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November 17th, 2016

Jane’s New Career

Redundancies lead three women to seek an alternative career. By a new writer to us.

by David Baldwin

Do you remember when each town or community had a proper bank manager? Hilary, Deidre and Jane all had very good jobs as secretaries for those managers but unfortunately their jobs went as their bosses had less power, their decisions were computerised and they started to type their own work and used automated systems. The women all had to take redundancy packages and, even though they ended up paying off most of their mortgages, they still had to take part time jobs or temp work doing typing or even bar work. Deidre and Jane were both divorced and Hilary was free again after several relationships. They were all in their forties and remained friends. Jane wondered why Hilary and Deidre seemed to be better off than her, especially as Hilary could afford to holiday in Greece. Then Deidre invited Jane for coffee at her flat and she said that there was a rewarding job offer to consider.

November 5th, 2016

Saddle Sore

A pleasant ride in the country goes wrong

By Paul S 

There were 6 cyclists who regularly cycled as part of the Roman Cycle Club, which was a large cycle club with over 100 members of all ages. They were; Martin and his partner, Joanne; Naz and his girlfriend, Pritti; plus John and his girlfriend, Louise.

Martin was the senior rider in this group at age 30, with Joanne at 28 being fairly well built at 36-30-42 with medium blonde hair and blue eyes. Pritti was a slim and younger girl, at 24 and 34-26-36, with long dark hair and dark eyes. Louise was 25 and medium build with medium length blonde hair and hazel eyes and was 36-28-38.

October 26th, 2016

Agnes Dewhurst’s Ambition

After a girl leaves school, work offers her an opportunity

By Gillian Howard

My name is Agnes Dewhurst and I lived just outside Liverpool in the 1960s. I attended a local mixed secondary modern school and corporal punishment was used on a regular basis in the classrooms. All teachers would use the cane across the bottom or sometimes in the first year you would get smacked instead.

I myself faced this in my very first term when I was caught cheating and Mr Roberts called me out. He was sat in his chair and he pulled me across his chest and lifted my skirt. Then he really smacked the top of my right thigh till I was screaming in pain and embarrassment. All the class could see my knickers and he warned me next time it would be the cane.

October 21st, 2016

The Full Set

A girl’s past adds spice to a relationship. 

By Julie Baker

We are Mark and Stephanie aged 29 and 26 respectively. We have recently got married and this is the story of how we met.

Stephanie McGregor’s Story

I was born in 1989 in Harare, Zimbabwe to white parents of Scottish stock. I have always been known as ‘Steph’. We lived on a farm two hours drive north of the city and up to the age of 12 I was educated at home along with my younger brother and two children from a neighbouring farm. Although I have known nothing other than an independent Zimbabwe, where white farmers are often targeted, we were fortunate because my father had a great relationship with his workers and the local population and we were left to run our affairs in relative peace and safety. This changed later, but in my early years I had a very good life.

October 21st, 2016

Elaine and the Masseur

A date tones her up nicely

By Paul S

Elaine had tried to date Ben recently at dating agency, but was unsuccessful as he was now dating Anna, one of the matchmakers, and they had become an item.

Elaine was 28 and quite attractive. She had long dark hair and was a shapely and trim 36-26-38 with a few nice curves and a rotund, if slightly plump, bottom. She worked in the city. She had a succession of failed relationships behind her, as, although she had no problem at all attracting men, the long hours city culture, rail delays getting home for local dates and slow dating meant that she was unlucky in love.

October 19th, 2016

Kristina Needs a Warm Up

 A man’s date feels the cold, but there is a solution

by Paul S

Kristina was a Polish girl, studying fashion in the UK on a sandwich course. As she felt lonely and wanted some company, as her family lived in Poland, she wanted a date. She went along to the dating agency and filled in a form and talked to Elaine, one of the matchmakers at

Kristina was 25, and a trim 34-26-36. She dressed very sexily with long boots and slinky outfits, including a leather jacket with a fur collar. Elaine put her details into the computer to see if she had any matches for a date.

October 19th, 2016

The Dating Agency

A jilted lover delivers and receives a sting in the tail

By Paul S

Anna was a young female matchmaker at dating agency, which had an online presence, but also had offices in South London to assist people seeking a new date or relationship, and wanted one-to-one practical advice too. She worked with Elaine who was also a matchmaker who was slightly older at 26, and 36-26-38 with medium length dark curly hair and hazel eyes.

Anna was 21 and was not currently in a relationship, despite being very attractive and a slim and very fit 36-26-36, with blue eyes and medium length ash blonde hair. However that did not bother her in the slightest, as she had many interests outside work, such as playing hockey with friends, and socialising with mates. She had in fact fixed up many of the hockey team with dates through her agency.

October 13th, 2016

The Betrayal

Historical drama as a lady remembers a former servant and lover

By Jane Fairweather

“So were you there when my Lord Strafford got his head chopped off?” The very bright ten year old William asked his grandmother, who had just admitted to being in London just before the Civil War in 1641-42, and who he therefore expected to know all about those momentous events.

“As I just told you, I was one of the Queen’s ladies and, no, I did not go to see that great man suffer. It would have been disloyal to the Queen, whose own head was not that far from the block at the time. They talked of her, my lord Strafford and the Archbishop as the King’s evil councillors. She was, in fact, the only one of the three who did not have her head chopped off, but we thought of it as a real possibility at the time. Besides, I liked my Lord Strafford; he grew up not that far away from the house of my father in Yorkshire and we saw him occasionally when I was a child, before the King sent him to govern Ireland, you know. He was not as fierce as you might think from what people say now; he could be quite kind to a little girl.”

October 4th, 2016

Amelia Gets a Hot Date

A College girl meets her master

By Paul S

Amelia was 20 and was currently in her second year at University. The exams had just finished and plans were now well underway for the end of year college ball.

She mainly went around with several friends, mainly Julia and Jane who were sisters, and Anna.

Amelia had straight long black hair and was of medium build, approximately 36-26-38, and had a steady boyfriend, Robert, who unfortunately was into chatting with his friends and was more interested in Rugby than girls and long term relationships.

One day, Amelia was chatting to Julia, who told her friends that Tim, who was currently dating Roberta, had spanked her younger sister, Jane, who was in her first year at University, whilst she was briefly going out with him.

September 19th, 2016


A girl tries to win back her sister’s affection

By Lorna Brand

Dawn watched her tears disappearing into the dry earth underneath her feet through misty eyes. They slipped down her flushed cheeks leaving a salty taste as they passed over her full lips. Her wrists were bound together by a silvery silk tie around the leg of her patio chair. Although at her own request, she had been here so many times she had almost lost sight of why. It was the only way things could ever be made right again. Her repentance had to be sincere and her submission genuine or forgiveness would never come.