Debt Repayment

A girl feels she owes a debt and her offer is not refused

By Julie Baker

My name is John Blake and I’m a happily married man living in the north west of England. I am aged 54 and I have a daughter who is 25 and two sons aged 21 and 20. I have a good job in senior management and all of my children have been privately educated. We live in the country and I commute daily to my office which is in a small market town about 20 miles away.

I would have to say that I have had very few involvements with the world of corporal punishment. I went to prep school in the early 1970s and I was occasionally slippered by the headmaster. It was administered to me fully clothed and I remember it stinging a bit. I didn’t find it a wholly unpleasant experience and it maybe played some part in my wife and I experimenting in some gentle spanking play later in life.

This account starts with my daughter Rebecca who was popular at school and had a wide circle of friends. She had one girl that she was particularly close to called Milly. Milly came from a large family and, if I was being critical, probably didn’t get the attention from her parents that she deserved. She was, and still is, a very attractive girl. She was good at sports, so had a fit and toned body, and was blessed with a lovely face topped with naturally blond hair. But above all she had, and still has, the most fantastic warm skin tone which, coupled with an adventurous personality, always makes her the centre of attention amongst the opposite sex.

This story starts nine years ago when Milly and my daughter were both 16. They had started to go to local dances and parties but always required dropping off and picking up. That summer they were invited to a dance at our local golf club. As usual it was my duty to provide the lifts and I delivered them to the venue at 8.00pm. I arranged to wait outside for them from 11.45pm onwards and I asked that they be no later than midnight coming out.

Midnight arrived and my daughter was safely in the car, but no sign of Milly. Rebecca was unaware of her movements latterly so we could do nothing other than wait. By quarter past we were getting a bit worried. My daughter tried to get her on her mobile phone but without success. We tried some of her friends but they hadn’t seen her. By this time I was getting quite concerned and most of the party goers had departed the venue. I suggested that we drove into the village to have a quick look around and if there was no sign of her I would have to phone her parents for advice.

Then we found her. She was about half a mile away, walking back towards the golf club. She got in the car and seemed to be a bit confused and slightly upset. I asked her if anyone had done anything to her and she said not. To be honest, I didn’t ask her outright where she had been but I didn’t suspect that she had been drinking to any kind of excess and she showed no signs of having been assaulted in any way. I drove them home in almost complete silence and they both went off to bed as soon as we got in.

I recounted the story to my wife, who was not impressed. All seemed OK but I couldn’t help wondering where Milly had been for that half an hour. The combination of her being 16, looking a bit upset, not telling me the whole story and being in my care, all troubled me. By the time the next morning came I had gone over all the possible outcomes including her parents phoning me in two months time to tell me that Milly was pregnant and that it was my fault!

I chatted with her over breakfast the next day and explained all of my concerns. She was back to her bright, charming self but when I said that I would have to phone her parents and explain what had happened, her face dropped. She said that she would be grounded for months if I did this and she apologised profusely for causing me all of this anguish. She assured me that she was fine and that nothing untoward had happened to her. I liked Milly a lot and eventually I agreed to not tell her parents.

But I still didn’t know what had happened to her during that time and my daughter claimed not to know either. They both left school two years later and Milly went to study English at Southampton University. Her parents moved to Spain and she got a steady boyfriend in Hampshire. We would see her occasionally, as I think she regarded us as her stand-in parents, but we saw less and less of her. My daughter has always regarded her as her best friend so kept in better touch. Then she broke off with her boyfriend and decided to move back to the North West.

Milly got herself a job in sales in the textiles industry and rented a small flat. We then saw more of her, particularly when my daughter was back at home. She then got another boyfriend, who was a local doctor’s son, and within six months they were engaged to be married. She was so excited and told us of her plans to buy a house and start a family as soon as possible. She was looking forward to a fresh start with someone she loved and wanted to put all of her past difficulties behind her. We were thrilled for her and we put the wedding date in our diary – October just past.

That was all fine and I didn’t give the matter much thought other than to look forward to the wedding day. Then, one morning in early August, my mobile phone rang and I could see it was Milly. She asked if I was on my own and could we talk privately. I confirmed that I was. She then launched into a long address, full of emotion and no chance for me to say anything. She said that she was so grateful to my wife and me for having faith in her and supporting her through any difficulties she had and confirmed again that she only wanted to look forward and make a success of her new life. However, unexpectedly, she said that she was still troubled by that night at the golf club nine years previously and she felt that she had treated me badly at the time.

I managed to get a word in at this point and assured her that as far as I was concerned the matter was buried in the past and that she should forget all about it. She said that she thought that would be my response but however hard she tried she could not get this debt to me out of her mind. She then said something that I will never forget.

“John, would you be prepared to cane me for what I did to you that night?”

I couldn’t believe that I had heard her right and asked her to say it again. She did and, yes, I had heard her correctly.

“Milly, that would be completely unnecessary,” I said eventually. “Just forget about it and move on. You’ve got everything to look forward to.”

“John, please, I want you to do this for me. I’ve been thinking about it endlessly and this is the only solution for me.”

I protested again but said that I would think about it and text her when I had come to a conclusion.

For the next couple of days I had difficulty in focusing on anything else! The chance to cane the bottom of a lovely 25 year old had obvious attractions, but somehow it felt wrong and potentially risky. Milly and I then exchanged texts as follows.

Me: Been thinking about your request. Have you discussed it with anyone else? 

Milly: No. 

Me: I could do this for you but you must be sure you want to see it through and nobody else must know about it. 

Milly: OK I agree. 

Me: Will this be the first time you’ve been punished like this? 

Milly: Yes. 

Me: OK, I’ll make the arrangements. I’ll organise the cane and book a hotel room. Can you manage 4.00pm on Thusday 13th August? 

Milly: Yes, that’s fine with me. 

Me: OK, leave it with me. You will have to do as instructed on the day and this is strictly between the two of us. Will confirm the venue shortly.

So that was it settled. I was going to cane Milly’s bottom at her request. Fixing the hotel room was easy. Clients visiting our offices often stay in rooms at the local well known brand of budget hotels. By booking three weeks in advance and prepaying I secured a room for £35. I knew the sound proofing would be good but I requested a particular room that I knew was at the end of a corridor on the top floor.

I didn’t really know how to source the cane but the internet made this bit easy. I found a company that seemed reputable and guaranteed to deliver in plain packaging. They had a variety of types on offer and in the end I went for something that seemed middle range; a ‘K30 Senior Dragon Cane’, which is 8-10mm thick and 80cm long. It promised to be ‘stingy’ and ‘leave clearly defined marks’. I went for the slightly cheaper straight version at £26. The website also gave a lot of useful practical advice which came in handy later on.

The cane arrived in the office a few days later. I do a lot of fishing so the shape of the package was not considered to be unusual. All preparations were complete and we had two weeks to wait until the appointed day. Milly knew where to come to and I said that I would text her with the room number when I knew for sure where we would be in the hotel.

On the day I had difficulty in concentrating on my normal work. At 3.30pm I said to my secretary that I would be leaving early and was not to be contacted by phone. I drove across town to the hotel and parked in the supermarket car park adjacent. I went to reception and was pleased to be given the key to the room I requested. I said that I had someone else coming for an interview at 4.00pm and to give then directions to the room. I went up in the lift and along to the end of the corridor before entering the room.

The room was typical of its type with a double bed, an extra sofa bed, a desk-cum-dressing table with straight backed chair and an en suite shower room. The decor was plain and the lighting was just about OK with the curtains drawn and the bedside lights switched on. I texted Milly to confirm the room number and then got myself ready for her arrival. I had decided that I would offer her the option of being slippered first to get her warm before I applied the cane. I had therefore brought with me a rubber soled deck shoe of my wife’s as well as the cane which I extracted from its cardboard tube. I placed both implements in full view on the desk.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and in walked Milly. She looked nervous and a little flustered. Her face was more flushed than normal but she still looked very attractive. She had come in trainers, short white socks, light blue skinny jeans and a white tight-fitting cropped blouse which left about an inch of bare flesh above her trousers. She was thanking me profusely for doing this for her but I could tell that much of her talking was to cover her apprehension over what was about to happen to her. I told her that there was still time to back out but she was resolute. I suggested a cup of tea to settle us both down and she accepted gratefully.

She sat on the sofa bed and I busied myself with the kettle and tea making facilities. There was a bit of an awkward silence while I prepared the tea but soon I was sitting opposite her on the edge of the bed and we were both sipping our hot drinks. We talked about general family matters and eventually I thought that I had better steer the conversation round to the matter that had brought us both together.“Milly I’ll ask again, are you sure that you still want to go through with this? I’ve told you that I think it is unnecessary, but it is your call at the end of the day.”

“Yes, my mind is made up,” she said. “I just want to get on with it now.”

“OK, Milly, please remove your shoes and jeans.”

Without hesitation, Milly took off her shoes and wriggled out of her jeans to reveal some pretty high cut white panties with a smooth satin look. She placed her trainers under the chair and neatly folded her jeans before placing them on the seat of the chair. I could now see her shapely legs and her firm breasts seemed to be straining within her tight blouse. She left her short white socks in place.

“Thank you,” I said. “I’ll now explain what I have planned. I’m no expert in handing out corporal punishment but I have gleaned some useful tips in the past few weeks. Please trust me as we go through and you will receive the punishment that you want without it being too distressing and with no lasting damage. I know you want to be caned but first of all it might be a good idea to warm up your bottom with a slippering before you get the cane. This is because I gather that receiving the cane on your bottom without it being warmed up first is particularly painful. It’s your choice at the end of the day, Milly.”

I could see she was weighing this up in her mind. I suppose it was prolonging the ordeal for her but she would know that the caning would be the worst bit and that anything to ease this bit might be a good idea.

“Let’s just stick with the caning John,” she eventually said. “Thanks for thinking about me, but the caning is what I’ve asked for and I will have to accept the full consequences.”

I had planned to slipper her over her panties but I was now going to have to broach the subject of her removing her underwear for the caning. I knew that this would be difficult.

“Thank you, and that’s fine, Milly. However I need to tell you that for the caning I will have to ask you to remove your panties. This is so that I can see the effect the cane is having on you, which will help me to pitch the severity so that you get the punishment that you feel you deserve but I don’t want to hurt you more than is necessary. Do you understand where I’m coming from?”

I could see that Milly was looking a bit flustered by this turn of events.

After a few moments she spoke. “I hadn’t anticipated that request, John. I was obviously hoping to keep my underwear on. I can see what you are saying but couldn’t I pull them up so that they are a bit like a thong with most of my bottom visible to you?”

It was my turn to think about her reply. I was about to respond when Milly spoke again.

“Oh come on, let’s get on with it. You are good enough to do this for me and I can’t see that my thin panties are going to make much difference to what is about to happen to me. If this is what you want me to do, then it’s fine with me.”

With this she lifted her bottom slightly and slipped off her underwear whilst remaining seated on the sofa. She placed her panties on the end of the sofa and put her hands in her lap presumably to preserve some level of modesty in front of me.

I then asked her to get herself ready while I went across the room to hang up my jacket on the back of the door. As I turned back I could see that she had stood up and was at the desk.  She had spotted the shoe and the cane on the desk and had tentatively picked up the cane.

“Oh, fuck!” I could hear her say under her breath as the full realisation of what was about to happen to her sank in.

She replaced it and turned towards me. At this point I could see that her pubic area was shaved and because her blouse was so short I got the full benefit of seeing her lovely toned lower body.

“Right, Milly, it is up to you to choose the best position for receiving the cane. I’m not sure that touching your toes would be a good idea as I think you’ll need something to stabilise yourself against. You could place your hands on the bed or on the desk. Or we could pull out the sofa and you could bend over the back of it. Or you could go on all fours on the bed if you thought that would be better. The choice is yours.”

Again Milly took a few moments to think about her options.

“I think I’ll place my forearms on the desk, if that is OK with you? That should ensure that I’m properly bent over with my bottom in the right position. What do you think?”

“Try it,” I said.

This she did, and as she turned I got my first view of her naked bottom. It looked perfect and at this stage was beautifully smooth with no blemishes. It was what you might call ‘a blank canvas’ for me to work on! She got into position and it did seem like the ideal solution, given the facilities available. Her bottom was perfectly presented and her blouse had now risen a third of the way up her back. No danger of obstructions!

“If you are OK, Milly, stay where you are and we will get this over with. I’m going to give you ten stokes of the cane and then you can hopefully forget about all past misdemeanours!”

The cane was just by Milly and she watched my every move as I picked it up.

“Ready for this, Milly? Ten strokes with the cane as you requested. This is what you came for and I hope it lives up to expectations.”

No answer, which I took as being my signal to get started. I laid the cane across Milly’s bottom and gave it a few taps. I had decided to go easy with the first one but I was somewhat horrified when Milly immediately got up clutching her poor behind. No complaint, though, and she quickly resumed her position.  I had clearly taken her by surprise but I had gathered from this that the cane was an implement that required careful use. I wanted the caning to be as she required but it gave me no pleasure to be hurting her beyond what was necessary. I resolved that I would use no more force than in that first stroke until the last which I knew should always be the worst.

I also knew that the classic caning technique generally required about 20 second gaps between each stroke. From the website of the cane supplier I learnt that, unlike the slipper, the cane should be applied on different areas of the target and, if possible, the strokes should not overlap. A recovery period between the cane strokes is required and the tension builds as each stroke becomes due. The mark left by that first cane stroke was very distinct. Reasonably short on each buttock, as Milly’s bottom was slender, but also rounded. The mark left was the width of the cane and dark red.

I delivered the next stroke. A bit easier and no noise or movement from Milly this time. The third, fourth and fifth were the same. Half way and now five very distinct cane marks visible on Milly’s bottom. The sixth one, I stepped up a little and finally Sally let out a little whimper. This was the pattern for the next few but I suddenly realised that I wasn’t sure on the counting.

“Milly, is that seven or eight you’ve now taken?”

Milly’s reply was little more than a whisper. “I’m not sure, John.”

“I’ll count the marks.” I replied.

This was the only time that I had any direct contact with Milly’s bottom. With my index finger, I counted the cane marks. Most were quite distinct but some had merged together. I was confident that I could account for eight stokes and I told Milly the good news.

“Only two to go. Nearly finished, Milly.”

Number nine generated no reaction from Milly at all, although I could see that she was breathing rather heavily by this stage.

“Last one, Milly,” I said. “This will be the worst one, I’m afraid.”

No reply, and I gave it to her right in the middle with slightly more force than the first one. This broke her. She collapsed onto the desk in floods of tears. Her whole body was shaking and she looked thoroughly miserable. Had I over done it, I thought?

Eventually, after a couple of minutes, she managed to stand up. Tears continued to stream down her face and I could see that she was exploring the ridges on her bottom. She walked over to the mirror on the back of the door to inspect the damage and I could see that she was counting the cane marks. I was hoping she came to the same number as me! I was left waiting nervously for her reaction.

Eventually she spoke with a very emotion filled voice. “Thank you, John. You were magnificent. That was everything that I hoped for and more. Right up to my limit, but I truly feel that I have taken my punishment and that I can now move on with the rest of my life.”

All this was said with Milly largely naked but with no hint of embarrassment on either side! She turned to regain her underwear which she pulled up gingerly over her bottom. Similar care was taken with her jeans and then her trainers were back on her feet. She came over and kissed me on the cheek and I gave her a little hug.

“Thanks again, John, and see you at the wedding.” With this, she turned and left.

Six weeks later, my wife and I were at the wedding. Milly looked gorgeous and radiantly happy. Between Milly and me, it was as if nothing had happened although I couldn’t help thinking about her poor bottom hidden away beneath the folds of her wedding dress. I liked to think of the cane marks still being visible on that day but no doubt they would have healed and there would be no evidence left of our time at that hotel.

For me, this whole episode has left more questions than answers. Why did Milly have such a need to revisit a relatively small incident from nine years ago? Was there some sort of sexual motive on her behalf? Has she managed to keep our meeting secret, particularly from her now husband who must surely have seen the marks on her bottom? She has never offered to pay towards the costs of that day so she must have concluded that I was partly the beneficiary. This is true! What an erotic experience that I can reflect on for years to come! However there is one question that I suspect will never get answered. What was Milly doing during that missing 45 minutes, nine years ago?

The End

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