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May 23rd, 2016

Bend Over the Punishment Stool

A persistent offender is dealt with


I knew this was going to be bad. I was a rebel and had been caned once before by the Headmaster, but with my black trousers and knickers retained. But this time I knew I was in for it as he had promised that one more transgression would result in the ultimate caning; a bare bottom thrashing. Telling the English teacher to ‘fuck-off’ had done it and here I was again in the Headmaster’s study.

Made worse by the fact that he determined that a bare bottom caning made it necessary for a female teacher to be present.

May 13th, 2016

Coming of Age

A headmaster seeks permission to cane a girl but her father has other ideas.

By Jane Fairweather

“What do you two think you are doing?” The voice of Mr Oakley thundered.

At around five foot and three inches, he was a diminutive man by the standards of the male staff at Kingsley Grammar and generally regarded as making up for this deficiency by quite excessive aggro towards his students. Perhaps Fiona Gibbon, who was actually quite proud of being five foot nine, thought the fact that he always wore a coloured shirt, which today was verging on red, was part of the same scheme of things; she really did not like Mr Oakley.

April 30th, 2016

After the Hockey Match

Twin sisters, and one lures the other into trouble. 

By Julie Baker

My name is Amanda Johnson and I was born in London in March 1954, half an hour before my twin sister, Victoria. We have always been known as Mandy and Vicky and have been inseparable since the day we came into this world. Later in life I married a farmer from Berkshire and went on to have three children of my own. Vicky married a film producer. They had twin boys and, after some time living abroad, currently live in London. We are identical twins and even now people have difficulty telling us apart. Vicky is still my closest friend and there are very few days when we don’t speak to each other on the phone. What is different between us, though, are our personalities. Vicky is quite cautious in what she does whereas I am more adventurous and inclined to take chances. Because of this I have always tended to be the leader and I have generally had the feeling that I needed to look after my younger sister.

April 22nd, 2016

The Scholarship Girl

A better disciplined school has many advantages for a new girl, until she finds herself subject to that discipline.

By David

It had been the high point of Jane’s life when she won a scholarship to the prestigious private Ladies Academy in her home town. Now she could leave behind her scruffy Comprehensive with its low standards and casual attitudes. Poor though her background was, she had earned a place alongside the local female elite.

From the start, Jane revelled in the superb facilities and the excellent sports ground which she enjoyed in the limited time between her demanding classes. She was proud to wear the uniform, including the maroon gold-braided blazer and school tie. Sixth Form girls had the option of trousers but Jane, who had worn them throughout her comprehensive years, was now pleased to put on a school skirt or summer dress over her regulation underwear. Keen to conform to her new standards, she always ensured that her knickers were maroon as well.

April 19th, 2016

A Question of Law

Circumstances of war make for unusual actions in a school.

By Jane Fairweather

It was heavenly on top of these Cornish cliffs, Jaqueline Hawkins thought; the sky was a radiant blue, the sea a most beautiful green and no cloud to be seen. Jaqueline fixed her eye on the criss-crossings of a couple of large birds. In Greece, at one time, they would have been thought of as gods in disguise, so beautiful were their movements.

And apart from the sea’s quiet lapping it was so quiet. In London, before Miss Charlton, their headmistress, had girded up her loins and moved Hawk House School to the peace of the West Country, there had been constant background noise from the artillery in Flanders on the Western Front, besides the city noises of rumbling carts and screeching trains, and from time to time the explosion of the bombs from the great beetle-like German planes, the ‘Gothas’, those modern Harpies whose advent had decided Miss Charlton to move her school.

April 18th, 2016

School Reunion Part 2

Two more ‘old girls’ are confronted by their vengeful  former headmistress

By Kane Strokes

Mrs Roberts opened the door to the headmistress’s office for Liz and Angela to enter; they walked in. Mrs Hepworth was sat behind her desk; there were no other chairs in the room, so Liz and Angela stood in front of her desk.

“Hi, Mrs Hepworth,” Liz said cheerfully.

Mrs Hepworth frowned at the pair of them.

“I’d like you to cast your minds back 15 years to the day you left this school. When I drove away from this school it seemed like every car in the country was hooting it’s horn at me. I wondered why. I soon found out as then pupils unknown to me had placed very rude signs and banners on my car, carefully placed so I wouldn’t see them, which unrolled as I drove for the motoring public to see and laugh at.”

April 17th, 2016

Praetorium Responsibilities

Two girls’ drunken behaviour spoils a treat enjoyed by all the upper sixth, with painful consequences. By a new writer to us.

By Dobbo

Josh Evans woke up dreamily that morning, 14 May 1969, with the vague feeling that today would have something special to offer. As the haze of sleep evaporated so it came back to him with a start. Yes, indeed, today was THE day. The day when Laura Frankland and Abi Hunt were to appear before the Praetorium!

Josh was senior prefect, otherwise known as Head of House, at Allingham Hall, one of the lesser known, albeit highly prestigious, public schools so favoured by the families of ‘Middle England’. As such, along with the Heads of the other three Houses he also enjoyed membership of the somewhat grandiosely entitled Praetorium, in effect the pupil body that oversaw day-to-day school life. The prefectorial system has always been popular with English public schools and never more so than at boarding establishments such as Allingham. Having senior pupils taking a large measure of responsibility for the smooth running of the establishment was deemed essential, not least for the development of the pupils themselves as they moved from adolescence into full manhood. At Allingham each House had its own cadre of prefects drawn from the best of the Upper 6th. Matters pertaining to academic performance were, of course, totally the remit of the teaching staff but managing the everyday business of school life was very much in the hands of the prefects.

April 15th, 2016

Last Semester

(Author’s note: This story was not intended to be a read alone. To have a better understanding and to fully appreciate the plot, references, and characters, please read the previous installment of the series called ‘Signature Required,’ which is available on Over The Desk Spanking Stories.)

By Stinger Sam

The road to college had been a painful experience for Lacy. In her senior year, she had to choose between accepting a six day suspension, three swats with a paddle and three days of suspension, or take six swats with a paddle. After carefully considering her options, Lacy decided to take the six licks. She bent over the desk and presented her round bottom to be spanked by Karen, her principal at the time, in order to avoid any rejection letter by a university due to a suspension being on her record. As if her backside was not already properly punished, Lacy found herself again in Karen’s office for forgery and lying, only this time staring at a more frightful looking paddle that her mother would be using to tenderize her rear end.

April 3rd, 2016

Signature Required

Getting a parent to sign a form after their daughter has received corporal punishment is practiced in many schools. Occasionally, a student tries to bypass the system.

By Stinger Sam

“Why did you have your cell phone with you in class?” Asked Principal Mitchell.

“I don’t know, I guess I forgot to put it away in my locker,” replied Lacy, looking away from Principal Mitchell. “Accidents happen. That’s life.”

“Accidents do happen in life but so does not turning off your cell phone and deciding to actively use it during class,” responded Principal Mitchell. “That fact remains that if you sincerely forgot to put your phone away, you still could have had the decency to turn it off and not use it during class. Right?”

April 2nd, 2016

Late to Class

Some of the consequences of a simple class punishment

By David

Upper Sixth Arts were grinding through their last class of the day under the supervision of their form tutor when, ten minutes into the lesson, an out of breath and somewhat tearful Sally burst into the room.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, Mrs Gibson,” she blurted out. “The thing is…”

Mrs Gibson had experienced a long and tiresome day, so was in no mood for laborious explanations.

“How dare you arrive at this time?” She interrupted. “You can have no adequate excuse for this misbehaviour!”

Trembling by now, Sally again tried to explain herself.

“I couldn’t help it, Miss,” was as far as she got before her increasingly irascible teacher cut in on her again. Above all else, she hated to be addressed as Miss.