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December 11th, 2016

Lois and Miranda

Discipline in a girls boarding school

By Hilary Wilmington

“I’m terribly sorry,” said Roberta Smythe to the four younger girls ranged in front of her in Miss Acrington’s study. Her words were uttered with heavy, unmistakeable sarcasm. These four girls had been anticipating her apology with feelings of triumph, thinking the tables had been turned on their former tormentor. They looked apprehensive now, and more so when she added, in the same tone: “I wouldn’t dream of asking you to apologise to me for sneaking, of course.”

The headmistress’s face was a picture. Her deputy, Miss Denham, carefully avoided eye-contact with her, afraid that her expression would convey the message: ‘I told you so’.

December 7th, 2016

A Question of Proof

A period story set in a girls’ boarding school.

By Jane Fairweather

“Please Miss Robson, I have forgotten my swimming things. Can I just watch the others?”

“Eleanor Carter,” said Miss Robson from the melancholy heights of her thirtieth birthday. “This is the third time in three weeks. I have been patient with you up to now because you are a Sixth Former, and I do not like to discipline Sixth Formers. I was prepared to believe it was the forgetfulness of your butterfly mind the first week. The second time I raised my eyebrows, but decided I would put it down, yet again, to the mechanics of your butterfly mind and give you the benefit 0f the doubt.”

November 19th, 2016

Amanda Chooses Her Punishment

A girl chooses corporal punishment over detention

By Paul S

The year is 2020 and Britain had now left the European Union, and made its own laws. The cosy and protected existence Amanda had previously known was now gone, replaced by one requiring tougher discipline.

Amanda was now 18, 5 foot 6 inches high with medium length ash blonde hair, and was a shapely 36-26-38. If a little plump around the hips and bottom, she was moderately attractive in appearance.

Amanda was enrolled at a specialist finishing school. After leaving the European Union, Britain had legislated to reinstate corporal punishment to private schools and colleges that chose to implement it. This included her finishing school.

November 14th, 2016

Black Marks

Forgetting homework and then arguing with a teacher is never a good idea.

 By Jane Fairweather

Pamela Ash was feeling edgy. On Monday, in a flash of unwise temper, she had answered back to Jacko, which you did not do, even if, as frequently happened, the Geography teacher had got it wrong. Very unfairly in her view, she had been given two black marks for insolence, which was one more than she had ever had. Well, except for that term in the Fourth Form when she had been naughty on principle till she got bored with it.

It was Thursday, and she could still end up with three or even four black marks by Friday. If you got to three, you had half an hour’s detention after school which was not too bad in itself, but it went on till half past four and that meant she would miss the last school bus and that meant she would have to catch two buses instead of one. By the time her Mother had insisted that she must eat her meal, she would probably miss the interesting thriller at the cinema, since that meant catching yet another bus. The timing would be very tight.

November 11th, 2016

Jessica Roberts’ Last Day at School

Last days are traditionally lax, but you can go too far

By Gillian Howard

My name is Jessica Roberts and I was at a mixed grammar school between 1965 and 1972 when I left school. I was 5’3” tall with black hair, green eyes and a slim size 8.

I was best of friends with Julie Hardman, Lisa Malony and Emma Smith, but there were 8 or 9 of us who always hung out together. Corporal punishment was a regular occurrence in the classroom with boys often getting the cane across the bottom and girls the cane across the hands, but a visit to the headmaster always resulted with the cane across the bottom covered only by one layer of clothing. Mary, one of our enlarged group of friends, had been caned by the headmaster twice, and the marks left certainly looked very painful. Emma had received 1 stroke of the cane across each hand in class for persistent talking in class last year.

October 31st, 2016

Caned for Cheating

I’m not making excuses, but you must understand that a thirteen-year-old grammar schoolboy in the early sixties was no different from any other fun-loving lad. A ‘revision’ homework was a cop-out for a master who hadn’t bothered to set something more substantial, and we treated it as a good skive(1). It was almost a tradition that there wouldn’t be a test to make sure we’d done the revision.

So it was when I was in the third form; 3A, the top stream, so I was expected to do well. Mr Seddon set a ‘learning’ homework. I didn’t spend much time on it; but he sprang a test on us the next day.

October 28th, 2016

Making the Punishment Fit the Crime

Caught in the ‘act’, a girl pays the price.

by Sally Cavendish

It was half-past eleven and most of the residents of the small Sussex market town were already asleep. Only in the darkened gymnasium of St Anne’s Girls’ School, a small fee-paying establishment on the fringes of the town, was there any sign of physical activity. But it was certainly activity worthy of note.

On a gym-mat on the floor of the gymnasium, a young couple were making love. They were completely naked. Both their faces were in shadow, but a shaft of moonlight fell teasingly on the pale white buttocks of the woman as they bobbed rhythmically up and down in the act of love. She was riding her man with quiet purpose, not galloping headlong towards a climax, but taking her time. A Peeping Tom would have been spellbound by the whole spectacle, his eyes not moving from those smooth, voluptuous, slowly writhing buttocks.

October 18th, 2016

Alice Woodward ‘s Caning

If a girl is suspected of breaking school rules, there needn’t be a long and careful investigation.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Alice Woodward and I attended a mixed Grammar school in 1968 to 1974. Corporal punishment was a regular sight, with boys and girls being spanked and getting the slipper in class. The headmaster also gave the slipper over underpants or knickers only. He would also, on rare occasions, also cane both boys and girls in the same way.

I, along with my 3 closest friends Sylvia, Linda and Amy, had never been punished apart from when all the class got two with the slipper in the second year when we were making a noise as our teacher was late arriving. Overall, more than half the girls had been given the slipper in class as well as the class punishment, but all the boys had been given the slipper in class and most had visited the headmaster for the cane or slipper. Of the girls, 10 had visited the Headmaster; 7 got 6 with the slipper over their knickers and 3 got 6 with the cane.

October 11th, 2016

The crisis

Continuing the series, this sequel to ‘New Headmaster’ sees two girls punished and a Head Girl with a strange interest.

by PG

Helen Brown was having a good year as Head Girl at Archdean Lodge House and, with two weeks to go before Easter, discipline had been upheld. Just over thirty girls had been slippered, sixteen had been caned by the Head Girl as decreed by the Prefecture, and only nine had been sent to Headmaster for the ultimate sanction, six strokes of the cane across the bare bottom. The three levels of punishment were the only sanctions available and no girl had been suspended or expelled for over twenty years, an ethos that was very much part of the tradition established by the previous Headmaster.

October 7th, 2016


A typical in class punishment that many will recall. By a new writer to us.

By Paul Notes


Miss Watson bellowed, casting a steely eye over her 6th form Maths class. Unfortunately her Maths class was timetabled in as the last lesson on Friday afternoon. The twenty 17 to 18 year old girls were more interested in the weekend ahead.

She had set the girls twenty questions to work on in class, while she caught up on marking exam papers. Although she made allowances for a little background chatter, she expected her pupils to work in silence. However this was now the third time she was forced to tell the class to keep the noise down.