When the behaviour of two twins, a boy and a girl, becomes too much a new service is approached. By a new writer.

By Henry Jones

“Good afternoon, Corporal Punishment Service, my name’s Melissa. How may I help you today?”

“Hello, er, Melissa. It’s my nephew and niece, they’re twins and they’re driving my wife and me mad. They don’t want to go to college, all they want to do is sit around all day, claiming benefit and we’ve had enough!”

“Yes Sir, however, before we go any further, I do need to ask you some questions. Now, how old are the twins?”

“Eighteen, but you’d think they were thirteen or fourteen, the way they behave!”

“Thank you, that makes things a lot easier. Now sir, can you tell me exactly what their misbehaviour is? This will give me some idea as to what sanctions may be applied.”

“Well, they lie in bed until lunchtime and then they’re out half the night. They won’t do a thing around the house and expect my wife to run around after them. They don’t listen to a word I say and what’s more, they smoke that weed stuff up in their rooms. I’ve told them time and time again about it, but like I said, they don’t listen to me! Now I’m starting to worry that we may get a visit from the Police.”

“I see sir, it does sound as though they are rather out of control.”

“Yes, and another thing, we’ve got three children of our own; two boys and a girl. The oldest is seventeen and the two boys are sixteen and fifteen and they think their cousins are ‘cool,’ and I don’t want them to go off the rails in the same way!”

“Yes sir, I do understand. What you’ve said does make it appear as if our service could be of use to you. May I ask how you heard about us?”

“Of course. A good friend of mine recommended you to me. He said that your Mr Marks had worked wonders with his son. He said that it had only taken one encounter with Mr Marks and he turned over an entirely new leaf!”

“Yes, our Mr Marks is rather effective at his job. Now, as you have a boy and a girl, it is our recommendation that you have a two-person team attend to administer the correction. That would be Mr Marks and Miss Sharp, both of whom are highly efficient disciplinarians. They are the best available and they do normally get control of the situation in one visit. Other pairs of disciplinarians are available, sir.”

“No thank you, I want this to be sorted once and for all and if Mr Marks and Miss Sharp are the best, then that’s who I want.”

“Of course, sir, I’ll pass on your details to Mr Marks and he will be in touch with you within the next working day.”

“Thank you very much, good bye for now.”

And that was how this little drama started with the main characters in it quite unaware of their starring role! The twins, Tina and Wayne were having a whale of a time. Not working, going out drinking, smoking a bit of weed and doing a few drug deals on the side. No worries about rent or food and of course, the hero worship of three very impressionable teenagers! For them it was like living in an hotel, but without the bills.

Mr Marks had called the next day and between him and the twin’s Uncle, a plan had been worked out. It had been decided that the punishment would be most severe and it would be administered in public, that is in front of the three children and the Aunt. The time decided upon was 4.00 pm. This ensured that the boys and girl would be home from school and before the twins had gone out.

So, just two days after that initial call, Mr Marks and Miss Sharp arrived on the doorstep. Mr Marks wore a dark three piece suit and a white shirt while Miss Sharp was in black skirt and black high necked blouse with her hair pulled back in to a bun. If the skirt had been full length, she would have been the image of a Victorian Governess.

As expected, Tina and Wayne were still in their rooms, changing for the night. The two disciplinarians were introduced to the rest of the family and then the twins were sent for. They came down, eventually, and looked rather sulky as they entered the living room. Wayne was wearing a baggy T shirt and low slung trousers that showed off an expanse of white Calvin Kleins and Tina was dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl in a short tartan kilt, white shirt and with her long hair in pigtails.

“Now, you pair of miscreants, my name is Mr Marks and this is Miss Sharp and we are here this evening to administer a little corporal correction. Your behaviour, as reported to us by your Uncle, is quite beyond the pale and must be, and is going to be, nipped in the bud.”

“What do you mean, corporal correction?” Drawled Wayne, rolling his eyes.

“What I mean, laddie, is the application of hand, strap or cane to your buttocks, thus causing physical pain and forcing a rethink, on your part, about your dreadful behaviour.”

“WHAT,” yelled Tina, “you mean you’re going to whack us, on our backsides! Not a chance, come on Wayne, let’s get out of here!”

They made for the door but Mr Marks and Miss Sharp were too quick, and too strong, for them. Two ears were firmly grasped and two struggling figures hauled back to the middle of the room.

The two disciplinarians sat down and Wayne and Tina found themselves firmly placed over the knee, with Wayne, to his chagrin, across Miss Sharp’s knee and Tina across Mr Mark’s. Then, to the dismay of the twins and the astonishment of the family, trousers and boxers were lowered and skirts raised and panties taken down. It had only taken seconds before two bare white bottoms were on display.

As the pair wriggled, squirmed and protested, Miss Sharp announced: “We are going to start their correction with a simple hand spanking. This will show them what a well smacked bottom feels like.”

Two hands raised and then came down in unison and landed with a loud SMACK. Instantly a red patch appeared on each quivering cheek. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, the hands came down quick and sharp and the twins, especially Tina, made quite a fuss as they were spanked. In a matter of a couple of minutes, white buttocks had become a delicate shade of red with a pair of faces to match.

When the spanking was over, both twins demanded to be let down from off those knees.

“You can’t do this to me,” yelled Wayne, “let me down NOW, or I’ll call the cops!”

He had found it most shaming to have his trousers pulled down and his bottom smacked by a mere woman. Tina was also embarrassed to have her backside exposed and spanked by Mr Marks and they were both extremely conscious their punishment was being watched, not only by their Uncle and Aunt , but also by their cousins.

“Now,” said Mr Marks, “it’s time to move on to something a bit more severe. Would you hand us the straps out of our bags.”

The straps, Scottish Tawses made from stout burnished leather with the ends split in to several tails, were handed over. With the miscreants still squirming over the knee, they were applied. They landed, almost simultaneously, with a resounding WHAAACCCKKK and the reaction was instant, a YEEEOOOOWWW from Tina and a more restrained but equally heartfelt OOOOWWWW from Wayne.

For the next few minutes the room rang to the sound of leather on bare skin and the increasing yells from two mouths. By the time the leathering was over, Tina was in tears and Wayne almost. The silence that followed the last scalding WHAAACCCKKK of the Tawse was broken only by Tina’s sobbing.

Wayne was almost contrite, his voice cracking, as he begged to be let down, saying: “Oh please let me off now, I’ve learned my lesson, I really have!”

Tina was even more forthcoming.

“Oh please Uncle, I’m sorry, I really am. Please tell them to let me off.”

His reply to their begging was uncompromising. “Not a bit of it! You have one more lesson to learn and I know just what will teach it to you both. What you’ve got coming next is a good dose of the cane. Miss Sharp, Mr Marks, take your canes to their behinds and REALLY show them what corporal punishment is all about.”

They were let down off the knee, the chairs were turned round and they were made to bend over them. Once held firmly in place by their Uncle and Aunt, Tina’s skirt was again raised over her back as was Wayne’s T-shirt. Both bottoms now glowed a bright and burning red and the watching teenagers were both fascinated and appalled as they looked on. Their ‘cool’ cousins didn’t look quite so cool now! The chair backs were quite high, forcing the twins up on to their toes. This made their backsides more prominent and at just the right height to get what was coming to them.

The canes had been taken out of the bags and were quite different. Miss Sharp had just a simple straight one with a bound handle while the one that Mr Marks was going to use was the classic crook-handled Headmaster’s type of cane. The pleas to be let off now became quite frantic as the pair heard the ominous SWISH, SWISH, of the canes as Mr Marks and Miss Sharp walked round behind them. There was a short pause and then two canes swept down and landed with a sharp THWAAACCCKKK on their respective behinds. Their reactions were instantaneous as a shrill YEEEOOOOWWW, burst from both throats. Tina wailed aloud as the cane striped her bottom and Wayne was no less vocal.

When they had both received six strokes, Mr Marks said: “Those six were for your disobedience, the next six will be for your laziness.”

Despite their yells of, “NO, NO,” the canes were applied again and by the time the pair had received twelve, they were both in tears. Once more, the number of strokes and the reason for them was announced. This time it was twelve for drug use. THWAAACCCKKK, THWAAACCCKKK, THWAAACCCKKK, went the cane across their well striped rear ends and their howls became more and more agonised. By the time they had each received their due, their shrieks would almost have shattered glass. They were allowed to their feet but as they both bent to cover their striped and burning bottoms, another swift stroke of the cane jerked them upright.

“Oh no you don’t,” snapped Miss Sharp, “you’ll both stand in the corner, posteriors on show and hands on heads till we say otherwise!”

So the pair were forced to stand there, bare backsides on display, while their Uncle and Aunt chatted to the pair that their children had dubbed ‘The Whacking Crew’.

After about ten minutes, when the weeping had subsided, their Uncle said: “Now, you pair, you may pull up your pants and go back to your rooms. You are NOT going out tonight and you will NOT be going out again any time soon. In the morning, you will BOTH clean the house from top to bottom and in the afternoon you will go down to the local college and pick up application forms.

“The punishment that you have just received has wiped the slate clean but beware, any backsliding in future will bring a further encounter with our friends here! They have assured me that should they have to visit again, what you have just received will be as little love taps in comparison! Now, be off with you!”

The twins swiftly covered their throbbing backsides and stumbled, wailing and snivelling, out of the living room and up to their rooms. Mother and Father then addressed their own children.

You’ve seen what’s happened to your cousins, make sure that you work hard and behave, lest the same thing happen to you!”

The End

© Henry Jones 2014