A country ride has unexpected consequences

By Duncan Wade

Lady Sarah was so excited as she watched Captain Sweeting and some of the young stable hands manoeuvre the massive Christmas tree into place in front of the Manor House. Christmas was her favorite time of year and she was going to make her first Christmas as the new lady of the manor one to remember.

As the well-dressed head of security took a step back from the tree, adopting a more supervisory role, Captain Sweeting addressed her Ladyship. “Well, that certainly is a magnificent tree m’lady.”

“Thank you, Captain Sweeting, I want everything set for Christmas by the time his lordship returns from London on Christmas Eve.”

“Very good, m’lady,” replied the dapper captain, adding, “Are you riding out today, m’lady?”

“Yes, I’m just about to change and get over to the equestrian center for a lesson with Miss Olson. I’ll leave you to supervise here, Captain.”

With that, Lady Sarah headed back into the sumptuous manor house that had been her home since she married Lord Simon earlier in the year. He was not actually a lord anymore, having given up the tile to become a Member of Parliament. He was now Simon Huntingdon-Smith MP, not Sarah minded. The thing that had caused problems for the newly married couple was an almost six-month crisis in the Government that had meant her new husband was often engaged in affairs of state, leaving her to run the manor house and keep an eye on the adjacent equestrian center.

Lady Sarah’s riding clothes, consisting of black jodhpurs, thermal long sleeved T-shirt and a thick polo-neck cream jumper, had been laid out for her by Maisie, her PA. The good-looking green-eyed blonde lady of the manor slipped out of her royal blue sweater dress and bright red opaque tights. She began to reflect on the last few months and, as she caught sight of her refection in the mirror of her vast dressing-room, she blushed as she recalled how she had at last found an outlet for her long-dormant interest in spanking. As she pulled on her riding clothes, her mind drifted back to that fateful day in Paris.

More than a decade ago, when she was a twenty-something model, she got the chance to work for a large department store in Paris. It was a dream job, and she even got to stay with the store owner and his wife in their classy town house.

Mr Clearmont, the store owner, was very charming and friendly towards her, but his wife, Juliette, was, to say the least, rather cool with her. Looking back, Lady Sarah now realized she probably didn’t take kindly to her husband bringing a young model from England to stay, but she was oblivious to this at the time.

One morning, towards the end of her week’s stay, Sarah came down to breakfast and noticed Mrs Clearmont was dressed to play tennis in a very short white dress and matching head band. Sarah made a real effort to engage her in conversation, but all she would say was that she was practicing for a charity match that her husband’s store was sponsoring.

Sarah remembered thinking at the time, maybe she had offended Mr Clearmont’s very French wife in some way, and maybe she should mention it to Mr Clearmont. Before she got a chance to speak to him later that morning, a camera broke down during the shoot and she was told to come back the following day, so Sarah returned to the town house and let herself in, not expecting her hosts to be home. She became aware of raised voices come from the first floor lounge and couldn’t resist peeking in through a slightly open door.

What she saw riveted her to the spot. Mr Clearmont had his aloof and snooty wife across his knee. She was still dressed in the tennis outfit she had on at breakfast, but the short white dress was pulled up to her waist and her frilly tennis knickers had been pulled down to her knees. Her husband was berating her loudly in French as he spanked her bare bottom repeatedly.

From that day on, Sarah knew she wanted to be involved in what she had just witnessed, but it never happened and she suppressed her curiosity for years, until one evening a few months ago she went for an early evening stroll around the grounds of her new home at the manor and, again by chance, witnessed a spanking in progress, this time via a half-closed curtain. As she peered into the cottage home of her husband’s PA, Lisa Jones, she was astonished to see her spanking the Head Groom, Swedish Anna Olson, across her knee. The groom’s tights and knickers were taken down and Lisa was making swift work of a very sound spanking on her upturned bare bottom.

A few days later, after confronting Lisa about what she had seen, Lisa told her the whole story, which amounted to an arrangement between her and Miss Olson, who had been traditionally disciplined by her English aunt when she was in her late teens. Although Anna didn’t like the stinging pain, she knew it kept her on track to achieve her life goals, and so their arrangement worked well for them. Anna got the discipline she knew she needed, and Lisa, who had a very dominant streak to her personality and who was firmly lesbian, got to spank Anna’s pale bottom on a regular basis.

Lady Sarah was intrigued by this arrangement and Lisa soon persuaded the new lady of the manor to receive what she described as an introduction to the world of spanking.

Lisa wasted no time, and delivered a very sound over-the-knee spanking to her ladyship’s bare bottom, and finished it off with four licks with her leather paddle while Lady Sarah bent from the waist over her desk.

A few weeks later, Lady Sarah’s tight white jodhpurs where taken down, along with her knickers, as Lisa introduced the riding crop six times to her bare bottom, an encounter that left her ladyship’s bottom with six flaming red stripes that Lisa inspected a few days later after a management meeting in Lady Sarah’s study.

As Lady Sarah walked across to the equestrian center that late December morning, she blushed as she recalled the events of the last few months. She had been shocked at how much pent-up interest she had about spanking, but she still wasn’t sure about what she wanted to do. She knew she had turned into something of a voyeur. Clearly, stumbling across Juliette Clearmont being spanked by her husband had left a long lasting impression on her, almost as much as being spanked by Lisa. What she really wanted was for her husband to spank her, but so far he hadn’t picked up any of her subtle hints.

In all of this mad adventure of enlightenment, she had only one regret. She had been persuaded by Lisa to allow her to spank her newly appointed PA, Maisie, after a drunken escapade by the young 20-year-old. In truth, it was easy for Lady Sarah to be talked into it, especially as Lisa made it easy for her to creep into her cottage and watch as she reddened Maisie’s impressive bottom. Lady Sarah hung her head slightly as she recalled the thrill of seeing Maisie’s knickers being taken down by Lisa as she lay across her lap, and how she winced as Maisie let out loud ouches and oohs as Lisa spanked away.

Sarah knew that, although Maisie had agreed to it, she should never have gone along with the idea. She was just pleased Maisie didn’t know she had watched the proceedings, and tried to put the whole bad idea out of her mind. It was Christmas and her husband would be home in a few days, and this was her last riding lesson before the equestrian center officially shut down for the holidays.

As usual, Lady Sarah was greeted by head groom and now head instructor, Anna Olson. Anna was infectiously cheerful, and was popular not only for her stunning looks, masses of unruly blonde hair, large bright blue eyes and a slim but curvy figure, but also because she was always smiling and was regarded as good fun.

“Hello, m’lady,” Anna beamed. “Are you ready for your last lesson of the year?”

“Gosh, yes. Our last lesson this year. I forgot that you are off soon, Anna,” Lady Sarah replied.

“Yes, m’lady, I’m going home to Stockholm to spend Christmas with my parents the day after next, so let’s saddle up and go for a long ride out today.”

A few minutes later, with Lady Sarah mounted on ‘Shades’, Lady Sarah’s white stallion, and Anna on ‘Apache’, a chestnut mare, they trotted out of the stable yard to many admiring glances from stable hands and visitors alike.

Anna turned to Lady Sarah and said, “Let’s forget the lesson today and have a race to the gate at the back field where the security post is for the overflow car park.”

Lady Sarah thought for a moment, then replied, “OK, you’re on!”

And that’s exactly what they did, thundering their beautiful steeds through the English countryside in the frosty late-morning air, jumping five-bar gates, and riding along a main road for a short distance, then dropping down along a neighbor’s field, and across a field of sheep, scattering the sheep everywhere. They finally stopped at the edge of the manor’s land and beside a small portacabin-type building that was used during peak visitors’ time by Captain Sweetings security team to check cars. Horses and riders were both splattered with mud and exhaling clouds of visible breath.

Jumping down from their saddles, Anna and Lady Sarah fell into roars of laughter with their horses joining in by whining and nodding their heads about.

“So much fun!” Gasped Lady Sarah.

“Did you see the sheep scatter?” Screamed Anna, reaching into the zipped pocket of her riding jacket and pulling out a hip flask. She unscrewed the top and handed it to Lady Sarah who was still getting her breath back.

“Thanks. You came well prepared, and certainty gave me a run for my money. I really enjoyed that,” smiled Lady Sarah as she took a generous gulp of Anna’s whiskey.

Anna took off her riding helmet, lent forward and shook out her long blonde curly hair, then took the hip flask back and took a sip.

Lady Sarah glanced at Anna’s bottom. She had spent most of the ride staring at Anna’s bottom because Anna had always been ahead of her standing up in the stirrups and bent right over for maximum speed. Like her own black jodhpurs, Anna’s were skin-tight and showed every curve of her well-upholstered backside and the outline of her skimpy thong knickers. Lady Sarah was very tempted to mention her arrangement with Lisa, but try as she might she just couldn’t find the courage to do so. Little did she realize, however, that the ‘arrangement’ was soon going to be brought out into the open; quite literally!

Both Anna and Lady Sarah where surprised to see Lisa driving one of the equestrian center’s Land Rovers at some speed across the open countryside.

“What’s this?” asked Lady Sarah.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like good news, m’lady,” replied Anna as she quickly stuffed the hip flask back into the inside pocket of her black puffa jacket.

Lisa stopped the Land Rover next to a low brick wall that ran along a river bank and marched over to Anna and Lady Sarah. With a face like thunder, and wearing a no doubt hastily pulled on waxed jacket over a smart grey business outfit comprising of a dark grey skirt and jacket over a fine black roll-neck jumper, black tights and black high-heeled ankle boots, Lisa looked like she meant business, squaring up to the two blondes.

Lisa nodded, “m’lady,” to Lady Sarah who nodded back.

“Whatever is the matter, Lisa?” Lady Sarah asked. “Is everything alright?”

“No, m’lady, everything is not alright,” spat Lisa, glaring at Anna, who knew she was in trouble.

Lady Sarah intervened. “OK, let’s drop the m’lady stuff, Lisa. What on earth has got you all worked up? We were just enjoying our last ride out before Christmas.”

“OK, Sarah, I’ll tell you. While I’ve been in a meeting with the accountants, I’ve been interrupted three times by one irate member of the public, one very irate farmer, and to cap it all the local police who say they have had a number of calls about two horses being galloped along a public road with no regard for other road users and in contravention of the countryside and highway code. So that is why I’ve had to catch up with the pair of you before we have a major incident or, God forbid, that someone gets hurt!”

“Goodness!” Replied Lady Sarah. “I didn’t think we were going that fast, and we were only on the road for a few hundred yards. Why all the upset?”

Lisa was on a roll and not about to be put off so easily. “Well, Sarah, I’m afraid that it seems other people think rather differently about your last ride out before Christmas, and you, Anna, I’m very surprised at how reckless you’ve been. To cap it all, you have both got logo printed jackets on, complete with our phone number and website on the back.”

“Sorry,” was all Anna could manage.

Then Lisa went over to Anna and sniffed the air, and then did the same with Lady Sarah. “Unless I’m very much mistaken, ladies, you’ve both been drinking.” Lisa placed her hands on her hips and pushed her short dark hair behind her ears as she always did when she was stressed.

The three women stood in silence for a few moments in the mid-day watery sun, just looking at one another.

Finally, Anna spoke, “It was my fault, Lisa, I just got carried away. I am sorry. I take full responsibility.”

“You know what happens now, Anna?” Lisa replied.

Anna blushed and nodded.

Lisa then smiled and turned to Lady Sarah. “If you would like to return to the manor in the Land Rover, m’lady, Anna and I have some unfinished business to deal with. We will walk back with the horses shortly.”

Lady Sarah, guessing what Lisa was intending to do to Anna, leapt to her defense.

“Look, Lisa. I’m just as much to blame, if not more so. It was my lesson and I could have asked Anna to stop at any time, but I didn’t, so I’m just as guilty.”

Lisa thought for a moment, not quite believing her luck. Trying not to sound too smug, she replied, “Well, m’lady, it’s your choice. You can have the hassle and embarrassment of dealing with the Police, the other complainants and, of course, your husband, or you can be dealt with here and now with Anna, and I will smooth over everything.”

Lady Sarah replied, “I doubt my husband would deal with the situation as efficiently as you, Lisa. You do what you must.”

Anna just stared at Lady Sarah in total disbelief. But now it all began to make sense. Lady Sarah surely knew exactly what Lisa had in mind. Anna had noticed her ladyship taking long looks at her bottom. She knew Lady Sarah was aware of the arrangement between Anna and Lisa, so her ladyship must surely know Lisa was going to spank both of them right here and now!

“Right, ladies, let’s get to the bottom of things, shall we? Anna, tie the horses up to that tree over there, and then come over to the back of the Land Rover.”

Anna didn’t reply, but did as she was told.

Lisa then gave a thin half-smile to Lady Sarah. “This way, m’lady,” she said, waving towards the direction of the parked Land Rover.

“Drop the m’lady bit, Lisa,” said Lady Sarah. “It hardly seems appropriate, considering what you’re intending to do.”

Lisa smiled as she waited for Anna to secure the horses and come and stand next to Lady Sarah. Lisa was in her element and was milking the moment as much as possible.

“Right, ladies, one at a time or both together?”

“Here in the open?” asked a horrified Anna.

“There’s no one around for miles, Anna. I presume you want to go first?”

Anna looked all around, then said quietly, “Yes, let’s get this over with.”

With another thin half-smile, Lisa dropped the tailgate of the Land Rover and sat on it. Anna gave a nervous look around at the empty countryside again and, with a look of quiet resolve, she stepped next to Lisa.

Lisa pulled up Anna’s short puffa jacket and reached for the side zip of Anna’s skin-tight jodhpurs.

“These need to come down, but as it’s Christmas, and so as not to embarrass you too much in front of her ladyship, you can keep your knickers on.” Lisa tugged the tight jodhpurs down to the tops of Anna’s riding boots, and then pulled her across her lap.

Staring down at Anna’s almost completely bare bottom, save for a tiny black thong, Lisa remarked, “Not a good underwear choice for today, Anna.”

“Tell me about it!” Anna replied from under a mountain of curls covering her face as she focused on the grassy surface below the tailgate.

Lady Sarah, who was standing next to the open car door was flushed with excitement and anticipation knowing that she was going to be next over Lisa’s knee. At least she had the benefit of thick thermal underwear under her jodhpurs.

Lisa’s hand made its first contact with Anna’s very pale and cold white bottom, and Anna found her voice straight away with oos and ouches as the spanks rained,

Lady Sarah became almost mesmerized by how fast Lisa was spanking Anna’s bottom. While Anna squirmed and fidgeted, it caused Lisa’s short skirt to ride further up her thighs, giving a view of her sheer tights and white knickers.

With Lisa’s spanks slowing down slightly, Lady Sarah could clearly see Anna’s bottom was now bright red and almost certainly quite warm to the touch. As Anna’s ordeal was coming to a close, she started to feel slightly light-headed, knowing she would soon be in the same position.

With a final few hard spanks on Anna’s bright red bottom, Lisa brought her spanking to a close with, “Well, Miss Olson, I think that’s the reckless riding dealt with.”

Lisa helped Anna reverse off her lap, her jodhpurs still around the tops of her boots, her red stinging bottom on full show to a fascinated and somewhat agitated lady of the manor. Lisa then stood up from the tailgate of the Land Rover while Anna quickly pulled up her black jodhpurs and zipped them up, her face as red as her bottom and tears filling her bright blue eyes.

Lisa smoothed her skirt down and rubbed her hands together. Turning to Lady Sarah, she said, “So, are you still keen to take joint responsibility? Or is the lady of the manor going to ride away as I suggested?”

Lady Sarah looked for a moment at Anna, who had made some attempt to tame her hair and wipe the tears from her eyes. Then she looked at Lisa and the dropped down tailgate and replied, “Sarah takes joint responsibility.”

Lisa responded by sitting back down on the Land Rover’s opened tailgate. She beckoned Lady Sarah to stand by her side.

“Here?” Said Lady Sarah after taking the few steps necessary.

Without a word, Lisa reached under Lady Sarah’s puffa jacket and unzipped her black jodhpurs, just like she had done with Anna’s. She then tugged them down, whereupon Lady Sarah’s long over-the-knee dark grey socks that she wore for extra warmth came into view. As Lisa guided her ladyship into the same position as Anna had been, Lisa commented on her thermal cream-coloured knickers.

“Well, these aren’t very sexy, Sarah, are they?” She mocked as she put her finger in one of the leg holes.”

“Actually, I wasn’t banking on them being on show to the surrounding countryside, Miss Jones. Perhaps you can just get on with it?”

“Very well, Sarah, a quick lesson in the countryside code coming up!”

With that, Lisa reigned down a series of rapid-fire spanks on Lady Sarah’s well-covered bottom. No one could see Lady Sarah’s face as she took the spanking, but her ladyship had closed her eyes tight shut, and even though her mouth was wide open, she made no sound at all.

The spanks kept on coming and, despite her thick underwear, Lady Sarah could feel the sharp stings and sense that her bottom was turning pink. Then, all of a sudden, she could hear Anna’s voice.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she was saying.

As Lisa stopped to listen, Anna added, “This isn’t fair! You spanked me on my bare bottom!”

“I let you keep your knickers on, didn’t I, Anna?” Lisa replied, her hand raised in readiness to plant another spank on the thermal knickers.

“But it isn’t fair! You should have let me keep my jodhpurs on. Sarah’s bottom won’t even be red, let alone stingy like mine is!” Anna protested.

Lisa helped Lady Sarah up from her lap, and they continued their discussion with Lady Sarah nervously pulling her jacket down in an attempt to cover her bare legs.

“Anna does have a point, Sarah. Her bottom was bare, as you saw.” Lisa smiled, and a moment later she added, “I think your big knickers need to come down, Sarah, in the interests of fairness, don’t you?”

Finding it hard to argue against Anna’s objection, Lady Sarah replied quietly, “Very well then. I agree.” She gave Anna a slightly withering look and placed herself back across Lisa’s lap.

Lisa was revelling in the power she had over the two women. She placed her hand in the waistband of her ladyship’s knickers and took them down. Turning to Anna, she smiled and said, “Happy? Now, can I continue?”

Feeling slightly guilty and slightly mesmerized at the sight of Lady Sarah’s bare bottom, Anna just nodded.

As Lisa started to spank away again, Lady Sarah was in an emotional turmoil. It suddenly dawned on her that she was across the lap of her husband’s PA, being spanked on her bare bottom in the open air, while another employee looked on. If only she could get her husband to do it! That’s the present she wanted for Christmas. She even allowed herself to howl out loud as Lisa reddened her bottom.

A few minutes later, Lady Sarah was back to her ‘lady of the manor’ self.

As Lisa drove away, she turned to Anna, smiled, and said, “I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll walk Shades back to the stables.”

They both roared with laughter, and went to untie the horses.

The End

© Duncan Wade 2020