A poem recounting a true incident that happened in Australia in 1991

By Ian M


Outside my office Maria stands up very straight;

Nervously awaiting her truancy fate.

Naomi will join her in a few moments time;

I’ve sent for that too as Maria’s partner in crime.

Two very naughty girls before me now stand;

Hands on their heads as protocol does demand

As I question young Maria what I said about truanting before

And the outcome if I ever learnt again that she skipped any more.

“Cane Sir” came a very soft and tentative reply;

And before I’d even started she began to cry.

First time for Naomi but I asked her to re-state

What I said on assembly yesterday period 8.

“Students who truant will be likely getting the cane”

She whispered awkwardly her face showing great strain

Both ladies were in tears as I told them to face the wall

Maria rather tiny compared to Naomi standing tall.

“Maria step forward you were warned the last time you were here

That you would receive 6 of the best very hard on your rear”

A tentative step first then over she bent

About to discover what that really meant.

“One Sir, Two Sir, Three Sir,” she called out with torrents of tears

As she braced herself again as the halfway point nears

“Four Sir, Five Sir, Oh Six Sir,” she screams and moans

As she stands up very gingerly with a rather despairing tone.

Naomi was to get four as she has never been in much trouble;

But on this occasion it’s happened and she has burst her bubble.

“One Sir, Two Sir,” she yelled as her cries filled the room

“Three Sir, Four Sir,” as she faced me with gloom.

They stood silently sobbing against the wall for about half an hour

As they reflected what happens when I can wield my power

Needless to say neither student was ever again to be punished by me

And a very valuable lesson was learnt that day at 3:23.