The eighth instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

“Your knowledge of Latin is seriously deficient girls,” commented Miss Meredith half way through the double Latin lesson. “I get the impression you are not really interested in the classics,” she added.

The Lower Sixth Remedial Latin Group of six girls was trying its best to appear interested as they struggled to translate Virgil’s Georgics Book IV. There was a dancing class with the boys from the neighbouring Grammar School during the evening. Besides trying to understand the points the verbose Mr Virgil was making, the girls were planning what to wear for this special occasion. It was a warm summer afternoon and the girls were currently in their mid-thigh length blue gingham uniform dresses which had short sleeves and open necks.

Latin was not their favourite subject. The six girls in the group had failed their Latin O-Level but needed it for university entrance.

“Well any comments?” asked the Mistress. “Charlotte, you are inclined to chatter at the slightest excuse. Have you anything to say?”

Charlie Miller got quickly to her feet, her light brown hair brushing against her shoulders.

“Sorry Miss?” asked a blushing Charlie, who had been seriously considering which of her two favourite dresses to wear for the dancing class. She looked anxiously at the slim unsmiling Latin mistress who was wearing a white blouse and knee-length black skirt under her long academic gown.

“Er I…” Charlie looked round hopefully at her friend – dark haired Liz Cooper, who whispered behind her hand: “She said, do you like Virgil, Charlie?”

“Oh yes Miss, I do like him,” Charlotte cleared her throat. “But he’s rather hard work.”

“Hard work made worse by your poor vocabulary and lack of concentration,” observed the mistress. “I think we’ll have a quick vocabulary test to wake you all up.”

Jennifer Hillary’s hand went up.

“Yes Jennifer?” asked Miss Meredith.

“Please Miss, with respect I don’t think you’ve got time for a test this afternoon and we have a sociology class with the curate straight after your class Miss,” explained Jennifer adjusting her blonde ponytail as she spoke.

Miss Meredith glanced at her watch. “We have got 30 minutes – plenty of time for twenty questions and time to administer any punishments for girls who fail.”

“Oh please Miss, not a test with punishments.” pleaded Cathy Matthews who had short curly blonde hair.

“Yes a test,” said Miss Meredith crossly. “with a pass mark and punishment on a sliding scale for those who don’t reach it!”

Miss Meredith went to the drawer of her desk and took out an elderly, flexible, large plimsoll with a well worn sole.

“Please Miss not the slipper,’ Charlotte made a face half pleading and half protesting.

“Yes, the slipper. I think Mr Slipper could do with some exercise and some of your bottoms are seriously in need of his attention. All of you put your books away and you, Cathy, hand this plain paper round for your answers.”

“Yes Miss.” Cathy replied quietly.

Miss Meredith turned to the blackboard and quickly wrote:

Lower Sixth Latin Test

20 questions – pass mark 15

Test score Penalty

15 and above Pass – no penalty.

14 2 strokes slipper

13 3 “ “

12 4 “ “

11 5 “ “

10 and below 6 “ “

“Yes Amanda?” asked the mistress. “I hope you are not trying to waste time?”

“No Miss, sorry Miss,” began Amanda getting to her feet. “Have you made a mistake with the pass mark Miss? It just seems rather high, er 75% Miss?”

“No Amanda, I haven’t made a mistake. In fact it’s rather low if anything. Perhaps I should increase it?”

“Oh no, please Miss, er, with respect, I think it is high enough.”

Amanda sat down looking at the board anxiously in case the pass mark increased.

“Miss, have you made a mistake with the punishments if we fail?” asked Charlotte.

“What do you mean Charlotte?” The questions were beginning to annoy Miss Meredith.

“They seem a bit severe Miss, like getting two with the slipper if you fail by just one mark?” Charlotte got politely to her feet again as she spoke.

“Unless your Latin has improved greatly Charlotte,” began the mistress picking up and flexing her slipper. “I think you will be getting considerably more than two strokes with the slipper anyway. In fact I am seriously thinking of giving you and anyone else who tries to delay the test or to be impertinent six of the slipper before the test begins.”

“Oh no sorry Miss. Er, I just thought that, er, very unusually for you Miss. Er, you might have made a mistake. Sorry Miss,” replied Charlotte anxiously.

Charlotte sat down conscious of a tingling wave of goose pimples on her bottom which made her shiver and wriggle on the hard seat of her desk.

“I’ll just put the slipper at the front of my desk so you can all see it and be reminded what is waiting for your bottoms if you fail the test,” said Miss Meredith as she carefully put the slipper on its side at the front of the desk so its sole was clearly visible to her pupils.

“Right girls spread yourselves out so you are not next to another girl and we’ll make a start. The first ten questions will be Latin words to be translated into English and the second ten will be English words into Latin. Is that clear everyone?”

“Yes Miss,” chorused the class now concentrating fully on their Latin and putting thoughts of the dancing class to the back of their minds.

The first two questions seemed quite easy, but much more difficult questions followed. The girls glanced anxiously at each other as they wracked their brains to remember the answers to Miss Meredith’s questions.

Half way through Miss Meredith paused and asked: “How are you getting on so far girls? What about you Charlotte?”

Charlotte had several spaces where she had not written answers. “It’s really difficult Miss,” she observed quietly with an anxious expression on her face.

“Don’t forget my slipper is waiting, Charlotte,” the mistress said with a grim smile as she readjusted the position of the slipper to be absolutely sure that everyone could see it clearly and be reminded of the penalty for failure.

Charlotte was conscious of another crop of goose pimples on her bottom and now extending onto her sturdy thighs. She shivered as she said: “No Miss, I won’t forget,” and she feared it was increasingly likely that the slipper and her bottom would soon be meeting. She was suddenly conscious of tears in her eyes.

The test resumed and the second section again started with relatively easy questions, which soon became much more difficult.

“Right pens down girls. Change your papers for marking. No talking.”

“Gosh that was horrible,” whispered Charlotte to her friend Liz. “I am sure I’ve failed.”

“Me too Charlie,” replied Liz with a sigh.

“Right, return papers to their owners. Be prepared to call out your marks.”

Miss Meredith wrote the test scores on the blackboard against each girl’s name as pupils were asked to call their marks.

Cathy 14, Milly 14, Jennifer 13, Amanda 12, Liz 9, Charlotte 8.

“Not very good girls,” said the mistress. “Nobody has passed. At this stage of the course you should have all sailed through. So everybody will have to be punished. I will write each girl’s punishment after her name and score.” Miss Meredith paused, holding the chalk in her hand.

She looked at the girls she was about to slipper. They were all quite attractive and their close fitting summer dresses emphasised their shapely figures. Bare girlish knees and an expanse of thigh were clearly visible as they sat in their desks. They jolly well deserved punishment and the headmistress had insisted they all must pass their Latin next time. If application of the slipper to their bottoms was necessary to achieve the Head’s goal she would jolly well apply the slipper!

“Milly and Catherine, 2 strokes of the slipper. Jennifer, 3 strokes. Amanda 4 strokes. Liz and Charlotte, six strokes and deserving more for particularly poor performances.” Miss Meredith announced as she recorded the scores and penalties on the blackboard.

“Right, out to the front Catherine and Milly. Catherine, bring the little chair I use for spanking to me.” ordered Miss Meredith.

“Yes Miss.” Catherine brought a light low backed chair to Miss Meredith.

“I’ll start with the lowest punishments first. That will be you, Milly, and then Cathy. Jennifer, you will follow with Amanda. Liz and Charlotte who are getting six each will bring up the rear when I have got nicely warmed up and can really wallop them with the slipper.”

“Do we have to have the slipper Miss?” asked Charlotte, holding her hand up. “Could you let us off with a warning this time?”

“Certainly not girl.” snapped Miss Meredith. “The slipper is the only thing you girls understand. Have you forgotten how I told you in your first year here that the slipper has been called ‘the schoolgirls’ friend?’”

‘”I’m sorry, I’m not sure Miss,” confessed Charlotte.

“It’s because the slipper may teach a girl to behave, and possibly help her to avoid having the cane.”

“Oh I see Miss,” replied Charlotte quietly, not enjoying this conversation at all.

“Well Charlotte, has the slipper helped you avoid the cane? Has the headmistress had to cane you?” asked Miss Meredith.

“I am afraid I have had the cane from Miss Gregory several times since I came to St Mary’s,” replied Charlotte, recalling that only three weeks ago the headmistress had given her eight of the best with her pants down for talking to a Grammar Schoolboy and then stupidly being caught by a prefect snogging him outside the school gates.

Paul Mitchell, the boy concerned, was coming to the dancing class this evening and despite her previous punishment she was looking forward to seeing him. Hopefully they could have a cuddle or two and hopefully a passionate snog, but she would be very careful not to be caught snogging again and risk another caning.

“In that case I’d better do my best to make your slippering a really sound one in the hope that it may save you from another caning.”

“Yes Miss,” replied Charlotte in a whisper, not daring to disagree with the mistress or make her cross.

“Miss?” began Liz, clearing her throat. “You do know we have a dancing class this evening?”

“Well girl?”

“Having sore bottoms will make dancing difficult, Miss.”

“Rubbish girl! A warm bottom will improve your dancing because it will discourage you from sitting about chatting to boys and encourage you to keep on your feet on the dance floor.” Miss Meredith grinned.

“Right Milly, bend over this chair.”

Milly, whose fair hair was in neat bunches, bent quickly over the back of the light chair and clasped the seat with her hands. Her short dress had ridden up exposing a round bottom partially covered by a pair of light blue pants.

Miss Meredith made slight adjustments to Milly’s position and folded her dress well above her bottom. She landed two loud whacks with her slipper on the left and right sides of Milly’s bottom. Milly gasped: “Ow Miss,” and squirmed as each stroke fell.

“Get up Milly. Catherine, bend over.” ordered the mistress.

Milly was rubbing her bottom trying to disperse the sting of the slipper whilst Cathy felt Miss Meredith tapping her bottom as she took aim. Two hard strokes were given.

“Jennifer and Amanda, come out here. Milly and Cathy, you may sit down. Jennifer, bend over the chair.” Miss Meredith rapped out her orders as she moved through the punishments quickly, wishing to complete them before the bell went.

Milly and Cathy, both with red faces, sat carefully on the hard seats of their desks.

Jennifer had three strokes and looked very embarrassed as she wiped her eyes with her hanky and tried not to cry. Amanda had four strokes and went back to her desk with both hands tightly clasped to her bottom.

Charlotte and Liz had been looking on anxiously as their classmates were punished. Their hands touched briefly as they waited for the slipper. Miss Meredith was clearly very annoyed and was really whacking the slipper down and would be fully ‘warmed up’ now that it was their turn to be punished.

Both girls had received the slipper before on numerous occasions and were regular visitors to both the staff room and the prefects’ study for punishment. Miss Meredith was known to be ‘good with a slipper’ but didn’t have quite the fearsome reputation of the new, young maths mistress, Miss Helen Howarth.

Both Charlotte and Liz had been slippered by Miss Howarth during a recent Saturday morning maths detention and her running delivery was very painful, making their bottoms very warm and tender for some hours after their punishment was given.

“Right Liz, you’re next. Bend over!” snapped the mistress.

Tall, slim Elizabeth bent over as ordered, exposing quite a broad bottom for punishment.

“I’m sorry I did so badly Miss.” She commented as the mistress took aim.

“I hope this will make you really sorry Liz,” said the mistress as she whacked the slipper down.

“Ow! Gosh Miss that really stings,” whispered Liz.

“It’s supposed to sting, you silly girl,” replied Miss Meredith, landing another hard whack.

“Get up girl,” ordered Miss Meredith after Liz had received her six strokes. The girl’s face was quite red and she looked very hot. Her lips were trembling as she tried not to weep.

“Right Charlotte, last but not least the girl with the worst marks! I’m nicely warmed up and ready to deal with you young lady.” Miss Meredith flexed her slipper as she spoke. “Come here!” Charlotte came forward flicking her hair back from her pale looking face.

Trying to be helpful, she bent over the chair.

“What are you doing girl?” Asked Miss Meredith. “Get up.”

“I thought you would want me to bend over for the slipper Miss?” replied Charlotte, her pale face now slightly pink.

“You do not bend until I tell you to. I might want you to take your pants down first.”

“Please, no Miss,” pleaded Charlotte, feeling very embarrassed and anxious and her face now pinker than before.

“Right, bend over the chair,” ordered the mistress, folding the girl’s dress up to expose her quite large bottom only partially contained within her light blue pants.

“Count the strokes for me, Charlotte, in case I lose count and don’t give you enough.”

“Yes Miss. Ouch! Ow! One, thanks Miss.”

The punishment continued slowly with Charlotte receiving six hard strokes, aimed chiefly at the junction of her bottom and thighs.

“Ow! Six, thank you Miss. Ow! Gosh that really hurts,” she gasped as she was given her last stroke.

“Get up girl.”

Charlotte got to her feet, her hot face damp with tears and both hands massaging her stinging bottom.

The bell went for the end of the lesson. The girls all with hot, burning bottoms looked forward to escaping Miss Meredith’s clutches.

“Right girls, before you go let me give you a warning! We meet again in two weeks and we will have another test then with a higher pass mark and a sliding scale of punishment. The slipper will be in attendance and I might – this is particularly applicable to you Liz and you Charlotte – send bad failures to see Miss Gregory. Understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

The girls ran to the cloakroom to wash their hot and, in some cases, tearful faces before going to the curate’s lesson.

“Anybody like a little lipstick?” Offered Amanda. “To make us look nice before we see our new male teacher.”

“Yes please, Amanda.” Everyone took advantage of this offer although the wearing of lipstick was forbidden.

“I am sure my bottom is on fire,” said Charlotte. “Could you have a look please Liz?”

Charlotte lifted the back of her dress and pulled her pants half way down and twisted round to see if she could see her bottom.

“Well it’s not actually burning but it looks very red from here and I bet mine is too,” replied Liz.

“Sorry we’re a bit late Sir,” apologised Amanda Watson with a cheeky grin. “I am afraid we were unavoidably detained.”

“I’ll forgive you on this occasion,” replied Rev. John Perkins getting to his feet with a shy smile.

He taught part-time at St Mary’s taking mostly the lower forms for Religious Studies. He had been asked to take the remedial Latin Group girls for a sociology class whilst the rest of the class was having a double art period.

“Hurry up and sit down girls,” said the curate. “We are a little late this afternoon and I want to get down to some serious work with you.”

John Perkins found the Lower Sixth girls rather a handful. They were only a few years younger than he was and preferred to chat to him rather than getting down to serious discussion. The girls were all very attractive and their short blue dresses emphasised their nubile figures and their delicate femininity. He found it quite difficult to keep his mind on sociology.

The girls went to their desks and began to sit down before getting quickly to their feet, saying things like: “Ow gosh that hurts!” and rubbing their bottoms.

“What’s the matter girls? Have you got ants in your pants?” asked Mr Perkins, aware that he was blushing slightly. “Please hurry up and sit down. We really must start work. I want us to discuss the concept of forgiveness today and we must have time to cover it properly.”

“Sorry Sir,” began Liz Cooper. “But we’ve all just been punished for being naughty girls and well…”

“Why what have you done?” asked the master.

“Well Sir, we all failed our Latin test.” explained Liz, pouting rather attractively.

“Yes Sir, and it was unfair because we weren’t expecting a test today,” added Charlotte.

“So all six of you were punished?” asked Mr Perkins, wondering how anyone would even begin to punish a group of young ladies like the ones he was trying to teach.

“Yes Sir,” said Liz with an even more pronounced pout. “Some of us were punished more severely than others but we are all finding sitting down rather uncomfortable.”

The curate cleared his throat twice and was conscious of blushing again.

“What exactly has happened to you?” He asked. “Jennifer, you tell me.”

“We have all had our bottoms spanked, Sir, because we didn’t pass the Latin test Miss Meredith suddenly gave us,” explained Jennifer.

“But aren’t you rather big girls to be spanked?” asked Mr Perkins. “Did Miss Meredith actually put you over her knee?”

“Well we are all eighteen, Sir, but in this school girls can get spanked right up until they go to college,” replied Jennifer.

Mr Perkins knew he should get on with the lesson but the subject of the girls’ punishment filled his mind. “But it must have hurt Miss Meredith’s hand to spank all of you?” asked Mr Perkins, trying to imagine the scene of mass punishment.

The girls explained that they had actually had the slipper from Miss Meredith and had to bend over a chair and not Miss Meredith’s knee. Mr Perkins wanted further details and Charlotte volunteered to demonstrate how the girls were made to bend over and Jennifer produced a plimsoll to show what sort of slipper was used.

“Should I give her a whack Sir? Just to show you how it’s done?”

“Excuse me, Jenny, it’s my bottom you are talking about and I’ve already had six this afternoon.” said Charlotte.

“Sir, if you look, this is how it’s done.” Jennifer moved the slipper quickly towards Charlotte’s bottom but didn’t actually land a stroke.

“Look girls, half the lesson has gone. Charlotte, get up and please all of you try to sit down and let’s talk about forgiveness.” Mr Perkins attempted to regain order.

The girls sat carefully down, making it very clear how tender their bottoms were and how much discomfort they were in. Amanda put her hand up.

“Yes Amanda?”

“Sir, don’t you think Miss Meredith should have forgiven us for failing our tests instead of giving us the slipper?” she asked.

“Er, well it’s difficult to say,” began an embarrassed Mr Perkins. “Most offences can be forgiven, but it may be decided that the naughty person should be punished to help them remember not to be naughty again.”

“But Sir,” began Charlotte with a rather cheeky grin. “You wouldn’t give us the slipper if we were naughty girls in your class, would you Sir?”

“I might be tempted to, Charlotte, so just behave! Perhaps I ought to discuss your behaviour and whether punishment is required with Miss Gregory the headmistress.”

“Oh no,” pleaded Charlotte anxiously. “She might give us the cane and that’s a lot nastier than the slipper.”

Mr Perkins cleared his throat again nervously.

“You seem to know a lot about these things. I think you must be a very naughty girl, Charlotte.”

“I have been known to be quite naughty,” she grinned suggestively, thinking she rather fancied Mr Perkins and began to wonder if he fancied her too.

The bell for the end of the lesson went and Mr Perkins asked the girls to be on time next time as they had covered so little ground this week. Charlotte approached Mr Perkins and with a sweet smile and, standing very close to him, asked the master in a whisper if they could cover prenuptial agreements in the next lesson.

“Er, I don’t think that’s really appropriate for lower sixth girls. I think you had best get off to your next lesson.”

Later in the evening the remedial Latin Group were chatting together after tea. All the girls still had slightly tender bottoms, especially Charlotte and Liz who had received six of the slipper from Miss Meredith. The girls kept an eye on the clock as, after prep, it would be time to change for the dancing class. The conversation moved on to Mr Perkins who the girls all thought was rather dishy.

“I think he fancies me,” said Charlie with a grin as she moved carefully on her chair trying to get comfortable.

“I think he fancies me more,” said Liz with a frown.

“He seemed very interested in the punishments we had been given didn’t he?” observed Jennifer.

“I wouldn’t mind getting a spanking from him,” said Charlotte. “Just imagine being made to bend over his knee!”

“Me too,” said Liz with a wistful look in her blue eyes. “I wouldn’t even mind getting the slipper from him, or even the cane.”

The conversation carried on for a few minutes and a plan was made to see if they could encourage Mr Perkins to punish Charlotte and Liz the following week. The intended victims were very enthusiastic and hopeful a good time would be had by all, including Mr Perkins.

“Don’t forget we’ve got prep in five minutes and the head girl is on duty,” said Liz.

“Gosh, we better get our books quickly then if Vicky Scott is in charge!” said Amanda.

“Then after prep it’s dancing class with boys. I can’t wait,” giggled Charlotte.

She and Liz dashed into their dormitory to grab their books but Charlotte couldn’t resist looking again at her two possible dresses for dancing. “I still can’t decide which one to wear. I want to impress John tonight. You go on Liz.”

“OK, but hurry up. You know Vicky’s on duty,” warned Liz as she dashed off to prep.

Charlotte lingered over her dresses and prep had started by the time she arrived.

“Sorry I’m late Vicky,” said Charlotte as she quickly found an unoccupied desk. Her bottom still felt quite tender as she sat down.

“You’re late Charlotte,” said Vicky quietly. “Come and see me in the Prefects’ study tomorrow morning at Break.”

“Sorry Vicky, I’m really sorry, please let me off.” pleaded Charlie, not wanting an appointment with Vicky at all.

‘”Sit down, shut up and see me tomorrow,” said the head girl in a cross whisper.

Charlie wisely obeyed and made a face at Liz as she started on the English essay they had to do.

The next morning, Charlotte remembered her appointment with Vicky just before break ended. She and Liz had been reviewing the dancing class. Charlotte reported that she had had a good snogging session with Paul and only just managed to stop him giving her a love bite on her neck.

“Getting the slipper before dancing made me feel rather horny,” grinned Charlotte.

“Ooh Yes me too!” Agreed Liz.

“Just in time Charlie,” observed Vicky, glancing at her watch as Charlotte reported for punishment.

“I’ve just got time to punish you. You can choose between lines or the slipper.”

“How many lines Vicky?” asked Charlotte.

“Two hundred by break tomorrow.”

“Could I have the slipper please?”

Charlie knew pleading for leniency or saying that her bottom was already tender wouldn’t work.

“Mary!” Vicky called out to the junior girl on prefects’ waitress duty. “Bring me that slipper.”

Vicky pointed to a large white plimsoll in a locker.

“Bend over this chair, Charlotte.”

Mary, the prefects’ waitress, ran to Vicky with the slipper and watched while Charlotte received six hard whacks on her light blue summer pants.

Charlotte, who had gasped an anguished: “Ow!” with every stroke got to her feet and just managed to fight back tears. Mary was sent to return the slipper to its locker.

“OK Charlotte, I hope that will help you not be late again for prep. Now get out” said Vicky crossly.

Charlotte went on to her next lesson with a whispered: “Yes Vicky.”

The following Tuesday afternoon the remedial Latin Group went to Mr Perkin’s sociology lesson with a plan. Charlotte and Liz were missing and the master asked where they were, especially when he had specifically asked everyone to be on time.

“I’m not sure Sir,” said Amanda. “We’ve just had a free period and we four spent it in the library revising Latin,” she added with a self-satisfied grin. “Liz said they were going to get a little exercise but they really should be here now.”

“Sir, I really think you will have to punish them. Forgiving them is not enough. They must be taught a lesson,” said Jennifer rather primly.

Ten minutes later Charlotte and Liz rushed into the room. Both girls were out of breath and had quite pink faces and were still wearing their PE kit of a white blouse and white shorts.

“Sorry we’re late Sir,” said Liz. “We just went for a jog and didn’t realize what the time was.”

“Yes Sir, we really are sorry,” added Charlotte with a smile as she and Liz stood just a few feet from where the master was conducting his lesson.

‘”It’s really very naughty of you to be late,” said Mr Perkins, clearing his throat.

“I said how important it was to be on time today. Perhaps I should punish you.”

“Please forgive us and don’t punish us Sir,” pleaded Liz, putting her hands together as if in prayer.

“What do the rest of you think?” asked Mr Perkins.

“I think you should either send them straight to Miss Gregory or give them the slipper yourself.” said Jennifer, and the other girls nodded in agreement.

“But I haven’t got a slipper,” said Mr Perkins looking rather worried.

“There’s a suitable slipper in your desk, Sir,” said Amanda, who had put one there before the class began.

“Sir, you’re not going to hurt my poor little bottom are you?” Liz moved closer to the master with a pleading expression on her face.

Mr Perkins felt it wasn’t a little bottom – it was an extremely attractive bottom, beautifully curved and enclosed by those super little white shorts.

“Yes I’m going to give you six strokes each,” the master said firmly.

Amanda had fetched the slipper from the teacher’s desk and handed it to Mr Perkins. “Sir, you can make her bend over this chair sir.”

“Right Liz, bend over the chair!”

Liz got slowly into position, conscious that her shorts were tightening round her bottom and thighs. Her blouse had pulled out of her shorts.

“Not too hard sir,” she said as she grinned at her classmates.

Mr Perkins patted the waiting bottom and carefully administered what seemed like a gentle pat followed by another one.

“Ouch sir, that really hurt,” Liz jumped to her feet and clasped her bottom with both hands and looked accusingly at the master.

“Oh sorry, was that too hard Liz?” He asked nervously.

“Yes Sir, much too hard.” Liz pouted and pretended to wipe a tear or two from her eyes.

“No it wasn’t,” said Amanda in a loud voice. “Hit her much harder, Sir. You won’t hurt her.”

“Yes it did hurt! I should know, it’s my bum!” said Liz with a chuckle. “What about Charlie, Sir? Aren’t you going to spank her delectable bottom?”

Mr Perkins ordered Charlotte to bend over and gave her two tentative strokes on her plump curvaceous bottom. Charlotte shrieked and jumped up, clasping her bottom and dancing on her toes.

“What on earth is going on here girls?” said a quiet voice from the doorway.

“Oh Gosh, it’s Miss Howarth,” said Jennifer as silence descended and anxiety spread through the group.”

“Oh it’s nothing, Miss. Just a sort of joke.” said Jennifer.

“I could hear the noise you were making down the corridor.” said the young maths mistress. “Oh sorry Mr Perkins, I didn’t realize you were here. Can I do anything to help?”

“Well I have been punishing two naughty girls who were late for my class,” explained Mr Perkins. “But I think I have been too severe with them. I hope I haven’t done any damage to their bottoms.”

“How many strokes did you give them?”

“Two each – quite hard ones.”

“Charlotte, come and bend over again,” ordered Miss Howarth.

“But Miss, I have been punished.” protested Charlotte as she bent over the chair.

“Show me how you gave her the two strokes, John.”

A blushing Mr Perkins gave two more rather gentle whacks which Charlotte received in silence.

“Sorry John,” said Miss Howarth with a slight smile. “That’s nowhere near hard enough and these naughty girls should have told you so.”

“I thought I was being quite severe.”

“Unbutton your shorts, Charlotte,” ordered Miss Howarth.

The Mistress pulled the back of Charlotte’s shorts down, exposing her bottom.

“Look, her bottom’s only slightly pink. She hardly felt your slipper at all.”

“Yes I did…” began Charlotte, but stopped when she saw Miss Howarth’s expression.

“Do your shorts up, girl.”

“I think I should slipper these two for you. In fact, I really should slipper the lot of them,” said Miss Howarth, getting her plimsoll out of her briefcase.

“Please Sir, don’t let Miss Howarth beat us again. Honestly, we were going to own up that you should have hit us harder weren’t we Liz?” pleaded Charlotte, looking very anxiously at Mr Perkins.

“Yes Sir, and you know what you said about forgiveness,” added Liz, not fancying a confrontation with Miss Howarth.

“What do you think Helen?” asked Mr Perkins.

‘”I think they both deserve another proper slippering from me. They both had one about a fortnight ago in maths detention but they clearly haven’t learned their lesson.”

“Please Miss, we did learn our lessons,” pleaded Charlotte, remembering the maths detention very clearly indeed.

“Yes we did Miss,” added Liz.

“Be quiet you two,” snapped Miss Howarth.

“First of all you must use a good slipper. Yours is much too soft and floppy,” explained Miss Howarth. “Especially for young ladies of this age,” she added, looking at the two bottoms she was about to deal with.

“You must really whack the slipper down and not slow as it approaches the bottom. I have explained to the girls before that Force = Mass x Acceleration – so because I’m small and not very muscular I run with the slipper to really make it sting.”

Miss Howarth moved the chair towards the side of the room.

“Come and bend over Liz,” she ordered and then walked back to the other side of the room before approaching the bending girl at speed, landing a loud whack with the slipper.

“Ow!” squeaked Liz.

“Aim for the junction of her bottom and her thigh. The bottom is specially sensitive there,” explained the mistress as she walked back for the next stroke.

Charlotte looked on in horror, realizing that she would soon be taking Liz’s place.

The girls received six of the best each and Charlotte was ordered to loosen her shorts again so Mr Perkins could see what a soundly slippered bottom should look like. It was bright red and very warm with some obvious slipper marks.

“Let me know if you ever need my help again John,” said Helen Howarth as she packed her slipper away. “I’ll let the rest of you off this time but watch your behaviour.”

“Yes Miss,” chorused the group feeling very relieved.

Charlotte and Liz were desperately rubbing their scorching bottoms as Mr Perkins looked on in amazement.

“Sorry girls, you really were very naughty to pretend I was hurting you.”

“We’re sorry, Sir,” said Charlotte tearfully.

“I think you had better have an extra lesson with me at the vicarage,” said Mr Perkins with a shy smile. “It might be best if you jogged down in your PE kit in case I have to punish you.”

“Oooh yes, that would be nice, Sir.” Charlotte managed a grin through her tears as she massaged her burning bottom.

The End