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April 17th, 2019

Archdean School: The End of an Era

The headmaster’s time at Archdean draws to a close


Helen Brown had taken 12 hard strokes of the cane early on Saturday morning and the pain and the burning smart had only slightly reduced during the rest of the day, but she sat with her Mother in the evening, more recovered now, sipping wine and watching television. Mr Simmons had advised her to broaden her reading material and this had been talked about with her Mother on and off as the day progressed.

Mrs Brown was sympathetic towards her daughter and understood Helen’s position because her own motivational discipline had actually been successful; at the back of her mind was the knowledge that Mr Simmons would always rise to the occasion again if asked. Indeed, the thought had been playing around in her mind for a while, partly because she felt she could be motivated just as well with a milder session of corporal punishment, but also the local gossip grapevine had one or possibly two other mother/daughter pairs partaking of Mr Simmons’ tutoring and the competitive streak in Penny Brown ran strong. As was her intrinsic curiosity.

April 16th, 2019

Returning Home From London

Following on from ‘An American in London’, Katie now has to face her mother.

By Mary Desmond

Things were starting to come together in my life. I had just completed my internship at a major corporation in London for the final hurdle needed to complete my courses and earn my four year degree at the university back in the US. The corporation, whose name I will continue to keep out of the story, had given me an opportunity of a lifetime with the internship. They had placed me at their London office and catered to my needs with assistance for travel, housing and any training needed, all the while paying me a decent wage during my time with them.

April 3rd, 2019

Opportunity Knocks

A chance meeting on the internet provides an unexpected work opportunity.

The beginning of a new book/series from a new writer to us

By J D Knight

Eighteen year old Tina Elizabeth Burnett lived at home with her parents in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Much like a lot of working class girls typical of her age and background, she found herself at an awkward crossroads in life confused, frustrated and struggling to find a viable worthwhile future path to pursue. She had no qualifications or discernible skills on her CV to speak of. The school she attended (sporadically) was one of the worst in the country and, despite being relatively bright, she was often let down by her attitude and volatile temper. She was expelled from secondary school and unable to find another school in time to sit her exams, which she didn’t stand much chance of passing anyway. The same happened again at college after one too many arguments with the staff and fights with other students, when she was expelled once more. Having given up on further education, Tina also found her attitude and behaviour to be somewhat undesirable to prospective employers in the job market. She didn’t respond well to authority figures and her employers didn’t have the patience for her antics, so Tina was currently surviving on minimum wage, menial, ad-hoc temporary agency work with most days spent idling about in her bedroom just waiting for the phone to ring.

March 10th, 2019

Knowing When to Negotiate

A young woman is caught in a difficult situation. 

By Julie Baker

Author’s note: this is a fictional story but the first part is based on actual events that involved me many years ago. When I first moved to London, aged 19, there was a young lad who worked in the office. He was 16 and not allowed to go out on photo shoots, but he would often question me about relationships. I helped him as best I could but I have often wondered whether I acted in his best interests. Please email me or message me via Twitter if you have a view having read the account below.

March 3rd, 2019

An American in London

Stirring up the past leads to an overdue correction. By a new writer to us.

By Mary Desmond

I was in my last year at college and it came time to complete an internship as part of the coarse requirements. I was fortunate to land a spot with a major accounting firm whose name I will leave out of the story. I was hoping that this internship would lead to a job offer afterwards. After meeting with the recruiters in the Human Resources office, I was informed that I would be assigned to the London office. I couldn’t believe it; a small town girl from the eastern United States getting the offer of a lifetime, paid relocation, assistance with accommodations plus, although not much, paid on the job training! Years of hard work and good grades were finally paying off.

February 24th, 2019

When Mary Met Margaret

A woman meets a new neighbour and finds her background very interesting.

A prequel to ‘Into the New Year’ published two years ago.

By Kane Strokes

Mary, leaving for work, closed the front door of her house in the quiet cul-de-sac, walked less than 100 yards before turning the corner into the access road. Her heart sank as she saw the bungalow where old Mrs Scott had lived had a ‘For Sale’ board outside. Mary knew this was coming, as Mrs Scott had moved into sheltered accommodation. Mary hoped the new owners would keep as much of the old world character as possible, and not rip the place apart.

February 7th, 2019

Hard Day’s Night

Two nursing students experience the realities of living in a nurse’s home in the 1960s

By Angela Fox

“It’s been a hard day’s night,

And we’ve been working like dogs,

It’s been a hard day’s night

We should be sleeping like logs.”

 Anniston and I were singing along at the top of our voices to the cassette I had popped into the Mini’s stereo system. We were just pulling out of the Odeon Cinema car park where we had watched the Beatles film ‘Hard Day’s Night’. We had barely got across the kerb onto the High Street when there was a ‘pop’ and the steering felt all funny. Immediately, I switched the radio off so I could think.

February 5th, 2019

The Lodger Five Years On

A young woman has an unexpected encounter with an old acquaintance

By Steven Wilson

My name is Sally Nugent and I have previously written two accounts of the events that occurred between Mr Robinson and myself which I would hope you are already familiar with. Those events took place five years ago when I was eighteen years of age and I am now a young woman of twenty-three, no longer the naïve teenager I may have been at that time.

Over the last five years I successfully completed my business studies course and am now training to be an accountant with a small local firm. It is not a career that I could have seen myself following in my younger days, and at times I still doubt whether it is the correct choice, but I seem to have an aptitude for it and, as my mother says, it is a sensible career path to embark on.

January 6th, 2019

My 21st Birthday Party

A young lady surprises her friends

By Julie Baker

My name is Lucy Chambers and I consider myself to be a fairly normal 23 year old living and working in London. I’ve spent my whole life in London, including a year at sixth form college studying for a level 3 diploma  to become a gym instructor specialising in Yoga and Pilates. I have never known my father and I was brought up as an only child by my mother who is a midwife at one of the exclusive private hospitals in the city. My Mum and I are very close and I owe everything to her hard work and dedication in order to provide me with all the opportunities in life. I now work for one of the well known private sports companies in south west London and live in my own flat in Putney which I bought with the help of some inheritance money when I left home. I have really been very fortunate!

January 3rd, 2019

Game Set and Match

A story with a romantic twist

by Katie Hammond

The umpire looked from his vantage point at the now tired but excited crowd wilting in the December Buenos Aires sunshine and spoke.

“Quiet please, ladies and gentlemen, match point.”

The next serve would possibly be the final one of the game which had lasted just over four hours. There had been nothing to separate Rachel Hamilton and Jennifer Cook in this intense duel until the last set when the English woman, like the crowd, had suddenly started to wilt. Jennifer Cook had been the overwhelming favourite, but had become flustered and frustrated at her own errors. That left the young Argentine with the English name to pull out of both her mental and physical reserves one last ounce of effort to win this exhausting and exhilarating game.