A headmistress tightens up the school rules.

By James Merrythought

As the bell rang at 4.00 pm indicating the end of the school day, Mrs Hewson, the Headmistress of St Benedicts, tidied away her paperwork. It had been a long and tiring day involving meetings with the school governors. St Benedicts was an all-girls school with a high reputation for getting the best out of the pupils, and with good number going on to university. Mrs Hewson was very proud of her school and its achievements.

At the end of the day she always liked to have a walk around the school corridors and grounds when all the pupils had gone home. It was a quiet, pleasant walk and it helped her to relax before making her way home. During this walk she was on the lookout for damage to the school property, also any maintenance issues that she might spot. She had also developed a talent for identifying where pupils had congregated to have a crafty smoke and last week she had spotted a number of cigarette ends at the rear of the Music room.

Recently, there had been a rise in incidents of smoking being detected and Mrs Hewson felt some stronger measures needed to be taken as the present ones were clearly not working. Thinking about the problem on her way home, Mrs Hewson decided to call a staff meeting to try and find another way forward.

Next day, her secretary informed the staff of the meeting that was to take place that day during the afternoon break. Mrs Hewson had decided to inform the staff corporal punishment was to be used on the smoking offenders as she felt it was the only way to stop the problem. During the meeting she outlined her plans to the staff and asked them to send anyone found smoking to her or her deputy, Mrs Jackson. Most of the staff agreed it was the best way forward. With that, she brought the meeting to a close and asked Mrs Jackson to come to her office before she went home that day.

Shortly before the 4.00 pm bell there was a knock on the door of her office and the Deputy Headmistress came in.

“You asked to see me, Mrs Hewson.”

“Yes, please Diane, come in and take a seat and tell me what you thought of my idea to deal with this smoking problem.”

In the privacy of the office, the two women chatted freely. Mrs Jackson agreed with the Headmistress’s decision and asked: “Do I use the slipper?”

“Yes, use the slipper and threaten to use the cane next time. It will hopefully stop the problem. I will announce it at assembly in the morning and put it on the notice board as well,” said Mrs Hewson. With that the two women parted company.

Next day at assembly, various announcements were made and when it came to the consequences of smoking some mutterings could be heard from the older girls who felt they were too old for that short of treatment.
“She’s not going to do that to me. We are in the sixth form,” exclaimed Frances Holt to her best friend Helen Smith.
“We are cleverer than her. We just need to be careful,” said Helen.

With that, the girls made their way to their lessons. During break time the girls saw an increase in Prefects patrolling the school.

” We can’t have a fag here, can we?” said Helen.

“No, the Prefects are after us and will enjoy dropping us in it,” said Frances.

“We will have to wait till we go home and find somewhere quiet,” Helen added.

Just then, Frances spotted two Prefects heading their way.

“Look out, it’s that bossy cow, Heather Cooper,” said Frances.

“Are you two planning to have a smoke?” asked Heather, the Head Prefect. “I know you both smoke, so don’t deny it. I can smell it on your clothes, and as soon as I can I am going to report you both, so look out.”

With that, the two prefects walked away grinning.

“Do our clothes smell?” asked Frances.

“I don’t think so. I can’t smell anything. I hate that Heather Cooper,” was Helen’s reply.

At the end of the school day, Frances and Helen made their way home.

“I bet we could still have a smoke at school if we go out of sight behind some of the buildings. No one can find us there,” was Frances’s suggestion.

“I don’t want to get caught and get the slipper. I had it before; it’s horrid,” said Helen.

“Wow, you kept that quiet!” exclaimed Frances. “Did it hurt?”

“Yes, it stung terrible and I don’t want it again. At least it was done in private,” said Helen.

“We won’t get caught if we do it right. They won’t find us,” Frances confidently said.

Next day during dinner break, the two girls headed to their usual smoking spot and lit up.

“That’s good,” exclaimed Frances.

“Give me a puff, quick. I have to go to the toilets.”

With that, Helen walked away, leaving her friend enjoying the cigarette. Unknown to them, they were being observed from a distance by Prefect Heather Cooper.

‘I have got her,’ Heather thought to herself as she made her way quietly towards the rear of the buildings. In the distance she could see smoke coming from behind some large bins.

Heather approached the bins and, as she looked around the other side, she came face to face with Frances Holt smoking.

“Got you!” said Heather. “I am going to enjoy reporting you. Put that out and come with me,” she ordered.

“Please don’t report me,” begged Frances.

“Shut up. It’s too late for that now,” was Heather’s response.

The two girls made their way through the school. All eyes were on them. On reaching the office of Mrs Jackson, The Deputy Headmistress, Heather knocked and the two girls were called inside. Heather explained what she had seen and said she thought that Helen Smith was involved as well.

“Right, go and find Helen and bring her here.” Mrs Jackson sat down at her desk and asked Frances about the smoking.

“It was just once, Miss. I don’t do it all the time,” explained Frances.

“Well, I will have to see what Helen has to say. Go outside and take a seat,” said the Deputy Headmistress.

On returning from her visit to the toilet, Helen was told by the other girls how Frances had been caught and taken away by Heather Cooper. Helen was concerned for her friend but she did not know what to do. As she was composing her thoughts, she heard her name being called. On turning round she saw Heather Cooper approaching.

“Smith, you are coming with me. Mrs Jackson wants to see you now. Get a move on,” ordered Heather.

The two girls made their way to the Deputy Headmistress’s office. On reaching the office, Helen and Frances exchanged worried glances. The door was knocked and Heather and Helen were called inside leaving Frances wondering what was going to happen.

“Frances Holt has been found smoking and I have been told you are also involved. Is that right?” asked the Deputy headmistress.

“No, Miss. I don’t smoke,” Helen replied.

“You can smell it on her clothes, Miss.” Heather butted in.

The Deputy Headmistress got up and approached Helen. Standing by her, she could detect the strong smell of tobacco.

“You might not have been found smoking, but I am satisfied you have been recently. Go outside and wait with Frances while I decide what is going to happen to you both.”

” That’s good work, Heather. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You may go now,” said the Deputy Headmistress.

Heather left the office and smiled at the two seated girls outside.

“What’s going to happen to us?” Frances asked. “I bet it’s the slipper. I have never had it before. What happens?”

Before Helen could answer, the door opened and the two girls were called inside.

“I have decided to give you the slipper, Frances, and you, Helen, may watch. Frances, remove your jacket, go to that cupboard and fetch the gym shoe and book on the top shelf,” ordered the Deputy Headmistress. “Now, Helen, I normally carry out punishments in private but as you were involved I want you to watch and tell the other girls about it.

“Yes, Miss,” Helen replied.

“Now, let me fill in this book and then we can get this over with,” said the Deputy Headmistress.

Frances, dressed in her tight school skirt and white blouse, stood by the desk and trembled as she looked at the large gym shoe.

“Please, Miss, I have never had the slipper before. How many will I get?” asked Frances.

“Four, if you keep still, but six if you don’t. It’s going to hurt, but it’s not as bad as the cane that I will be using next time.”

“Yes, miss,” Frances replied.

“Right, Frances, lean across the desk and hold on to the desk edge.”

Reluctantly, Frances moved to the desk and leaned over it.

Helen was amazed how tight Frances’s long school skirt had become. It had moulded around her bottom as she leaned forward. The Deputy Headmistress picked up the slipper and stood beside Frances. She tapped her bottom to get the aim right, then lifted the slipper in the air and brought it down with a loud thwack that sounded like a pistol shot.

Frances gave a loud squeal, but kept a grip on the desk edge. Helen jumped at the loud noise and, as she watched her friend’s suffering, made a mental note to amend her ways.

The slipper was raised again and brought down on Frances’s tight round bottom. She let out a loud cry but remained as still as possible. After the third whack, tears started running down Frances’s cheeks, and, after the fourth, she was sobbing.

“Get up, Frances. You may take ten minutes before returning to class. Put your jacket on and you may go,” said the Deputy Headmistress.

Frances jumped up and, rubbing her bottom, made her way out of the door.

“Helen, don’t forget to tell the other girls what you have seen, and remember it’s the cane next time,” said the Deputy Headmistress.

As Helen opened the door and left, Mrs Hewson, the Headmistress, appeared and came into the office.

“What have they been doing?” she asked.

“Smoking,” was the reply. “I have done as you asked and threatened them with the cane next time. Do we have a cane?” asked the Deputy headmistress.

“No, I got rid of it last year, but they don’t know that,” replied the Headmistress.

The End

© James Merrythought 2020