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December 13, 2014

The Escalating Punishment

Giggling at another’s misfortune gets a girl into trouble, then manages to make things even worse.

By David

The Sixth Form English class was proceeding as normal until the Headmaster’s Secretary appeared, to summon Tony Bullinger to Mr Clarkson’s presence. A buzz of speculation was quickly silenced by Mrs Summers, but an apprehensive mood descended over the class until Tony reappeared about ten minutes later. Clearly in pain, he hobbled to his seat and sat down very slowly and carefully, much to the amusement of Susie, who whispered and giggled to her neighbour.

“Susanna Smithson, stand up!” ordered the teacher. “How dare you laugh at Bullinger like that! You can write out two hundred times ‘I must not take pleasure in another’s suffering’, and bring it to me first thing tomorrow. Now sit down and be quiet.”

December 11, 2014

The Worst Humiliation

When a girl objects to her gym teacher’s punishment, she lands in even more trouble.

By David

Helen loved all her school lessons apart from gymnastics. She could not understand why, as a Sixth Former, she still had put up with a teacher who treated her like a child. Now, as she pulled off her knickers and struggled to squeeze her quite large behind into her white shorts, she inwardly cursed this unnecessary imposition on her life.

Suddenly she realised that all the others had gone through to the gym and she was going to be last. With a sinking heart she quickly followed them, only to be confronted by the stick-like Miss Hartshorne with a large plimsoll in her hand whilst all the rest were running round the room.

November 29, 2014

Starlingroost Grammar: A Headmaster’s Tale

A headmaster’s inner thoughts when he deals with an errant pupil

By Joanna Jones

It is amazing, even now, so many years later, how many people think that somehow my role in life as Headmaster included whacking girls on their knickers. It was something that I never did. There is, to many, some sexual, erotic overtone that feeds the imagination that for them can never be replicated by any other form of punishment, other than of course the wholly unrealistic scenario of actually having those knickers somehow removed.

However, while I can see how the overt nature of such a punishment can stimulate, and for such reason it was banned for male teachers to apply such a sanction by the local education authority in my area, to say the alternative for girls at my school was not without its tension would be a fallacy. It’s a fact that makes me wonder whether I should have delegated the whole distasteful business of female punishments to a female member of staff much earlier than I did, only a couple of years before my retirement.

November 20, 2014

A Schoolday Memory

A life-changing incident is remembered years later when two old friends meet.

By Katherine Jones

The early evening air was misty, damp and cold as I made my way, wrapped in my new winter coat, through the central London pre-Christmas throng.

The question of why Kelly Harmon had agreed to meet up with me was turning over in my mind as I approached the pub we had established as our place of rendezvous and made my way down the stairs into the basement bar.

The incident involving Kelly in 1984 was burned into my memory. What I saw that day had excited but unsettled me in equal measure. It was the first time that I had understood I had an interest in corporal punishment and probably always would have.

November 20, 2014

The Puzzle

An act of chivalry appears to land a boy in trouble while his girlfriend gets away with it.

By Joanna Jones

I staggered slowly out of the headmaster’s office, unable to stop myself clutching the back of my trousers, and barely able to hold in the tears that, despite my eighteen years, still threatened to escape my eyes.

Five minutes previously, I had been reluctantly unbuckling my belt and fly to reveal my plain white Y-fronts, then, trousers around ankles, that same white fabric had been stretched tight across my backside as I reluctantly bent over for six of Mr Gillespie’s very best. Senior cane for a senior boy, or so he said.

November 14, 2014

Emma Stiles’ Two Detentions

Another Emma Stiles story. Despite having two detentions to serve she manages to get in more trouble.

By Gillian Howard

On the way to school, knowing that I had to serve a 1 hour detention tonight under the watchful eye of Mr Traynor, I was talking to Jane and Christine about the dance we were all going to on Saturday. They asked me if I was going to be wearing the underwear that Madame Rebois had bought me and I replied that I didn’t want Steve, my date for the night, getting the wrong ideas.

I was not looking forward to detention as Mr Traynor was a teacher who used the slipper a lot and was known as a severe user. In fact Jane commented on this fact as we approached the school gates as he had given her the only slippering she had ever had last term. As she had never been caned either it came as quite a shock as to how painful it was.

November 12, 2014

Tending Stripes

A girl goes to the aid of her boyfriend and lands them both in trouble.

By Joanna Jones

“Hey Sally! Have you heard? Liam got whacked this morning!”

“What!?” I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at my friend, Frances, who had just caught up with me, having been in a different class just before the lunch break.

“Apparently he cycles to school and a car got a bit too close to him and nearly knocked him off. He let fly at the driver with a load of verbal abuse. Unfortunately Mr Arthurs was in the car behind.”

Fran paused, giving me a chance to guess the rest. Our Deputy Head was a stern man.

November 10, 2014

The Gentle Woman (1935)

A headmistress’s private life becomes entangled with her work.

By Jane Fairweather

“Please no more, Miss Hektor! Please no more!”

Miss Rosemary Hektor, Headmistress of the Combe Castle School for Girls, was lying in her pleasantly warm bath and getting a considerable amount of pleasure from imagining the caning of Christine Cawthorne, the prettiest of her young mistresses, for incompetence. She imagined Miss Cawthorne’s lovely, tightly be-knickered young bottom rising and falling under the imaginary rod after perhaps some pleading and the raising of the skirts. More mundane things called, though, including some well deserved discipline for the girls who had been making Miss Cawthorne’s life a misery in the real world.

October 24, 2014

In My Imagination – A poem

By David

In my imagination, you’d be bent

To take a taste of corporal punishment

Delivered by a long thin cane, designed

For great effect upon a girl’s behind,

Its power to sting severely much improved

When skirts that cover buttocks are removed.


As each cruel cut inflames your cringing rear

You gasp and groan, then shed a bitter tear.

Once over, fix your uniform with care

Lest tender cheeks be chafed by underwear,

Then stumble from the scene, hands vainly rubbing

Those regions where the rod has done its drubbing.


Later, before the mirror, you survey

The damage done and see, to your dismay,

Red stripes that cross your crevice, cheek to cheek.

You’ll not sit down in comfort for a week.

October 24, 2014

An English Education

Two girls are in more trouble than they feared. By a new writer to us.

By David

It was with some trepidation that Annabel and Hattie knocked on the Principal’s door and entered his outer office. Mr Foreman’s secretary took the slip of paper that Annabel was holding and went in to see him, reappearing a moment later and ushering them inside. Once the inner door was closed, they were left to face him across his desk.

“Well girls,” said Mr Foreman, “Even though you are Upper Sixth students, I see that you’ve been causing such disruption in class that you have been sent to me with a request that I punish you. What do you have to say about this?”