The twins provoke the cousins with uncomfortable consequences for Lottie

By Capstan

Despite having thoroughly enjoyed their five days together at Birchgrove Hall, cousins Alicia Huntingdon and Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Nicholson were not looking forward to the visit of Matilda Durham and her two twelve-year-old grandsons, Marcus and Jeremy. Mrs Durham had invited herself and her grandsons as part of the resolution, after the cousins had been caught skinny-dipping on the beach near her house.

Alicia’s future mother-in-law Mary, the Dowager Lady Millington, a former classmate of Matilda, realised the difficulty, and had undertaken to try and occupy the formidable Matilda as far as possible. Lady Mary. ‘Lady M’ had therefore invited Agatha Dingle, another classmate of hers, and the former headmistress of the cousins at St Hilda’s for support.

All would arrive about 11.00 am and would stay for lunch and afternoon tea. The Durhams would then depart before dinner, with Agatha remaining to dine with two additional mutual friends and spending the night. A light lunch, prepared by Alicia, would be served on the terrace where they would be joined by Alicia’s fiancé, Sir Peter. It was made clear that Lottie and Alicia would be expected to keep the twins entertained as Peter would be working during the afternoon.

Neither of the twins could ride, but it was suggested that Amy Coningsby, the attractive 22-year-old stable manager at the Hall, give them an introductory riding lesson before lunch, whilst Lottie went for a short ride in the grounds and Alicia prepared lunch. After lunch, it was suggested that they all went swimming and possibly played water volleyball, after which they could round off with an hour or so of tennis before afternoon tea and the departure of their guests. Peter regretted that his mother had been manipulated into making the invitation and hoped that the day would not be too unpleasant for his darling and her lovely cousin.

Wednesday morning 22nd July, and the plan was put into practice and initially did not go too badly. Both Matilda and the twins, right from the beginning, teased the two girls about their bare-bottomed spankings the previous Friday, and the fact that the boys had seen their red bottoms. It was at this point Agatha reminded the whole gathering that, on the subject of misbehaviour, as far as she knew, no one had ever surpassed Matilda’s record of having been caned four times and slippered a further half-dozen times in a single year, coming very close to being expelled.

The twins were astonished, and were full of questions which their grandmother wished to avoid. Having consulted the punishment books at St Hilda’s, where Lady Mary, a JP, chaired the board of governors, and refreshed their memories, Mary and Agatha were delighted to provide the details. The canings were for smoking, twice, cheating in an end of term mock exam, and letting down the tyres of the headmistress’s car. Whilst the slipperings were for inattention, twice, insolence to a teacher, failure to complete lines, failure to hand in homework twice, leaving school grounds without permission, and being sent off for foul play when playing hockey. Matilda got more and more embarrassed and the boys started to laugh. Eventually Amy came to collect the boys and Lottie to go riding, and Alicia left to prepare lunch, with Amy invited to join the group for lunch.

The twins proved mischievous and difficult from the start, to the extent that Lottie, seeing Marcus land a gentle stroke with a riding crop on Amy’s bottom as she bent to adjust the girth, curtailed her own ride to help out. Charlotte pointed out that the twins had better watch their step, as both Lady Mary and Sir Peter also knew how to use a riding crop for other purposes; at which point, Amy blushed and the twins looked astonished.

With the horses stabled, all moved to the terrace where lunch was to be served. Despite expectations, lunch was pleasant as the initial strained atmosphere had eased and more pleasant memories were being discussed. The meal completed, the three older ladies remained on the terrace whilst the twins, with Alicia and Lottie, got changed for the pool. Marcus cheekily asked Alicia if the ladies were going to swim naked, to which she replied that neither she nor Lottie were going to risk what happened to the last ladies who tried that at Birchgrove Hall.

After an hour in the water with the boys trying at every opportunity to ‘accidentally’ splash the ladies, Jeremy had ‘accidentally’ slapped Alicia’s bottom twice; at which point she reminded him that Sir Peter was very protective of his future bride. If it happened again, she would assume it was deliberate and tell him, doubting very much that he would think the consequences amusing. Both girls had chosen one piece bathing costumes, thereby frustrating any attempt by the boys to pull down swim-suit bottoms; all then got changed and went outside to the tennis courts.

Initially the boys wanted to play doubles against the young ladies, but soon changed their minds when, despite cheating, they lost the set 6-0.

A game of mixed doubles was then arranged with Marcus and Alicia playing Jeremy and Lottie. The boys found this much more amusing, especially as, when serving, they got a good view of their partners’ frilly panties as their short skirts flipped up. Once again, with no umpire, both boys tried to cheat with most dubious line calls. Then, when Jeremy was serving, he sliced the ball which impacted on his partner’s bottom with considerable force. Lottie squealed and looked round angrily at her partner. His brother thought this was most amusing and, during the next game, Marcus deliberately served hard at Alicia’s bottom. His aim was true. Alicia yelped and turned, but of course she could not be certain if it had been accidental or not. There was no repetition, however, and two games later Alicia served for the set winning 6-4. It was suggested there was just time for another set and they changed partners.

During this last set both boys again chanced their luck. Firstly, Jeremy deliberately served at Alicia’s bottom, hitting her instead on the back of her right thigh. Alicia picked up the ball and strode towards him with her racket raised before smiling, offering him the ball and sweetly remarking, “Jeremy, the idea is to get the ball OVER the net.”

The next game, after making a fuss when his serve was called out, and being told by Lottie, “That’s not very sporting, is it Marcus? I am sure that your grandmother would not approve of that sort of language,” the scowling twelve-year-old deliberately served full force into the very centre of Lottie’s bottom. The chestnut-haired beauty lost her temper and, picking up the ball, served it back full force at the annoying brat.  Marcus raised his racket a little late and the ball caught the rim of the racket head and deflected straight into the boy’s face, impacting with his left eye and knocking him to the ground.

Marcus burst into tears, his left eye already closing as he staggered to his feet.

“I’m going to tell on you!”

His brother was soon at his side.

“Yes, you are going to be in big trouble now!”

Both boys then ran back towards the house. Lottie was shocked and was about to go after them but Alicia called her back. The two young ladies collected up the racquets and balls and put them away, then relaxed the tension on the net. Worried, they both walked slowly back towards the terrace.

Lady Mary, Agatha, and Matilda had just been joined by Peter, with tea, cucumber sandwiches and cakes laid out, together with fruit juice for the boys, when a tearful Marcus, his eye red and already showing signs of bruising, accompanied by Jeremy, came running up to their grandmother.

When asked what happened, Jeremy said, “Marcus sliced his serve and accidentally hit Lottie, but she then picked up the ball and deliberately served it into his face. The ball hit him in the eye.”

Peter examined the damage which, whilst painful, was not serious. Wrapping some ice cubes in a table napkin, he sat Marcus down and held the icepack to his eye.

Marcus added, “It’s not fair! Mine was just an accident, but I am sure she did it on purpose; it hurts so much!”

Matilda stormed, “I am going to phone the police. I am going to have her arrested.”

“No, Matilda, you are not,” replied Lady Millington. “You have absolutely no proof of any malicious intent, and we have not talked to the two young ladies yet.”

“Young ladies? Huh! Young hooligans more like!”

At this point Alicia and Lottie arrived and, seeing Marcus sitting with the icepack over his eye, asked how he was. Peter, removing the ice pack, looked at the eye and got Marcus to follow his fingers. It was clear that, although Marcus was shocked and bruised, no real harm had been done.

Mary took charge. “Ladies, we have heard from the boys. Now, I would be most grateful if you would kindly tell me what on earth has been going on.”

Lottie looked at Alicia and the latter decided to go first.

Addressing Lady M with the familiarity that she had recently been permitted, she said, “’Mother, as you requested, both Lottie and I did our best to keep Marcus and Jeremy entertained whilst you spent the afternoon with Mrs Durham and Miss Dingle. I understand they had been somewhat difficult when riding with Amy this morning, to the extent that Lottie needed to help out after Marcus playfully slapped Amy’s bottom with his riding crop. After lunch we all had a swim and played water volleyball, during which Jeremy managed to ‘accidentally’ slap my bottom twice, until I threatened to tell Sir Peter, when the ‘accidents’ miraculously stopped.

“When we moved to play tennis, the boys initially wanted to play as a team against us but, understandably, we proved too strong. We then continued to play as mixed pairs, with Marcus playing with me and Jeremy with Lottie. During this set Jeremy managed to slice his serve into Lottie’s bottom, which I think might have been an accident but gave them ideas. However, in the next game, Marcus then served directly at my bottom. Lottie saw it and was convinced it was deliberate, but I was unsure at the time. At the end of the set, we changed partners.

“During the last set Jeremy served again at me, but his aim was slightly off.”

Alicia turned, lifted her skirt slightly, and showed the bruise on her right thigh just below her panties.

“Again, Lottie was sure it was deliberate.”

Jeremy interrupted. “It was an accident, but she threatened to hit me with her racket.”

Lottie then replied, “Not really, I thought Alicia was very restrained as she handed the ball back to Jeremy and merely reminded him that the idea is to get the ball OVER the net.”

Alicia continued, “Well, in the next game, Marcus’s serve was well out; but he refused to accept the call and used some unacceptable language. Lottie reminded him that this was not very sporting and that his grandmother would not approve. Marcus’ very next serve deliberately hit Lottie’s bottom. I am afraid that this was the last straw. She picked up the ball and served it back straight at him. It would have hit him on the chest if it had not deflected off his racquet as he tried to bring it up, and so it hit him in the eye. I am sure that Lottie did not mean to hurt him.”

Lottie then continued. “I am sorry that Marcus was hurt and I should not have lost my temper. But I know he served deliberately at Alicia’s bottom the previous set; and to have him do the same to me, immediately after I had told him off for unsporting behaviour and bad language, was just too much!”

It was Peter who then intervened. “I have listened to what everyone has had to say and there can be no question of involving the police. Gentlemen, lovely as the bottoms of all three young ladies are, and understanding that you both considered that what you were doing was merely in jest, your behaviour has been entirely inappropriate. I think that if Amy had reported this morning’s misconduct by Marcus to me, or had Miss Huntingdon brought Jeremy’s antics in the pool to my attention, it might not have got to this stage. Both Amy this morning and Miss Huntingdon and, to an extent, Miss Nicholson this afternoon, showed considerable restraint, but you pushed things too far. How would you like it if I served a tennis ball, full force, at your bottoms? I know Lottie was wrong to serve at you, Marcus, but I do not think she intended to hurt you.”

Before either of the boys, who by now at least had the good grace to look embarrassed, could respond, their grandmother did so on their behalf.

“What that young hoyden did or did not intend is irrelevant. She should have known better! As for Miss Huntingdon, as I must apparently address her, threatening a child with a tennis racket, even if she did not carry out the threat, is inexcusable. These two young women, I will not deign to call them ladies, each deserve a damned good hiding! The boys on the other hand were just showing off and their antics were in good humour.”

This time it was Miss Dingle who spoke. “Muriel, you astonish me. You are too soft with the two boys, as many grandparents are. Although their welfare is your responsibility, I have to tell you that you are doing them no favours. Alicia is a fine young lady and deserves your respect. She has done nothing to be punished for. I agree that, were she still one of my girls, Charlotte would, despite the provocation, have earned herself a sore bottom, but she is not, and her parents are not here, so we had better let the matter drop.”

Marcus then spoke. “I could always spank her. After all, I was the one that got hurt.”

Sir Peter then intervened. “Marcus, you can disabuse yourself of that notion right away. It is not going to happen! I feel that both you and Jeremy should be grateful you are not also being punished, so, don’t push your luck!”

Finally, Lottie spoke. “Sir Peter, I am very sorry for hurting Marcus and accept that I let myself down. You punished me once before and, if it will bring matters to a close, I would accept it if you punished me again. I would be prepared to be punished in front of Mrs Durham but not the boys. I know you have your father’s cane; shall we proceed to your study, with Mrs Durham, and leave the others here?”

“Charlotte if you insist, I would be prepared to punish you; However, are you sure you would not prefer either Miss Dingle or Lady Millington to do the honours?”

“No, Sir Peter, I have a great deal of respect for Miss Dingle and for her ladyship, but I am your guest and it is you as well as myself that I let down by my behaviour. I feel, therefore, that it should be you who punish me.”

Peter thought carefully before replying. “Ok, Charlotte, so be it.” Turning to the retired headmistress, he added, “Miss Dingle, may I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Sir Peter.”

“You have heard both sides of the story. If Lottie were still one of your girls, how many strokes would you have given her?”

“Sir Peter, I thought you might ask and have given the matter some thought. In the light of the provocation involved, together with the absence of malice, only understandable frustration and a rather childish lack of control, I would have given her four strokes of the junior cane over her panties. I have to say, however, that I would also have insisted that both boys were either caned or, as an alternative, submit to your suggestion of a taste of their own medicine.”

“Thank you, Miss Dingle. Disciplining the boys is, unfortunately, not my responsibility, but Charlotte will be punished as you suggest.” Pausing, he turned to Lottie and added, “Come along, young lady.”

Lottie turned to Agatha and mouthed, “Thank you!”

Lottie climbed the stairs followed by Sir Peter and Mrs Durham.

The latter muttered, “Ridiculously lenient! Should have been eight with the senior cane on her bare backside.”

Peter overheard and dismissed the remark with a firm, “No!”

As they reached the door to Peter’s office, Lottie stood to one side to allow him to unlock and open the door. Matilda was asked to take a seat in the armchair to the right of the desk and Peter then addressed the chestnut-haired beauty.

“Charlotte, please stand next to the other armchair, bend over the arm and place your hands on the seat.”

As she did so, Peter walked to the corner cabinet, unlocked it and took down the junior cane. As Peter swished the cane through the air, a startled Lottie instinctively flinched. He approached the perfectly positioned beauty and flipped back the pleated white skirt revealing frilled lilac-coloured panties moulded to her delightfully curved bottom.

Resting the cane against the top of her bottom with the tip on her right buttock, he tapped gently before raising the rattan and swinging it in with moderate force.

Swish, Crack!

Lottie absorbed the sting, closing her eyes and controlling her breathing. It stung more than the token strokes that Peter had given her, at her headmistress’s insistence, on her nineteenth birthday in Neuchatel; but Lottie knew that Peter was taking it easy.

She was determined to take her punishment without any reaction in front of the odious Mrs Durham. For the next stroke, Peter raised the cane higher and appeared to swing with increased force. However, instead of using a flick of the wrist to increase the power, he did the opposite, landing only another moderate stroke which the lovely recipient took without complaint. The third stroke lower down, but still fully within the area covered by Lottie’s panties, was delivered in the same manner and with the same result.

Lifting the cane even higher, Peter brought the rattan wand whistling down towards its target for the final stroke, but he again reduced its effect, unnoticed by the watching Matilda.

SWISH, Crack!

A whispered, “Oh!” was the only response from the gorgeous teenager.

Invited to stand, Lottie turned to Peter and quietly said, “Sir Peter, I am so sorry that I let both you and myself down and that you had to punish me.”

Pointedly, there was no recognition or apology for the scowling Mrs Durham. Her scowl increased as Peter hugged Lottie and kissed her on the forehead.

“All over now, Lottie. You took that really well and I am so proud of you. Go to your room and I will send Alicia to you. Then get changed for dinner and come back and join us for when Diana and Nigel arrive.”

Charlotte left the room blushing but with a half-smile, as the sting in her bottom was already beginning to abate.

Peter then turned to Matilda. “Shall we re-join the others? You will want to be getting home.”

With the group, without Lottie, reassembled, the boys collected their things and goodbyes were said, after which Alicia went upstairs to see her cousin.

During their drive home, Matilda addressed the boys.

“My poor boys! Marcus, I do hope you are now feeling better. It looks like you will have quite a shiner in the morning. Do you know that dreadful girl was given? Four very hard strokes of the cane! But they had almost no effect. Afterwards, she would not even apologise to me. It is a pity that the other one was not caned as well, stuck up little bitch!”

Marcus replied, “Actually, Grandma, we had quite a fun day out, although somehow I doubt that we will be invited again.”

An hour later, following the gentle application of soothing arnica cream to Lottie’s bottom, which Alicia was surprised to find decorated with only dark pink lines and an almost complete lack of ridged tramlines, both young ladies, elegantly dressed in silk cocktail dresses, joined the others on the terrace.

The End

© Capstan 2021