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July 25th, 2017


When guilt is in doubt, the headmistress has to decide.

By Jane Fairweather

Miss Renton was in mid-sentence explaining a rather subtle point about quadratic equations when the door of the small room on the purpose built Sixth Form corridor suddenly opened and the grey-haired School Secretary  entered.

“Miss Johns sends her compliments, Miss Renton, and she is sorry to disturb your lesson, but she wishes to see Emily Halliday immediately.” The School Secretary was obviously repeating a message learned more or less by heart a fair number of years before.

“You’d better get off with you, Emily.” Miss Renton observed smiling amiably at one of her better mathematicians. “You’d better not keep the Head waiting. I expect it will be something to your advantage. I hope you won’t mind if we don’t wait for you; the Head is apt to go on rather on these occasions.”

July 25th, 2017

Avoiding Class has Painful Consequences

A girl misses a class and gets caught. Another story in the series.

by Holy Diver

On the last day of November 1979, snow came to the English countryside. For the girls of St Anne’s Academy, it wasn’t so much snow more than horrible sleety rain. As much as the girls loved white snow, they all hated icy rain. Regardless of the severe weather, running outdoors in gym class still went ahead as usual. Senior girl Hannah Anderson hated gym class in general and dreaded the prospect of having to run outside in the freezing weather. Today, Hannah had a plan to avoid going outside.

July 15th, 2017

Caught in the Act

The headmistress’s daughter is caught by the Head Girl and hatch a plan together. The next in the Ambleside series

By Tara Patterson

Elaine Meanwood parked her battered green Citroen Saxo in its reserved space next to the large imposing gates of Queen Anne school, Ambleside. She glanced at the dashboard clock as she switched off the headlights; it read 01:45.

Elaine didn’t know whether to feel elated or guilty about how her evening had gone. One thing was for sure, it had been a few years since she had sneaked back home with her knickers stuffed in her handbag and her clothes looking rather crumpled.

July 5th, 2017

Annabel Hunt Caned Again

A headmaster struggles to change a girl’s behaviour. Then her mother has an idea.

(Part 6 of the series)


It was approaching the end of the Michaelmas Term and, apart from the unexpected problem back in September when three girls had been caught drinking under-age and the Police had been involved, James Simmons felt things had gone smoothly. The New Head Girl, Stephanie French, had proved a worthy successor to Helen Brown. The traditions of Archdean Lodge had been upheld with all misdemeanours being dealt with by Corporal Punishment. The school had a policy of no detentions, no suspensions and no expulsions. The vast majority of punishments had been kept within the prefecture and from his records he could see that Stephanie French had slippered ten girls, all of which were fifth form or below, and that she had caned eight girls.

July 2nd, 2017

Reticent Memories of a Head Girl

A Girl tries to conceal a school punishment. By a new writer to us.

By Arthur Martensson

Rachael Heenan, my wife, had been my sweetheart since I was 13 years old, when she first moved to my school at Geelong, Australia. I still remember the first day when she walked into the class, and so fortunately, sat 2 desks next to me. Her looks; beautiful face, silky dark hair, slim body, in a neat uniform, white blouse, navy blue skirt, black tights and navy jacket. She was oozing with confidence and elegance. I remember frequently looking at her while at class.

I was fortunate to grow up with her, and had the opportunity to spend lots of time together through representing the school in State Level debates together, and later on becoming Head Boy and Head Girl of the school respectively. Though I fancied her from day one, I kept that to my heart, as she had always stated she wanted to focus on studies while in Secondary School. I only mustered up my courage and asked her to be my girlfriend when we were both studying together at Melbourne University; myself in Law and she in Medicine. I was the luckiest guy when she said yes.

June 23rd, 2017

Caitlyn’s Move to America

A British girl moves to the USA where she continues her schooling

By Gillian Howard

I was born in May 1995 and enjoyed a very good upbringing in Southern England before, in June 2006, my Father was promoted and we had to move to Florida in USA. I couldn’t believe my luck going to school with almost permanent sunshine.

We arrived and settled in and I was even more pleased to be told that school had already finished for summer and would not restart till the middle of August. I was quickly accepted by the local children and after attending an interview at our local school was informed that I would be starting in the middle school sixth grade but if I proved that I was as advanced as they thought I may be upped a grade to seventh grade with children who would be a year older.

June 5th, 2017

Phyllis Remembers

A 1950s period piece set in a girls private school

By Jane Fairweather

They were onto their third martini at Susan’s splendid house on the edge of Wharfedale, which was the well-earned result of her clothing business, and the four women were all of them getting rather silly and talking about their school days.

“Oh tell us that story again, Phyl.” Susan suddenly demanded of her lover.

Anthea sardonically grinned at Elsie, who she knew liked this ritual less than the rest of them.

“Which story?” Phyllis asked innocently, as she always did.

“The story of our last day at school, which you always tell better than any of us you silly cow.” Susan said with love in her eyes, which had survived a good many ups and downs.

May 22nd, 2017

Bribery never pays

A girl sees bribery as a way out of her difficulty.

by Holy Diver

On a rainy Tuesday lunchtime in November 1979, Sophie Prior was hard at work in the common room of St Anne’s academy for girls. Sophie was a senior student; short and skinny with dirty blonde hair. Unlike her friend, Hannah Anderson, who had cute freckles, Sophie was riddled with acne. At present, Sophie was desperately trying to get her homework assignment finished which should have been handed in on Monday, but was given a one day extension.

Sophie was trying to keep warm too. She was wearing a woolly jumper over her school uniform. Sophie was sat beside the window which had the heavy rain lashing against it and outside the rain was bouncing off the ground. In addition, the wind buffeted against the windows, sounding like an air raid siren. Ironically, her essay was on World War Two for her History class. Sophie found it hard to concentrate with the noise. She knew she would be in deep trouble if she failed to get this paper handed in today.

May 16th, 2017

Life’s Not Always a Giggle

Three girls play a trick on a teacher, but it doesn’t work out like they hoped.

by Andy Nixon

The three girls giggled as they finalised the details of their plan. As usual, Cortney was doing the organising.

“Summer, you bring a can of shaving foam. Erin, toilet paper, and I’ll get the condoms.”

Just the mention of the word condoms set them off again.

The plan was a plan of revenge. They had just come from a boring after-school detention where they had to write the sentence: ‘I must not talk and giggle at the back with my friends during Coach Ellis’s geography class’ a hundred times. They were mad with Coach Ellis for imposing this arduous punishment on them, and they were out to settle a score with him, get even.

May 8th, 2017

This Will Teach You a Lesson

A new deputy headmaster gets advice from the headmaster. By a new writer to us, but a long standing writer in the world of CP

by Andy Nixon

“Ah, Harborn!” Dr Benjamin said, looking up from his desk and peering at me over his half spectacles. “Sorry to interrupt your free period. Do sit down. Settling in alright are we? Any problems? No? Good.”

I wasn’t really sure whether I was expected to answer, so I just smiled.

“First week, I know, but an ideal opportunity has cropped up, don’t you see. You see, there are certain duties, as my Deputy Headmaster, that I expect you to help out with. Tricky Johnny discipline! Not much corporal punishment at your old comprehensive, shouldn’t wonder. No? Thought not! More’s the pity, I say.”