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April 13, 2014

A Better Result

A Head Girl exceeds her authority and has to pay the price. A story from the old site.

by Kenny Walters

“I think he should have caned you.” The tall, leggy, blonde girl leaned against the door, her casual attire of faded blue jeans and darker blue blouse doing nothing to remove her natural air of authority.

“Oh, thanks a bunch Veronica!” The shorter dark haired girl retorted, uncertain whether her friend had made the remark in jest.

“It would have set a better example for the school, Sara.”

“Sod the school, Veronica! Think what it would have done to my bottom! Coffee?”

“Please.” Veronica Appleby watched as her friend poured water and coffee into the filter machine. “So, what was it you got?”

March 10, 2014

Andrea Green

A sixth form girl finds it hard to keep out of trouble.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Andrea Green and I attended a mixed grammar school in the late sixties when corporal punishments were used liberally. Most pupils were punished at school in some form or other and, while I had detentions and lines on several occasions, the only physical punishments I received were the slipper when all the girls in our class were given two slaps with the slipper across our knickers in PE in year 2 for playing around in the showers, and when I received two with the ruler across my hand in year three for whispering in class.

February 18, 2014

Mississippi Paddling

The following is a true account of a girl at school in the US state of Mississippi. It appeared on the ‘old’ site and also on our otd-memories website.

Related by Victoria Jameson

My name is Victoria and I’m now twenty years old. I thought that you might appreciate having an entirely non-fictional account of one person’s real experience at a US school.

I grew up in coastal Mississippi. My school had the paddle, but it didn’t use it all that much or at least not like I hear about in Texas and Arkansas etc. It was something we knew about (and were leery of), but usually it was the usual suspects, the repeat offenders.

February 18, 2014

Letting the School Down

The headmistress intervenes in a dispute with the games mistress

by Jane Fairweather

“Well, Joy MacLean, what can I do for you?” Enquired Miss Randolph, glancing with faint amusement at the captain of the First Hockey XI who had just stepped, looking distinctly fraught, through her headmistress’s door.

‘Some headmistresses,’ thought Miss Randolph, ‘might well consider the ferocious knocking that had preceded Joy’s entry to be verging on rude,’ but she was fond of the girl and part of her fondness derived from Joy’s directness. With Joy you always knew where you were, which was in marked contrast to a fair proportion of the other more devious and feminine creatures she often had to deal with. Besides, Joy was a County level hockey player and a very good captain and the First XI’s results this season had been most pleasing.

January 29, 2014

The Runaways

Reminiscent of a recent newspaper story

By Andromeda

Dr Wilson was in his seventh year as headmaster of Norton Grange. As chairman of the Headmaster’s Conference, he had a reputation to maintain. Now, thanks to two selfish brats, that reputation was in tatters. He read the headlines for the fifth time in as many minutes and poured himself a large sherry.

`Lovers, 16, flee to Caribbean

Simon Henderson and Tania Lucas had been two of his most promising pupils. Despite being only sixteen years of age they both showed a maturity beyond their years. Now, they had not only ruined their own futures but had also placed the school’s good name in jeopardy.

January 17, 2014

The Clandestine Lovers

An illicit relationship causes problems. From a new writer to us.

By Andromeda

Linthorpe Hall was a grand old mansion; built in 1735, it had been home to the Sutherland family for two hundred years. With the approach of war the family filed for bankruptcy, and in 1939 the mansion was sold as an independent day school for girls. Since then, the school had expanded and provided education for three hundred girls aged 11 to 18 years.

Jason Mills drove into the staff car park and parked in his allotted space. Alighting from the car, he made certain there were no prying eyes then opened the rear door. Samantha Claremont slipped out of the car and headed for the pupil’s entrance. Jason breathed a sigh of relief. Despite their disparity in ages (Jason was 24 and Samantha 18), they had been seeing each other for three months. Secrecy was paramount; the very whisper of a relationship would result in Jason’s dismissal and Samantha’s expulsion. The only foreseeable problem was one of discipline; Jason was Classics master and also responsible for his pupil’s welfare and good being. Samantha often joked about the possibility of him having to cane her, but as she was a prefect the situation was unlikely to arise.

January 6, 2014

The Summons

A girl is called to the headmaster’s study knowing the fate that awaits her, even if the reason is a little unusual.

By Susan Thomas

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” (W. Somerset Maugham)

Sarah walked down the corridor towards the headmaster’s office. She had been summoned and it was making her very nervous, for she had a fairly good idea why.

St Amelia’s Academy was not unique in having a male head but it was unique in that it had a one hundred year old tradition of only appointing men to head up the predominantly female establishment. It was also not unique in having a headmaster that caned the girls, though that was by no means common, but St Amelia’s headmaster used corporal punishment on any girl from the youngest right through to the senior girls in the upper sixth. It didn’t matter if a girl was already nineteen and had just one week to go before leaving; if she had done something wrong she could still be caned. Sarah and all the girls were proud of the school and its traditions, proud of the caning tradition that made them the equal of the boys at their brother school five miles away.

January 1, 2014

The Trouble With Shorts

A US school paddling told from several perspectives

By Kenny Walters

Amy Marshall, 6.50 am

As I leave the house clutching my school books the slight breeze is already very warm. I guessed it would be. That’s why I wore a thin cotton dress, white with a red floral pattern, because this is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far. The dress reaches to within four inches of my knees which means it should comply with the dress code at Ryetimber High. I’ve got straight A grades and getting an in-school detention, which would mean losing marks as well as serving the Saturday detention in my own time, just isn’t on my agenda.

December 21, 2013

To Witness, To Experience

A thoughtful look at how a girl might satisfy her fascination with the cane

By Joanna Jones

How many times had she done this now, she wondered? Maybe about sixteen or so, and for probably more than 25 girls. Everything from some tough first year, who’d answered back to a teacher once too often, to a couple of her fellow upper sixth colleagues, caught smoking inside the school on a cold, wet February morning.

She remembered that latter episode particularly well, given she would count them as friends, if not close friends. She recalled them, sentence having been already passed, glancing sickly at her from their positions facing the wall, hands clasped nervously in front of them, near the door as she entered the headmaster’s study. Unlike some of the younger girls she’d seen in that predicament, neither were in tears, at least not at that point.

December 20, 2013

The Senior Prefect

(A sequel to Incomplete)


Old Tom and Susan Thomas

 Alice was in the Upper Sixth and also Senior Prefect at The Rectory School for Girls. She had been a prefect last year when Melissa was Head Girl and really worshipped her, hoped to copy her and be Head Girl. It was not to be; there were three outstanding candidates and Miss Anderton had difficulty in making a decision. In the end she went on their corporal punishment record. Miss Anderton decided the one with the fewest entries was to be Head Girl, the next was deputy Head Girl, and Alice ended third, Senior Prefect. The three musketeers, as they were often called. Not that she minded much for she was proud of her post and worked very hard at it.