panic in my voice, knowing my bum was about to be set on fire.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. The smacks landed on my bum in quick succession. Dan has big hands and me being a size 10 I have a little bottom. His hands quickly covered all of my bum. Dan had strong muscles in his arms, great for cuddles but awful when you where receiving a spanking. SMACK SMACK SMACK, the smacks kept coming. I was pretty sure my little bum was starting to go a nice shade of pink. I started to let out little ouches as each smack landed and as Dan continued to spank me I could hear my voice starting to break, tears weren’t far away now. I know Dan spanked me because he loved me but right now I hated him, all I could focus on was the fire he was creating in my bum.

This smacking went on for another 5 minutes which felt like hours. By now my bum must have been bright red and I could feel the heat coming off it. What a sight it must have been, the contrast from my white skin and bright red bum. Tears had already started to fall and I was pleading my apologies but they landed on deaf ears. Dan spanked until I was balling and shrieking. I was truly sorry for my actions at this point, not the sorry you are when the spanking is just starting to hurt and you want it to stop.

Finally, after what felt like forever, Dan stopped spanking. Standing up crying, mascara running, looking like a sorry mess, I apologised to Dan for everything.

Dan told me: “May, there will be 30 minutes corner time and after that you can come out but you are to stay in your room until dinner.”

I went to the corner; the rules of corner time were knickers down, hands on head and no rubbing. I always obeyed these rules. I didn’t want to earn myself another spanking on a bum that was already sore. I stayed in the corner for 30 minutes crying softly to myself. When my time was reached, I had stopped crying and Dan brought me in a sandwich and glass of water for lunch and gave me a hug. He reminded me to stay in my room.

I was surprisingly hungry and quickly finished my lunch. I examined my bum in the mirror; it wasn’t as red as I thought it would be but still pretty sore. I laid on my bed, not pulling my knickers and jeans up just yet. I always find leaving my bum out after a spanking is best.

So here I am lying on my bed, knickers and jeans still round my ankles, writing to you, diary. I think after a shower later, I’ll put on a dress and thong. Hopefully that will help my bum. I wonder if me and Dan will have sex tonight. If we do, I think I’ll need to be on top.

Love you diary.

May xxx

The End

© Penny Toulouse 2013

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