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June 26th, 2018

Six Coat Hooks Outside The Head’s Study

Caning in a girls’ school 

By Julie Baker 

My name is Mrs Jane Stokes (nee Young) and I was born in Norwich in 1956. My parents were both doctors and I have no brothers or sisters. Aged five, I started at the all girls school, St Mary’s, which is located in the Norfolk countryside about 10 miles from the city. Until the age of 13 I travelled to school on the bus each day, but thereafter my parents arranged for me to become a boarder. I’ve always been a very sociable person, with a great love of sport, so this arrangement suited me perfectly. I absolutely loved my school years.

June 19th, 2018

The Caning After the Caning

Two girls and a school secretary learn honesty is the best policy.

By Jane Fairweather

A game of Pirates was in full swing in the Lower Sixth PE lesson and, judging by the exuberant noises, most of the girls were thoroughly enjoying it, prancing round wildly up and down beams and ropes and wall bars and across benches, some trying to catch and some trying to get away. All the girls were in the prescribed white tops, but somehow most of them had ignored the rules about what to wear on their bottoms, and the mixture of rather inelegant blue shorts, stylish gym knickers, which was what they were supposed to be wearing, and what were undoubtedly school knickers, was not very aesthetic. Alison Holt in particular was wearing a rather faded rust red pair of old school knickers that were extremely tight on her and showed far too much. Alison always aggravated her PE mistress; she was so full of herself and she had a plump bottom that always seemed to beg for someone to send a springy length of bamboo swishing into it.

June 7th, 2018


A schoolgirl learns  there is no excuse for unacceptable behaviour

By Steven Wilson

Laura Williams was late. She had never been late for school before but as she glanced at her watch it was a real possibility that she would be today. She hardly ever dozed off again in bed once her alarm had gone off, so why on this of all mornings did she have to do so when her mother had left early for work so she was not around to give her a reminder to get up.

In a state of panic, Laura had leapt out of bed, pulled her nightie off and put her uniform on, skipped breakfast, grabbed her bag and raced out the front door, slamming it shut behind her. By her reckoning, if she hurried and ran part of the way, she might just get to school on time. As she set off down the road she resisted the urge to run too fast as it brought attention to herself and was all rather embarrassing.

June 4th, 2018

The Question of Realism – Part 2 of PG’s survey

First, thank you to those that have responded to the debate. We have had some very interesting responses.

Having looked at the question of realism in both Judicial and Military situations, I will now turn to those that enjoy the cane and those that have been spanked or caned in a domestic situation. In both of these scenarios there is plenty of grounds to assume realism, not least of which comes from stories on the ‘True Recollections’ sister site. 

Enjoying the cane

Over the years I have written quite a few stories about girls that have gone out of their way to experience the cane. Some of these are based on true events, others are complete fiction.

June 1st, 2018

The Difficult Girl

A girl is required to move to a new school

By Jane Fairweather

The door to the Headmistress’s study opened.

“Mr Smyth and Jennifer.” The School Secretary announced, ushering in a man in a grey suit who looked rather old to be a father, and a tall girl with red hair and a green dress. As she got up from the three neatly arranged armchairs at the side of the room to greet her visitors, Miss Burton caught a glimpse of the girl’s bottom through her dress. Long and narrow buttocks, she noted with approval, but had the girl got a slip on? If she hadn’t, it suggested a certain lack of attention to the normally accepted, but then again maybe the light was going through the thin dress on this very bright August day.

May 24th, 2018

The Hard Choice

A school principal offers his students a choice

By Kenny Walters

In stunned silence, we exited the assembly hall with the other thirty odd year 12 students.

“Oh my god,” Mary Miller spoke as soon as we were out into the main thoroughfare.

There were a whole lot of things I wanted to say, but somehow nothing came out of my mouth. We drifted rather aimlessly in the direction of our year homeroom.

“I mean, we weren’t actually involved, were we Annie?” Mary continued.

“No, we didn’t do a thing.”

“So, we don’t need to do anything?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“But if we didn’t do anything wrong, why should we be punished?”

April 28th, 2018

Michael and Miranda

An argument between a boy and girl escalates

By Jane Fairweather

“Heh! Stop tickling me, you ass!” Miranda Sheen protested vigorously to her friend, Michael Anson, as they fooled about in the grass at the edge of the playing fields on a hot June day in 1964. They were not exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, but they had been firm friends since Primary School and she felt that this tickling game went that bit too far, because it seemed to be pushing their relationship in a more physical direction than she wanted. Maybe one day they would make passionate love, but something told her that she never was going to feel that way about Michael. This was a brother and sister style of relationship and very good as long as it stayed that way. And anyway, to tickle her when she only had on her summer dress, a thin cotton vest and her bra and pants and no slip seemed grossly unfair; apart from anything else he was getting to feel more of her than she liked.

April 4th, 2018

Laura’s unusual request

Finding it difficult to study, a prefect seeks help

by Holy Diver

It was now the spring of 1980. The senior girls were about to sit their final exams. The prefect, Laura Chapman, was stressing out about her own exams. As such, Laura was even more cranky than usual and prone to dishing out punishments for minor incidents. For instance, Laura gave Sophie Prior a spanking with the slipper for the crime of eating crisps too noisily in the common room when Laura was trying to study. Also, Laura gave Megan Taylor and Karen Hutchison spankings for talking too loudly in the common room. Laura knew she needed help. However, the Head Girl, Jackie Melling, was also too busy and particularly hard to approach, and Laura did not wish to incur Jackie’s wrath. Laura had a wild idea.

March 25th, 2018

Longer Lines

A Sequel to ‘More Lines’, the headmaster’s secretary gets into more difficulty.

By Hilary Wilmington


“I shall only repeat myself once more. Hold out your other hand.”

Lucy was listening at the connecting door between her own office and that of Mr Clements, and she was most frustrated at having missed the beginning of this scene. She had been away delivering a message to the kitchen, and when she had returned to her desk and had been about to start typing again, her ear had caught the unmistakeable sounds of a punishment in progress next door. She had hurried over to listen and been just in time to hear this girl, whoever she was, uttering this refusal. Might she be the extremely troublesome new girl in the sixth form, Lucy wondered, the one all the teachers were complaining about?

March 1st, 2018


A student needs motivation and finds it

By Lorna Brand

Lauren draped herself over the end of the desk. Her jeans tightened over her bottom as she adjusted her stance, gripping the edge. She screwed up her eyes tightly, waiting for first contact.

Up until this point, Professor Lockheart was just a very capable teacher. Her other lecturers would have to raise their voices or seek out the trouble-makers to make an example of them, just to gain some respect, but Lockheart had never had to stoop to such levels with his class. He was softly spoken but firm, and, although it was clear to see, he was in great shape, although he wasn’t physically intimidating. He just had a way about him that commanded the room, something more than just confidence. Lauren couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was very interesting.