Volunteering to run an errand proves to be a big mistake

By David

Being a naturally helpful person, Eva volunteered to take her Biology Teacher’s note to the Head’s office after the last class of the day. It would also give her an excuse to chat with Mr Clark’s Secretary, Angie, a neighbour of hers who at twenty-three was only five years older than Eva herself.

Eva quickly handed the message over, and then they launched into an exchange of gossip about their latest boyfriends. Only after a moment’s pause were both girls aware of the noises emanating from Mr Clark’s study, which led directly off Angie’s office. There was a sharp crack followed by a yell, repeated twice more. Then the door opened and a shamefaced boy scuttled out, one hand pressed against his rear, and rapidly made his exit into the corridor outside.

Eva gave Angie a startled glance. She knew of course that the school’s new Head was an American, appointed due to his reputation for improving performance at several establishments in the United States. What she had also heard was that he had brought over American discipline, notably the paddle which he had wielded with great success. But this was the first time that she had heard it in action here.

“Wow, that sounded painful,” she commented to the Secretary. “Has he been using it a lot?”

“Not when he first arrived,” replied Angie. “But I think now he’s getting more into the swing of it!” Both girls giggled at her pun. “It’s really noisy,” Angie continued. “I get to hear every stroke, even with the door closed. I wonder if I should ask him to let me see it in action.”

“What’s he like to work for?” Asked Eva. “I know he’s already got a reputation as a hard taskmaster. But how do you find him?”

And then, before Angie could answer, the man himself appeared in front of them. Both girls blushed as they realised the last paddle victim had left the door ajar in his hasty exit. Mr Clark must have heard every word.

“Well, Angie,” he began in his slow drawl. “You would like to see the paddle in action, you say? I’m sure that I can oblige. Why don’t you ladies both step into my office?”

“Maybe I should go now,” murmured Eva hesitantly, making for the door.

“Oh no, young lady,” came the reply. “I really want your participation.”

The girls were out of choices. As they both entered the room, they immediately saw the instrument of punishment on his desk. It was about twenty inches long and five inches wide, with one end narrowed and wrapped in black tape to provide a handle. Across the wooden blade was inscribed ‘Board of Education’.

The Head picked it up in his right hand and tapped it meaningfully against his left.

“Eva, isn’t it?” He asked, to which she could only nod. “I don’t know why you are here, Eva, but I’m aware that you have been wasting my Secretary’s time and also making dubious remarks about my capabilities. Both reasons for punishment, don’t you think?”

Angie jumped in before Eva could reply. “She was here on school business, Mr Clark. She came to deliver a note.”

“That may be so,” came the reply. “But now I have a message to deliver to her. She hung around to chit-chat with you and you failed to send her on her way. I shall deal with you later about this, Angie. Meanwhile, you shall soon see what you wanted. Eva, I suggest that you bend right over my desk, take a wide stance, and prepare yourself for three swats from my board.”

Eva protested that she was eighteen and too old for such treatment, but Mr Clark was having none of it.

“Back in my home state, young lady, miscreants are liable to be paddled at school even if they are nineteen or twenty. I intend to impose the same level of discipline here. Now get over my desk and take a good grip of the far edge.”

Eva could scarcely believe what was happening to her. Just a few moments ago she had been engaged in carefree conversation; now she was to stretch over a desk to take severe corporal punishment. She was wearing the pullover and thin black trousers that were standard in the Sixth Form, and she was very aware how those trousers were tightening round her bottom as she bent.

But the Head was still not satisfied.

“Legs further apart, girl,” he ordered. “And get up on your toes.”

Eva now felt that her backside was totally tight and very vulnerable. Her chest was pressed down against the hard surface of the desk and her fingers were grasping its far edge. She squirmed slightly as he rubbed the paddle across her backside in order to ensure an accurate hit, then stilled herself as she was aware the paddle was now poised above her. Away to one side, she was dimly aware of Angie looking on in fascinated horror.

“Three swats, young lady,” he reminded her, and then the first landed right across the middle of its waiting target.

For a second Eva felt nothing, and then an unimaginable level of pain spread itself across both her buttocks, radiating out to her lower back and thighs. She could not help herself yelling out loud. Then, as the pain intensified, the second stroke landed in the same place. Eva could no longer hold back the tears, which poured down her cheeks in loud and angry sobs, but she still held her grip. One agonising moment later and the third swat was delivered to the identical spot.

“Very well, Eva, you’re done,” she heard. The voice seemed to come from a great distance, beyond a heaving sea of pain. “Stand up and pull yourself together.”

At first she could barely move, then slowly she righted herself. Her chest was aching and her hands cramping from the pressure they had been under, but this was nothing compared with the blazing fire bursting out of her bottom. Gently and carefully she wrapped her fingers round each burning buttock, whilst the tears still flooded down.

But Mr Clark’s attention was no longer directed at her.

“So, Angie,” she heard him drawl to her companion. “Now you know how a paddling is done. However, I still have to deal with your own misbehaviour. I could simply sack you for disloyalty and I’m sure the governors would back me, but then again I’m reluctant to lose someone who’s a good worker, at least most of the time. You find the paddle fascinating, so how about a taste of it yourself? Only as you’re older and supposedly more mature than young Miss Eva, I had better give you six. But I shall spare you the witness. Eva, you run along now. Angie, bend yourself over the desk just as your friend has already demonstrated.”

As if in a dream, Eva shuffled over to the door. She was aware of a brief but intense conversation between the other two, but did not stay to listen. Opening the door, she glanced behind her to see Angie in her slim pencil skirt assuming the position.

Every step was painful, so Eva paused in the middle of the Secretary’s office to press her hands against the seat of her trousers before she ventured out. Then, from behind the inner door, she heard the sharp crack of the paddle followed by a brief scream. The crack was repeated, to be followed by a louder and longer outburst.

Eva did not linger any more. She hoped so much that this dreadful sequence of events would not damage her friendship with poor Angie, but she knew for sure that she would not be delivering any further messages to her office.

The End

© David 2016