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January 27, 2015

Prefects of St Joan’s III : Cat-Fight

A prequel to ‘The Tuck-Shop Theft’ and ‘Head Girl?’. Two senior girls have a falling-out.

 By Joanna Jones

The prefects’ room was quite quiet as the bell went after the first morning period at St Joan’s, with only Emily Graeme remaining, on a double free-period, using one of the three or four desks in the small room to catch up with some work for her A-level French.

A couple of minutes later the door suddenly crashed open as Susan Fletcher stormed in, causing Emily to look up confused as Susan carried on to angrily approach her.

“What do you think you are doing, you bitch?” She demanded at a shocked Emily, who clearly had no idea what she was talking about.

January 26, 2015

Skipping School

A day at the beach sounded like a good idea.

By Kenny Walters

“What’s happening? Can you see?”

“I’m not sure. It looks like the boys are being led off towards the gymnasium. The girls are being kept in the dining hall.”

“Oh God! What do we do?”

“Let’s get closer, see what’s happening.”

Chelsea flicked her blond shoulder length hair back off her face and led the way. She stopped and looked through the first window between the outer passageway and the dining hall.

“Looks like the girls are being formed into three groups. Right up the far end, we’ve got Mrs Scott, Mr Andrews and Miss McIntire shoving tables around.”

January 22, 2015

Telephone Calls

An American school student is due to be paddled, and this story reveals the action and the emotions from both viewpoints. By a new writer to us.

By Zach Allen

The phone rang. And rang. And rang. She sat, nervously, watching, waiting. She couldn’t decide which was worse; it being answered, or it not being answered. Why had she been so dumb? And, really, why do they have to call her home? She’s 17, for Christ’s sake. They don’t have to go calling her mommy and daddy. She shuffled on her seat, seeing him give up, hang up the phone.

“It seems we can’t reach either of your parents right now, Elizabeth. I will keep trying periodically throughout the day, and you can report back to me 15 minutes before the end of the school day. Here’s a note for your 7th period teacher.” A temporary reprieve! Or was it just a prolonging of her agony? She’d made her decision; why did her parents have a say in it? Why did they even have to know? Yes, she’d made a mistake, but she had owed up to it, and was prepared to accept the consequences. That was the mature, adult thing to do, right? Yes, yes, she wouldn’t feel much like an adult when those consequences were meted out, but that was beside the point. So why did they have to get permission from her parents?

January 19, 2015

Of Courts and Canes V – Summer Term Swishings

The next in the series. More from the Prefects’ Court and Amelia gets into trouble too.

By Joanna Jones

Half term was a quiet affair. Studying was the order of the day for me and, of course, Derek. However, with the pressure less on me than him, in the middle of the week I took the day off (sort of) to travel to his home town. I had a beautiful lunch with him, and this time his parents and little sister too, at which the invite for me to join them on the family holiday to Cornwall was made. While I needed to talk to my parents, that prospect was one I was very excited about.

January 11, 2015

The Twins

School life with twin sisters, and the trouble they get in

By Gillian Howard

My name is Emily Bradley and I have a twin sister, Charlotte, We are both 18 and are leaving school in 2 weeks to go to university if we get the grades we require in our recent A levels. I hope to study Dentistry and Charlotte medicine with a view to go into general surgery.

Up to now our schooling has followed the same line with us always vying for top spot in all academic subjects and whereas I excelled at swimming Charlotte excelled at most other sports where I did not seem to have much hand-eye co-ordination.

January 9, 2015

Twice Six

 A lady reflects on her old headmistress

By Jane Fairweather

Professor Allen sat at her desk with a pen poised in her hand over a sheet of paper. She could not fail to respond to this request from her old school’s magazine, but what could she say about her former headmistress, now deceased. Her feelings about Miss Hindell were so complicated. Angel or devil, she wondered?

And then she could hear her father’s voice: “I am so ashamed of you. Bend over the side of the armchair.”

And then the eternity it seemed to take to walk from her father’s desk to said armchair. And the thin summer dress she had been made to wear for her punishment, even though it was winter, had tightened just that bit as she bent. The memory of the dress tightening still made her feel sick.

January 3, 2015

The First Time

A headmistress has to deal with a recalcitrant girl

By Rob Burton

I stood staring out of the window at the skyline. The light grey clouds interspersed with whiter ones and, in the distant, a glimmer of blue sky. I became conscious I had folded my arms behind my back and smiled to myself as I remembered my mum saying it was a dead giveaway that I was nervous about something. Indeed I was nervous for shortly I was about to cane a girl. My first time.

I had been appointed Headmistress of Sutherland School for Girls last July and this was my first term. The school had a very good academic record and even more of a reputation in the field of sports. Indeed it had been national title holders for hockey five out of the last six years. So I had big shoes to fill and I had been very determined to repay the faith the Governors had shown in me.

December 21, 2014

Starlingroost Grammar: A Secretary’s Tale

A girl regrets using offensive behaviour towards a teacher.

By Joanna Jones

Mr Roberts, our former headmaster, was someone I kept in touch with long after he retired. About ten years after his retirement we met up at a dinner and we got around to discussing corporal punishment, which, at the time of this story (in the late seventies), was showing the first signs that it may not survive for much longer. Of course, at the dinner in 1990 if I recall correctly, CP had indeed been phased out from government funded schools, and was rapidly diminishing in the private sector too. As a result of those policy changes, those ten years since Mr Roberts’ retirement had seen quite large changes indeed. Personally I was never sure for the better or worse, though now, as I look back (now indeed of course from my own retired state) perhaps indeed it was in the long term for the better, though it was not an easy change at the time.

December 13, 2014

The Escalating Punishment

Giggling at another’s misfortune gets a girl into trouble, then manages to make things even worse.

By David

The Sixth Form English class was proceeding as normal until the Headmaster’s Secretary appeared, to summon Tony Bullinger to Mr Clarkson’s presence. A buzz of speculation was quickly silenced by Mrs Summers, but an apprehensive mood descended over the class until Tony reappeared about ten minutes later. Clearly in pain, he hobbled to his seat and sat down very slowly and carefully, much to the amusement of Susie, who whispered and giggled to her neighbour.

“Susanna Smithson, stand up!” ordered the teacher. “How dare you laugh at Bullinger like that! You can write out two hundred times ‘I must not take pleasure in another’s suffering’, and bring it to me first thing tomorrow. Now sit down and be quiet.”

December 11, 2014

The Worst Humiliation

When a girl objects to her gym teacher’s punishment, she lands in even more trouble.

By David

Helen loved all her school lessons apart from gymnastics. She could not understand why, as a Sixth Former, she still had put up with a teacher who treated her like a child. Now, as she pulled off her knickers and struggled to squeeze her quite large behind into her white shorts, she inwardly cursed this unnecessary imposition on her life.

Suddenly she realised that all the others had gone through to the gym and she was going to be last. With a sinking heart she quickly followed them, only to be confronted by the stick-like Miss Hartshorne with a large plimsoll in her hand whilst all the rest were running round the room.