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September 30th, 2017

Tradition Rules

Putting off a punishment has consequences. A slightly revised story that was previously published as ‘School Rules’

by Kenny Walters

“It’s an automatic slippering offence, Alison. My hands are tied.” Samantha Haynes continued along the corridor, despite having her progress interrupted. Several other girls passed them by, all curtailing their own, giggly, conversations at the sight of the tall girl with her long blonde hair draped down her back.

“But Samantha, I’m a sixth former for goodness sakes! Sixth formers simply do not get slippered!” The shorter girl with long wavy dark hair protested as they walked together.

“It’s no good shouting at me, Alison. I didn’t make the rules.”

September 26th, 2017


A girl who has never experienced corporal punishment decides it is time to satisfy her curiosity. By a new writer to us.

By Steven Wilson

My name is Shona Jenkinson. I am currently nearing the end of my first term at University where I have embarked on a degree in Accountancy. However, the events I wish to relate to you occurred in my final year at St Marys School for Girls which I attended until a few months ago.

I should perhaps first describe myself to you. I have just celebrated my nineteenth birthday and am often told I am an attractive young lady. I am five foot eight tall with an athletic build, coming no doubt from my liking for and active participation in several sports. I have shoulder length blonde hair, an infectious smile, and a cheerful personality. Physically I have long toned legs and thighs, slim waist and a firm round bottom. The only part of me I wish were different are my breasts as I am rather conservatively endowed in that department.

September 25th, 2017

Best of Enemies

An altercation between two prefects has painful consequences. Another story from the archives

By Kenny Walters

I tapped gently on the door to Mrs Peters’ office. This wasn’t strictly necessary since she was the school secretary and her office was generally considered open to all, but Mrs Peters was nice and friendly and it seemed only polite. I pushed the door open and looked in before she had a chance to respond.

“Oh, Stephanie, come in.”

I pushed the door open wider and went in. Mrs Peters looked a trifle hesitant when she saw me, nervous even, and the usual smile was missing, but that in itself wasn’t enough to suggest anything untoward.

September 21st, 2017

A School Secretary Muses

Having to witness punishments gets a secretary thinking. A story from some years ago

By Kenny Walters

Whoever it was outside in the corridor would not have realised from the undisturbed sound of practiced hands on the computer keyboard, but they scarcely needed to knock politely on the door other than for simple courtesy. Mary Matthews knew they were there.

“Come in.” The school secretary called when finally her office door received the gentle tap she knew was coming. “Can I help you?”

“Julia Watkins.” The slim, dark haired girl closed the door carefully behind her and came to within a couple of feet of Miss Matthews’ desk before revealing her name. “I have to see the headmistress.”

September 20th, 2017

Second Interview

Surprising facts emerge in a job interview

By Jane Fairweather

“Can I talk to you again, Miss Masefield?” Mr Cox, the ginger haired, rather young headmaster of this private school was saying almost awkwardly.

“Does that mean we won’t be required anymore, Headmaster?” Miss Grey, the decidedly plump, almost white-haired woman who was also applying to be the secretary to the headmaster at this small private school was asking with something approaching indignation.

Miss Johnson, the third candidate for the post, who was about forty and wearing an obviously very tight girdle under her staid blue skirt suit stayed silent, looking extremely confident.

“I am not sure as yet if you will be required again, or not, Miss Grey. You and Miss Johnson can certainly both wait, if of course you want to. It is not impossible it might be to your advantage to do so,” Mr Cox replied very formally. “But there are a few more questions I want to ask Miss Masefield before I make up my mind about which of you is to get this job. You are all good candidates and at present I need more information, especially from Miss Masefield.”

September 18th, 2017

Not so above it all

A Head Girl learns she’s not immune from school discipline

by Holy Diver

It was the middle of December 1979. Christmas was fast approaching and Head Girl Jackie Melling was celebrating her birthday. Her parents had sent her the new Clash LP ‘London Calling’ as a present. Although a tough but brainy girl, Jackie was also a spoilt brat. Part of Jackie’s personality was shaped by the fact that her parents did not discipline her much. In fact, Jackie had not been spanked at home for at least five years. ‘Probably when Slade were still in the charts,’ thought Jackie to herself.

Jackie was a tall, beefy girl with red hair and known to both her peers and enemies as a fiery redhead. Throughout the academic year, Jackie had dealt harsh spankings to anyone who displeased her, most notably Hannah Anderson and Sophie Prior. Even the prefect Laura Chapman was not immune. Just recently, Jackie had disciplined fellow student Karen Hutchison for smoking. Jackie delivered a severe slippering to Karen’s panty-clad bottom before handing her over to the fearsome Headmistress Mrs Burke for a bare bottom caning. On this occasion, Jackie retained Karen’s cigarettes. Jackie had never smoked before, but was curious to see what the experience was like. It was Saturday, and the common room was empty. Jackie wanted to celebrate in style.

September 5th, 2017

Helen Brown returns

An ex-pupil has a favour to ask of her old headmaster


(This story, following earlier works by PG, is published with the full approval of PG)

The weather warmed up after Easter and James Simmons sat back in his chair towards the end of what had been a really busy week. ‘Only Friday to go,’ he thought to himself. The exams were now fast approaching and he was hoping for a good crop of results this summer. He knew how important these were and how they would reflect on the school, the staff and the pupils, head girl Stephanie French and her friend, Alison Carmichael, both holding provisional offers from Oxford; and on himself, of course.

August 23rd, 2017

Anti Climax

A girl risks a lot to meet her boyfriend, all in vain.

By Jane Fairweather

“I am going now, as soon as I’ve got some clothes on.” Came Jackie Williams-Jones very quiet Welsh voice through the semi darkness of the four bed dormitory without a prefect that was the relative freedom offered by Holt Hall school to its lower sixth formers. “And I am arranging my bed so it looks as if l am in it. I only hope that Charles has managed to get out.”

“For goodness sake don’t wait about if he is not there. There is no point. You could really be for it if you get caught and we could easily be dragged into it for aiding and abetting you. Anyway the whole thing is very silly,” Louise snapped. “You could get expelled and so could Charles; and even if you don’t you could get the cane. In fact we all could. You really ought not to go.”

August 10th, 2017

The Note

A teacher given a new responsibility, shows she means business

By Joanna Jones

To: Miss Jennifer Arkshaw, 

Rachel Grant was found smoking on school premises. This is the third time this year. She was, furthermore, very rude to the janitor, Mr Noble, who discovered her. 

Having considered the pupil’s record and attitude. I have decided a punishment of six strokes of the cane is appropriate. I would be grateful if you could administer this punishment at your earliest convenience. 

Further, in applying this punishment I would ask you to consider carefully Miss Grant’s previous record and rudeness. 

John Griffiths,


*          *          *

My first reaction was shock. I was the third and, to my knowledge, final alternative, after all. However, with the assistant head on a training course, Miss Carmichael with the third year French exchange and, well I wondered what was up with Mrs Black as I was sure she was in the school, then remembered a rumour she’d asked to be taken off the list when she became pregnant.

July 31st, 2017

My First Time

A detailed account of a girl being caned for the first time.

 By Julie Baker

My name is Sally Graves and I was born in Bristol in September 1966. I am an only child and both my parents were, and still are, doctors working in Bath. From my early teens I have never seemed to be short of male admirers, so I can only conclude that the opposite sex find me attractive. That said, my opportunities with boys were limited in my teenage years, given that I was sent away to an all girls boarding school in the Midlands from the age of thirteen. However, I loved it there. I enjoyed the sport, studied hard and made many lifelong friends. We had to wear school uniform throughout our time at the school; this consisted of a white blouse, a dark blue blazer, a navy blue pleated skirt, plain white knickers, white socks and black shoes. I was fine with this as it suited my blond hair and fair complexion.