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June 14th, 2016

Rear End Damage

A daughter in law pays the penalty for damaging a car

By Paul S

Martin was married to Louise and they were a couple in their mid-fifties, happily married with two adult children, Craig and Charlotte, who now lived on their own, plus their sheepdog Poppy.

Craig had married Daisy about 6 months ago, and she was a charming and delightfully fit young girl who frequently popped round to see Martin and Louise in her Toyota Yaris, which Martin had let her have when he upgraded his wife’s car a year ago.

Martin was mad about cars, and recently changed his ageing classic TT Roadster for a brand new hard top TT sport in white. He spent hours cleaning and polishing it, and trying out all the optional extras, like the phone links, stereo system and additional driver features of his new £30,000 car.

June 8th, 2016

The Landlady

Two student lodgers learn the hard way they need to obey their landlady’s rules

By Kane Strokes

Many months had past since Helen’s daughter had left home as a married woman. Pleased and happy for her daughter, Helen missed the noise, the chatter and laughter that young women bring into a house, and this house was demanding those features of life.

The house was ideally set, less than fifteen minutes walk from the university, but only yards from open country and, better still, only a short drive to sun, sea and sandy beaches, when there was a summer to enjoy such features.

Helen no longer had to work. She filled her days doing the things she wanted to do, gardening, walks in the country, days out to places of interest, and of course some retail therapy. It was on such a therapeutic day, taking a break with morning coffee, she over heard a conversation between two students sat behind her. Their language was colourful, to say the least. When you stripped away the expletives, their topic of conversation was the high price of lodgings in or close to the university. An idea was born.

May 31st, 2016

I know What I Need

A friend’s father comes to the rescue when a little discipline is needed

By Lorna Brand

Heather stood dripping wet, fresh from her shower, ruffling through her drawers on the morning of her twentieth birthday. Her long dark hair clung to her back, dropping beads of water that trickled their way down to the carpet. She was still living at home although her parents were at work and she had a big day ahead.

Heather had been contemplating about her living arrangements for some time now. She had been trying to save up so she could move out into a small place with her best friend, Holly, but that was easier said than done. Heather had a part time job even though she was still attending college, so it’s not laziness that is her downfall but every time Heather got her pay cheque, instead of leaving a portion in her account or putting some of it aside, she managed to waste it. She was terrible at not paying attention to her spending habits. If she wanted a little treat or couldn’t resist a sale, she never thought about it. She never bought anything extravagant, just twenty or thirty pounds here and there, which was her justification, but it added up fast and as Heather never kept track, she inevitably found she had shopped her way into her overdraft before her next pay came around.

May 23rd, 2016

Girlfriend Spanked for Nagging

A new girlfriend oversteps the mark and gets a firm hand

By Paul S

Steve had met his new girlfriend, Lorraine, at work after his previous relationship had ended six months ago. He had been at a business meeting at her store, when she walked in and took an immediate shine to him. They exchanged details and started seeing each other.

Both Steve and Lorraine were in their forties and currently single. Lorraine was a trim 36-30-38 with a well-rounded bottom and smartly dressed. Steve was a spanker but was happy to have a ‘vanilla’ relationship with Lorraine initially. He was secretly hoping she would turn ‘fruity’ in due course, but had an open mind on the matter as he didn’t know if the relationship would work.

May 19th, 2016

An Over-spending Wife

A husband gets to the bottom of his wife’s spending

By Paul S

Andrew and April were an upper class couple in their mid-thirties, living in a modern flat in Battersea, London. Andrew was a financier in the city, and April a human relations consultant for a large PLC company, also in the city.

Andrew was of medium build and quite handsome, whilst April was attractive with ash blonde hair, and a trim 36-28-38 figure. April spoke with an upper class accent as she had been to finishing school in her early twenties, and also rode regularly at a local stables, a little out of town in urban Surrey.

May 6th, 2016

Don’t be Silly, Charles

A couple relaxing in their garden have an interesting chat

By Lisamum

Back in the early nineteen sixties, Charles Daventry and his wife Clarissa, both in their late fifties, are sitting in the garden of their luxurious house on the outskirts of one of England’s fashionable towns, sipping their glasses of Pimms. Charles is reading a newspaper and Clarissa is reading a novel. Charles is a very successful barrister and Clarissa is from a very wealthy titled family. Money to them is no object. Charles is still quite good looking at his age and Clarissa is an extremely attractive woman.

Suddenly Charles looks up from his newspaper. “Clarrie, were you spanked as a child?”

April 17th, 2016

Eileen & Cynthia

Trying to deceive their mother works out badly for two sisters

By Lisamum

Saturday morning, and two sisters, Eleanor, aged nineteen, and Cynthia aged seventeen, were on their way into town to go round the shops, and also for Eleanor to meet her boyfriend, Eric, without her mother knowing. She had been banned by her mother from seeing him as she considered him to be totally unsuitable for her. The girls went into the park to be away from prying eyes and to wait for Eric. Punctual to the minute, Eric arrived and Cynthia went off to the shops. Later in the morning, Cynthia went off home.

April 15th, 2016

Last Semester

(Author’s note: This story was not intended to be a read alone. To have a better understanding and to fully appreciate the plot, references, and characters, please read the previous installment of the series called ‘Signature Required,’ which is available on Over The Desk Spanking Stories.)

By Stinger Sam

The road to college had been a painful experience for Lacy. In her senior year, she had to choose between accepting a six day suspension, three swats with a paddle and three days of suspension, or take six swats with a paddle. After carefully considering her options, Lacy decided to take the six licks. She bent over the desk and presented her round bottom to be spanked by Karen, her principal at the time, in order to avoid any rejection letter by a university due to a suspension being on her record. As if her backside was not already properly punished, Lacy found herself again in Karen’s office for forgery and lying, only this time staring at a more frightful looking paddle that her mother would be using to tenderize her rear end.

March 31st, 2016

The Babysitter

A wayward daughter learns a hard lesson

By Stinger Sam

“What the hell was you thinking?” Demanded Patty, mother of 19 year old Julia.

“When did you decide to start playing mother,” countered Julia.

“If you didn’t have the money to buy those CDs, all you had to do was ask me. I would have bought them for you. If the owner of the pawnshop decides to press charges, you could go to jail. And worse, your record will be stained for life.”

“You better listen to your mother, young lady. She knows want she is talking about,” said a local police officer.

Just after the police officer said those words, the office door opened and the owner of the pawnshop emerged.

March 11th, 2016

Dorothy Rock

There’s a surprise in store for a girl when she gets home.

By Lisamum

Her father’s slipper lay in the middle of the settee.

‘Mum’s going a bit mental leaving that there,’ Dorothy thought. ‘I’d get a right ear bashing if I’d have left my slipper there.’ Mum never allowed anyone to put their slippers or shoes onto the furniture, whether they were wearing them or not.

“Oh, you’re home dear? I didn’t hear you come in.” Mrs Rock said, as she descended the stairs.

“Only just, mum.” Dorothy looked towards the slipper on the settee. “I was wondering if you were going senile?”

“Probably dear, probably,” Mrs Rock agreed as she went to arrange the flowers on the sideboard.