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April 5th, 2017

Tennis Tantrum

A girl’s lack of self-discipline is firmly corrected by her coach/boyfriend

By Paul S

Eugenie was a pretty ash blonde, 19 year old, rising Canadian star in the tennis world, and gaining much critical acclaim for her rapid rise to prominence in a largely male dominated sport. She had fought her way to the semi-finals of a major ATP tournament in her first year of going professional after being junior champion.

Eugenie lived with her boyfriend and coach, Matt, who had taken over from her previous junior coach at age 18 to mentor her to achieve greater things in the world of tennis and sports promotion.

March 21st, 2017

Two Wrongs Make a Right

A Sequel to ‘Christmas Presents’, the story continues

By Katie Hammond 

It had been just over a year since Prisoner Officer Martin Higgins had delivered a judicial spanking to prisoner Mrs Clare Stevens, and just one month since Martin had sent Clare a Christmas present in return for one he had received from Clare, just after her release from prison the previous year. Of course, exchanging gifts with former prisoners was forbidden, but Clare was one of his sister’s friends and he felt he needed to send Clare the gift to unburden himself of the guilt he had of possessing it in the first place. Her earlier gift to him was appreciated with humour, although it was still a little bizarre.

February 28th, 2017

The Shoe Shop Girl

A mother and employer team up to teach a girl a good lesson

By Kane Strokes

The early months of 1969, and nineteen year old Cathy Fuller arrives for work at ‘Treadz’ shoe shop just as the shop was about to open. The manageress, Mrs Helen Grant, looked at her watch.

“Sorry Mrs Grant, I got a bit delayed.”

“Your time keeping is going to have to improve, Cathy.” Mrs Grant admonished her. She liked Cathy, always bright and cheerful, but the girl could be a little cheeky at times. Now, if she was her daughter!

Cathy went out the back of the shop to the staff room, took off her coat and returned quickly to the shop. There were two other members of staff, both ladies, and both in their 40’s, Vera Grist and Maureen Taylor, and both thought the same about Cathy’s cheek, although neither said anything about it. It was the way of the world these days, but if she was their daughter!

February 10th, 2017

Secretary Spanked

A secretary gets a glowing report, but only after a glowing bottom

By Paul S

Stephanie was 19 and was an attractive girl. She had recently joined Tanner International lawyers PLC, mainly based in London, New York and Sydney but with branches all over the world. She had worked as a secretary for some time, but wanted to get on and advance her career. She initially worked in a typing pool with other girls, when an opportunity came up to work as a Personal Assistant (PA) to one of the junior partners, Mr Bridge.

Mr Bridge was a very pleasant and professional man, but did not like girls who messed up and was quick to say so. Christine, his current PA, was very experienced and in her fifties, but decided she had had enough of working full time, and decided to switch to the firm’s Dubai office where she could work part time as assistant to one of the senior partners, whom she knew very well.

February 2nd, 2017

Belle de Jour

An unusual scenario for us, but still a lesson in discipline.

By Hilary Wilmington

“I’m to see Mr Edwards,” Marigold told the secretary.

“Oh yes.” The secretary glanced down at a pad on her desk. “Well, you’re right on time,” she said. “Just go straight in.”

Marigold ignored this instruction and walked towards the desk. What was this girl’s name? Sally. That was it. Pretty. And young. As Marigold approached, Sally’s hand went out and casually covered the book she’d been reading. But she was too late because Marigold had already seen it: Teach Yourself Accountancy.

Now Marigold remembered. Until recently, Sally had been working in the club downstairs and servicing clients elsewhere, like the rest of the girls. Then Edwards had made her his ‘secretary’. No-one took the title seriously but, lo and behold! Within a few weeks she could type eighty words a minute and could take dictation in shorthand. Typing and shorthand were all very well, Marigold thought, but with accountancy she was surely getting above herself.

December 21st, 2016

Into the New Year

A New Year’s party leads to much more

By Kane Strokes

She finished her shower and walked naked into her bedroom. Before her, on the bed, was her fancy dress outfit for the evening’s party. From her ‘smalls’ drawer she found the briefest, thinnest pair of knickers she possessed. She pulled them on and looked at herself in her full length mirror. She did a twirl and looked over her shoulder. She felt as naughty as her knickers looked.

Her bra was just as bold, plunging and uplifting. Another mirror check; this time she leant forward. Despite her age, her cleavage would be a male attention grabber. She put on her suspender belt, then slowly and carefully pulled her sheer black stockings over her legs. Once more, she looked at herself in the mirror. Underneath her outfit she would be all woman.

November 20th, 2016

The Italian Waitress

A restaurant boss takes care of his niece

By Paul S

Claudio was a restaurant boss, aged 40, on the south coast, employing most of his extended family, originally from Sorrento in Italy, the food capital of southern Italy. He employed 2 chefs, who were cousins in their thirties, plus Enzo, his brother, with whom he ran the restaurant. Marco, who was another cousin, was a waiter and Maria, his niece aged 22, was a waitress.

Tony, Maria’s dad, had died 7 years ago and left the business to the two brothers on condition that Claudio, as the older brother, agreed to take care of Maria and offer her a role in the business.

November 17th, 2016

Jane’s New Career

Redundancies lead three women to seek an alternative career. By a new writer to us.

by David Baldwin

Do you remember when each town or community had a proper bank manager? Hilary, Deidre and Jane all had very good jobs as secretaries for those managers but unfortunately their jobs went as their bosses had less power, their decisions were computerised and they started to type their own work and used automated systems. The women all had to take redundancy packages and, even though they ended up paying off most of their mortgages, they still had to take part time jobs or temp work doing typing or even bar work. Deidre and Jane were both divorced and Hilary was free again after several relationships. They were all in their forties and remained friends. Jane wondered why Hilary and Deidre seemed to be better off than her, especially as Hilary could afford to holiday in Greece. Then Deidre invited Jane for coffee at her flat and she said that there was a rewarding job offer to consider.

November 5th, 2016

Saddle Sore

A pleasant ride in the country goes wrong

By Paul S 

There were 6 cyclists who regularly cycled as part of the Roman Cycle Club, which was a large cycle club with over 100 members of all ages. They were; Martin and his partner, Joanne; Naz and his girlfriend, Pritti; plus John and his girlfriend, Louise.

Martin was the senior rider in this group at age 30, with Joanne at 28 being fairly well built at 36-30-42 with medium blonde hair and blue eyes. Pritti was a slim and younger girl, at 24 and 34-26-36, with long dark hair and dark eyes. Louise was 25 and medium build with medium length blonde hair and hazel eyes and was 36-28-38.

October 26th, 2016

Agnes Dewhurst’s Ambition

After a girl leaves school, work offers her an opportunity

By Gillian Howard

My name is Agnes Dewhurst and I lived just outside Liverpool in the 1960s. I attended a local mixed secondary modern school and corporal punishment was used on a regular basis in the classrooms. All teachers would use the cane across the bottom or sometimes in the first year you would get smacked instead.

I myself faced this in my very first term when I was caught cheating and Mr Roberts called me out. He was sat in his chair and he pulled me across his chest and lifted my skirt. Then he really smacked the top of my right thigh till I was screaming in pain and embarrassment. All the class could see my knickers and he warned me next time it would be the cane.