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July 11th, 2019

Painful News

A fact finding trip goes wrong

By Seymour Jay

Hallie Hill was a popular new reporter/anchor on a nationally syndicated cable TV news channel. She was fairly famous. Most anyone who watched very much news on TV would have recognized her. She used her dazzling good looks along with her hard-line political views to become one of the top political news anchors across the United States.

She was a tall blonde in her mid-thirties. She had a huge following, some for her looks and others for her political commentary.

Hallie preached American liberal politics, often quick to degrade other countries that didn’t have the same views as Americans. She believed all other countries should have American beliefs and adapt American type laws.

July 10th, 2019

A Backpacking Holiday

A girl goes on holiday by herself for the first time, and meets a problem. By a new writer to us.

By Geraldine

Chapter 1 Nova Alba :  A spot of bother

It was 1996 and ever since I was thirteen I had been attending a well known, if rather traditional, girls boarding school in Dorset. It was Dad’s solution after Mum had tragically died a year earlier. Dad works overseas most of the time and, even at his best, he wasn’t really suited to bringing up a teenage girl. To start with, I lived with his mum, my Gran, and went to school locally. She tried her best, I suppose, but we argued a lot of the time and I admit I can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Plus Gran was not so young any more and now I was too old to smack, she probably found me rather a handful. The last time I was across her knee, I think I was fourteen and it probably hurt her hand more than it hurt me. But being away at boarding school, she now just had to look after me in the holidays.

May 3rd, 2019

A South American Adventure

Three girls experience judicial punishment in South America

 By Julie Baker

My name is Louise Chalmers. I was born in January 1997, which means that I am currently 22 years old. The events that I want to tell you about happened 18 months ago during the summer of 2017, when I was just 20. Before I do this, though, I ought to give you a bit of background information on me and explain how I came to be in a foreign country half way round the world from where I am now.

I’ve got four older brothers and I was the long-awaited daughter who completed my parents’ family. I suppose I was a bit of a tomboy in my early days but when I matured as a teenager I shot up in height and suddenly became very much like my mother to look at, who was a noted beauty in her younger days. She has Scandinavian blood in her ancestry and I have inherited her thick, tousled, blond hair and warm skin complexion. I do a lot of running combined with Pilates so I am supple with firm muscle tone and a compact body. My mother has always told me to use my beauty wisely. It’s a wonderful gift but she warned me that it could lead to unhappiness if it is used in the wrong way. Wise words!

February 18th, 2019

Texas Prison Justice

A girl goes off the rails, but the authorities know how to deal with her.

By Seymour Jay

Debbie and her 17 year old daughter Tiffany had recently moved to south Texas from Chicago Illinois. They lived in a rough Chicago suburb. Tiffany was a tall, very skinny, out of control teenager. She was in and out of trouble too many times to count. Debbie had family in rural Texas and thought the slower pace of Texas may have a positive impact on Tiffany.

Debbie could see a bit of her former self in Tiffany. Tiffany was disrespectful to her and pretty much everyone else. Tiffany had been in trouble with the police several times in Chicago. There was so much crime that the minor vandalism and curfew violations caused by people like Tiffany just seemed to fall through the cracks of the courts. The courts were so busy with serious crimes that Tiffany never had been in any real trouble for the things she had did. Debbie herself had been in minor trouble throughout her teen years but had managed grow out of it over the years and wanted better for her daughter.

June 16th, 2018

Rough Justice

Punishment in a foreign land

By Avena

The metal door banged open and two dark burly figures appeared.

“Hey, thank goodness. Please…”

Instead of replying, the men yanked me off the stone-cold floor and twisted my hands behind me. The same metal rings cuffed my skin as my hands were handcuffed together. A dark hood was draped over my head, causing me to kick and scream louder as they half walked, half dragged me out. After a few minutes, I was sat down and one ring of the cuffs was removed, but seconds later I heard another click. Only then was my hood removed.

I found myself staring at two figures, one a rather lean guy with a moustache and, next to him, an older lady. I was about to speak when the man started rattling off in a strange language I could not comprehend. I was in some newly independent Eastern Country, where I mainly get by with hand-signs and broken English. His rant continued on for more than ten minutes, then stopped. Again, I tried to respond, but this time the woman spoke with a thick accent.

December 1st, 2017

Amanda’s Island Curfew

A young female aid worker breaks local rules

By Paul S

Amanda was 19 and a young aid worker, and her job as a consulate worker working on behalf of relief charities took her all over the world to some very dangerous places where a woman could be very much at risk. She kept herself very fit and had a trim figure, except for an annoyingly well rounded rear end due to her penchant for chocolate. Her figure was a shapely 34-26-40.

Her latest posting was to a Caribbean island recently struck by Hurricane Amelia, which did much damage and wiped out many timber homes there. She was briefed by her boss at the Foreign Office and told she would be working with Martin, their man on St Martins coordinating the relief effort regionally.

October 14th, 2017

Her Former Slave

A lady in ancient Rome takes risks at a turbulent time.

By Jane Fairweather

Normally a member of a Roman senatorial family with the cognomen Rufus would have arrived at the Roman town house of his old friends, Titus and Lavinia Vesprilis, in a litter with some smartly turned out slaves in attendance and his excellent major domo, the freed man Quintus to see that everything was as it should be. Today, however, Valerius Rufus was wearing decidedly plebeian clothes and the hood of his cloak covered his head. An intelligent looking grey haired slave had let him in by the garden entrance and taken him straight to Lavinia in this small room, but the man seemed to know what was going on.

September 26th, 2017

Order on a Greek Holiday

A motoring offence in a foreign country lands a woman in trouble.

by Kenny Walters

Adapted from an story related during a travel programme on mainstream British TV during the 1980s.

“Helen, this is not a big town. It must be somewhere.”

“I know that, Sally! But these Greek road names are just so confusing, and I’m sure this map isn’t accurate. For a start, that little road shouldn’t be there.”

“Oh, for Heaven’s sakes! I’m going to turn into that road and see for myself.”

Helen Parkinson impatiently swung the little Fiat into a small side road and slammed on the brakes. She snatched the map out of Sally Wilkins’ hand and studied it.

September 16th, 2017

Stinging Punishments

A short story depicting a girl’s judicial punishment. By a new writer to us.

By Christopher Elieson

“Ow!” cried the teenage girl as a sharp, stinging pain erupted on her bum. “That hurts!”

Sarah Saleh looked over her right shoulder and, out of the corner of her eye, caught a glimpse of what had just stung her. A heavyset female guard stood directly behind her, brandishing what resembled a thin, long yellow stick with a curve at the end. Could that have been the ‘cane’ she heard so much about? Sarah shuddered at the sight of it. Being hit with that thing was like being stung by half a dozen bees, all attacking at once.

September 13th, 2017

A Drunken Night

A young member of the Women’s Airforce rues a night out.


Mavis Smith was three years into her career with the Women’s Royal Air Force and had spent the last nine months stationed in Malta. She had started as a Cadet and had recently been promoted to the rank of Junior Airwoman. Mavis had a good disciplinary record, until now that was.

Monday morning

It was the previous evening that she had received a message to say her Commanding Officer wanted to see her at 08.00 sharp on Monday morning, and Mavis Smith had a terrible feeling she knew why she had been summoned. As she lay in her bunk with over two hours to go to her meeting, she tried to recall the events of the fateful Saturday night.