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February 12th, 2016

Her Last Stroke

 It could be the last caning for both girl and headmistress

By David 

It was with great satisfaction that Maud Clark could look back on her twenty years as Headmistress. When she had arrived, the school was in disarray both academically and socially. Her weak predecessor had allowed individual teachers to discipline the girls as they saw fit. Some were liberal users of the slipper whilst others had let pupils run riot. Straightaway she had introduced a policy where corporal punishment could be applied only by herself or her deputy, and only one instrument was to be used, which she had brought from her previous school; a two-foot long rattan cane.

February 10th, 2016

For a Friend

A girl finds herself in a no-win situation

By Gillian Howard

In 1964 I passed my 11+ exam and went to the local mixed grammar school. I had always been a shy girl but really enjoyed school work. I was only very petite with blonde hair. We all had to wear uniform and for the girls this consisted of green skirt and white shirt, green knickers, green blazer and green and grey beret, and grey knee length socks. Failure to wear this would result in a visit to the Headmistress for the cane. Boys wore short grey trousers in first 2 years then long grey trousers, knee length grey socks like the girls and we heard they had to wear white Y front underpants, green blazer and green/grey cap. For PE and games we wore red gym knickers which fitted tight around the legs and nothing under, and a yellow shirt again nothing to be worn under. The boys wore white cotton shorts to just above the knee with nothing under and a white vest.

February 9th, 2016

Back To School

A New Pupil joins Miss Meanwood’s A level English class but can she adapt to life in the sixth form?

By Tara Patterson

“Okay, class, settle down!” Miss Meanwood’s voice boomed out as she swept into her classroom.

The twenty-five lower sixth girls instantly leapt to their feet and stood in orderly rows behind their desks. Like most things at Queen Anne’s School, Ambleside, the interior of Miss Meanwood’s ground floor classroom was very traditional. Light streamed in from three large sash windows. The pupils sat in pairs behind wooden desks. Miss Meanwood’s large imposing desk was at the front and behind it a large rotating blackboard. The view from the windows was quite scenic as the room over looked Lake Windermere and, beyond that, the impressive Lakeland hills, but woe betide anyone caught looking out of the window during one of Miss Meanwood’s English lessons.

February 7th, 2016


A teacher punishes a man’s daughter, but there are consequences. Contains male punishment.

By Lisamum

“Had a good day love?” Asked Mum as eighteen year old Delia got home from school.

“No I haven’t,” snapped Delia angrily.

“Why, what’s the matter?” Asked Mum.

Delia held out her hand. There were two ugly red lines across her palm.

“Where did you get those?”

“That cow of an English teacher gave them to me after school. Didn’t half hurt.”

“That’s not fair,” replied Mum.

“I’m going to tell Dad, he’ll sort her out,” said Delia.

Dad arrived home just before dinner.

“Dad, that cow of an English teacher gave me the cane this afternoon. She’s been after me all this term. Look.” Delia held out her hand.

February 2nd, 2016

The Margaret Smith Story

Corporal punishment follows a girl through her academic career.

 By Gillian Howard

My story goes back to the late sixties and early seventies. When I was 4 and 5 I had a minor speech impediment which meant I had to attend weekly speech therapy sessions every week for 9 months. This resulted in me falling behind most pupils and I was tormented by the other students so I became very introverted and I found it hard to participate in class. When I was approaching 11 I had a growing spurt and was 5’1” tall, a lot taller than any other girl in my class and got called more names. When the time for the 11+ exam came around I was crying through most of the exam, so failed miserably. I was then sent to a secondary modern school.

January 27th, 2016

Caught Stealing

A girl is tempted by what she finds on her Physics teacher’s desk

By Tara Patterson

Katie England felt well and truly fed up. Two weeks into the spring term of 1986, she had already had enough. The school bell rang; she miserably dragged herself out of bed and reluctantly put on her uniform. As she pulled on her navy blue knee socks she looked with envy at the other sixth form girls in her room as they rolled black stockings up their legs.

“It looks like another cold one,” teased her roommate, Rebecca Staffe. “Just the weather for stockings don’t you think girls? I wouldn’t want to be wearing knee socks on a day like today, and with it being Saturday who’s coming into town this afternoon? Oh sorry, Katie can’t, she’s grounded again.”

January 24th, 2016

Matron is Away

Matron Taylor accompanies a group on a school trip but will the girls take advantage of her absence

By Tara Patterson

Hannah Philpott MP rushed from her office through the corridors of power down to Westminster Hall. Through the crowd of MPs and media crews she spotted the group she was looking for; twenty schoolgirls all dressed in navy blue blazers, gymslips and wearing straw boaters. Hannah paused for a moment as she saw the group leaders and nervously checked her appearance. She needn’t have worried; Matron Taylor saw Hannah and smiled. She greeted Hannah warmly and was amused that Hannah was wearing a school tie under her grey suit jacket.

January 6th, 2016

Alexandra Waterworth’s Caning

Standing around waiting gets a girl into trouble.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Alexandria Waterworth and I am 18, long blonde curly hair, very slim, and I am in the Upper sixth at our local girls Grammar school. I have a provisional place at Manchester University to study French. My boyfriend of 2 years is Glen and he has a place also at Manchester to study applied Mathematics. We are really looking forward to being at uni together as we already have a full relationship.

Our schools still use corporal punishments and at our school that consists of class punishments; which can be the slipper across your skirt, the cane across your hand or you could have your skirt raised and 1 or both legs smacked very hard. If you are often naughty in class you could be made to lift your skirt above your knees and receive 2 or 3 strokes across your calfs or you could be sent to the headmaster when the punishment would carried out by the headmaster in the presence of his secretary. That could be either the slipper across the knickers or the cane across the knickers with your skirt removed.

January 6th, 2016

Aunt Meryl

Matron has some time away during the holidays but is disappointed by her Goddaughters attitude. The next in the series.

By Tara Patterson

The two members of the medical staff of Queen Anne school, Ambleside were relaxing in the Matron’s sitting room. It was getting near the end of the Christmas term. It had just gone lights out. The school was quiet. Sixty-five year old matron Meryl Taylor kicked off her white plimsolls and took off her uniform belt. She gave a long sigh as she stretched out on the floral sofa.

“You look tired Meryl,” said her colleague, under-matron Patterson, as she brought in their evening coco. “Are you going away over the holidays or are you staying here? I’m looking forward to a few weeks at home. It’s my turn to cook Christmas dinner this year; it gives Mum a break.”

January 6th, 2016

A New Headmistress

A girl has a few surprises in store when she encounters the new headmistress. By a new writer to us.

By Raffles Haigh

Jennifer Ball looked across at her best friend sitting with her legs crossed in the comfortable sixth formers’ common room, her pleated mini skirt barely covering her bottom on the well worn leather sofa, and asked with excitement: “Well then, Luce, how does the new Headmistress cane then? Any better than old Miss Daines the canes?

Lucy looked across to where her friend sat frowned and said: “To be perfectly honest, Jen, I have never been thrashed like that in my life! I thought my backside was made of leather after all the swishings I’ve had, and now we are in the upper sixth and old enough to drink, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be bending over in that office again!”