Has your wife or partner misbehaved?

Early 60s experienced Mentor/Headmaster is seeking to hear from husbands who feel assistance may be beneficial or required to deal with wives & partners needing added impetus to changing behaviour or motivation in their domestic arrangements. Also particularly interested to hear from those seeking to return to the school-styled environments of yesteryear.

Accepting that sessions may contain a degree of personal humiliation and ‘sting in the tail’, as it were, many have found that sessions help to release built-up tensions within themselves or their relationships, atone for issues where they believe some form of retribution is deserved, and to modify and improve behavioural traits, helping them to change and create added success or achieve set goals.

Ideally seeking to visit candidates in their own homes, or other locations. In-house facilities are available by arrangement in a traditional-styled study, which provides an appropriate atmosphere for interviews and discussions. (South Bucks, UK, based)

Happy for partners to be in attendance in a non-involvement capacity or to have their own behaviour considered in a joint arrangement. Please note this is not a sexual service and no sexual overtones are entertained, although it is recognised some embarrassment and humiliation will be experienced.

Single males or couples, where the male is seeking the counselling is available but on a visiting basis only.

Please contact me for an informal discussion about your needs and suggested solutions.

No Fees

Responses to: Pdean49@gmail.com