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January 18th, 2017


Dealing with three pupils caught out of bounds leads to an unusual request

By Richard Marks

Southview was a mixed comprehensive school with a good academic record situated in an upmarket part of Midchester. The school adjoined a common which was used for school sports, and a number of footpaths crossed it which provided short cuts to the town centre.

In June 1983, a travelling fun fair took up temporary residence on the common and quickly became a major attraction for the pupils. The staff quickly became concerned at the number of pupils spending their lunch break at the fair and gambling on the fruit machines and penny cascades.

January 17th, 2017

Memories of a Headmistress

Thoughts of a headmistress as she deals with an errant pupil

By Kane Strokes

I read through the report on my desk; Elizabeth Porter, caught smoking behind the bike sheds. From her records, I can see she has kept her nose relatively clean; the occasional classroom caning or slippering, but nothing that has brought her to my door before. Well, young Miss Porter, that is about to change.

My secretary sent a note to the girl’s class. She will see me at midday. Smoking is an automatic caning. In these cases, I always keep my desk clear. The cane stays in the cupboard until I’m ready to use it. I want any miscreant to listen to the lecture rather than have their eyes drawn to the cane.

January 17th, 2017

The Appointment

Continuing on from previous stories ‘Signature Required’ and ‘Last Semester’, an error of judgement leads to firm retribution.

By Stinger Sam

“Ms Kendra, this is your second visit to my office this week. What is going with you?” Asked Lacy.

“Nothing,” responded Kendra, rolling her eyes at Lacy.

“Nothing?” Asked Lacy. “No personal or home problems?”


“I see. It is solely an attitude problem. You are 18 years old and acting a 15 year old brat. Well, that is an easy fix. I think a good paddling is what is needed.”

“You can’t paddle me,” objected Kendra. “My mother would never agree to it.”

Lacy retrieved Kendra’s file from the file cabinet, opened it and said: “Actually, she did agree to the use of corporal punishment. Do you recognize that signature on the corporal punishment consent form? How about we make sure you won’t be in my office for awhile? I think five swats should do the trick.”

January 15th, 2017

A Humbling Experience

A student feels the full force of authority, US style. A typical punishment accurately described.

By Stinger Sam

“Due to you accumulating an excess amount of tardies, you will be assigned two after school detentions. Does Tuesday and Thursday sound good to you?” Asked Principal Harmon in a gentle tone.

“Actually it doesn’t sound good,” replied Emily in a sarcastic voice, tossing her long blonde curly hair to the side. “I have to be at work by 4.00 and since I’m a single mother, I can’t afford to miss work.”

“Well, I’m afraid those are the only days that detention falls on so…”

“I can’t miss work,” aggressively interrupted Emily. “My boss told me if I miss one more day of work without having a doctor’s note then I’ll be fired.”

January 14th, 2017


A dormitory prank sparks a memory

By Tara Patterson

Queen Anne sixth form girl, Meryl Taylor, walked into her shared dormitory dressed in her nightie and dressing gown; she felt happy and relaxed after her weekly bath. Outside, it was almost dark on this June Friday evening. It was still muggy after a hot day and it was going to be an uncomfortable night. The school was starting to fall quiet. Many of the girls liked this peaceful time between curfew and lights out.

Inside the room, most of Meryl’s roommates were in bed. Two of the younger girls sat on a bunk close to the window and were both looking at music magazines. Rebecca Morley, still wearing her gingham summer uniform dress, her leg in plaster after her fall from the window a few weeks earlier, sat upright on her bed reading a paperback and making notes in an exercise book. Above her, Milly Robinson was already fast asleep. Meryl took off her dressing gown, kicked off her slippers and climbed up into her top bunk.

January 14th, 2017

Part 4 – Reflections on Year One

A Sequel to The New Headmaster, Two sisters caned and The Crisis

 By PG

It was the final day of the Summer term and James Simmons was alone in his study taking stock of his first year, and in particular the corporal punishment that he had administered in his first year as Headmaster at Ashdean Lodge. He had caned thirteen girls, two of whom had been caned twice. Therefore, in all, he had dealt out fifteen canings, not including the two times he had caned his Head Girl, both in extraordinary circumstances.

The first was when she had put herself forward for him to practice (he had never used the cane before) and the second was when the dragon cane was used for the first time and the Head Girl had insisted that, if it was to be put into regular service, she would need to experience it for herself.

January 8th, 2017

A Birthday Spanking

A party frolic leads to real discipline

By Paul S

It was Joanne’s birthday, as she celebrated 29 years on the planet. Joanne lived with Norman and sibling Emily, of similar age, and their children plus slightly younger Rebecca and sibling Charles and their young children at the Seafront Hotel on the Atlantic coast.

They were all related and previously lived near the city, but Uncle Tony, aged 68, had generously purchased an old 1960s Atlantic seafront hotel in need of some tender loving care for the family to do up and run as a family project and boutique hotel business.

He says he was glad he could help, but said he wanted to visit from time to time to see how things were going with his investment, as their principal benefactor. He also wanted to visit to see his favourite niece, as he put it, as he lived in Rome these days, running his own successful art gallery business.

January 7th, 2017

Celia’s Exemplary Caning

A 1950s housemistress recalls an episode in which a girl forced her to apply the ultimate deterrent.

by Sally Cavendish 

Of all the girls in my house, Celia Charlton was the biggest enigma. She was bright, enthusiastic and, in general, very well behaved. But then she would suddenly go off the rails and be sent to me by one of the prefects.

‘Sent’ was something of a euphemism. Prefects had the power to send misbehaving junior girls to come and see me. A girl thus sent would knock on the door of my study, inform me simply that she had been sent and I would then give her six of the best without further ado. Sometimes I would question the girl as to why she had been sent and give her a ticking off before administering her six, but most of the time I did not bother. I was just the apex of a disciplinary system whose rudiments were understood by every girl in the house. You stepped out of line. You were sent. You got six. That was how this boarding school worked.

January 3rd, 2017

Sandra Brady’s Story

A girl falls foul of some tough school regulations

By Gillian Howard

My name is Sandra Brady and I am in the Upper sixth at our Girls Grammar school in the west Midlands. I am studying Maths, Physics and Biology as well as studying art at college on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Our school has a very rigid uniform policy and anything which is considered to flout this will result in the cane without exception. The uniform consists of dark grey skirt, white shirt, grey and maroon tie, maroon blazer, maroon knickers, maroon beret and long grey socks with 2 maroon rings at the top. For PE we wear a maroon leotard which is cut high on the legs. Our games kit is red skirt and knickers and yellow shirt.

December 30th, 2016

Found in the Archives

Another story in the series. Jennifer returns to Queen Anne’s to do some research but Meryl discovers a painful reminder of her Past.

By Tara Patterson

The summer holidays were well underway. Retired deputy headmistress, Jennifer Hapwood, walked up the familiar stone steps to the main entrance of Queen Anne School, Ambleside. After pressing the button on the intercom she turned to admire the view. Out in the lake a large white pleasure steamer eased its way away from the pier with another load of tourists. Suddenly the heavy door opened and Jennifer’s old friend, Matron Meryl Taylor, stood in the doorway. As usual, she was wearing her dark blue uniform and a pair of white plimsolls.