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September 7, 2014

Daddy’s BMW

A novel way of dealing with a careless driver, told from several perspectives.

By Joanna Jones

A story inspired by a number of communications with an internet friend, for which I am very grateful.

The Prologue: Monday Evening.

Jack Tompkins

I was furious as I stomped into the house, having seen the deep scratches in the front passenger side corner paintwork and of course the absence of the passenger wing mirror. My darling daughter had clearly had another accident.

“Sally-May,” I hollered, stomping in through the door. “Downstairs, now!”

Sheepishly she appeared in the kitchen where I was now standing, arms folded, at the sink having had a quick glass of water to calm me down.

August 19, 2014

Amanda and the Victorian Punishment Chair

A newly married girl re-discovers her masochistic leanings

by Frances Stephenson

John and Amanda were rummaging around an antique shop. This was nothing new as they both found this a splendid way to relax and, in addition, a good part of their new home was furnished thanks to this agreeable pastime.

They were married some six months ago and were pleased to find they both shared an interest in antique shops. John was especially good with his hands and was very keen on wooden furniture, in fact anything made of wood. His darling wife was very keen on china and unusual artefacts.

Amanda was looking at some handsome Masons Ironstone plates with the pretty Formosa pattern. They all seemed so badly chipped but four were fine.

August 10, 2014

Cathy Peterson’s New Catering Business

A new business needs all the new customers it can get, but there’s a surprise in store. By a new writer to us.

By Lynn Mathers

“Thanks for helping me out, Megan, especially at such short notice.”

“No problem, Cathy. To be honest, I’m glad of a little extra income. Although Bob’s working every hour he can get, I’ve found it hard to find a job and money’s tight. Where are we going, by the way?”

“Wendlethorpe. It’s a small town about thirty miles from here.”

Catherine Peterson checked both their seatbelts were fastened, set the sat-nav and started the small Suzuki van.

“We did pack everything, didn’t we?” Megan frowned.

August 6, 2014

Monica caught red-handed

Stealing from the tennis club gets a girl a well-smacked bottom

By Pat Greenham

Monica Jarvis had been caught red-handed stealing money from the till of the bar at The Tandhall Tennis Club. Money had been going missing for a few months; small amounts, but at least twice a week more than ten pounds was missing. It was late one night that the Chairman of the Committee literally caught Monica with the till open putting money into the pocket of her jeans. She had thought she was alone and had not heard him walk into the bar, but the game was up and Monica now found herself up before the Committee of three men and three women the following evening.

July 6, 2014

Attitude Amendment

Readers following this ‘Attitude Adjustment’ series have asked what happened to the other two office girls. As you will see from this addendum, they didn’t get away with it.

By Lesley Carole

Anna walked sullenly away from Jason’s office with Karen, both having been given a severe reprimand and a disciplinary on their records for their treatment of Alicia. How could the little tramp have managed to ensnare her now former boss Jason? She was seething. She didn’t even like Greg Peterson, and she was forced to be his secretary without even being consulted. Karen had got off lightly, she was staying as Jean’s secretary and she simply seemed relieved to be keeping her job at all. How was she going to cope?

July 4, 2014

Attitude Adjustment – The Result

The current story concludes

By Lesley Carole

Alicia had slept soundly and when she awoke she was surprised to find it was 7.30 and Jason had not been to wake her for their regular exercise session. She felt the soreness in her punished hind quarters, but realised it wasn’t as bad as she had feared. She sat on the edge of the bed and winced; it was definitely uncomfortable to sit though. She decided to dress casually, thinking maybe he would let her off the gym this morning, and went downstairs to find him.

He was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and he stood as she entered, offering a hug, which she gladly accepted.

June 22, 2014

Attitude Adjustment – Day 5

The story continues

By Lesley Carole

Although Alicia slept fitfully, she had been sore in so many places from last night’s punishments she still awoke before Jason entered her room again. She realised the worst of the pain was gone now, just the cane marks were still sore. She lay there pondering how things might have been different if she had confided in Jason, or even her Father, about the problems with Anna and Karen. She recalled how she had determined to deal with it her own way, but look how that had turned out! She recognised that it had affected her behaviour with every other staff member. Well, it was too late to change that now, but could she move forward? Or did she need to leave the Company and work elsewhere? Her Father expected her to apologise to the man she had offended on Monday, could she do that?

June 17, 2014

Attitude Adjustment – Day 4

The story continues

By Lesley Carole

On the morning of the fourth day, for the first time, Alicia was awake before Jason came into her room. She had been lying in bed pondering the punishments she had received, one minute resentful and the next accepting that she deserved each one.

Unfortunately, though, the cumulative effect of punishment every day meant that her bottom was increasingly sensitive and sore!

She thought of her Father; had she really been such a trial to him, she wondered? He was definitely pleased when she applied to his company as a newly qualified accountant, and passed the recruitment rights to his senior partners, not to himself or Jason. There was no doubt that she earned her place, no special treatment was given. It was just two of the secretaries who caused her trouble!

June 7, 2014

Attitude Adjustment – Day Three

Alicia’s ordeal continues in this third instalment

By Lesley Carole

After a fretful night, Alicia was again woken by Jason at 6 am for her exercise; she moaned and groaned as her muscles were aching and stiff from the previous session. One look at his face and she decided against asking for a reprieve; it seemed as if he was waiting for an excuse to spank her again!

Over breakfast, Jason smiled at the tentative way she sat down on the chair, wondering at the condition of her bottom. He looked sternly at her and began to outline her schedule for the day.

“Bess will be here in half an hour, I hope you have an appropriate apology ready for her?” He obviously expected her to agree.

May 31, 2014

Attitude Adjustment – Day Two

Part two of the series. Alicia’s torment continues.

By Lesley Carole

Alicia was woken up rather suddenly early the next morning when Jason strode into her room and told her he wanted her in his basement gym in ten minutes. She screwed her eyes up and frowned.

“I never do exercise this early in the morning,” she complained, shocked that it was only 6 am.

He studied her sleepy face, devoid of make up, and smiled a devious smile.

“From now on, you will exercise for one hour each morning with me. I have devised a suitable program for you, so come on, if you hurry, you can have coffee first, otherwise it’s water!”