Two cousins earn themselves a caning from the deputy headmistress

By Brian Melville

Heather Herbst was a tall, slender eighteen year old girl with big blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair and slightly sun-tanned skin, who attended St Mary’s Secondary school in the east of England. Heather was a very well-behaved, well-mannered young lady, but every now and then she would get herself into some kind of trouble at school. Heather’s cousin, eighteen-year-old Hannah Herbst, was also in the sixth form at St Mary’s, and to make matters even more complicated they were in the same class.
Hannah was the eldest daughter of Peter Herbst, and Heather was the only daughter of Peter’s brother. The athletic and slightly shorter Hannah, with her pale skin, slightly wavy, auburn hair and deer-like brown eyes, had quite a naughty streak to her. As the two girls grew up together, they became good friends as well as cousins. On more than one occasion, Heather had to watch while Hannah had to bend over and touch her toes in front of the class for a dose of the slipper.

When they were both eighteen, the two Herbst girls found themselves waiting for Miss Taylor, the deputy headmistress, after being caught playing truant by the head girl the day before. While Heather and Hannah waited outside the deputy headmistress’s study, the head girl, Vicky Hamilton, a feisty, rather chubby and short girl with long, curly red hair, big brown eyes and freckles across her nose, arrived and saw the two girls leaning against the wall.

“Hey, both of you know the rules while waiting for Miss Taylor, so assume the correct position!” Vicky snapped, with a satisfying sparkle in her eyes.

“Do we really have to?” Heather sighed.

“Yes! It’s the rules, Heather! So turn around and get your noses against the wall and your hands on your heads!” The head girl ordered.

“Uhhgg!” Sighed Hannah, rolling her eyes as she turned and assumed the childish position.

“We’re eighteen, not eleven! I don’t know why we have to be treated like naughty children. It is very humiliating for a young lady who is legally old enough to consume alcohol and get married to have to stand in this position. Not to mention having to touch our toes for a spanking.” A rather irritated Heather loudly made her feelings known.

Fortunately, the school building was empty as it was already five minutes after the bell rang to announce the end of the school day. As the minutes they had to wait for the deputy headmistress ticked by slowly, Heather wondered what their punishment would be. Hannah was pretty sure they would be caned, particularly humiliating since they would both be touching their toes while dressed in their sixth form uniform.

The sixth form uniform consisted of grey trousers or skirt, white long sleeve blouse, navy blue tie, royal blue blazer, grey ankle socks and black Mary Jane school shoes, with a half inch high heel.
A few minutes after they assumed the demeaning position facing the wall with their hands on their heads, Vicky taunted them by saying: “I’m certainly glad I’m not in your position, having to face Miss Taylor.”

Hannah just rolled her eyes at Vicky as she shuffled her fingers on her head. Heather simply didn’t respond.

The lack of comment from either girl either girl prompted the head girl to continue.

“I’m pretty sure Miss Taylor will be sending you home with smacked bottoms you know.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, Vicky.” Heather snapped. “We might get off with a stern lecture.

Vicky smiled as she mumbled: “We’ll see.”

Finally, they heard the familiar clicking of the approaching heels of Miss Taylor on the tiled floor. She stopped by the three girls and spoke to Vicky who was standing about three feet behind the two nieces.

“Good afternoon, Victoria, are these the two truants you told me about this morning?”

“Afternoon, Miss. Yes, Miss. It’s Heather and Hannah Herbst of 6C, Miss.” Vicky quickly replied.

“Good!” Miss Taylor replied as she unlocked and opened the oak door to her study.

“Right, you two miscreants can enter and go stand in front of my desk. Quick about it, ladies.”

As Heather followed Hannah inside, the deputy headmistress continued: “Victoria, you can follow me inside and close the door behind you, please.”

“Yes, Miss.” Vicky replied, following the headmistress in.

As Miss Taylor sat down on her comfortable-looking brown leather chair behind her desk, Vicky closed the door.
“You can stand over there, Victoria,” Miss Taylor said as she pointed to a spot to the left of her desk. She continued: “Now, let me get straight to the point. Victoria already told me everything I needed to know, so I don’t need to ask why you find yourselves in front of me today. All I want to hear from you is an honest and simple, yes or no, to the following question. Did Victoria catch both of you girls playing truant yesterday?”

When neither girl answered, the deputy headmistress snapped: “Answer me, please. Heather, what do you have to say?”

“Y-yes, Miss Taylor!” Heather stuttered nervously.

“Thank you! And you, Hannah?” Miss Taylor demanded.

“Uhm, yes she did, Miss.” Replied Hannah.

“As all three of you are aware, I don’t take lightly to truancy. Especially when it involves senior girls. So, I am going to cane both of you in a moment in the presence of our head girl. Before you even try, Hannah, there will be NO discussion about this. You will be caned.” The deputy headmistress opened the punishment book on her desk once she had finished speaking.

The entries read:

Hannah Herbst, 6C, Truancy, Four strokes of the cane. Across seat of trousers.
Heather Herbst, 6C, Truancy, Four strokes of the cane. Across seat of trousers.

Miss Taylor placed her pen on the book as she leaned back in her chair just looking at the two nieces standing in front of her.

“As you can see, I am only going to administer four strokes of the cane across each of your posteriors, but I must make it clear that it should’ve been six of the best for the mere fact that you are sixth formers and should know better! Blazers off. I want them neatly folded and placed on the chair in front of Hannah, please.”

Vicky was grinning from ear to ear, although she was a bit disappointed in the deputy headmistress’s decision to only award four strokes instead of six. Heather and Hannah both noticed the broad grin on the head girl’s face as they complied with the deputy headmistress’s orders. Miss Taylor got up from her chair and took a three foot, quarter inch thick, crook-handled cane from the shelf behind her, flexing it between both hands as she turned around to face the two truants.

“Hannah, since I’ve had to cane you on a previous occasion, I will deal with you first. Go stand over there facing the corner and bend over and touch your toes.” Miss Taylor pointed towards the corner to her right, about six feet behind the two girls.

As Hannah turned and made her way to the designated area, the deputy headmistress pointed the business end of the cane at Heather and sternly ordered: “You can go stand next to Victoria, young lady.”
While Heather went and stood next to Vicky, the deputy headmistress found she needed to repeat herself to Hannah: “Bend over and touch your toes, girl!”

Hannah, who was part of the school’s gymnastics team, had no difficulty in not only touching her toes, but actually placing the palms of her hands on the tips of her shoes without bending her knees. The eighteen-year-old teenager’s grey trousers stretched drum tight across her firm, small, round bottom that was now stuck right up into the air. With her hair now covering her face, Hannah couldn’t see the deputy headmistress approaching her with cane in hand, but she could just hear footsteps on the plush carpet.

“Right Hannah, four strokes of the cane! Hold still.” Miss Taylor reminded as she placed the business end of the cane firmly across Hannah’s bottom.

A few seconds ticked by as the deputy headmistress gently tapped the girl’s bottom with the cane, then without warning there was a swish, as the cane sliced through the air, followed by a firm thwack as the first stroke landed across the centre of the girl’s bottom, causing her to gasp for air as the stinging line of fire spread across her bottom cheeks. Ten seconds ticked by before the cane tapped her bottom again, and then came slashing down with another swish and a thwack.

This time the reaction was more instant as a muffled: “Ow!” slipped from Hannah’s lips, and she swayed her hips in an attempt to try and deal with the intensifying pain across her bottom.

“Keep still, young lady! If I have to repeat myself again, I will add two penalty strokes!” The deputy headmistress snapped.

Thirty seconds later, the headmistress tapped the trouser-clad bottom with the cane as she lined up the third stroke, which was followed about five seconds later with another swish and a cracking thwack as the third and hardest stroke yet landed just above the natural crease where bottom meets thighs. The very intense stinging pain caused the bent over girl to moan loudly: “Ow, ow, ouch!”

Five seconds later, without any warning taps, there was another swish followed by another cracking thwack. The fourth and final stroke settled right across the centre of Hannah’s bottom where it would make sitting particularly uncomfortable. Hannah yelled in agony.

The searing final stroke had the maximum effect on the girl as she swayed her hips again.

“Keep still and hold your position, Hannah.” The deputy headmistress cautioned the bent over teenager.

Miss Taylor waited a full thirty seconds before she continued: “Right, Miss Herbst, you may get up and rub your bottom.”

Even though Hannah had experience of the cane before, she leaped up with her hair flying in all directions as her hands vigorously rubbed her now throbbing bottom, all the while shifting her weight from foot to foot.

About a minute later, the deputy headmistress had enough of the girl’s silly little dance and snapped:

“That’s enough, change places with Heather. Quick about it, girls!”

Hannah gave her bottom a final cheeky rub before she changed places with her cousin, Heather, who had to really force herself to take the eight steps to where the deputy headmistress awaited her.
“Bend over and touch your toes, girl!” Miss Taylor ordered sternly as she pointed to a spot on the carpet with the tip of the cane.

The tall, blonde, blue-eyed teenager gave an audible sigh before she turned and effortlessly bent over, pressing the tips of her fingers onto the tips of her shiny school shoes.

“Come on, you know the form! Straighten your legs, young lady.” The deputy headmistress snarled as she tapped the front of the girl’s knees with the cane.

“Sorry Miss,” mumbled Heather as she rolled her eyes and straightened her legs.

With her legs perfectly straight, and her grey trousers stretched tightly across her slightly bigger, more fleshy, pear-shaped bottom, the deputy headmistress glanced over to where the head girl and Hannah were standing and noticed that Vicky had a huge grin on her face.

“Victoria Hamilton, wipe that grin from your face or I will wipe it for you with the cane!” The deputy headmistress snapped, as she pointed the cane towards Vicky.

“S-sorry Miss,” Vicky stuttered at the threat.

Hearing Miss Taylor’s threat towards the head girl made Heather wonder whether Vicky had ever found herself in this humiliating position with her bum stuck high in the air and her nose so close to the carpet.

The deputy headmistress then returned her attention to the bent over teenager in front of her and held the cane firmly across the centre of Heather’s bottom for a few seconds before tapping the inviting target a few times. This was followed with a single tap, then a swish and a crack as the cane came crashing down across the centre of Heather’s bottom. The intense stinging pain caused the teenager to wince in pain as she moaned softly.

Heather somehow managed to hold perfectly still, and she felt the cane tapping against her bottom again before it hissed through the air followed by the next stroke which landed about half an inch below the first.

‘Yeeouchh!” Her right leg buckled in an attempt to deal with the pain, but she managed to straighten her legs before the deputy headmistress rebuked her for the infringement.

A full thirty seconds ticked by slowly, and the intense stinging pain from the first two strokes turned into a deeper, more concentrated, throbbing pain. Eventually, the deputy headmistress tapped the business end of the cane against the girl’s already sore bottom. Then she drew it back and let it rip through the air with the familiar swish and thwack as the third stroke landed just below the second.

Heather tried to grit her teeth but couldn’t stop a faint: “Owww,” escape from her lips.

The girl really had to dig deep to stay perfectly still as she felt the cane tapping her bottom for the final time. Another ten seconds ticked by before the swish and echoing thwack as the final stroke fell. The pain was just too much for Heather, and her knees buckled and her hands flew to her scorched posterior.

“Hold your position, girl! Hold your position!” Miss Taylor snapped.

Heather fortunately managed to get back into the prescribed position before the deputy headmistress could think of adding penalty strokes.

“You may get up and rub your bottom, Herbst!” Miss Taylor stated a mere ten seconds later.

Heather took full advantage of the invitation and vigorously and thoroughly rubbed her sore bottom with both hands as the deputy headmistress returned the cane to its shelf.

“Hannah, come and stand next to your cousin and face me.”

As soon as the two girls were in position, the deputy headmistress turned her attention to the deputy head girl.

“Thank you for upholding the school rules, Victoria. You are dismissed.”

“Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss. Good afternoon, Miss.” Vicky replied with a mile long grin on her face.

As the red-headed head girl made her way to the door, she giggled loudly
and commented to Hannah: “Just a lecture? I bet your bottom feels quite sore now, doesn’t it?”

Unfortunately for Vicky, the deputy headmistress heard this and didn’t find it appropriate or funny. She leaped up from her chair and snarled in anger: “Victoria Hamilton! How dare you! You will not tease or make comments to girls I have just finished punishing!”

“Sorry, Miss,” Vicky tried to placate her deputy headmistress.

She saw Miss Taylor reaching for the cane on the shelf behind her.

“No Miss, please.” Vicky tried to apologise, but was interrupted.

“Bend over and touch your toes, young lady! Right now!”

“I’m sorry, Miss. It was just a joke.”

“No excuses, young lady. Bend over!” As the head girl reluctantly went to a clear area of floor, Miss

Taylor addressed the other two girls. “You two, step back so your backs are against the wall behind you.”

Vicky looked round and blushed as she saw the two cousins relishing the reversal of fortunes. There was no escape, though, so she accepted her fate and bent over with her back to the two girls.

The deputy headmistress took hold of Vicky’s blazer and folded it over her back, leaving the girl with her skirt which was now stretched tightly across the chubby girl’s plump round bottom.

“Sorry, Vicky,” Heather whispered, feeling quite sorry for the head girl.

“Huh!” Hannah snorted.

“No one, but no one, makes fun about any pupil that was punished in my study, Miss Hamilton. Not even the head girl. Your stupid, sarcastic remark has just earned you two strokes of the cane, plus another two strokes, seeing that you are the head girl and should know better. So, it is four strokes for you, as well.” A stern Miss Taylor addressed the bending teenager, placing the cane across the girl’s plump bottom.

“Keep still and stay in position, Victoria.” Miss Taylor cautioned, knowing the head girls had never been caned before.

Then the cane hissed through the air followed by a very firm thwack as the first stroke fell across the centre of the girl’s bottom, causing Vicky to moan softly at the intense sting.

Ten seconds and several taps later, the cane slashed down across its target, which caused a loud yelp to slip from the head girl’s lips. This was immediately followed by the third stroke, which came down at full force with a resounding thwack. The stroke fell right in the middle of the first two strokes, and even before Vicky could respond in shear agony, the cane came lashing down for the final time with a swish and echoing thwack. This stroke fell about an inch below the first stroke on the softest, fleshiest part of the girl’s bottom.

“That hurts so bad, Miss!” Vicky exclaimed.

This reaction caused the deputy headmistress to smile slightly, knowing she had made a lasting impression on the head girl.

As she replaced the cane back on the shelf, Miss Taylor snapped: “Get up, Hamilton, and don’t touch your bottom, but place your hands on your head and face me! You two can join Victoria while I enter her details into the punishment book.”

The two cousins did as they were told, while the deputy head girl struggled to keep her hands on her head. Vicky blushed bright red as Heather and Hannah stood next to her, and shamefully bowed her head while the deputy headmistress made the entry into the punishment book:

Victoria Rose Hamilton, 6A, Making sarcastic remarks towards a fellow punished pupil as head girl. Four strokes of the cane. Across seat of skirt.

Miss Taylor then closed the punishment book and sat back in her chair as she addressed the girls for a final time.

“I don’t want a repeat of any of this ever again, from any of you. If it should happen again, you will be on the receiving end of the senior boys cane from the headmaster, and I will make sure that it will be no less than six of the best. Understood?”

“Y-yes, Miss.” The three girls replied in a chorus.

“Good! You are dismissed!” Miss Taylor snapped as she pointed towards the door.

The three hastily made their way out of the study and Vicky gave her still very sore bottom a thorough rub before they made their way to the bathrooms. Once in the bathrooms, they took turns in baring their bottoms in front of the full length mirror against the wall. They agreed that poor Vicky got it the worst as there were four angry swollen red welts evenly spread across the top three quarters of
her plump, round bottom, with an ugly bruise forming on the side of her right hip where the tip of the cane dug into the soft white flesh.

Heather’s bottom also had four red tramlines covering the bottom half of her smaller, but fleshy pear-shaped bottom, while Hannah’s bottom also had four reddish marks decorating her small, round and very firm little bottom.

The three girls accompanied each other on their way home and decided that none of them want to be on the receiving end of Miss Taylor’s cane again.

The End

© Brian Melville 2020