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April 13, 2014

Butterfly McKendrick’s Great Book Adventure

A four part story with some unusual angles.

By Susan Thomas

With profound apologies to Jasper Fforde, creator of ‘book jumping’ for his Thursday Next novels and Joanna Jones who wrote Of Courts and Canes

Part 1

In which Butterfly encounters the book jumper, meets a Greek god and gets a very sore bottom

Butterfly McKendrick was on her way to see her uncle, Dragonfly McKendrick. Her uncle was undoubtedly the cleverest and most eccentric of anyone in a family noted for its intelligence and oddity. His many inventions had made him immensely rich but he still lived in the small house with the large garden that he and his wife, Posy, had bought when they first married. The house looked in need of some tender loving care because Dragonfly McKendrick simply didn’t notice unpainted windows or leaking gutters. Butterfly pushed open the front door, which was never locked, and made her way through the narrow walkways which was all that was left as every conceivable space was covered in bookshelves which in turn were packed with books.

March 6, 2014

Miss Charlotte and the Midshipman

A fascination with naval discipline leads an admiral’s daughter into problems of her own.

By Frances Stephenson

My elder brother is an avid Hornblower fan and, when I was younger, these books came my way and I, in turn, became a fan, much to my mother’s chagrin as she wanted me to absorb a more feminine path. Although it is many years since I last read one, the ‘creaking ships’ remain as evocative as ever. FS

His Majesty’s good ship Themistocles was making its sedate way en route for the West Indies. The period was the Napoleonic War and England’s considerable Navy was either deployed in fighting the enemy or in protecting its trade routes. There was expected to be a mix of both of these activities in the West Indies and the officers and men of the Themo, as it was known by the crew, were kept on their toes by frequent practice and by keeping their ship in tip top condition. The officers and a dozen or so Midshipmen saw to it that the Captains orders were followed with brisk precision.

January 27, 2014

Trespassers May Be Prosecuted

     A little misadventure has big consequences

By Penny Morton

Eighteen-year-old Ann Simpson was completing an English essay and keeping an eye on Tommy the family’s new kitten. It was a warm Saturday afternoon in May and the French doors were open.  A few minutes previously Ann had seen Tommy in the garden. Suddenly aware that he was missing, she anxiously combed the garden looking for him. She would be in trouble if he wasn’t home when her parents returned from shopping.

Ann heard a plaintive mewing coming from down the lane past her house. Following the sound and calling Tommy, she spotted him up a tree in the garden of a house a few doors down. Tommy’s tree was close to the garden wall which Ann began to climb over. A section just beside her became dislodged and a large chunk of brickwork tumbled to the ground.

January 23, 2014

The Hen Party

A chance for three women to relive their schooldays

by Pat Greenham

At school, Jane, Joanne and Julia had been known as the three J’s and it was certainly true they had a reputation for getting into trouble. On more than one occasion they had been sent to their Headmaster, and it seemed that when they were in trouble – they were all in trouble together.

Spanking was a subject they often talked about as they remembered, almost with affection, receiving corporal punishment at school. The Headmaster, who had been an old-fashioned Public School Head, had retained corporal punishment right up until it was outlawed in the private sector and had whacked each of them four times in their final years and they all knew that they had absolutely deserved everything they got.

January 20, 2014

Twerking at St Kilda’s – (with illustration)

A liking for a new craze meets with opposition from religious leaders

By Frances Stephenson

(Illustration by kind permission of

This short story is intended as a tribute to Anton, the artist who published the picture some years ago in the well known spanking magazine, Janus. I was so impressed by Anton’s skill and by his composition that I decided to weave a short story around it.

 Anton. If you read this please be in touch with me via OTD. The use of your drawing is meant to be a tribute to your skill and composition. I have spent some months trying to track you down but with no success.

December 29, 2013

The Christmas Present

A young couple enjoy their first Christmas together.

By Will Pearson

 My name is Laura, and this is my story.

I went to a grammar school in the 1960s and the discipline was strict. Boys were often on the receiving end of the cane, and girls got the slipper. I developed a fascination with spanking. I didn’t enjoy getting the slipper, but I had a morbid interest in any of the boys, especially the ones I fancied, getting the cane. I thought I must be very weird, and kept these feelings to myself, but I knew that my fascination was of a sexual nature. And I knew that I wanted to know what it was like to be on the receiving end of the cane. After I left school, I tried to forget my feelings, largely successfully. Then I met Will.

November 16, 2013


A girl has confused feelings about a former teacher and gets help to plot his downfall

By Frances Stephenson

Julia Stannard started to clear her desk at 7.30 in the evening. It had been a busy week and she carefully sifted through her papers putting aside some of her more urgent work which she would take home with her and polish them up at the weekend, and also start to prepare herself for the next week which was shaping up to be a busy one.

Julia was a Senior Director at a well known Investment Bank. As a highly qualified graduate she had then become a PhD in Economics specialising in the rarefied and complex world of financial derivatives. She now had a successful team working for her and her own formidable work ethic had ensured that she was extremely well rewarded.

October 14, 2013

Soho Secret

A young woman is tempted to explore her feelings about corporal punishment. From the old website.

By Joanna Jones

How did I get into corporal punishment?

Well I guess it started about five years ago when I was twenty-two. My big sister was getting married and I, along with a couple of her best friends, were tasked with organising the hen night. Her friends could be a bit wild; I think my sister hoped I would be a voice of semi-sanity and prevent things going too far over the top. If so, she was I suspect sadly mistaken.

However, while a story in itself, the excesses of her hen night are not what this tale is about.

September 21, 2013

Emily – Episodes in her Young Life

Parts One and Two of a series. Features being bullied at school, and meeting up with an old admirer.

by Frances Stephenson

with suggestions by Penny Morton

PART ONE: Emily is awarded the Yellow Belt (Originally written as ‘Emily is awarded the Yellow Sash’ but updated and altered)

Emily Trent had turned eighteen and was in the sixth form at St Ursula’s Girls School in Sussex. She was a pretty girl and becoming prettier by the day; 5 foot 3 with a small waist and well shaped, although slightly full, legs with an excellent and well shaped bottom; her bust was again well shaped.

Her face was pretty in a shy and hesitant manner. Her hair was ‘fair’ being midway between a soft brown and blonde. Her skin was a delight, soft and pale; it had that dewy quality which seemed to hold the promise of a warm and sensual girl emerging into young womanhood. Evidence of puppy fat in her body and face would gradually disappear and leave an attractive young woman.

September 10, 2013

Paying Off Debts

When a student struggles to cope financially, she turns to a friend for guidance. A story from a new writer.

By Katie-Louise Jennings

Faye, dressed in white bum pinching hipster shorts and a clingy bright yellow tank top, was heading towards her favourite coffee shop when I caught up. There was something I needed to ask her.

“Hi, Faye! It’s only me,” announcing myself with a tap on her shoulder. “Been shopping again?” It was of course a rhetorical question, the designer label carrier bags needed no explanation.

“Hi, Katie, I was just thinking about you,” she replied and glanced, as she always does, to see what I was wearing. “It’s a nice surprise to see you, Katie, even though you’re a copy cat, dressing just like me,” she remarked with a hint of devilment.