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October 18th, 2016

Alice Woodward ‘s Caning

If a girl is suspected of breaking school rules, there needn’t be a long and careful investigation.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Alice Woodward and I attended a mixed Grammar school in 1968 to 1974. Corporal punishment was a regular sight, with boys and girls being spanked and getting the slipper in class. The headmaster also gave the slipper over underpants or knickers only. He would also, on rare occasions, also cane both boys and girls in the same way.

I, along with my 3 closest friends Sylvia, Linda and Amy, had never been punished apart from when all the class got two with the slipper in the second year when we were making a noise as our teacher was late arriving. Overall, more than half the girls had been given the slipper in class as well as the class punishment, but all the boys had been given the slipper in class and most had visited the headmaster for the cane or slipper. Of the girls, 10 had visited the Headmaster; 7 got 6 with the slipper over their knickers and 3 got 6 with the cane.

October 11th, 2016

The crisis

Continuing the series, this sequel to ‘New Headmaster’ sees two girls punished and a Head Girl with a strange interest.

by PG

Helen Brown was having a good year as Head Girl at Archdean Lodge House and, with two weeks to go before Easter, discipline had been upheld. Just over thirty girls had been slippered, sixteen had been caned by the Head Girl as decreed by the Prefecture, and only nine had been sent to Headmaster for the ultimate sanction, six strokes of the cane across the bare bottom. The three levels of punishment were the only sanctions available and no girl had been suspended or expelled for over twenty years, an ethos that was very much part of the tradition established by the previous Headmaster.

October 7th, 2016


A typical in class punishment that many will recall. By a new writer to us.

By Paul Notes


Miss Watson bellowed, casting a steely eye over her 6th form Maths class. Unfortunately her Maths class was timetabled in as the last lesson on Friday afternoon. The twenty 17 to 18 year old girls were more interested in the weekend ahead.

She had set the girls twenty questions to work on in class, while she caught up on marking exam papers. Although she made allowances for a little background chatter, she expected her pupils to work in silence. However this was now the third time she was forced to tell the class to keep the noise down.

October 4th, 2016

A White Lie

A woman is in the wrong job to be caught out. By a new writer to us.

By Sally Cavendish

When is a white lie not a white lie? It was not a question to which Celia Church had given much thought.

She knew that, when she told her boss she would be back late after lunch because she had a two-thirty dental appointment, she was being economical with the truth. There was no such appointment. She just wanted to have a leisurely pub lunch with an old school friend. But she did not think she was doing anything particularly heinous. She could always make up the time later.

September 24th, 2016

Dilemmas after the Nature Walk

Exploring a close pupil/teacher relationship.

By Jane Fairweather

“You may all be seated.” Miss Johnson proclaimed from the small stage at the front of the Hall, now the hymn was sung and the prayers said.

There was a rustle of skirts and gym slips as the younger girls of Corry Hall School sat down cross legged on the polished wood floor and the Five Uppers and Sixth Form sat down on the chairs that went with their seniority in the school. Mary Gulliver noticed that all three of her friends were shuffling much more on their bottoms than they would normally have done.

“There is a fair chance that we won’t get it at all and she will just blame Miss Black for getting us into it. We just have to stick to our version. And even if we do get the stick, which I doubt, she won’t be as hard on us as she would be on Mary by herself. If Mary admits what she really did, she will be really for it.” Sarah, or in full, Sarah Vane-Scott, the imperious, but very quiet daughter of a full colonel, had observed both on the previous afternoon and on several occasions since.

September 20th, 2016

Gaynor Travis Gets Caned

A girl has to change school where a different regime applies

By Gillian Howard

My name is Gaynor Travis and in 1967, when I was 17 years old, I had just started my upper 6th studies at a strict Catholic all girls grammar school. I had always been a model pupil, never having been in trouble, but I then was in a car driven by my boyfriend’s brother and it was involved in a traffic accident. I was in a coma for 7 weeks but was unfit to return to school till Easter.

I remembered nothing till I came to after the coma and was told what had happened.  The driver of the other vehicle had suffered fatal injuries. About a week after I came around, I was moved out of intensive care and mum came to see me looking very upset. She told me that after the accident It was touch and go if I would survive and then on the third day they arrived to be told I had lost the baby I was expecting. I was in total shock as I did not know I was pregnant, or if I did could not remember it.

September 18th, 2016

No Alternative

A headmistress tells about the time she used her cane on a girl. 

By Julie Baker

My name is Sally Johnson and I was born in Sheffield in March 1957. I was schooled through the state system and I was head girl in my last year. I achieved three straight A grades in my A levels and won a place to study geography at Cambridge University. I enjoyed my time there and when I graduated I got a place on a teacher training course at Durham University. One year later and I was applying for teaching posts in a variety of state and private schools. I took a position in a small private all girls school in Leicestershire as a class room teacher. Within three years I was head of their geography department and by the time I was 29 I was appointed to be Deputy Head.

September 17th, 2016

The Two Sides of Jennifer’s Slippering

A typical school punishment that will bring back memories. By a new writer to us.

By Jenny

Jennifer Wilson did not enjoy Geography. She wasn’t interested in maps, why it rained or the cause of earthquakes. The main reason she didn’t like Mr Knight was that he taught Geography.

Mr Knight loved teaching, and Geography was his subject. He also liked working with children; their enthusiasm to explore their world amazed him. He knew, though, that a disruption would affect the class’s ability to learn. When he first started teaching he was determined not to be like the teachers he’d grown up with, turning to corporal punishment at the first hint of trouble. For sometime he tried talking through problems and using positive reinforcement to promote good behaviour. He was genuinely disappointed how quickly some kids had worn him down and how he’d learned that the quickest way to restore order was to reach for his slipper.

September 2nd, 2016

Two Sisters Caned

Two girls punished at the hands of the Head Girl and the Headmaster

by PG

(A Sequel to New Headmaster)

“You, as the eldest and in the Upper Sixth, will be seen by the Headmaster.”

Helen Brown, as the new Head Girl, was dealing with the first serious incident of the year and had before her a seventeen year old and her older sister who was eighteen. Susan and Fiona Williams had chosen to take a day out of school without any kind of permission to attend a pop concert.

At Archdean Lodge House, a prestigious all girls school, all transgressions were dealt with by corporal punishment. The Prefecture was all-powerful and it was a tradition of the school that only serious offenders would be given the ultimate sanction of a caning from the Headmaster. Helen Brown, as Head Girl, was in her first few weeks of office and was pleased there had been very few incidents of rules being broken. So far the Prefecture had administered four Level One punishments which involved a dose of the slipper, which at Archdean was used in the place of detentions, always six strokes across a girl’s knickers whilst bent over a stool. In reality, the slipper was actually a small selection of plimsolls ranging from a size 5 girls shoe used on juniors to a size 9 mens shoe used on sixth formers, all of which certainly gave a painful experience. Nothing had yet merited a Level Two punishment which involved the cane from the Head Girl, again bent over the stool after their skirt had been removed. Truancy, however, was a different matter and there was no alternative but for these two sisters to be sentenced to the cane.

August 14th, 2016

Dress Code

A mother visits a headmaster to discuss the caning he gave her daughter

By Hilary Wilmington

“Mrs Megginson? Please do come in.”

She walked in with an inclination of her head and a gracious smile, although she did not say anything in reply.

“And Mr Megginson? Is he not with you?”

“Oh no, I’m afraid he’s far too busy at his work to be able to join us.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” replied the headmaster, insincerely. Dealing with one awkward parent was better than dealing with two and better still if that was the mother. He always felt more comfortable having dealings with the female of the species, which is possibly why he had ended up as headmaster of an all-girls boarding school. “I was just going from a note made by my secretary in my diary,” he explained. “She herself is unwell and hasn’t been in all week.”