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June 29th, 2015

The Circus

A visit to the circus leads to a strange experience (told from two viewpoints)

By Lorna Brand

Her story

The most absurd situation I have ever found myself in was lying over the lap of Mrs Tickles the clown in the middle of a circus ring while she chastise me with an over-sized comedy slipper!

Although I am twenty now, to mark the start of summer every year the circus comes to our town and it became an odd tradition for my parents to take me which I secretly looked forward to.

This year it was a little different as we were not able to go to the matinee show like we normally do, which gave me a bit more time on my hands for an extra glass of wine with our afternoon tea. This extra little glass gave me just the right amount of sass and cheek to get me noticed by the clowns. Somewhere in the middle of the show I guess I was being quite loud when the clowns started their act.

June 4th, 2015


Struggling with diets amid sweet temptations leads a woman to seek special help.

By Lorna Brand

“We all have a self-destruct button hidden within us but some are more obvious than others. A quick trigger-temper, laziness, low motivation, they all have the same result. You don’t achieve your goal, your potential; you end up stuck, not going any further. You literally stop yourself from doing the best you can.”

Heather listened intently to the charismatic speaker. She had only come along as a favour to her friend who went to these ‘life coach’ talks as often as she could, but these words resonated within Heather as they left the theatre.

May 26th, 2015

Camping Trip

Three friends go on one last camping trip

By Lorna Brand

The clatter of poles and the dank smell of farm animals filled the air as Melanie, Hanna and Sonya struggled to put up their old family sized tent as the storm approached. The hills they chose to make their home for the weekend looked so inviting from the ground below; fresh and green, with the sun moving along from one to the other, changing the seasons instantly with a magical touch. The rocky heather and bracken covered hills were occupied only by sheep, rabbits and the odd kestrel, making it the perfect retreat for the girls to catch up with each other.

May 9th, 2015


A security guard deals with a young woman rather well known to him.

By Lorna Brand

Dave was proud of his job. It wasn’t the most prestigious but Dave had been unemployed for 8 months and after applying for every job under the sun he was finally in the 10th week of his new job, and officially that marked the end of his probation.

The relief was amazing. Dave never thought he would love being a security guard as much as he did. He worked for a discount store doing 3 weeks on day shifts followed by 3 weeks on nights. Although he was moved to different stores when needed, he mostly stayed at his local shop situated in the centre of town and just a stone’s throw from his local pub.

May 5th, 2015

The Machine

In an interview with a reporter, an engineer discusses an old discovery.

By Lorna Brand

“How did I find my inner spanko?” George repeated with a chuckle. “Well it’s quite a story. I can tell you if you have the time?”

“For you, I have all the time in the world,” laughed the rather lovely young lady.

As she moved closer, perching herself at the edge of a footstool in front of the silver fox gentleman, leaning in to grasp every detail.

“I came to the joys of spanking late in life compared to most. It wasn’t until I was clearing out my late great granddad’s attic that I found something that caught my interest. My great granddad was a hoarder of epic proportions, not in the empty milk bottles and piles of newspapers way you may think off but he had collected everything from every relative that had passed away in our family. It was as though it would be tremendously disrespectful to pass on a souvenir snow globe that great aunt Hilda picked up on her travels.

April 12th, 2015


Eating out at one of the best restaurants in town can get you more than a good meal.

By Lorna Brand

Ricardo’s was a very busy Italian Restaurant in the main city centre. It was always packed out especially, around the weekend. Booking ahead was essential if you wanted a table but even then if you turned up in anything less than smart attire you would not be seated. Ricardo’s was a third generation Italian restaurant owned by a very proud, handsome head chef, Marcus. Like his father and grandfather before, he would not suffer fools gladly and had a firm but fair way about him. He treated his staff like family, as most of them were, but as such he expected them to conduct themselves in a manner fitting for his restaurant’s reputation, or they would be swiftly dealt with in the same way staff had for generations.

March 26th, 2015

The Birthday Party

 Drama during World War One, where we meet again the character of Jennifer Franklin

By Jane Fairweather

“My dear Mrs Franklin,” said Miss Anne Archibald with a gracious air. “We are so glad to have you among us. So brave of you in the middle of a war to declare yourself a pacifist and leave your warrior husband. And you have made such an impression among us. But did you not say it was your birthday today? And indeed the post has brought you some parcels.”

Jennifer Franklin blushed, for she felt a just little guilty at the scale of her deception, thinking of that very gallant and patriotic naval officer who was her husband; he was no doubt as busy as a naval attaché in the British embassy in Paris in the midst of a great war would be expected to be.

March 17th, 2015

The Introduction

How one young lady was introduced to a new hobby.

By Katherine Jones

I rounded the final corner of my journey and drew up in the hotel car park. The usual cocktail of emotions was pulsing through my body. I was fired by the anticipation and excitement I felt every time I saw him. However this was always mixed with the anxiety which flowed from the act of the deception I needed to perform to get away. From the moment I left work until the moment I returned home I was constantly worried about my family and work colleagues discovering the truth. I had once again explained my impending absence to them with a complicated lie which, on reflection, left a number of possible loose ends.

February 12th, 2015

Insurance v Blackmail

Anyone who worked in an office in the 1960s, 70s or 80s will be familiar with this scene.

By Wendy A

I left school in the mid 1960s at 16 plus with three very poor O levels. My parents were very upset that I had not achieved better results that would have enabled me to either do a course at Technical College or be taken on for some sort of apprenticeship or in-house training.

I had a series of dead end jobs, as a waitress, shop assistant, shelf stacker, etc. Most of these jobs were part time and outside normal working hours of 8.30 till 5.00. At times I had more than one job, wages were low but I managed to earn enough to pay some rent to my parents, buy clothes and have a few nights out with friends.

February 5th, 2015

British Intern, American Discipline

Working in America was a dream come true for this British girl, but she had to pay a price

by David

Diane Richards was a high achiever, destined, she believed, for a stellar career in big business. After A-levels she had spurned traditional courses in favour of an Applied Finance degree which guaranteed practical placements with international companies, and she had been overjoyed to learn that in the vacation before her second year she had secured an internship with a firm that not only paid her a good wage but promised experience at their Headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Once landed, Diane entered American life with gusto. She was provided with superb hotel accommodation and she shared a lavish open plan office with several other young and enthusiastic trainees. She was aware that, though the company was at the cutting edge of technology, the atmosphere was quite conservative and dominated by men who all wore immaculate suits and ties. She was glad that she had equipped herself before arrival with two expensive outfits, both consisting of a jacket and a tight knee-length skirt, which suited her slim figure admirably.