A new teacher has a new punishment

By Robert Roberts

Susan Burdoch, employed as a biology teacher at the Hill Top Private Boarding School for Girls, sat in front of the Head of Biology and Deputy Headmistress, Sonal Khan.

“Run that past me again, Susan. This idea of yours is interesting.”

Sonal Khan had offered Susan the post to become deputy to the Head of Biology six months previously. Susan had to turn down the offer because she needed accommodation for both herself and her partner, and the school was unable to provide facilities for partners. After interviewing Susan and checking out her references, Sonal was very keen to employ her, but the accommodation issue was a stumbling block. After the two of them went their separate ways on good terms, Sonal interviewed several other candidates, but none matched Susan’s credentials.

An idea crossed Sonal’s mind that just might work. The disused gate keeper’s cottage, located on the school boundary on the drive up to the school, was in a state of disrepair, but could it be returned to a habitable state to accommodate Susan and her partner?

“Hello Susan. Sonal Khan here. Sorry to phone you at this late hour, but I’m not giving up on the idea of finding a way for you to join our teaching staff. I might have an answer to the accommodation problem.”

To cut a long story short, Susan and her partner, Tom Mitchell, who was a self-employed builder, loved the idea of moving into the cottage. A few weeks were spent on the pair renovating the cottage before they were ready to move in. Everything went smoothly, except the large garden was overgrown and because so much time was needed to work on the cottage itself, the garden was neglected.

Susan put forward her plan. “It’s my turn to supervise the sixth formers’ detention this Saturday. Rather than them sitting in a classroom, arms folded, staring unproductively at the wall for two hours, I could put them to good use working on my garden, clearing the weeds and turning over the soil. What do you think?” asked Susan.

“What an innovative idea,” responded the Deputy Headmistress enthusiastically. “Of course, the girls would have to agree. We can’t be accused of using forced labour. Let’s have a look at who the naughty girls are this week.”

Sonal turned to the punishment register and pulled up the names of the girls who were due to attend detention on Saturday. These detentions were held for errant sixth formers once a month. They would turn up to the classroom after breakfast, and then sit, arms folded for a boring two hours before being released back into the fold.

The Headmistress, Veronica Strong, was very keen on her sixth formers behaving in an exemplary manner and setting a good example for the younger students. She had become increasingly frustrated that too many sixth formers were not meeting her high standards for good behaviour and so she introduced an experimental incentive. Despite the grumbles of the older girls, she decided if any one of them was so badly behaved to be awarded a detention, then that detention would be supplemented with three swats of the paddle.

“Four girls this month,” remarked Sonal. “Paula Harland. We’re going to have to keep an eye on Miss Harland. Her school work is dropping off quite noticeably. I will have a chat with her and try to find out what’s going on.”

“I take her for one period a week for Current Affairs. She gives the impression that she can’t be bothered,” said Susan.

“Who’s next on the on the list? Ah! Cheryl Osborn. A nice girl but she is such a chatterbox. Forever disrupting lessons. Looks as though Miss Thomas finally lost patience and awarded her a detention.

“Well I never. Janice Lane. She’s a lovely girl. What’s she been up to? Backchatting Mrs Harrison. Not a good idea. I wonder what brought that about.”

“Yes, I take Janice for biology,” remarked Susan. “She’s a likeable girl.”

“And finally, if it’s not Anne Huxley. I gave her a spanking myself a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell you about Anne. She is a gifted mathematician. Knows more than her lecturer, Dr. Rees, but unfortunately is not slow in letting her know. A battle of wills and, on the disciplinary front, there is only going to be one winner. I keep telling Anne to show respect but it looks as though there has been another flare up.”

“I’ve come across her a couple of times,” said Susan. “She seems to be a bit of a handful.”

“OK, Susan. Speak to the girls and see if they are up for a bit of gardening. Make it clear that it’s purely voluntary.” Sonal paused. “Something seems to be troubling you, Susan. What is it?”

“This is the first time I’ve supervised a Saturday detention and I’m not sure about having to spank the girls. I’ve never done that before.”

“No problem, Susan. Enjoy. Have some fun. It can be very satisfying. A good whack delivered to a shapely bottom is great for relieving stress,” laughed Sonal.

Susan remained unconvinced. “I can’t tell if you are being serious. I’m new here and I don’t want to get on the wrong side of the girls. And it seems to be very painful.”

“Of course it’s painful, but they don’t carry the pain around for too long. The ethos of this school is to reward good and punish wrongdoing. The girls have grown up with this culture and understand and accept it. But, if you’re worried, I’ll join up with you tomorrow and show you the ropes.”

“I haven’t even got a paddle,” declared Susan.

“You don’t need a paddle. A plimsoll is ideal. But I have a spare paddle if you would like to try it out.”


Susan Burdoch gently tapped on the office door of Jenny Carruthers-Flood, the Head Girl. The office was in the corner of the sixth form room and gave the Head Girl some privacy when dealing with certain matters.

“Hello, Jenny. Sorry to interrupt.”

“Hello, Susan. Please come in,” responded Jenny.

Susan, not yet used to being in a school where sixth formers called teachers by their first names, entered.

“Delicate matter, Jenny. I’m on detention duty tomorrow and I need to speak privately to the four girls involved. I wonder if I could use your office for a couple of minutes?”

“No problem, Susan. My friend Anne has been naughty again,” Jenny smiled. “She told me she was up for a Saturday detention, which means under the Headmistress’s new rules you’ll be giving her a couple of swats.”

“Oh! I’m sorry,” said Susan feeling a little bit embarrassed that she was about to supervise the Head Girl’s friend for a detention and, it seems, give her a spanking.

“Don’t worry. I think she likes it. She keeps coming back for more,” joked Jenny.

Susan looked mildly surprised but Jenny assured her it was a joke.

“I took some whacks myself from Sonal at the same time as Anne a few weeks ago. The difference is, I learnt a lesson, but she obviously hasn’t.”

“Things are so different compared with my last school where corporal punishment was hardly used, and never on sixth formers.”

Jenny laughed and explained. “We get lots of privileges in the sixth form, but if we step out of line we can expect the whack and that includes me. It’s transparent. Everybody in the school knows. Everybody accepts it. It’s dished out and then that’s an end to it. Closed book. Move on.”

“Guess I’ll get used to it,” said Susan, still not sure about administering corporal punishment to girls who were only four or five years younger than her.

“So who have you got?” asked Jenny. “I’ll call them in.”

“You know about Anne. Then there is Janice Lane, Paula Harland and Cheryl Osborne.”

Jenny asked the four girls to come into her office, and because it was a bit crowded said to Susan that she would leave her to it, but Susan asked if she would stay. After introducing herself to the girls she outlined her plan for tomorrow’s detention. Anne immediately had a question.

“I take it this gardening malarkey is instead of the whack?” she asked optimistically.

“You take it wrong, Anne. Your spanking will be carried out at the end of your gardening stint.”

“Then count me out. I’m not working if there is no trade off.”

“Fair enough, Anne.” This left Susan wondering if her plan was going to fall at the first hurdle, but Paula Harland came to the rescue.

“Anything is better than sitting in that classroom and staring at the wall for two hours. Count me in.”

“Me too,” Janice Lane stated very quietly, but worried about receiving her first ever swats.”

Cheryl also agreed to spend the detention time doing some gardening. Anne had a change of mind when she saw the others had gone for the gardening option. The girls left, leaving Susan and Jenny alone.

“Enterprising option you have there, Susan. I might wander down to your garden tomorrow morning and take a look at how it’s panning out,” said Jenny.

“You will be welcome, Jenny. Am I going to have trouble with Anne?”

“Everybody has trouble with Anne, but don’t worry. She’s all talk. I love her to bits but she is a handful.”


Saturday morning, and the girls arrived together. They were met by Susan who needed very little time to explain what was required. The girls warmed to their task and Susan was pleased with the progress her temporary gardeners were making. They were working well clearing out the weeds and throwing them on the compost heap and turning over the soil.

Towards the end of the two hour detention, Susan said, “Time for a break, girls. Come into the workshop. I’ve made up some cold drinks.”

The girls had worked hard and were thankful for a rest. They were quite happy to carry out productive work rather that sit in the classroom staring at the wall, but they felt apprehensive knowing a spanking was imminent.

Deputy Headmistress, Sonal Khan, arrived with Head Girl, Jennifer. Much to the consternation of the girls, Sonal was carrying a leather paddle which she handed over to Susan who was rather embarrassed to accept it in front of the girls who would soon be feeling it rampaging on their bottoms.

“Anne. As the most experienced at receiving spankings, perhaps you would like to finish your drink and volunteer to step up first,” smiled Sonal.

Anne, indeed, was the most experienced at receiving spankings and the occasional caning, frequently acting as though rules didn’t apply to her. Certainly not enjoying being on the receiving end but able to cope without making a fuss. Not bothering to finish her fresh orange juice, Anne stepped up to the work bench, lowered her jeans and bent over, placing her elbows and forearms on the rough, uneven surface of the workbench. The gathering of two teachers, and four students admired her firm bottom nicely presented for a spanking. Her gym knickers hugged the outline of her curvy bottom.

“All yours, Miss Burdoch,” Sonal cheerfully authorised Susan to proceed.

But Susan was hesitant and appeared uncomfortable. She didn’t want to displease the Deputy Headmistress, but never having spanked a girl she was hoping for a demonstration, certainly some advice on strength of the swat to be applied.

“Hard as you like, Miss Burdoch,” advised Sonal.

“What! No!” exclaimed Anne feeling rather vulnerable.

“You’re a naughty girl, Anne and you deserve to be spanked hard,” said Sonal with some humour. In reality, she did not take these detention spankings too seriously. Canings were serious. Spankings not so much. The Headmistress had imposed Saturday detention spankings without reference to her and she thought they were unnecessary.

Susan remained hesitant and Sonal took the paddle back from her.

“Jenny. Give Miss Burdoch a demonstration.” Sonal handed the paddle to Jenny.

Jenny was startled, certainly not expecting to be ordered to spank her best friend. As Head Girl she was authorised to slipper younger girls who stepped out of line, and even had authority to hand out spankings to fellow sixth formers, but she never did.

“I can’t do that. She’s my friend,” objected Jenny.

“It comes under the duties of the Head Girl,” responded Sonal. “So please. Humour me.”

“I really don’t want to,” Jenny said almost pleading.

“Spank or be spanked,” retorted Sonal loving every minute of this scenario.

Jenny knew Sonal enjoyed testing her sixth formers to the limits and was in no doubt she would carry out her threat. Anne came to Jenny’s rescue.

“For Heaven’s sake, Jenny. Get on with it. My elbows are getting itchy on this rough workbench.”

Jenny, feeling uneasy, lined Anne’s bottom up with the paddle. She let fly with what she thought was a reasonably fair swat but Sonal was not impressed.

“Harder! You are meant to be giving a realistic demonstration.”

The paddle burst through the air and crashed into Anne’s shapely bottom, but she was able to stoically accept the stinging blow without a murmur. Susan took the paddle from Jenny.

With some reluctance she let fly and made a very good connection. Too good a connection for Anne.

“Steady on!” yelped Anne.

Susan looked at Sonal and received a nod of approval. Cheryl and Paula looked on with some concern. Both had previously received spankings and knew what to expect, but Susan’s first ever swat appeared to be quite ferocious. Poor Janice, quiet, shy and very fearful of receiving her first ever and unexpected spanking, was trying to hide her uneasiness.

Cheryl was up next and did not quietly accept her three hard swats from Susan. She cried out with the delivery of each swat. Susan blanked out any guilty thoughts of inflicting pain and discomfort on her charges and concentrated on providing accurate and firm swats. Cheryl raised herself from the bench, clenched her aching buttocks and with tears rolling down her cheeks wandered off to find a quiet corner in the workshop to try and quietly compose herself.

Paula stepped up feeling nervous after watching and listening to Cheryl’s ordeal. She had received a fair share of getting her bottom smacked over the last five years and felt embarrassed that her bottom was still getting some disagreeable attention at age 18. With a deep sigh, she positioned herself over the bench and took three hard slaps of the leather paddle from the new teacher. She stood up and with a rueful smile joined Sonal, Anne and Jenny who had been watching her receive her punishment.

Replacing her on the bench was Janice, and this was her first ever acquaintance with the paddle. Susan, not knowing this, made no allowances and launched into an enthusiastic bombardment of Janice’s derrière. She took the first two whacks very well, but when the third arrived she let out a shriek. She appeared relieved her ordeal, which had been hanging over her for a few days, was now over.

Sonal had a soft spot for Janice and patted her arm and tried to encourage her.

“Good girl. Not pleasant but well taken. No more backchatting eh?”

She then turned her attention to Jenny. “Go and see if Cheryl is OK.”

Finally, she spoke to Susan. “Very well done, Susan.” Sonal congratulated her recently appointed teacher. “I wasn’t sure if you would be comfortable using the paddle to such good effect but that was the perfect session. Not too harsh but nice and firm and not put off by Cheryl’s histrionics.”

Susan felt proud having been praised by her Deputy Headmistress and mentor for taking care of business. She wasn’t yet prepared to admit to herself she had quite enjoyed her spanking duties and looked forward to another session in the future.

“Time to wrap up here, Susan,” said Sonal. “We’ll have a debriefing over a glass of wine this evening. You can let me know how you think this experiment went. Would you care to join us, Jenny?”

Susan welcomed this invitation. It was early days at her new school. She was pleased with progress, but needed her mentor to reassure her from time to time.

She turned to the girls. “Thanks very much for your efforts. Much appreciated. I’m sorry I had to whack you, but it’s over now. I hope there is no resentment.”

The girls departed, rubbing their bottoms but OK for a Saturday afternoon visit into the village after lunch.

The End

© Robert Roberts 2021