A girl is set up deliberately to get her into trouble. By a new writer to us.

By Mike Preston

Amy Windsor, an attractive seventeen year old blue eyed brunette, a month away from her eighteenth birthday, was five feet seven inches tall, her hair reaching to her shoulders and curling slightly outwards at the bottom, she stood, rather uncomfortably, at the front of the Headmasters desk. The Deputy Head, Miss Winters, who was also Amy’s form mistress, was standing to Amy’s left. A stern-looking dark-haired lady in her early fifties, Miss Winters stood five feet nine inches tall and always held a dignified posture. She was very well respected by everyone at the school. It was normal policy for the Head Girl, Helen Watson, to also attend on these occasions. Helen stood at five feet eight, she was of slim build, had short blonde hair and green eyes. She was very intelligent and also well respected. It was just after 4pm on a Friday afternoon.

Amy, at present in the lower sixth at the highly acclaimed Prestwick Grammar School for Girls, had another year ahead of her after the present term ended in two weeks’ time.

The Headmaster, Mr Windsor, a tall well-built gentleman in his mid-forties and also Amy’s father, sat looking at Amy with a slightly bemused expression on his face, before clearing his throat and speaking to her.

“I have to say Amy,” he said to her, without raising his voice. “That both I and Miss Winters are totally shocked to find you here having to answer for your apparent misconduct; in fact a serious indiscretion as far as this school is concerned. Until now you have been an exemplary, high achieving pupil at this school and up to the present time have been high on the short list for Head Girl next term. And, I’m sure you are aware, that is not because you are related to me. If you were still on the short list at the end of this term, then I would take no part in the choice made and, as everyone is aware, Miss Winters would choose the most deserving candidate.”

“Yes Sir,” said Amy. “If you will excuse me saying, although Miss Winters is known to be a no-nonsense teacher, she does have a sense of humour and has always been respected for her sense of fair play.”

As Miss Winters stifled a chuckle, the Head went on to say to Amy: “Apparently you were caught red-handed by Miss Winters with a packet of cigarettes and a lighter in your possession. You are, of course, aware of the penalty for this offence?”

“Yes Sir,” Amy said in reply and then, quoting the rule which was always prominently displayed on the school notice board and also in every classroom in the school, went on to say: “Any pupil caught smoking or in possession of smoking materials whilst on the school premises or in school uniform will receive six strokes of the cane and the offender’s name will be displayed on the ‘School Misdemeanour’s Board’ for the remainder of the term and also the following term.”

After the items had been found in her possession, Amy had had a quick chat with her best friend, Hazel Green, regarding the punishment she was likely to receive. Both girls had often discussed what it would be like to be caned on their bottoms. Both were always well behaved and received high marks for their school work. Hazel, like Amy, was also a likely candidate for the Head Girl post.

They had been close friends since meeting in junior school and, whereas Amy was very tolerant and always looked for the best in people, Hazel could be a bit mean with anyone she didn’t like. Neither girl had ever been punished at school, although Amy had felt her father’s slipperon her rear, one on each cheek with her skirt lifted up a few years ago for being cheeky to her mum.

When her mother told her she should think herself lucky that she hadn’t had her pants taken down, Amy couldn’t resist saying: “Oh, have I got a kinky dad?”

That remark earned her a further two harder slaps right across both cheeks. She remembered how much it had stung, but also the warm glow she felt as the sting wore off.

“Well,” said Hazel. “It could well be that you are in line for a caning now. I doubt that you will enjoy it very much, but at least it will satisfy your curiosity.”

“Yes, it certainly will,” Amy replied. “Although I don’t somehow feel quite so curious now.”

“Well, Headmaster,” said Miss Winters. “Amy informed me they must have been slipped into her pocket and by the surprised and horrified look on her face as the offending articles came into view, I have a distinct feeling that may well be true. She was talking to Silvia Gregg and Jean Brant as I walked by. I heard Silvia ask Amy for a pen and then Amy put her hand into her right hand pocket and out came the packet and lighter.”

Amy, looking at Miss Winters, said to her: “I usually keep a pen in my right hand side pocket. I got fed up of my classmates taking it out of my top pocket as a prank, so I felt it better to keep it out of sight. The articles found on my person are not mine, I don’t even smoke and although I admit it does seem a feeble excuse, I honestly don’t know how they got there.”

“I have heard on several occasions,” said Miss Winters. “Other pupils calling Amy ‘Miss goody two shoes.’ I have pulled them up over this remark but Amy informed me she just took it as a bit of classroom banter. However, both Silvia and Jean have been guilty of making that remark and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a bit of petty jealousy from those two. Have they made any other remarks to you, Amy, since the packet and lighter were found on you?”

“Only that it will be quite a surprise for everyone to see my name on the naughty board, unless ‘Daddy’s Girl’ can wangle her way out of it.” Amy replied.

“I rather think,” said Miss Winters. “Those two girls may well have been responsible for those items being found where they were. It was a ‘Ten’ packet which could have easily been slipped into Amy’s pocket and there was only one cigarette inside it. Personally, I would prefer to wait until Monday and have a talk with those two girls before taking this any further.”

“That’s very kind of you Miss Winters,” said Amy. “However, even if they are guilty, I really don’t believe they are likely to own up to planting those items on me and, although I don’t want to talk myself into a caning, I would rather get it over with now, rather than have it hanging over me all weekend and then end up getting caned on Monday. So if it’s all the same to you, Sir,” she continued, addressing the Headmaster. “I guess you really have to judge it on the fact that I had the offending items on my person. So I’ll take the caning now please.”

Looking rather surprised, the Headmaster sat for a moment considering what Amy had said. Then, after glancing towards Miss Winters, he said to Amy: “Very well then. I can understand you not wanting it hanging over you and School policy does dictate that, should such items be found in your possession, then you are more than likely to be caned, although I would ask Miss Winters to investigate this further next week.” Then addressing the Deputy Head, he said: “Would you advise Amy as to what she is required to do please?”

“Of course, Headmaster,” Miss Winters replied. Then turning to Amy she said to her: “You are required to stand right up to the Headmaster’s desk. Then, lifting your skirt up at the front, you must bend over the desk, reaching to the opposite end, pushing your bottom out and staying in that position until told to rise. I will lift the back of your skirt up until it is well clear of your knickers and then pull your knickers up as far as possible so the majority of the caning will be targeting your bare bottom.”

As the Head returned from the cupboard from where he had fetched his cane, which was of medium thickness and just short of three foot long, Amy was standing close to his desk and lifting the front of her skirt up. The dark blue uniform skirt was pleated so was not tightly fitting. It came down to the top of Amy’s knees, the required length being no shorter than two inches above the knee. As the tops of her thighs were revealed, she bent across the desk, reached her arms forward and pushed her bottom out as she had been instructed to do. Miss Winters then stood behind her and raised the back of Amy’s skirt, revealing a very neat rounded bottom, covered by a pair of plain white panties. Although had ridden up slightly, they still covered the majority of her behind.

Miss Winters then took hold of Amy’s panties and pulled them upwards rather sharply, so as to display as much bare flesh as possible. This action caused Amy to gasp as she felt the material push into her groin.

“I’m sorry,” said Amy. “But I find this extremely uncomfortable and although I don’t wish to cause you any embarrassment, Sir, I would prefer to have my pants taken down rather than pulled upwards.”

“Well,” said the Head. “We have had this situation come up once before and it was decided that, should it occur again, then I would leave the room and Miss Winters would administer the caning. I should also add that Miss Winters is extremely efficient at doing so. It was suggested the school could provide some sort of thong or such like, to save any embarrassment to the girl and would also allow the full ‘Target Area’ to be displayed. However, the School Governors couldn’t agree on it.”

“That’s fine with me,” replied Amy. “Anyway, besides not wanting my knickers feeling so uncomfortable, if they happen to slip down just as the cane is landing, it could cause an even nastier mark if the cane pushes the material into the flesh. I also have no illusions as to Miss Winters’ proficiency with the cane.”

“Nor should you have,” Miss Winters replied. “And I should remind you, in case you aren’t aware, this offence requires the cane to be ‘Well Laid On’.”

“Very well, Miss Winters,” Amy replied.

As the Headmaster handed his cane to Miss Winters and left his study to wait in his secretaries’ room, Amy stood up, pushed her hands under her skirt, hooked her thumbs into the top of her knickers and quickly pulled them down. As they dropped to her ankles, she slipped them over her shoes and placed them neatly onto the desk by the side of her. Carefully lifting the front of her skirt so as not to reveal too much, she again bent over the desk and assumed the required position.

Miss Winters, after lifting the back of Amy’s skirt well clear of her now naked bottom, positioned herself so that she was looking down at Amy’s beautifully rounded unprotected peach of a bottom, which was perfectly positioned to receive the first stroke of the cane. Helen Watson, who had remained silent throughout these proceedings, took up a position slightly behind and to the right of Amy, to enable her to witness the caning, as was required.

Amy felt the cane tapping lightly against her bottom and then, as the tapping ceased and she realised that the implement had been drawn back, she gripped the far side of the desk tightly and steeled herself to receive her punishment. The Deputy Head lifted the cane back to almost shoulder height and then, looking down at Amy’s beautiful rear patiently waiting for the caress of the cane, she brought it down hard, just below the centre. She had very expertly positioned herself so that the cane landed equally onto both cheeks.


Amy felt nothing for a split second and then suddenly experienced a searing pain as though the cheeks of her bottom were on fire. She managed not to cry out. She hadn’t moved. The blow seemed to have frozen her in place so that she was still perfectly positioned to receive the next stroke. She was suddenly aware the cane was again tapping against her bottom, this time somewhat higher than the first strike. Next second she heard the whoosh as the cane descended towards the bare flesh of her rear and then felt the sting as it connected with its target.

“Ouch,” she cried out. Miss Winters had laid the second stroke as expertly as she had the first. This time, although managing to hold onto the desk, Amy’s legs bent slightly as she moved her bottom up and down trying to alleviate the pain.

There was a short pause before she again felt the cane tapping against her rear. The Deputy Head had allowed her a few extra seconds to settle down. Now, as she viewed the two welts, perfectly in line with each other, her cane was tapping just below where the first stroke had landed. She could see Amy tense as she drew back the instrument for the third blow.

Down it came onto Amy’s bare flesh as she lay there waiting for its stinging kiss. This time she cried out and her legs bent. She couldn’t stop herself from moving her bottom up and down in an effort to relieve the pain. Amy’s bottom was now really stinging. “Three more still to come,” she said to herself as she resumed the required position and presented her now well-marked rear for the next stroke.

Lining up the cane against Amy’s bare flesh, just below where she had placed the second stroke, Miss Winters lifted the cane and brought it down, again expertly, to land with a loud ‘Whack’ onto the desired spot, causing Amy to jump slightly and utter a loud: “Wooooow!” as she felt the canes bite. Miss Winters then placed the cane just above the ‘Crease’, where Amy’s thighs met her bottom. She then brought the cane down once more, connecting with a loud ‘Thwack,’ right on target.

Miss Winters would willingly have ended the punishment there and then, especially as she was pretty certain that Amy had been ‘set up’ to take this caning, however she was well aware that Amy would not want any favours from her. The penalty was six strokes of the cane and Miss Winters knew that she would not expect to take less. She was also aware that it wouldn’t go down well with her classmates if Amy did not receive the full quota and Miss Winters was required  to record the number of strokes awarded and then sign her name alongside it, before it was displayed on the ‘Misdemeanour’s Board’. As the Head Girl was also required to add her signature, it didn’t leave Miss Winters any choice.

As Amy prepared herself for the final stroke, Miss Winters gazed down at the five prominent marks vividly displayed on Amy’s naked bottom. Her usual practice was to take her time in delivering the last stroke and make the girl wait. She decided that on this occasion she would allow Amy to get it over with so, although she took care to line the cane against the middle of Amy’s unprotected rear, she tapped the still unblemished flesh once only and then, drawing the cane back, almost as far as she could, she swung it down hard towards the waiting target.

Amy steeled herself as she heard the cane swooshing towards her naked behind. She knew this would be the hardest and was well aware of how much pain it was likely to cause her. She felt the flesh on both cheeks of her bottom being pushed inwards as the cane impacted onto where it was intended. The stinging of the blow was intense and although Amy cried out, she did manage to hold her position and keep her legs together.

Amy was then told by Miss Winters that the punishment was complete and that she could now stand up. She immediately put her hands onto her very sore bottom in an attempt to ease the throbbing. She could feel the deep welts where the cane had landed and wondered how long it would take before the pain started to wear off. She knew the marks on her rear would take quite a while to heal.

After allowing Amy several minutes to compose herself, Miss Winters looked at Amy and said: “That lighter and cigarettes were not yours, were they Amy?”

Amy, looking directly into Miss Winters eyes, replied with a slight smile. “No Miss Winters, they were not.” She continued by saying: “I didn’t think it was right to pursue my innocence, firstly because it was unlikely that anyone would own up to it and secondly, I didn’t want my father to be put in an awkward position. I’m sure he believed I was set up, but the items were found on my person and without any proof of my innocence, he was obliged to take the appropriate action. Although you were prepared to delay the punishment whilst you investigated it further, I really didn’t want this hanging over me during the weekend break and then to have to take a caning next week. Besides, it does get a bit boring being ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’ all the time. Not that I have any intention of changing my behaviour for the worse, especially after being on the receiving end of that cane.”

“Well,” said Miss Winters. “I do have some soothing cream in my bag which, if you are agreeable, I will use on your bottom. I believe, under the circumstances, that you should be granted a little relief.”

“Thank you Miss Winters,” said Amy as she bent over the desk to allow the Deputy Head to again lift her skirt up, but this time to apply some relief to her swollen behind.

As Amy gingerly pulled her pants back up over her swollen rear, Miss Winters instructed Helen to inform the Headmaster the punishment was complete and that he could now re-enter his office.

After informing the Head that Amy had received six strokes of the cane, witnessed by the Head Girl, Helen Watson, Miss Winters handed him back his cane, picked up her bag and said: “I’ll bid you all goodnight, and please don’t think this matter is closed, Amy. Those two girls are quite likely to start boasting that they got you a caning. It’s just the sort of thing they would do and hopefully, they’ll do it once too often and be overheard by one of the staff, or maybe one or more of your classmates will ‘Dob’ them in. After all, Amy, you are a very popular student and I’m sure the majority of the class would be more likely to take your side than theirs.”

“Thanks Miss Winters,” Amy shouted to her as the Deputy Head left and then turning to her father she said: “OK Pops, let’s go and show mum my ‘battle scars.’”

As Amy and her father left the building, with Amy walking rather stiffly, they found that Hazel was waiting for them. They lived not far from each other and Hazel often rode into school with Amy and her dad.

“Looks like you’ve had your curiosity satisfied, then.” Hazel said to Amy.

“What on Earth is that supposed to mean?” Amy’s father replied.

“Oh, just that. After you walloped me a couple of years ago with your slipper, I’ve often wondered what a caning would be like,” said Amy. “Although,” she went on. “I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered. I certainly wouldn’t relish having that again. At least I’ve got it over with because, unless anyone saw Silvia or her mate sliding that packet and lighter into my pocket, there isn’t much chance of them being found out.”

“So you think they are responsible then?” Hazel said to Amy, as they climbed into the headmaster’s car, with Amy carefully seating herself to avoid irritating her painful rear too much.

“Well, they must have seen Miss Winters approaching when they asked me for a pen,” replied Amy. “So it does seem a little suspicious, to say the least. I really don’t understand why they would do such a thing; I wouldn’t have thought they had any reason to dislike me.”

“I don’t either,” said Hazel. “You’ve often helped both of them during maths when Miss Winters has asked you to and they’ve both admitted they appreciated your help. I reckon you must have been good for the Head Girl appointment next term. Is this likely to scupper your chances?”

“I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have been chosen anyway,” Amy said. “I think it likely I would be regarded as far too tolerant and would not report pupils as often as I should. You, on the other hand, might be a little too strict, although you must be in with a good chance. I bet Miss Winters has already informed the Head of her choice, not that he will tell anyone else, especially not me.”

“As you have already been informed that you are or were on the short list, Amy, then I think it’s only fair to tell Hazel that she is too.” Her father told them. “However,” he went on. “That’s as far as it goes and I will trust you both to keep it to yourselves.”

“Yes Sir,” said both girls in unison.

Upon arriving at Amy’s address Hazel thanked Mr Windsor for the lift and, as the Headmaster headed for the house, Hazel continued her conversation with Amy.

“I still think you would have been made Head Girl if this incident hadn’t occurred,” said Hazel. “After all, she continued. “You are good at almost everything you do.”

“What about you?” Amy replied. “You’re brilliant with your business studies. I bet your dad can’t wait for you to join his firm. You do have that ruthless streak that’s probably required in business.”

“I’m not sure I like being thought of as ruthless, especially by my best friend,” Hazel stated.

Amy laughed and replied: “I didn’t mean to sound nasty. You do need to be a bit ruthless in business sometimes. As long as you don’t take it too far and you remember to at least be nice to all your friends, especially me.”

“Oh, I suppose I might manage that,” replied Hazel.

“We’ll just have to see what Monday brings now, I suppose,” said Amy. “I’m certainly not looking forward to the morning assembly where I’ll be required to stand in front of the whole school whilst the Headmaster informs them of my misconduct.”

Monday Morning

The first assembly of the week was usually of short duration; therefore, the only chairs in use were for members of staff, who sat along the side of the assembly hall. All the pupils stood in rows with the most senior girls at the back. The Deputy Head stood on the stage, along with the music teacher, although he was sat at the piano.

As the assembly drew to a close, the Headmaster came into the hall and walked onto the stage alongside Miss Winters. He spoke quietly to her for a few moments and then, turning towards the assembled hall, he said in a loud clear voice: “Amy Windsor, walk to the front.”

Amy had stood at one end of the row she was in so that she didn’t have to push past any of her classmates. Upon hearing her name called out, she immediately started to walk towards the stage, her eyes looking to the front of her. She was aware, of course, that every other eye in the building was focussed on her.

As she walked onto the stage, Amy was instructed by the Head to stand at the front where everyone could see her. He then made his address to the waiting audience.

Again speaking in a loud clear voice, he said: “Last Friday afternoon, this girl, Amy Windsor, was found to be in possession of smoking materials. There was some doubt regarding her guilt, however, as there did appear to be a possibility the items in question had been slipped into her pocket without her knowledge. Although Miss Winters suggested further enquiries should be made before any punishment was administered, Amy insisted she’d rather not have the possibility of a caning hanging over her during the weekend and she requested that she would take a caning there and then.”

The Headmaster continued by saying: “Everyone is aware that, besides receiving six strokes of the cane, the pupil in question will have their name added to the school ‘Misdemeanour’s Board’ for the remainder of the term and also the whole of the following term. Amy’s name, however, WILL NOT be appearing on that list.”

A loud murmur of voices could be heard throughout the assembly hall and Amy looked across towards her father with a surprised and questioning look on her face.

After calling: “QUIETEN DOWN,” the Head went on to say: “The history teacher, Mrs Brown, was leaving the premises in her car, for personal reasons, prior to the time that the offending articles were found on Amy’s person. As she was driving slowly along the driveway, she was required to stop. Apparently the caretaker had dropped some articles out of the wheelbarrow he was pushing and they had scattered across the driveway. As Mrs Brown was about to alight from her car to assist him, she glanced across towards the playground and noticed, about 20 metres from her, one of Amy’s classmates sliding something that appeared to be a small packet into Amy’s pocket. At the time Mrs Brown just assumed it must have been something the girl had borrowed from Amy and was simply returning it.”

The Headmaster continued: “Upon arriving at the school today, and hearing what had happened to Amy, Mrs Brown realised exactly what it was she had seen and immediately informed Miss Winters and myself. I will now give the girl in question the opportunity to come forward and admit her guilt.”

Everyone in the hall was looking towards the Lower Sixth. No one moved.

“Very well,” said the Headmaster. “If I have to call the girl’s name out, she will receive three strokes of the cane, right now in front of the whole school and that will only be for starters. You have ten seconds to make up your mind.”

Amy, along with everyone else, was staring towards where the Lower Sixth were standing. A few seconds passed and then Amy could see a figure start to move towards the end of the Lower Sixth line. Because everyone was standing, she couldn’t make out who it was. Then, as the girl reached the end of the row and started to walk towards the stage, Amy’s jaw dropped and she uttered a loud gasp. Looking directly at Amy, with a defiant expression on her face, was Amy’s ‘Best Friend’, Hazel Green.

As Hazel walked onto the stage, she was directed by the Head to stand at the opposite side to where Amy stood. He then informed the assembled audience that the morning assembly was at an end and requested the teachers in attendance to guide their classes out.

Turning to Hazel he said: “I take it you are responsible for slipping those items into Amy’s pocket.”

“Yes, of course I am,” Hazel replied, rather smugly.

Amy was dumbfounded and with a gasp she said to Hazel: “But why on Earth would you do such a thing?”

“Because,” said Hazel. “Father promised that, if I was appointed Head Girl for next year, he would buy me a new car. I was pretty certain you would be more likely to get the post rather than me, so I decided to try and eliminate the opposition. It was either your friendship or a new car, and it was a very easy decision to make. If it hadn’t been for the stupid caretaker spilling the contents of his barrow, I may well have succeeded.”

“But it was Silvia Gregg who asked me for a pen just as Miss Winters was approaching, so I thought she must have been responsible,” said Amy.

“Yes, well it did slip nicely into place for me,” Hazel stated. “I slipped the items into your pocket whilst I was speaking to you and then told you I had left my gym kit in the dining hall. I was intending to let it slip, within the hearing of a member of staff, to one of our classmates that I’d seen you with a packet of fags. As it turned out, just after I’d walked away from you, Silvia asked me for a pen. I glanced back to where you where and spotted Miss Winters walking in your direction. So all I had to do was to tell Silvia to ask you for a pen and you very obligingly took the items out of your pocket right under Miss Winters’ nose.”

“Right, that will do,” said the Headmaster. Then addressing Hazel, he said: “I have already discussed your behaviour over the phone with your father. That’s why I didn’t take the assembly this morning. Due to the fact that I informed him that you were in serious trouble and could well be expelled, he is on his way to the school right now.”

“Oh, but you mustn’t expel her,” Amy said. “She could end up with an Honours Degree in Business Studies in a few years’ time. If you expel her she might not get into another decent school.”

Hazel looked astounded. She couldn’t believe that, after she had cold-bloodedly betrayed her long time friend, Amy was still prepared to put a word in for her. Suddenly realising how nasty her behaviour had been, Hazel burst into tears.

Both the Head and his Deputy looked at one another. Then Mr Windsor turned to his daughter and said quietly: “Amy, go back to your class please,” and then, when Any didn’t move, he said in a louder voice: “Now, Amy, please,” and then added: “And please inform Mr Grove that Miss Winters will be delayed for some time and that I would be obliged if he would complete the lesson.

“Very well, Sir,” Amy replied and then, after glancing at Hazel, Amy left the hall.

Hazel was instructed to accompany the Head and Miss Winters to the Headmaster’s study and wait outside until her father arrived. The two most senior members of staff then went inside the study to discuss what action should be taken regarding Hazel’s behaviour.

Ten minutes later, the Headmaster’s secretary informed him that Hazel’s father had arrived and Mr Green, along with Hazel, was requested to come in. The two male adults knew each other very well and a quick handshake was exchanged. Mr Green also shook hands with Miss Winters whom he knew to be Hazel’s form mistress.

Looking at his daughter, Hazel’s father said to her: “I take it the accusation against you is true and that you betrayed a very dear friend for the sake of a new car?”

“Yes, I’m afraid it is,” replied the sobbing Hazel.

“And why are you crying now?” Mr Green asked his daughter.

“Because,” Hazel replied. “Mr Windsor said I might well be expelled and despite what I’d done to her, Amy actually spoke up for me. It was then I realised how nasty I’ve been.”

“Well,” continued Mr Green. “I never expected to ever be as ashamed of you as I am now. You would have got that new car irrespective of whether or not you became Head Girl. I only said that to you so you would continue to progress as you were doing. You most certainly will not receive a car of any sort now. It’s all well and good having a ruthless streak, especially in business, although, as I have told you before, you still need to show a bit of humanity. To behave as you have to Amy is nothing short of disgusting and the very least you deserve is a damn good thrashing.”

Addressing the Headmaster, Mr Green went on to say: “As I mentioned on the phone to you earlier, I have been pondering for some time as to whether or not to move my family up North as the majority of my business is in that direction. We do already have a house there. However, having discussed the matter with my wife, we decided that, as Hazel has been getting on so well with her studies here and also because of her friendship with Amy, we would delay any move until a later date. There is no reason to delay a move now.”

He carried on by saying: “We did check out the schools in the area and found there was one very similar to Prestwick. We spoke to the Headmaster there and he informed us they would be very happy to have Hazel join them, although that situation would be likely to change should Hazel be expelled. Of course, you must take the action you feel is necessary and, whatever that might be, I sincerely hope it will include a very severe caning.”

Replying, the Headmaster said to him: “Due to my daughter being involved, I have requested Miss Winters make a decision regarding this matter and, as you stated that you would now be relocating up North, then Miss Winters suggested we should not implement an expulsion.

Looking towards his Deputy, he said: “I’ll leave it to you to finish off, Miss Winters.”

“Thank you Headmaster,” said Miss Winters. “Hazel will receive eight strokes of the cane administered by myself on her bare behind. She will then be suspended for the final two weeks of the term. We are of the opinion the Lower Sixth and possibly others would give her a hard time for the remainder of the term. Therefore it would be better for all if she kept away.”

“Very well, I certainly won’t argue with that,” said Hazel’s father. Then looking at Hazel, he continued: “I shall wait in the car until you have received your well-deserved punishment and then remove you from the school premises.”

He then bade the Headmaster and Miss Winters good day and left the office.

The Headmaster informed Miss Winters he would retreat to his secretaries’ office and would send for the Head Girl.

Upon her arrival, the Head Girl, Helen Watson, was informed Hazel was to receive eight strokes of the cane and that Helen would be required, as usual, to witness the punishment and assist Hazel if required.

Miss Winters then instructed Hazel to remove her knickers and bend across the desk. The Deputy Head didn’t usually take any pleasure from punishing miscreants. However, on this occasion she found herself looking forward to it.

After taking the cane from its cupboard, Miss Winters returned to find Hazel obediently bent over the Headmaster’s desk. She then lifted the girl’s skirt up to reveal a well-rounded bare bottom. Positioning herself accordingly, Miss Winters tapped the cane across the centre of the waiting target. Drawing her arm back to roughly shoulder level, she brought it down hard onto the unprotected soft flesh. Before Hazel could react to the stinging assault, Miss Winters had lifted the cane and again brought it down hard, this time somewhat higher than the first stroke.

Hazel felt the first strike connecting with the soft flesh of her bottom. Before she could react, the second blow was on its way and had connected just as she became conscious of stinging pain from the first.

“Ooouch!” She shouted. Her right leg bent slightly and she wriggled her bottom in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

Miss Winters, after allowing Hazel time to settle down, once more tapped the cane onto the soft flesh of Hazel’s uncovered rear. This time her target was low down, just above where Hazel’s thighs met the two cheeks. The cane was lifted away and Hazel heard the swoosh as it descended towards its waiting target. Thwack! The cane landed exactly where it was aimed, perfectly caressing both cheeks with equal force. Without waiting, Miss Winters sent the forth strike down to connect just below where the second had landed and the cane hit its target as Hazel’s bottom, in reaction to the previous strike, was moving upwards to meet it.


As she burst into tears, Hazel couldn’t refrain from pushing her hands back in an attempt to relieve the burning sting.

Miss Winters realised she was enjoying delivering what she felt to be Hazel’s well-deserved punishment and secretly congratulated herself on the perfectly placed strokes that Hazel had so far received. She instructed Hazel, in a very stern tone, to remove her hands from her bottom, informing her that until told otherwise the only caressing Hazel’s bottom would receive would be from the cane in Miss Winters’ hand.

Hazel, sobbing uncontrollably, reluctantly removed her hands from her rear, again gripping the far side of the desk. She knew she had another four strokes to endure. She wouldn’t forget this punishment for a long time.

Miss Winters, looking down at the four deep red welts displayed across Hazel’s bare bottom, felt no sympathy whatsoever for Hazel. The Deputy Head intended the sixth and seventh strokes would be struck very hard diagonally across the target, so as to cross those already in place. The fifth stroke would be aimed slightly above the one at the bottom, leaving a gap between that and the first one, where the final strike would be made.

Lining up the cane by tapping it against Hazel’s soft flesh, Miss Winters lifted it back and once more delivered a perfect strike onto the waiting target, hearing an agonising yelp from Hazel as contact was made. She then moved her position to allow herself to aim the cane so that it would strike from the top of the left cheek and finish its caress at the bottom of the right cheek, striking across the previous five.

THWACK! The implement bit into Hazel’s flesh, crossing the previous five deep marks, the tip of the cane digging deep into the bottom of her right cheek. Hazel screamed out loud. The pain was intense and she swung her bottom from side to side.

“Oh, please stop!” She wailed. “I’ve had enough. I’m really sorry and I’ll never be so nasty again.”

“I most certainly hope you won’t,” replied Miss Winters. “However, you have only received six and I can assure you that you are definitely not leaving here until you have received the full quota.”

The seventh stroke was delivered, again diagonally, this time across from the right side to the bottom left of the left cheek, the tip of the cane digging deep into the soft flesh. Hazel’s legs bent as she felt the bite of the cane, again screaming out loud. Even Helen Watson was looking a bit upset.

Miss Winters allowed Hazel several minutes to calm down before telling her to resume her position for the final stroke. The Deputy Head had never punished anyone so severely throughout her career. Her intention was for Hazel to remember it for a very long time.

When Hazel, still sobbing, finally resumed the required position, Miss Winters carefully lined the cane up for the last strike. She tapped against the flesh four times and then lifted the cane well back. Hazel steeled herself as she heard it swoosh towards her unprotected rear and then uttered a gasp when it failed to connect. She again felt it tapping against its target. Miss Winters was deliberately making her wait.

This was as much an agony for Hazel, waiting for the final whack, as it was actually feeling the cane strike. She knew she had one more to endure. She knew it would be the hardest yet. What she didn’t know was when it would be delivered. She lay there waiting, on the point of begging Miss Winters to strike the blow.

Miss Winters finally lifted the cane from Hazel’s well-marked bottom and then, swinging her hips to gain added momentum, swung it back down as hard as she possibly could onto the waiting target. She watched as the cane bit deeply into the bare flesh of Hazel’s bottom and could see the ugly red welt appear as the implement was withdrawn.

The force of the impact had lifted Hazel’s bottom up slightly from the desk. The pain was so intense that Hazel, screaming madly, almost rolled off the desk. Miss Winters, after informing Hazel that her punishment was complete, walked across to the cupboard and replaced the cane onto its shelf.

Hazel continued to lay across the desk for several minutes before managing to push herself upwards and stand up rather shakily. Miss Winters watched her as she carefully replaced her underwear and then said to her: “You have probably lost the best friend you are ever likely to have and even if your treachery had succeeded, your efforts would have been in vain. Amy is not going to be appointed Head Girl next year and neither would you have been.”

Hazel gasped and said in a trembling voice: “Well who on Earth will be then?”

“That,” replied Miss Winters. “Is now no concern of yours.” Then, addressing Helen, she said: “When Hazel has pulled herself together, please accompany her to the car park where her father is waiting for her.”

Miss Winters then left the office to inform the Head that Hazel was about ready to leave.

The End

Copyright Mike Preston 2014