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April 23rd, 2018

John’s story – the Sequel

The headmasters pays a visit to the mother

By Ricky Richards

It was early Saturday evening and John Jackson, Headmaster of Westwood School, was just leaving the school. The term had finished the day before and he felt more free than he had for a long time. He was feeling excited, but apprehensive, as he was about to drive to Karen Robinson’s cottage about ten miles away. It was late June and still sunny late in the day.

Four days earlier Karen, the mother of a potential future pupil, had come to the school and during a discussion about discipline, had, to his amazement, asked to be caned in the same way that her son might expect should he ever need to be disciplined. This meant three hard strokes with a thin cane on her very small bottom. John obliged and Karen was shocked by the pain but soon regained her composure and, during the conversation that followed, it was agreed that he should visit Karen the next weekend for dinner. He had remembered to buy a bottle of white wine, as Karen had requested. He had also bought a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir, not knowing what they were going to eat. It took him a little longer than anticipated to find the cottage and he was beginning to feel a bit flustered, but quickly calmed down when he saw Karen waiting at the front door of the cottage, smiling and looking very fetching in a summer blouse and beige linen slacks.

April 6th, 2018


After the events in ‘Visiting my Domme for the Cane’, our heroine takes the next step.


I have written before about visiting a domme, and after a couple of times with her I began to feel more relaxed in her presence. I was aware she had a considerable clientele but she always had time for me; everything together was relaxed and unhurried and when I was with her she made me feel quite special, the centre of attention, despite the actual situation being something that was perhaps not quite run of the mill!

But at the end of my third visit the smoothness was interrupted. It was a Friday, chosen so that I could use the weekend as recovery time, but heavy traffic had meant I was late and although I called ahead to let Mistress know I was in a tailback from some roadworks, I was still late. It wasn’t really my fault, I had allowed an extra thirty minutes but the delay was over an hour. Mistress was still polite, of course, but once changed I had to listen to an icy lecture about being better prepared, at the end of which I was invited to bend over the desk and take my panties down so that I could be reminded to be more punctual in future. Three sizzling strokes of the cane left me in no doubt I was in the doghouse and as we went on to the uniform inspection, and later on the tests, I was repeatedly caned for other failings and ended up with a hot and sore bottom by the time my session came to an end.

April 2nd, 2018

Reporting for Punishment

A young woman faces her punishment

By Katherine Jones

Samantha Greenway glanced quickly at her phone in response to the alert. It told her exactly what she expected it to say. “I will see you now.” Sam drained her coffee, picked up her bag and nervously smoothed down her skirt.

Her mind suddenly went back to the shame of that often-remembered school day when she was summoned, blushing, to the Housemistress’s room after being caught lending out her homework to her friend Nicky. She recalled the sting of the ruler on the fingers of her left hand and the deep embarrassment of the whole incident.

March 24th, 2018

John’s Story

A mother looking for a school for her son has a strange request. By a new writer to us.

By Ricky Richards

It was a late June morning in 1956 and John Jackson, Headmaster of Westwood School, was feeling contented. The term was coming to an end, only Speech Day to get through, and applications from parents who wanted to send their sons to his school looked very promising. He had interviewed several prospective parents already this week and was sure they had been impressed. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he called, and his secretary, Mary Fitzpatrick, a very slight and demure 25-year-old, entered.

March 23rd, 2018

Nurse Bolton

Continuing the series, District Nurse Bolton gets a taste of her own Medicine

By Tara Patterson

Maggie Bolton was forty years old. She was a district nurse attached to a small Yorkshire cottage hospital. She had returned to work once her two children had become settled in grammar school. Her Husband, Neil, was not only a doctor but also one of the practice partners of the Hospital. This was the swinging sixties, not that there was much swinging in the Bolton household. Life was quite traditional, and both Maggie and her husband had been brought up in strict households with strong values; values that they were now passing down to their children. Maggie looked through the serving hatch of her kitchen at her two children, both still in their grey school uniforms. Charlotte, who was thirteen, and Peter, fifteen, were both concentrating hard at their homework. As they worked, Peter seemed to be fidgeting in his seat and looked a little uncomfortable.

March 1st, 2018

Ford Anglia

A day out, and a girl learns something about her boyfriend

By Lorna Brand

I have a photo on my bedside cabinet; it’s been noticed by very few people and commented on by even less. It’s small and inconspicuous, partly obscured by other pictures, but it makes me smile every time I glimpse it. To others, it’s a photo of me in my prime, that amazing care free time when I was just me, not a mum, wife, colleague or neighbour. Just me, Linda. To me, however, it’s the exact moment I became an adult. I don’t see a still, flat, faded picture. I smell the sweet meadow, feel the gentle breeze in my hair and the sharp sting in my tail.


February 27th, 2018

The Hot Tottie

A Sequel to ‘The Cane Event’, two sisters get what they ask for.

By Angela Fox

With two illustrations by the author

Diana Mason stood in her living room bay window watching the snow that was now drifting down. Just half an hour ago it had been blowing a blizzard but now the wind seemed to have died. It was two o’clock in the afternoon and she had just come in from doing her grocery shopping for the week. She hadn’t bothered to dig the car out, and instead had elected to walk the one mile to the village through snow that was fifteen inches deep. She was very fit and in excellent health and it had been good for her system, though she could have done without the blizzard with almost white-out conditions on the return journey. There had been no traffic on the road and the last two hundred yards up the steep lane had been a bit gruelling, not to mention cold.

January 24th, 2018

Not-So-Jolly Hockey Sticks

A girl’s hockey career is helped on, whether she likes it or not. By a new writer to us

By Sarah Jaynes

“Training is next Tuesday night on the Astro-turf, same time, same place.”

A flurry of movement and muted murmurings could be heard as the players began to disperse.

“Katie Allen, please wait behind to see me.”

I froze; a rabbit well and truly caught in the headlights, eyes wide with baited breath held. What this time? What could I have possibly done to warrant yet another one-to-one with my newly found nemesis, Mr Shanks?

It’d been only two weeks since our regular coach, Mrs McGinnis, had left the county scene on maternity leave and a better hockey coach one could never have asked for. She was firm but always fair, we used to call her the ‘witch in the wardrobe’, an affectionate name that reflected her no nonsense attitude to players who missed practise or who were found to be lacking in application.

January 22nd, 2018

Scream Test

Two nurses find a way of boosting their income

By Angela Fox

Chapter 1 Opportunities

“Hello Lynne, may I join you?”

I was in the hospital cafeteria eating my salad and I glanced up from my plate to see Anne Jenkins, who was the ward Sister on the third floor, starting to pull a chair out from the table where I was already eating my lunch. Anne was an acquaintance I had known for a couple of years though I generally only saw her when I delivered one of the patients from the casualty department, where I worked, to her floor.

I smiled and said, “Please. Join me. I could use some company.”

January 20th, 2018

Blushing Blossoms

Two girls chat on the phone. By a new writer to us.

By Alex B

Julie and Rachel had met online at Blushing Blossoms, a website dedicated to single women curious about others who were interested in the world of erotic discipline. They had exchanged messages for a few weeks, sharing stories and photographs. Then one of Rachel’s letters included her phone number.

“Hello, Rachel? This is Julie from San Diego.”

“Oh. Hi, Julie!”

“You free to talk?” The conversation was simple and pleasant for a few minutes.

Then Rachel ventured past the bounds of the weather and other pleasantries. “So, how did you get interested in spanking?”