Being rude about a teacher, even without realising, is never a good idea.

By Rob Burton

Charlotte Andrews stood in the corridor outside the Senior Mistress’s office. Her face red, as all the pupils passing by stared at her and some smirked a knowing smile. Five minutes earlier it had been her name read out by the Headmaster. She was shocked as she passed her friends; they glared also in shock, on her way out of the hall to where she stood now waiting for Miss Grey.

“Inside please, Andrews.” Said Miss Grey, opening the door and standing to one side.

Charlotte noted the tone of her voice. Realising she was in trouble, she stood in front of the desk as the door shut behind her.

“I believe this is your first visit to my office.”

The pupil nodded and quietly confirmed it was. She knew from her friends and classmates that a pupil whose name was read out in assembly usually returned to the class walking stiffly, tears in their eyes and a note for the teacher.

“Do you know why your name was called out in assembly this morning?”

Charlotte shook her head as she twiddled with her fingers, looking down at her shoes.

“Well, last evening a teacher came to see me after lessons. She told me that she overheard a pupil make an insulting remark. I was appalled by what she said and then I was even more shocked that she named you as the culprit.”

Charlotte felt her left arm shake as tears filled her eyes. Realisation hit that she was about to be punished and yet she could not think what for.

“Do you have anything to say or an explanation for your actions girl?”

“No Miss. I cannot think of anything I’ve done wrong.” Charlotte said, wiping away a tear.

The pupil was in too much of a shock to think straight about yesterday. Miss Grey leaned forward and put her elbows on the desk and stared at the shaking girl in front of her. Charlotte Andrews, one the brightest pupils in the school, destined for a good university, she thought.

“Last evening after school. Did you meet Gail Evans at the gym changing rooms. I believe she had left her gym top there earlier in the day.”

Charlotte thought a moment and then confirmed that she was.

“Right. At least we know you were in the area when the alleged crime took place.” Miss Grey smiled and continued.

“I believe you stood at the top of the stairs whilst Gail put the top in her bag.”

Charlotte stood not sure what to say.

“Well, girl, is that correct?”

“Yes, Miss, sorry Miss.” She stammered, wiping away a tear.

The Senior Mistress nodded and sat back in the chair.

“So can you tell me what happened next?”

Charlotte stood rooted to the spot, her mind whirling, but nothing.

“Did you say something to Gail?”

Again she wiped away tears from her cheek.

“I don’t remember, Miss. I’m sorry, Miss.”

“So are you saying that you never spoke to Gail? Not even an off the cuff comment about a teacher.”

Charlotte shook her head.

“So you never said a comment about Miss Tiverton, the junior gym mistress?”

Charlotte was still shaking her head as it suddenly came to her what she had said. Her hand flew to her mouth with shock.

“I see the penny has dropped.”

Miss Grey stood and walked around to the front of the desk and rested against the edge, right in front of the crying, shocked, pupil.

“Please can you now tell me what you said?”

Charlotte looked at her accuser and shook her head.

“Now, Andrews, do not make this any harder than it has to be. Tell me what you said; confession is good for the soul.”

Charlotte whispered very quietly that she would rather not repeat it.

Miss Grey folded her arms, tapped her fingers and waited. Charlotte knew she was in serious trouble and, realising that it was only getting worse, spoke out quietly.

“I, I, I said. Have you seen ‘Titty’ Tiverton yet.” She stammered, her face deepening a further shade of red.

Miss Grey looked and nodded.

“So do you always insult teachers when you think them not looking or listening, Andrews?”

“No Miss.” Retorted Charlotte quickly.

“Did you make that up or is it a common insult of poor Miss Tiverton?”

Charlotte now knew she was in a corner; she couldn’t win what ever answer she gave.

“It’s something I’d heard at some time Miss.”

Charlotte had told the truth, the voluptuous gym teacher was affectionately known by that name.

“So you decided to repeat it. Who made it up?” Miss Grey asked.

The very embarrassed pupil just shook her head.

There was silence for a moment, Miss Grey looking the pupil up and down. Charlotte looked down at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Now Charlotte, you are a very bright pupil and something like this is totally out of character I know. However this cannot go unpunished.”

Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat, her stomach turned as she knew she was about to get punished by the Senior Mistress. She knew all about her reputation for being a hard disciplinarian and she also knew girls who had been on the receiving of her punishment talked about the pain of it.

“When I spoke to the Headmaster before assembly about the incident he said I should give you the cane. A minimum of four strokes.”

The shock across the pupils face was not missed by Miss Grey.

“However, despite my reputation of enjoying punishing naughty girls with some pupils, I have decided in your case, due mainly to your exemplary record prior to this, to let Miss Tiverton deal with your punishment as she sees fit.”

Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief.

“You will report to her office at 4 pm.” She continued.

Charlotte nodded and replied.

“Before you go, Charlotte, just think on this. You could have now been bent over my desk, your skirt raised, about to receive the senior girls cane. If I have cause to see your name again you will be straight across it, without a by or leave. Is that understood?”

“Yes Miss.”

With that, Miss Grey returned behind her desk as she dismissed the pupil.

Charlotte returned to class as quickly as she could without running, drying her eyes on the way. A very, very relieved girl joined her classmates in Miss Turner’s English class.

Four o’clock and Charlotte knocked on the gym office door. She waited for a reply as Miss Tiverton opened the door and surveyed the girl in front of her. The gym mistress was 26, her first appointment as a teacher. She was well liked by the girls and admired by the boys, mainly because of her good looks, blonde hair and the large breasts she could not hide in the tight gym uniform she wore. She also had a few of the girls who admired her for the same reason, but that’s another story.

“Charlotte Andrews, I believe. Do you have your gym kit?”

“No, Miss. Gym is Tuesday and Games are on Friday.”

“Well in that case you will have to do your detention in your bra and knickers.”

Charlotte stood for a moment, wanting to say something.

“Chop, Chop, Andrews. You have two minutes to get to the gym.”

“Miss, could I say something first?”

“Be quick, the clock is ticking.”

“I just wanted to apologise for insulting you last night. I am truly, truly sorry, Miss.”

Charlotte spurted out the words her face getting very hot as she spoke.

“Thank you. Now please get changed; you have ninety seconds.”

Charlotte scooted in to the changing room, quickly disrobed and hurried to the gym hall to join the teacher. Miss Tiverton stood by the door, looking at her watch as the pupil, almost running, arrived. Charlotte felt strange at first doing the running and exercises in just her white underwear but it was soon forgotten as the teacher pushed her harder and harder.

When it was over and Charlotte had showered, dressed and reported back to the office, she knocked and was asked to go in. Miss Tiverton was sat behind her desk.

“You will report here tomorrow at the same time and with your gym kit.”

“Yes Miss.” Charlotte replied. She turned to go.

“Hold on, I’ve not finished with you yet. Please put your bag down.”

Charlotte faced the teacher again, putting her black shoulder bag on the floor beside her. She stood up straight hands by her sides.

“You might have escaped the cane, Charlotte, but you are not escaping from a sore bottom entirely. I want you bend over my desk please.”

Charlotte hesitated a moment before complying with the order. She leant her elbows on the desk but was soon told to lie properly across it and hold the far side. Miss Tiverton walked around behind Charlotte and opened the cupboard, taking out a size twelve black gym shoe. She affectionately called it ‘Pippa’ after her college tutor who presented it to her when she qualified as a teacher two years ago.

The pupil saw it in the teacher’s hand and took a deep breath. At eighteen she was about to get her first whacking. Most of her friends had received at least one and more in some cases. At least it wasn’t the cane.

“Eyes front girl.” Commanded Miss Tiverton, as she lifted the skirt.

Charlotte felt the cold plimsoll touch her knickers and she shivered. A moment later WHACK as it smacked her bottom hard. She squealed, her hands holding the desk edge tightly.

WHACK, number two caught her on the other cheek. Before she had time to absorb the pain, WHACK, the third struck the same place. Charlotte’s hands left the table in an urgent need to rub the pain away. The teacher pushed her back down before she could reach behind her, with an admonishment not to move again.

WHACK number four was the hardest yet. Charlotte’s already tear filled eyes now ran down her cheeks as she shut her eyes, trying to blank out the hurt. It was far worse than she could have ever imagined.

WHACK – OWWWWWWW. The crying girl screeched as yet again another seemingly harder smack caught her bottom full in the middle. Her hands flew from the desk as she vainly tried to rub her scorched backside. Miss Tiverton was having none of it as her hand held onto the girl’s shoulders.

“If you leave this desk without my permission, Charlotte, I will give you two extra. Is that understood?”

The blubbering girl never replied but she put her hands back on the desk edge, holding on for dear life. WHACK, the final one had the schoolgirl almost on her knees but at least she never left the desk. Charlotte lay in a puddle of tears on the desk whilst the teacher returned ‘Pippa’ to her cupboard.

“You may get up now and adjust your clothing.”

Charlotte eased herself up slowly, not knowing whether to wipe her tears or rub her bottom. She did both before pulling down her skirt.

She was finally dismissed and, picking up her bag, she slowly walked out of the office, up the stairs. All the time her bottom throbbed like it had been set on fire. Charlotte wanted to rub it some more as she walked home but she was scared someone would see her and know that she had been punished.

At least Charlotte had her gym kit for the second detention. She hurried to wrap the navy blue skirt around her as she walked quickly to the gym. Miss Tiverton was waiting for her. She stood beside a mat.

“Right, Andrews, today’s detention will be stretching and toning exercises.”

The teacher started Charlotte off with some warming up exercises before she had her doing squat thrusts and push-ups. Charlotte was soon out of breath and glad when she was told to rest. A two minute break ended.

“Right. Before we carry on I think we might as well administer today’s punishment, save time later.”

Charlotte had not expected this at all; in fact she was hoping that yesterday’s slippering was not going to be repeated. Sadly she was wrong.

“Pass me one of your plimsolls.”

Charlotte looked at her teacher forlornly before bending down and removing her right gym shoe.

Miss Tiverton thanked her, ordered her to turn around and bend over. Charlotte knew that begging or arguing would do no good so she reached down to touch her toes.

“Very good, Andrews. Now keep that position.” Miss Tiverton said as she raised the gym skirt to reveal a pair of navy blue knickers.




Three hard and quick smacks right in the centre of her offered bottom. Charlotte hardly had time to register the first painful blow before two and three landed. She stifled a yell.


Number four hit her right cheek, causing her to lose her balance momentarily. Miss Tiverton waited whilst she adjusted her feet.


The next caught her on her left cheek. Charlotte’s face contorted with the pain as she stared at the green mat inches from her face.


The dreaded number six. It was hard, fast and low. This time Charlotte let out a screech and her feet danced as she registered the pain on her glowing bottom.

“OK we’ve done for now. Put your shoe back on and let us continue with your fitness training.” The teacher said as she dropped the shoe on the mat.

Charlotte wiped her eyes before putting it back on her foot. She rubbed her bottom over her skirt a moment whilst Miss Tiverton waited on her. The next exercise was sit-ups, twenty of them. Charlotte was mortified that she would now have to sit on her throbbing bottom and stretch her arms to her toes. It was as painful as she had imagined. Miss Tiverton took her time; she was enjoying the discomfort of the naughty girl.

Thirty minutes later and back in the changing room, Charlotte undressed to take her shower. She turned at the mirror and saw her bright red bottom staring back at her. It looked as painful as it felt. She took a quick shower and was just finishing dressing when Miss Tiverton came into the room.

“Tomorrow night you will be taking a cross country run on your detention. So please bring your games kit and trainers.”

“Yes Miss.” Charlotte answered swiftly as she pulled on her blazer.

With that the teacher was gone. Charlotte hurried out of the school and home. Glad it was over she did worry though what tomorrow’s detention would bring for her and her sore bottom.

Friday was normally a good day for Charlotte. Her favourite lessons, chips for dinner and then two days without school. But today she was apprehensive, her bottom was still sore and she found sitting uncomfortable. Changing for games just before lunch was a challenge but she successfully managed to hide her whacked bottom from her classmates.

All too soon it was four o’clock and she made her way to the gym changing rooms. Miss Tiverton told her to get changed as they were off on a cross country run. Five miles should be about right, she stated. Charlotte felt very deflated, she had hoped they would just be running around the school sports pitches, but no, it was to be through the woods and fields at the back of the school. She started to change into her kit. Blue long sleeve rugby top and black shorts. At least I don’t have to wear a gymslip, she thought.

She knocked on Miss Tiverton’s door when she was ready. Charlotte entered.

“Ok Andrews just before we go I think we will give you something to think on your way round. Drop your shorts, and then bend across my desk for your final six of the best.”

Charlotte was mortified. She would have to run with a sore bottom all the way round.

“Please Miss Tiverton can’t I have my punishment after or, better still, not at all?” She blurted out before she realised what she said.

The teacher stood up, opened the right hand drawer and picked up ‘Pippa’, her size twelve corrector for naughty girls’ bottoms.

“For your insolence you can take off the shorts, you will be doing the run in your gym skirt. Now hurry up and get across my desk.”

Charlotte, realising she was now in very hot water, quickly did as she was told. Once bent across the desk she did not have to wait long before the first of the six landed square in the middle of her twitching bottom. Now if Charlotte thought yesterday’s and Wednesday’s were hard she soon found out that these six were to be much harder. She squealed again as number two hit her low. Number three was on the other cheek. Four, five and six were delivered quickly as Miss Tiverton thundered them across the upturned bottom of the now sobbing girl. It was all over. She stood and was told to put her gym skirt quickly and join the teacher outside.

The run was unbearable in many ways. Miss Tiverton did not let up on the pupil as she ran a good even pace and on top of that she felt her bottom with every step as it rubbed against her skirt. Up and down climbs through the muddy fields, they ploughed on until at last they arrived back at school. The shower was such as relief as she washed away all the mud, sweat and tears from her ordeal.

She stood outside the office of Miss Tiverton after dressing as she had been instructed. The door opened and out came the teacher. Charlotte was relieved as she was not sure what to expect anymore. She half feared another whacking for her outburst earlier.

They walked up the steps and across the hall and a minute later they were knocking on the door of Miss Grey. Miss Tiverton opened the door and ushered a now terrified Charlotte into the room. Tears were forming in her eyes. Surely she was not being reported for something earlier.

Miss Grey looked up from her desk.

“Miss Tiverton and Charlotte Andrews.” She said.

“Charlotte has completed her detention for the insulting comments, Miss Grey.”

“Good. Then we can complete the punishment book.”

The book was removed from the cupboard and an entry for Charlotte Andrews, Class 6a, now filled three lines. Each one showed a detention plus six with the slipper. Charlotte was made to sign against each line.

“Now I hope that this will be your first and last corporal punishment, Charlotte. If you are called to my office again, as I have previously stated, you will be caned and caned hard.”

“Miss Tiverton, will there be anything else before I dismiss the pupil?”

Charlotte saw the teacher look at her, the room silent for a moment. Charlotte was begging her, in her head, not to report her for the comment she had made.

“No Miss Grey. The matter is closed.”

With that Charlotte was dismissed.

The End