Melanie seeks the help of her former headmaster

by PG

Charles Henderson, the Headmaster at Lowden House College, was sitting in his study early one evening after all his pupils had left. He was reflecting on a telephone call he had received from a former pupil, Melanie Holt. He remembered his former pupil very well as being incredibly gifted academically, which contrasted to her complete refusal to comply with authority.

Memories from six years previous

Melanie had left the College a while ago, and the Headmaster remembered Melanie Holt as holding the unofficial record for any girl that had attended the College, having been caned three times during the last three years of her time at the school. As he sat in his study, he reflected on her various punishments that had culminated in a memorable final thrashing.

The Deputy Headmistress, Anne Smith, had caned Melanie in the fifth form for smoking. That caning was six strokes across the seat of her skirt. Three weeks, Melanie told the Deputy Headmistress she did not respect her authority, and was caned again as a result. This time, she was instructed to remove her skirt for six strokes across her knickers, which had not troubled Melanie overly, much to the irritation of Anne Smith.

The Deputy Headmistress did not like Melanie Holt and hated her arrogance. This feeling was entirely mutual. Meanwhile, Melanie had continued to excel with her academic achievements, gaining straight A grades across all her ‘O’ levels.

The Headmaster had been genuinely fascinated by this student. He could not recall any pupil that excelled academically whilst at the same time causing so much trouble with his teaching staff, who genuinely struggled with Melanie’s arrogance. The truth was that Melanie was often ahead of her tutors in academia and found their teaching somewhat wanting.

As Melanie entered the sixth form, her attitude to authority had not improved. Her ‘A’ level subjects were double maths and economics, and it was unfortunate that her economics tutor was also the Deputy Headmistress. Melanie had almost not chosen economics as a subject because of the tutor.

It did not take long for Melanie and the Deputy Headmistress to fall out over something quite trivial, but culminating with Melanie being extremely rude to Anne Smith. Clearly, this could not go without action, and the Deputy Headmistress instructed Melanie to report to the Headmaster’s study at the end of the day. Charles Henderson, in the presence of the Deputy, gave Melanie a massive dressing-down before telling her that he was going to keep a very close eye on her behaviour, and any further transgressions may result in another caning or even a suspension.

Having narrowly avoided another caning, Melanie did improve her behaviour for a while. However, during the start of the Michaelmas Term, with Melanie now in the Upper Sixth, she had returned to previous habits and had been particularly offensive to several members of the teaching staff. Charles Henderson decided he needed to take a grip on the situation.

He recalled that two years previously he had administered a more severe punishment to a male pupil that had vandalised a shop nearby in South London.  Henderson took a certain amount of pride in the canings he administered. He would normally use the cane two or three times a month, and considered himself something of an expert at giving firm but fair canings with the pupil in question retaining one layer of clothing. He considered a fair caning to have fifteen second gaps between strokes. However, in the case of the pupil that had brought disgrace on the school, the Headmaster decided he needed to step up the punishment, and had in the presence of the shop owner given the boy a beating using a dragon cane that was longer than the normal sixth form cane. He remembered the shock the boy had showed, but that the caning had been effective because the student in question became a model pupil.

He remembered wondering if such a caning would bring Melanie back into line. As such, later that day, Melanie, in the presence of the gym mistress, received a caning that was at this more severe level. When she arrived at the end of the school day, there was the normal defiant attitude, but Henderson remembered well the essence of what he told her. That she had created something of a record in that she was about to caned for the third time, and that he simply could not understand why as a student with such an outstanding academic record continued to exhibit an arrogance and dreadful rudeness to the teaching staff and that four individual members had complained about her behaviour in the last week. As such he told Melanie that he was going to see if he could bring her down to earth with six strokes of the cane that would be a step up from her previous punishments, adding that it was extremely unusual indeed for him to administer a caning to a female pupil, which is why the gym mistress was present to act as a witness.

Six years on, the Headmaster recalled that caning as if it was yesterday. Bent over the desk with her skirt removed, Melanie had been wearing quite skimpy knickers that were tight across her bottom, which meant that some of the strokes were given partly to her uncovered bottom. Having been told by Henderson that she must remain in position whilst she was being caned, he caned her leaving longer gaps than normal. As an expert, he was not being overly severe, instead letting the dragon cane do its job.

After the first two strokes, the Headmaster had suggested to the gym mistress she might like to gently hold Melanie as he continued the caning. Leaving very significant gaps between each stroke, Henderson made the caning last for almost five minutes and it was very clear that this caning had more of an effect on Melanie.

After the final stroke had been delivered, Henderson remembered that he told her to remain in position as he stood back and took in the vision of her bottom with three of the strokes leaving visible stripes below the line of her pants, and the higher three being visible through her partly see-through knickers. He remembered Melanie had looked shocked by this caning and, as she replaced her skirt, he told her that he very much hoped she would change her attitude and gain a new respect for the teaching staff.

The following day, Charles Henderson remembered he was sitting in his study when the school secretary told him Melanie Holt would like a word with him. Naturally, the Headmaster asked his secretary to show her in, and it was a different Melanie that entered his study. She immediately began a speech, which she had clearly prepared, telling him her punishment had been very much deserved. She said she had always respected him as her Headmaster, but had not shown proper respect for the rest of the teaching staff, and it had taken such a caning from him to bring her to her senses. She thanked him for showing her the error of her ways.

Onto University and a high-flying career

Melanie Holt went on to gain three A* grade ‘A’ levels in Double Maths and Economics, which resulted in her going to Cambridge to take a degree course in Economics with a strong Maths module. Three years later, Melanie graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree and elected to stay at Cambridge for a further year to do a PHD course. Her chosen subject was a study into how new mathematical models could change the fundamental dynamics of the emerging economies of the world, with particular focus on India and Mexico. The thesis was of such quality that, with Melanie’s blessing, Cambridge shared it with the Ministry for International Development.

After four years at Cambridge, Melanie found no difficult in securing a high-paying job with an International Consulting Firm in the City of London, which she took after turning down a job in the Civil Service. Within a year, Melanie had been promoted and was running a small team of analysists. She had earnt enough to buy a nice flat overlooking the river, and was frequently dining in the best restaurants in London.

But, two years into her high-profile job, the wheels had started to come off. The arrogance had returned and she was often quite dismissive of colleagues, including superiors. This led to a difficult meeting with the Human Resources (HR) Department where she was told that if her attitude did not improve, she would receive an official warning, and she should not make the mistake the firm could not survive without her. Her personal life was also not in good shape and her boyfriend had left her after telling her she was a nightmare to live with. She had started drinking heavily in the week, which had led to her being prosecuted for drink driving and getting a nine month ban after accepting an invitation to attend an alcohol awareness course. She had also started taking recreational drugs at the weekend.

But it was the meeting with HR that had the most effect on her, and she decided that she had to change. She also realised she was being highly self-destructive and only had herself to blame. Melanie also wanted to try and recover her relationship with her boyfriend and she realised that all the bad behaviour had made her into a rather nasty person. She recalled when she had been in the Upper Sixth, when she had also been going through a similarly destructive phase, which had led to her being severely caned by her old Headmaster, and that Charles Henderson had been responsible for bringing her down to earth. In truth, he had been the only person in her life that had made her see sense, and she had a wild thought; would Charles Henderson help her try and get her life back on the right road?

The following day whilst Melanie was attending various meetings, she often thought about her ridiculous idea of seeking help from her old Headmaster who she knew was still in position at the school. That night, Melanie was drowning her sorrows in her favourite wine bar alone and was thinking about her ex-boyfriend who she missed and was wondering how she could get him back. But to achieve that she would have to show him that she could change, and not, as he had said during their final row, “The trouble with you, Melanie, is that everything has to be your way, particularly when you have had a drink and a line of cocaine, after which you become unbearable.”

She also knew she had just over a month before her next review meeting with HR. When she woke up the next day with another hangover, she resolved to call Charles Henderson and ask if she could call by and see him on Saturday morning when school closed at 12.30.

The Headmaster was very surprised to get a call from his ex-pupil and instantly agreed to see Melanie at 12.30 Saturday. Despite Melanie asking him if he remembered her, to which he replied, “Of course I do,” the fact was that Charles Henderson had strong memories of his ex-pupil as being one of the most gifted students he had ever taught, whilst at the same time being one of the most difficult.

After again stopping at the wine bar on the way home, Melanie wrote a letter to her old Headmaster, a letter that she would take with her to the meeting.

Dear Mr Henderson, 

By the time you read this I will have explained everything and why I am asking for your help in what I can only assume is an extremely unusual request. Since I left school with three A* A levels, I achieved a First-Class Honours degree at Cambridge. I stayed on to do a PHD and wrote a major paper on Mathematical Models that could change the fundamental dynamics of the emerging economies of the world, with particular focus on India and Mexico. Cambridge University, with my blessing, submitted the work to The Department for International Development. The Civil Service offered me a role on the strength of my paper, but instead I took a job with a top-five consulting firm that offered me over £60k as a starting salary. After one year, I was promoted to Associate Director with a big increase in salary. 

However, I still find the work fairly easy, and I have drifted back into old habits. You may remember this happened when I was a student and that I was not a very nice person, which ultimately resulted in a punishment from you in my final year. That particular punishment was not the first time I had been caned, but was the only punishment that was effective and finally made me mend my ways. Not only was the caning extremely painful, but it had been given by you as Headmaster, the only person I truly respected. It made me change my ways and made me a better person. 

Back to the present, I was called to a meeting with HR this week and have been warned that my attitude and rudeness to colleagues, including my superiors, has to change and that I will be seen again in just over four weeks’ time for a review and that I am at risk of getting an official warning. I have also started to consume too much alcohol in the week and indulge in a small amount of recreational drugs at the weekend. I was convicted of drink-driving last year and served a nine month ban after taking an alcohol awareness course. Last week, I drove my car after having too much to drink and got away with it. My boyfriend has walked out on me, describing me an impossible person to live with. 

I have to make changes, and make them quickly, and I wondered if you would be able to help me. I need a short sharp shock and, hopefully, you will not find my proposal ridiculous. The caning you gave me six years ago when I was in the Upper Sixth was pretty awful but I have to admit effective. I am asking if you would be prepared to repeat that caning on the basis that I make the following changes:

 Weekday drinking to stop; MANDATORY

Recreational drugs to stop, period; MANDATORY

Driving the car after a drink to stop; MANDATORY

Getting a favourable review from HR in four weeks’ time; MANDATORY

Recovering my relationship with my boyfriend; HOPEFULLY 

If you agree to my proposal, I would like to arrange to see you again after my meeting with HR. If I have failed on any of the four mandatory items, I would ask that you punish me again but at a more serious level, probably doubling the punishment, which should be such a horrifying thought that I will be incentivised to be successful. If I have succeeded, I would like to take you out for lunch to one of London’s best restaurants after this second meeting. 

Please understand that I am certainly not looking forward to taking such a punishment, but I cannot see how else I will make the changes necessary that I am not able to make by myself. 

Yours sincerely, 

Dr Melanie Holt 

Having written the letter, Melanie sealed it and put in her handbag. It was almost as if she did not want to read it again, knowing that she was potentially facing something fairly dreadful, but knowing that if she did not find a way to change, her life could fall apart.

Two days later, Melanie left the office just after six o’clock and again headed for her favourite wine bar. It was Friday night and she knew all too well that she was meeting with her old Headmaster in the morning. She was not in the mood for socialising and had two large glasses of wine before heading home. Once in her flat, she opened another bottle of wine and decided that she should have one last line of cocaine. Feeling an instant ‘high’, Melanie took the rest of the very expensive white power and flushed it down the toilet.

But uppermost in her mind was her meeting with her old Headmaster the following morning and the fearful prospect of what she had put herself up for. Melanie woke early and decided to go for a long run to clear her head.

Once at home, she sat on her balcony looking at the River Thames as she contemplated the day ahead. It was difficult to concentrate, but she decided on one move; to call her ex-boyfriend and ask if he would like to meet later in the day. He answered the phone quickly and was surprisingly friendly, and they chatted for a while before Melanie nervously asked if they could meet later. She was delighted when he agreed to meet at the wine bar that they had enjoyed so much together in previous times.

But it was soon time to get ready for her meeting with Charles Henderson and, after she showered, she thought about what she should wear. Deciding on an expensive designer dress, she chose an equally expensive set of lingerie. As it was winter, a bigger decision was about stockings. In her letter that was still unopened in her handbag, she had indicated that she expected a similar caning to the one she had received when still at the school, which was administered with one layer of clothing retained. As such, Melanie had three options; tights, stockings and suspenders, or hold-ups. She decided that stockings and suspenders would send off the wrong signals, but that tights may add a complication as they would probably have to be removed. Hold-ups was the obvious compromise.

It was a fifteen-minute walk from her flat to the school, and at exactly 12.10 she left and walked with considerable purpose, making her way across London Bridge. There was almost a sense of destiny in what was going to happen next and she was motivated about making the major changes to get her life back on track. A very good start was that her ex-boyfriend had agreed to an early evening meet, and she knew that she was going to tell him all.

Arriving at her old school gates at 12.25, she made her way through the main doors and headed to the Headmaster’s study.

Charles Henderson was sitting at his desk with the door open when Melanie arrived. He was immediately very welcoming as he suggested she take a seat. He asked her how he could help.

Taking a deep breath, Melanie told him her story, about all her achievements, about her high-flying job, about being promoted twice, and about earning over £100k. However, she then said that she had fallen back into bad habits and was in danger of throwing everything she had achieved away.

Melanie handed her old Headmaster the letter she had written a few days earlier and waited as he read the text, frowning and smiling as he made his way through the content.

Folding the letter and placing it on his desk, Charles Henderson looked at Melanie and said: “Melanie, you have clearly gone back to your bad old ways and your self-destructive tendencies have returned. It is a complete mystery to me that someone who is so gifted can be quite so self-destructive. You have set yourself four mandatory targets to be achieved over the next four weeks, and if I agree to your very unusual request, what can you say to me that would give me any confidence that it would work?”

Melanie, pausing, replied: “I know my request will be unusual, but when you punished me in the Upper Sixth, the caning marked a very important turning point for me. Not only was it very painful, it was that you had felt it necessary to punish me yourself which had made me feel ashamed. You have been the only person in my life to put me back on the right road. In recent months, I have not been able to change my ways and have concluded that I need external help. As to the four big changes I need to make, I feel I need to have something to fear if I fail.”

Charles Henderson looked up and told Melanie she was truly an extraordinary individual, but that he would be prepared to help.

Hesitating, Melanie told him that she wanted a repeat of the caning she had received in the Upper Sixth, which involved six strokes with the dragon cane with only her knickers as protection. However, she added that she would want to return in four weeks, after her meeting with HR, and that if she had failed on any of her goals then she would submit to a very much more severe caning with double the number of strokes. She added that she hoped such a thought would be horrifying enough to ensure she was successful in achieving her objectives.

There was nothing left but for the reality of what was about to happen. The Headmaster asked one last time if she was sure, to which she said: “We have come too far.”

He told her to prepare herself, which obviously meant taking off enough clothing to allow for a caning across her knickers. She slipped her high heels off before undoing the long zip on her dress and stepping out of it to reveal a stunning body with only bra, knickers and hold-ups remaining. Henderson noted that her lingerie was clearly expensive and, in the six years that had passed since her Upper Sixth caning, Melanie had developed from a teenager into a stunning-looking woman.

Melanie asked if she should bend across his desk as she had done six years earlier, to which Charles Henderson nodded, and told her to reach right over and take a wide grip of the far side. She had been fearful of what she was going to receive, but strangely her earlier conversation with her ex-boyfriend had given her a boost and, as she lay across his desk with her bottom exposed, she knew she had made the right choice and that she fully deserved what was about to happen.

Charles Henderson had the pleasure of studying the very attractive sight of Melanie’s 24-year-old bottom perfectly presented and protected by only her skimpy knickers. He told Melanie that he would split the caning into three parts, based on the three most serious offences, and selected his dragon cane that was very rarely used. He told her the first two strokes were for drinking related matters, including drink-driving after already serving a ban for the offence.

He made Melanie wait for over sixty seconds before thrashing her for the first time with a very decent whack and causing her to let out a mini-scream. She knew the caning she had asked for was going to be painful, but had forgotten quite how bad the dragon cane was. The truth was that the first stroke had been a considerable shock. Henderson told her he would beat her quite slowly, and that whilst she was being caned she must remain in position.

He thrashed Melanie for the second time, quite low, just above the crease and below the line of her knickers, which caused another involuntary mini-scream, and he simply said: “Two.”

Despite the incredible pain being caused by his cane, Melanie kept telling herself this was what she deserved.

With just two strokes taken, Melanie’s bottom was on fire with the pain burning lower down near the crease. After a while, Henderson told her the next two strokes were for taking cocaine as he gave her the third stroke toward the top of the fleshy part of her bottom, followed by a loud grunt as Melanie absorbed yet another whack from the dragon cane. The old Headmaster simply said: “Three.”

This caused another red stripe visible through her knickers, and there were clear gaps for the final three strokes. The fourth stroke was delivered very close to the previous whack, but did not overlap.

With just the final two strokes left, Henderson told her these would be the most important and would be given for her incredible arrogance toward her work colleagues. If it were possible, the fifth was the hardest yet, into the gap he had left above the centre of her bottom. It caused the loudest gasp yet. Melanie knew she only had only the final stroke left, and resolved to hold onto the desk whatever the pain.

The old Headmaster stood back and was pleased that his superb accuracy was such that he could make out each of the five stripes, mostly through her semi-see-through pants. There was a clear gap of white bottom just above the very first stripe, which after making her wait for well over a minute, he gave Melanie the final stroke which caused one final loud gasp. He told her to remain in position as he again took a pace back to admire his handiwork. Melanie’s caning had started at exactly 12.50 and it had lasted five minutes.

Moments later, after telling Melanie to stand and take a step back, he returned to his desk and sat down. With Melanie standing in front of him in just her bra, hold-up stockings and skimpy see-through knickers, Henderson asked if she felt she had been suitably punished and, more importantly, been punished as she had wanted.

She took a deep breath before saying that, yes, indeed she had and that she remembered all too well her caning six years previously. It had brought back some clear memories. But she added that: “Despite the incredible experience of being caned again, and that my bottom feels as if it is on fire, I appreciated your idea of caning me quite slowly and using each of the two strokes to give me specific focus on each of the main things that I have to change.”

Henderson replied: “It is now up to you, and you alone, to ensure you make the four key changes needed. I hope that when we meet again in four weeks it will for a much more pleasant occasion.”

He suggested that Melanie might like to get dressed and, as she replaced her dress and court shoes, she asked if she could go to the bathroom and sort out her make-up which had run as a result of a few tears. She then said goodbye and thanked her old Headmaster for his help, adding that she would see him again in four weeks’ time.

On the way back to her flat, she called in at her favourite bar for a much needed cold glass of wine. After all, it was a weekend and, after getting her bottom thrashed, she felt she deserved a large glass of wine. However, she made the mistake of sitting on one of the bar stools, a bad idea, and she wondered when she would be able to sit down without being reminded of her caning.

When she got back to her flat and undressed before having a shower, she was shocked to see the state of her bottom in the mirror.

Later, she met up with her ex-boyfriend, Tom, who was very friendly. After a couple of drinks, they agreed to have dinner. Melanie decided to tell all, and told him about how sorry she was about her appalling behaviour, and that she knew their relationship had broken down because of her dreadful and selfish behaviour. She told him about the four major changes she was going to make and added that, more than anything else, she wanted them to get back together.

He asked: “What can you say to make me believe you?”

Melanie decided to tell Tom she had enlisted her old Headmaster to help and, pausing for breath, told him that she had been to see him earlier and had requested that he give her a caning similar to the one he had given her six years earlier. She went on to tell Tom that she had four weeks to make the changes, otherwise she would be caned again, but at a more serious level.

Tom was astonished by what he was being told, but he knew more than most that Melanie was not an ordinary woman. After dinner, Melanie asked him if he wanted to come back to the flat to see the damage to her bottom for himself. He was intrigued and a little later was astonished by the six symmetrical stripes. One thing led to another and he stayed over.

The following day over lunch, she told Tom more about her determination to make the changes needed, and he agreed to give their relationship another go on one condition. Melanie asked what that might be, and, smiling, Tom told her she would have to agree that if she, at any time, treated him with the disrespect that had caused their break-up, she would have to accept a caning from him.

Melanie laughed and said: “But you don’t have a cane.”

Tom replied: “But I know that if I call Charles Henderson, he will be able to help with that problem.”

On Monday, Melanie, still finding it uncomfortable to sit down, called the HR Director and suggested they fix a date for lunch. Two days later, at a nearby restaurant, Melanie told the HR Director that she realised some of her behaviour had been unacceptable and that she wanted to work with some of the more junior employees as their mentor. This conversation went well and, three weeks later, she received a note to say that her review meeting had been cancelled.

Living in Central London, she decided she no longer needed a car, which she sold so there would be no more drinking and driving. And the cocaine had already gone down the toilet.

But there was one rule that Melanie broke. In week two, after a very stressful day, she had a glass of wine on the way home and decided that she had been over-optimistic to think she could completely give up the occasional drink during the week. At no point did she drink excessively during the week, and at no point did she arrive at the office with a hangover.

When it came for her next meeting with Charles Henderson, which was scheduled for 12.30 on the Saturday four weeks after her previous meeting and caning, she knew she had been largely successful. But as she walked again across London Bridge, she had to admit that she had not achieved 100%, with one of the ‘mandatories’ being marginally missed. She would have to admit this to Charles Henderson.

Melanie had booked a Mercedes ‘S’ Class to collect them at 13.00 from the school to take them both to her favourite restaurant in Mayfair, but first she had to tell her old Headmaster about what had happened since their last meeting.

Meeting her old Headmaster again, she immediately told him about her progress and success. Her career was back on track, recreational drugs were a thing of the past, as was drinking and driving. She also told him she had successfully reunited with her boyfriend. But she also had to admit that she had marginally missed one of the mandatories in that she had enjoyed a glass of wine or two during the week, and as such had not achieved a 100% success.

Melanie added that in her work life the only acceptable goal was 100% achievement. Charles Henderson listened intensely to her account of the last four weeks and reminded her that she had said she would accept another severe caning if she missed her objectives. He added that it appeared she had achieved the most important aims and that perhaps no further correction was needed.

Melanie then said that: “No, I only work to 100%, and I have to accept that I have missed my objective by a small margin. I do not think I deserve the super severe punishment with the dragon cane that we discussed, but I do think that I deserve some kind of correction. I suggest you give me a quick sharp shock similar to the caning I received in the lower sixth. Our car to take us to the restaurant will not be here for another fifteen minutes, which is ample time for you to give me six-of-the-best with your normal cane.”

Not for the first time, Charles Henderson was taken aback by Melanie, but told her that if that was what she wanted, he would happily oblige.

She replied: “It not what I want, it is what I deserve.”

He told her to prepare herself as he stood up and went to the cupboard to select his standard sixth-form cane. Unlike at their previous meeting when Melanie had worn a designer dress, she was wearing a smart suit and she took off her jacket before sliding her tight pencil skirt down her legs, stepping out of it to reveal that again she was wearing hold-ups. Without any discussion, she bent across his desk.

Not for the first time, Charles Henderson had Melanie’s wonderful bottom presented across his desk and Melanie received six crisp strokes at fifteen-second intervals that were certainly painful but at a more modest level to the caning she had taken four weeks earlier. It was impressive to Henderson that his former pupil took this caning without any notable reaction.

After the sixth stroke, Melanie stood and thanked her old Headmaster, showing no emotion as she replaced her skirt and jacket before suggesting it was time for lunch, adding that she did not need to tidy up her make-up as she had not shed a tear.

Charles Henderson had never been in a Mercedes S Class before and was taken aback when they arrived at the restaurant where Melanie was greeted by her first name by the Maitre’D, who clearly knew her very well. They were treated very well, as only a very regular customer would be, and they had a great lunch with no expense spared.

During their conversation, Melanie asked Charles Henderson a big question. “Charles, you have been very good to me, but I wonder would I be able to call on you again if I felt that I needed further correction?”

Her old Headmaster told her that she would only have to call.

Another strange thing happened over the lunch. Unlike four weeks ago when Melanie found it very uncomfortable to sit down after taking six strokes of the dragon cane, this time sitting in the restaurant she was experiencing a glow in her bottom that was not unpleasant.

The next ten years

This was now all a while ago. Charles Henderson had watched Melanie progress and was not at all surprised when she was appointed to be a partner in the firm she worked for less than two years after that extraordinary event in his study on that Saturday morning. Then, two years later, he received an invitation to attend Melanie and Tom’s wedding, to which he gracefully accepted. Tom had acquired a cane from Charles Henderson, albeit not a dragon cane, and had only had occasion to use it a couple times. On both occasions, Melanie had apologised and accepted what was in contrast a mild thrashing. She never admitted to her future husband that they were tame in comparison to what she received from Henderson. She also did not admit that these relatively mild canings were quite enjoyable!

Later she was transferred to the Firm’s office in New York to Head up one of the main divisions. After another two years Melanie was back in London joining the Main Board of the Firm. She also became a Governor at Lowden House Collage. Charles Henderson was not surprised, but very pleased that Melanie also became a Benefactor to the Collage with an initial donation of £10,000.

After Charles Henderson retired, he also became a Governor and worked with Melanie to raise funds to create a new Science Block. Melanie led the fund raising and secured a huge donation from her own firm which resulted in the new Science Block being called the Holt Building.

Over the next period, Charles Henderson watched Melanie’s meteoric progress and was not at all surprised when she was appointed to be a Partner in the Firm less than two years after that extraordinary event in his study on that Saturday morning. He wondered; would she have achieved this progress without the drastic action and the resultant beating with the dragon cane she had requested to get her career back on track?

The End

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