A girl has to tell her aunty about her detention

By Jo Green

Ann was staying over at her aunty Jane’s house for the weekend. Her mum was away at a business conference and Jane, who had no kids of her own, was always happy to oblige her siblings with looking after their broods overnight. She always said that at least she could give them back. Jane’s mum was a retired teacher and had brought the family up in a loving but disciplined house. Many a time Jane and her siblings had been firmly spanked when they had done something wrong, and a sore bottom just went with the territory. In turn, Ann was spanked both by her mum and also on occasion by aunty Jane, if the situation warranted such action whilst she was under aunty Jane’s roof. Even at 18 years old, Ann knew she had to obey the rules or face a spanking. Whilst aunty Jane favoured the old-fashioned over the knee position, she remembered them as being less painful than her mum’s spankings.

It was Friday afternoon and Ann was an hour late getting to her aunty’s house.

“Hi aunty Jane, sorry I am so late,” Ann called with a sad tone to her voice.

“Hi Ann, how come you are so late? You know you should let me know if you are going out with your mates. A quick text would have sufficed,” aunty Jane gently chastised what she expected to be just teenage forgetfulness.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have my phone. Jenks, that’s Mrs Pamela Jenkinson to give her full name, caught me using it during her English lesson. She took it off of me and I can’t get it back until Monday.”

“That is very disappointing behaviour, Ann, very disappointing, but going without your phone this weekend seems like a suitable punishment,” Aunty Jane judged. “So why didn’t you come straight home instead of going out with your mates, just so I know you were alright?”

Ann looked at the floor and her shoulders sagged, ever so slightly.

“I didn’t go out with my friends, I got detention for using my phone in class. I was only checking the weather.”

“You were checking the weather, in the middle of English on a phone you know you are not allowed to use in school, is that what you are saying?” her aunt pressed.

“Yes, aunty Jane,” Ann said, continuing to look at the floor.

“Well that wasn’t very clever of you, was it? How long until the exams? 3 months or so? You need to be focused and make the most of every lesson you have left. You know that,” aunty Jane lectured.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I won’t do it again, I promise,” Ann said.

“The damage is done now, love, and I know your mum would take a very dim view of this as much as I do. What does she normally do when you have had a detention?”

“Well, I’ve not had one since 5th form, and she grounded me for the weekend. Only, I have Abigail’s birthday party this evening. I was planning on studying for a couple of hours before I go, and have a full day with my books tomorrow. Although she’s 18, it is a no-alcohol party, so I would be really grateful if you could let me off, just this once aunty Jane, please?” She was almost pleading with her aunt.

“You know I can’t do that. I have to sign your detention slip, don’t I? And your mum should be told,” she insisted.

“Oh please, I’ll be the only one from my class not there. Please aunty, I’ll come straight back, I promise.” Ann was becoming a little emotional.

“I am sorry, but I have to carry out your mother’s wishes. If she grounds you for the weekend, then so must I.” Aunty Jane was not backing down.

Ann slumped down in a chair and looked close to tears. Her aunt’s heart-strings were being plucked, but the girl had to be punished.

“Well, Ann, maybe there is an alternative solution,” aunty Jane suddenly announced.

“Oh, yes please. Anything, anything!” Ann cheered up a little.

“You haven’t heard the suggestion yet,” her aunty warned her.

Ann sat attentively. Whatever it was, she would still get to go to the party later.

“Sorry aunty Jane, what are you suggesting? she asked politely.

“Well, since you want to go to the party quite desperately, I leave the choice up to you. I can either ground you for the weekend, or you can take a spanking. It matters little to me which you choose. Either way, I have carried out your mother’s wishes. Personally, I do not think the punishment fits the crime if I spank you. That seems a little harsh, if you ask me. However, if you choose that option, you will get a proper spanking but be free to come and go over the weekend.” Aunty Jane stood up. “I am popping out for a few minutes, so have a think and tell me your decision when I come back down stairs.”

Ann stood glumly as her aunty went upstairs to her bedroom. She wanted to go to the party so much, but a spanking seemed very harsh, considering she had already had detention for an hour and had her phone confiscated until Monday. There was really only one option if she wanted to go to Abigail’s party in a few hours’ time.

Eventually, after what felt like 10 minutes, but was probably no more than 2 or 3, she heard the familiar sound of the quiet creak of the stairs. A moment later, her aunty stood by Ann’s side with a compassionate look on her face.

“Have you made your decision, Ann?” She asked tenderly.

“If you do spank me, will it be with the hair brush or the slipper?” Ann asked.

“If you opt for the spanking, it will just be with my hand. As I said, spanking is a little too strong a punishment for what you did, but if you choose it, it needs to be a proper spanking, albeit with my hand.”

“Alright, aunty Jane, may I please ask you to spank me. Then may I go to the party afterwards, please?”

“Very well, Ann, I will spank you and, yes, you may indeed still go to the party this evening. Shall we get this over and done with?” aunty suggested.

Ann gulped. She had been spanked by her aunty before, but not for several years. She was probably 13 or 14 the last time she had been bent over a table and her aunt’s slipper applied. She had smashed the greenhouse window throwing balls about. Even so, she felt self-conscious and somewhat embarrassed at the age of 18, being spanked again by her favourite aunty.

Her aunty could see what she was thinking, and interjected.

“Don’t worry, you are not the only niece or nephew I have had to spank this month. Your cousin Tony, who is 16 now, ended up over my lap for swearing at your cousin Paula. You know how I dislike course language, so I made a point of spanking him bare-bottomed over my knee, and in front of Paula.”

She was trying to make Ann feel less awkward about her spanking, but that image was not one Ann really wished to think about. She just wanted her own spanking over and done with.

Aunty Jane pulled out a straight-backed chair and sat herself down, pulled her skirt straight and turned to face Ann.

“Come on then, Ann. Over you come. I am sure you remember the drill,” she said, patting her lap gently.

Ann moved to her aunty’s side and then lowered herself into position, her bottom hugged tightly by her skirt as she did so. Aunty Jane’s hand rested gently on her bottom, then took hold of her skirt and pulled it up over her bottom with some slight difficulty, revealing a pair of figure-hugging black panties with lace trim.

A second later, the first spank struck home. Ann’s bottom distended at the impact and ripples wobbled out into her upper thighs and body. The second spank landed, then a third and fourth. A quick rub and then the spanking began in earnest, the slapping sounds echoing off the plastered walls. Ann’s head bobbed in time with the spanks as they landed. As she had hoped, the spanking was not as bad as one of her mum’s, but it still stung quite badly, though not enough to bring any tears.

Aunty Jane spanked on for several more minutes, and as the spanking went on Ann’s bottom was becoming increasingly painful. Then the final spank landed and aunty Jane rested her hand on Ann’s burning bottom.

“Alright Ann, you can get up now when you are ready, love,” Jane said kindly.

Ann rose and gently rubbed her bum before her skirt fell back into place.

“I am sorry you had to do that, aunty Jane. I’ll try and follow the rules better from now on,” she said.

Aunty Jane stood up and hugged her charge tenderly.

“Go and get yourself sorted, and I’ll make a pot of tea for when you come back down,” said Aunty Jane.

Ann went upstairs and got changed, glancing at her backside in the mirror as she did so. She thought she’d stand for a while as she went back to her aunty, who was now in the kitchen. As promised, she had made tea and cut a large slice of lemon drizzle cake, Ann’s favourite. Ann had little option but to gently sit down to eat it.

Later that evening, Ann and her friends met up and went around to Abigail’s party. Abigail’s older brother, Duncan, who had a crush on Ann, was there, but Ann hadn’t seen him and she was aiming to keep her distance as she didn’t really like him. However, Ann didn’t see Duncan in the lounge and he snuck up behind her and landed what he intended to be a shark smack on her bottom whilst she was bent over talking to Abigail’s grandmother. The smack was harder than he had intended and stung very badly, partly due to the spanking she had received earlier.

Instinctively, Ann stood up, turned around, and let fly a hard smack right across Duncan’s face, splitting his lip and covering his face in blood. He froze for a second and then ran off upstairs to his room, where he slammed the door.

Abigail’s mum stormed into the room, took Ann by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen to give her a good talking to for smacking her precious son. She told Ann to go home and said she would ring aunty Jane to tell her what had happened, adding that she hoped Jane would give Ann what she deserved.

On the way home, Ann prayed she would not get a second spanking. Her bottom was stinging badly from Duncan’s smack. Luckily, aunty Jane took the view he got what he deserved, and rather than spank her bottom again, offered her niece a piece of advice.

“If you are going to give a chap a bunch of fives for smacking your bottom, aim 3 feet lower next time.”

The two laughed and hugged as they settled down to watch TV.

The End

© Jo Green 2022