Problems are resolved in a small workplace group. By a new writer to us.

by David Baldwin

It was the early sixties at the miner’s welfare club in a small mining town in the north of England. The club was very busy, but there was a problem. A small amount of money had gone missing from the bar. One of the members was a retired policeman and three possible culprits were found. They were young ladies who worked part time behind the bar. Two of them, Helen and Margaret, worked in the local Co-op grocery store and the other, Joyce, worked in the local pit offices.

They all denied any involvement and Helen and Margaret strongly suspected Joyce. However, the Co-op girls did not want police involvement for two reasons. There was always a chance they could be convicted even though they were innocent, and also, both were hoping for promotion soon and any police investigation could take months.

All three appeared before a special sub-committee and accepted any remedies that the club would invoke without admitting guilt. The sub-committee consisted, among others, of their bosses and retired miners, and was chaired by the chairwoman of the lady’s section, Lillian Davies, who recently was appointed the manager of the local Co-op after running the ladies clothing department.  In view of the lack of definite proof, the decision arrived at was that the girls had to work for some evenings free and they all accepted this to settle the matter.

Helen and Margaret were doing very well at the Coop and were soon to be interviewed for more senior jobs away from the town. Their boss, Lillian, invited them both for tea for advice on the forthcoming interviews. They were told to dress formally as they would for an interview.

They started with the practice interviews which went very well and the girls made plenty of notes. Before they had tea, Mrs Davies spoke to the girls.

“I really want you to do well, but there is the matter of the money stolen from the club. I was out-voted on the sub-committee as I thought your punishment was far too lenient. However, I know what a disaster it would be for your careers if the Co-op outside the town found out about your alleged crimes. So, I have a choice for you. I will not mention anything if you are prepared to accept a spanking on your knickers and then bare bottoms from me. The choice is yours; spanking and career, or no spanking and no career. You can discuss it between yourselves. I will leave the room. If you leave, I know that you will have refused my offer.”

When they were alone Helen said: “Well! Who would have suspected that?”

“That’s all very well,” replied Margaret. “But what do we do?”

“We don’t have any choice. We are both going to have a sore bottom for a few days, but at least it will be over then and our careers will not suffer.”

When Mrs Davies returned, the girls were still there. It did not take very long before Helen spoke up.

“We accept, provided nobody outside this room knows.”

Mrs Davies started the proceedings. “Right, strip off to your underwear, but keep your stockings and suspender belt on.”

Margaret was five feet seven and her underwear was all white. She wore a very lacy bra with thin straps, a white suspender belt with panels of intricate detailing which showed the flesh beneath, and plain white knickers which emphasised her bottom. She was very slim but the bra accentuated her cleavage.

Helen was in all black and was six feet two.  At school, she was successful in the shot put but since then she had taken up rowing to a good level. Anyone could see how her arms had developed because of all the training, and her legs and bottom were all muscle. Her bra had thick black straps and was more of a piece of engineering, but parts of it were almost see through. There was a superb view of her toned breasts through the diaphanous material, except for plain black cotton covering her nipples. The suspender belt was a two inch plain black piece of elastic with no fripperies and thick straps to hold up the stockings, but her knickers, apart from plain black material covering her pubic area, was also see through. Her bottom cleft was easy to see through the material.

‘I made a big mistake here with these thin knickers,’ thought Helen.

Both girls could not believe what was happening, particularly as Mrs Davies was not much older than them. Helen and Margaret were both 20, Lillian Davies was 25. Mrs Davies placed a chair in the middle of the room.

“Margaret, please lie over my lap. Helen, sit behind us.”

Lillian started slowly with the spanks over Margaret’s knickers, but then got faster and harder. SMACK!  SMACK!

Margaret was yelping now, protesting: “No, no, no more,” and then Lillian started to pull the knickers down.

“Oh my god!” Helen was horrified. “My god, her bum is bright pink and you have only just started.”

Then the knickers came down to just above her knees, showing a band of white material, and the spanking continued on her bare flesh. Margaret was banging her fists on the floor and her bum was now bright red. She was crying her eyes out.

Lillian continued for what Margaret thought was an age, until it was all over. She was told to take the knickers off and stand behind Helen’s chair, sitting would be too much, while Helen received the same punishment from Mrs Davies.

Helen was much more athletic than Margaret and was sure that she could take the punishment much better. However, after the knickers came down to her knees she was crying out much louder and cruder than Margaret and tears were streaming down her face. Lillian had to work hard to keep her in position by positioning her right leg over Helen’s legs and even warned her that she would start again if Helen continued to protest.

When it was all over, the girls were told to stand facing Lillian wearing just their bras, stockings and suspender belts. Lillian spoke.

“You girls have no idea what your correct bra size is. Take them off and I will measure you properly.”

Margaret’s breasts were small but pear shaped and stood out.  Helen’s were large and fitted superbly with her athlete’s body.

All four then had tea and cakes, with Margaret and Helen not yet dressed, and then the girls were instructed to stand and give a presentation on why they should get the jobs they were going for.

“In this state?” Asked Helen.

“If you can do it now, you will have no problem during the real interview.” Replied Lillian. “Before we finish, you will both need a little treatment on your bottoms. We will now go upstairs to the spare bedroom and you can lie down on the bed.”

Lillian had ice packs ready and these were placed on the now bright red bottoms. She then rubbed cold cream on the welts and told them to wait for 30 minutes.

Helen said: “You have done this before, haven’t you?”

They were then allowed to get dressed and go home.

Lillian said farewell. “I am sure you will get your jobs. For future reference, remember that this session did not happen.”

Margaret thought to herself: ‘Oh yes it did. I will get even with you, you bastard! I don’t care how long it takes.’

It took a long time. In fact, fifteen years passed by. Both Margaret and Helen had progressed very well and were both now thirty-five. Margaret had returned to the locality as a regional manager and Helen was working in Manchester in a senior personnel position.

There was a position coming up to run the clothing department regionally and Lillian was almost certain to get it. As far as Lillian was concerned, what happened fifteen years ago was history, so she was not at all suspicious when Margaret invited her home to tea. However, when she saw that Helen was waiting for her, she smelt a rat.

Helen was the first to speak.

“Right, you bastard, there is one condition to us not stopping your promotion. You are going to get the same treatment that you gave us fifteen years ago. Strip off to your underwear.”

By now, tights had replaced stockings, so Lillian had to take those off and was just in pink bra and pants.

“You will bend over the piano stool and we will spank each cheek.”

They were left and right handed, so it worked perfectly.

“Oh my God, this is awful. What are you doing to my bum?”

Helen replied: “It is what you did to us. Drop your knickers down to your ankles and step out of them.”

Lillian was transfixed and was not moving.

Helen pulled the knickers down to the ankles and slapped Lillian’s left buttock.

“Step,” Whack.


“Out,” Whack.

“No, no, no!”

“Of them,” Whack.

“OK, OK! Whatever you say.”

By this time, both cheeks were red with a pink line between them, but the punishment continued. After it was over, Lillian stood in front of them in just her bra. Margaret added to the humiliation.

“Unlike ours fifteen years ago, your bra looks like a perfect fit, but it would be nice to make sure. Take it off for us.”

Lillian was now stark naked and attempted to cover herself up.

“Keep your arms by your side!”  Shouted Helen.

To repeat what happened fifteen years ago, Lillian was even given red stockings and suspenders to put on.

“We thought red would match your bum.”

She then had to give her presentation on why she could get the job, wearing only the stockings and suspenders.

“If you can do it now, you will have no problem during the real interview.” Said Margaret, repeating the words from Lillian fifteen years ago.

Those words were etched in Margaret’s memory.

Lillian then received the ice pack and cold cream treatment and, after a suitable time, got dressed and heard Margaret’s words echoing in her ear as she left.

“I am sure you will get your job. For future reference, remember that this session did not happen.”

The End

© David Baldwin 2017