A schoolgirl has a bad day and gets a sore bottom

By Brian Melville

As Mrs O’Connol turned around to face the sixth-form mathematics class, she noticed Debbie Marshall, a tall, eighteen-year-old girl with long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a few freckles which were slightly visible across her nose.

“Miss Marshall! Stop talking right away, and pay attention please!”

The girl blushed bright red as she quickly turned back and focused on the black board as she mumbled: “Yes, Ma’am! Sorry Ma’am!”

“Stand when you address a member of staff, girl!” Mrs O’Connol snapped.

Debbie quickly got up and repeated herself: “Sorry Ma’am! Yes Ma’am!”

The apology made, she sat down again.

“If I have to speak to you again about this, I WILL give you a dose of my slipper, understood?” The teacher continued.

Debbie looked at the teacher as she meekly replied: “Yes Ma’am.”

“I beg your pardon, young lady! On your feet, hands on your head, girl! Didn’t I just remind you to stand when addressing a member of staff?” The teacher snapped.

The pretty teenager immediately knew she was in for it now as she jumped to her feet while placing her hands on her head, waiting in nervous anticipation for the promised dose of the feared slipper. She could feel the eyes of her nineteen fellow classmates, twelve girls and seven boys, as they were all now fixed on her.

“Seeing that you have no manners when it comes to addressing staff members, and kept on talking in my class after I told you to keep quiet and pay attention, you deserve nothing less than a sore bottom! Come to the front of the class, Debbie, and as you pass by my desk please get the slipper from the top left drawer and bring it to me!” Mrs O’Connol said as she stepped towards the corner, by the classroom door.

The teenager reluctantly made her way to the teacher’s desk and removed the size nine black plimsol, with its well-worn thin rubber sole, from the drawer and made her way towards the waiting mathematics teacher.

“Stand over there, facing the corner and bend over, young lady!” Mrs O’Connol snapped as she took the plimsol from the girls hands.

Debbie quickly stepped forward and assumed the position, so as not to give the teacher any more reason to increase her punishment. As she bent forward she could feel her navy-blue school trousers tighten around her soft, pear-shaped bottom, placing her hands just below her knees while straightening her legs. She pushed her fleshy bum cheeks right out, making them the perfect target for that slipper’s rubber sole. Her red tie dangled from her neck, and her crisp white long-sleeve blouse also stretched across her chest, as her long blonde hair covered her face.

The young Miss Marshal blushed at the thought of her bottom being on show like this for the entire 6B class, including seven boys. But, that was the least of her problems as she knew this teacher was an expert with the slipper.

“Right, young lady, seeing that it’s not the first time you find yourself in this position in front of me, I am going to give you six strokes! You will remain in your position until I tell you to move, and you will count each stroke! Are we clear, Marshal?” Mrs O’Connol continued.

The naughty teenager’s heart skipped a beat as she heard her punishment announced, and her jaw dropped at the thought of having to count each stroke out loud while her bottom was being set alight.

“Answer me, girl! Are we clear?” The teacher barked.

“Uh, oh, s-sorry, Ma’am. Yes, Ma’am!” The girl replied meekly.

The teacher stepped back and looked at the pathetic image of the eighteen-year-old girl, now standing with her bottom waiting to be spanked. Mrs O’Connol stepped forward and took up her position to the left side of the girl and tapped the well-presented target a few times with the slipper.

Mrs O’Connol lifted the slipper as high as she could and whipped it down as hard as she could across the centre of the waiting bottom. It landed with an echoing whhopp!

The stinging pain sensation was instant, causing the girl’s muscles to tense as she moaned loudly: “Ow, ow, ouch! One, ma’am!”

The second stroke landed low down on the girl’s fleshy left bottom cheek.


Debbie shook her head as she bent her left knee slightly, and she countered with a more muffled: “Owwee! Two, ma’am!”

There was a brief moment before the teacher let the slipper rip through the air for the third time, causing another firm: “Wwhoop!”

It settled on the fleshy lower part of Debbie’s right bottom cheek, leaving her to gasp for air as the warm stinging pain sensation spread even more across her bottom. She took a few seconds to deal with the pain before she counted: “Three ma’am! Ow!”

Mrs O’Connol smiled slightly as she knew just how badly the poor girl’s bottom was
burning at that point, and there were still three more strokes to come.

She raised the slipper again, delivering a stinger of a stroke right to the top of the girl’s right cheek. Debbie’s knees buckled as she violently shook her head while complaining softly: “Ouch, ouchie, ow,” before answering meekly: “Four, ma’am!”

The teacher took a glance at the rest of the class and noticed how some girls were too scared to look at what was happening to their friend, while others stared at the action, and the boys were actually watching with huge grins on their faces.

“Right, no one will be making any comments or tease Miss Marshal about what’s happening here, unless you want to visit the headmaster! As for you, young lady, there’s two more strokes to come and I intend on giving them in quick succession, so brace yourself!” The teacher informed the class and the sore-bottomed teenager.
Debbie braced herself and closed her eyes as she waited anxiously for that terrible sting of the slipper across her already very sore bottom.

Then, without any warning, she whipped the slipper down hard across the top of the girl’s left bottom cheek with a resounding, whoppp!

This was met with an ear-piercing: “Owww! Five ma’am!”

Debbie swayed her hips again for a few seconds, but this was put to an abrupt stop by the teacher.

“Keep still, girl!” The teacher snapped as she raised the slipper for the final stroke.

A few seconds went by before the slipper slammed across the centre of the up-turned bottom with a loud, wwhhoopp!

Debbie had to take a step forward so as not to fall over from the force of the stroke.

She yelled: “Ooh, oww, owww, owwwieee! My poor bum! S-s-six, ma’am!”

“Get up! And, I do hope that was a lesson for you, girl?” The teacher snarled.

“Y-y-yes, ma’am. Definitely, ma’am! Debbie replied as she stood swaying her hips while rubbing the scorched seat area of her trousers.

The teacher looked at the pain-stricken girl for a brief moment before she ordered: “I want you to go stand in that corner for five minutes until your behind has cooled down sufficiently for you to sit without fidgeting.”
She pointed to the same corner which Debbie had to face whilst she was being punished.

Debbie stepped towards the corner as she replied: “Thank you, ma’am!”

The teacher smiled as she sternly addressed the teenager again: “Hands on head, feet together, stand up straight and keep your nose pointing into the corner!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Debbie replied as she gritted her teeth in an attempt to deal with the pain.

As the teacher returned to her seat, she mumbled loudly to herself: “Funny how quickly a dose of the slipper can teach a girl some manners.”

The time ticked by slowly and, just as Debbie thought the teacher had forgotten about her standing in the corner with now aching arms, the teacher addressed her, again: “Back to your seat, Marshal!”

The girl returned to her desk while trying not to make any eye contact with any of her classmates, and carefully lowered her sore, tender bottom onto the hard wooden seat.

The rest of the double period maths class went by without any further incident, and during first break Debbie showed her red, marked bottom to her best friend, Caitlin Stannic, who was in 6A. Caitlin was astonished at just how red and still slightly warm to the touch her friend’s bottom was.

“She got me good, didn’t she, Caitlin?” Debbie asked her friend as her friend obscured her view in the mirror of the girls’ bathrooms.

“Hell yes! She got you very good, Deb’s! Just look!” Caitlin replied as she moved out of the way.

Debbie was shocked when she saw her red backside, and couldn’t help but give it another tender, loving rub before pulling up her skimpy, seamless, pink lace knickers, followed by her trousers. Then, they made outside the main building to enjoy the rest of first break.

As for the rest of the day, it went by without any incident. Debbie told her parents about her punishment during dinner that evening, with Mr and Mrs Marshal disappointed with their eldest daughter’s behaviour.

Later, Mr Marshal took his eighteen-year-old daughter across his knee and gave her a firm spanking with grandma Marshal’s wooden backed hairbrush, while her ten-year-old twin sisters looked on.

Poor Debbie squirmed and kicked over her father’s lap, but his strong arm kept her in position while he blistered her already slippered bottom. After the hairbrush spanking, her father sent her straight to bed.

Debbie vowed never to misbehave in school again.

The End
© Brian Melville 2020