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June 7th, 2018

Avena’s Story

A short story based on fact by a new writer to us

By Avena

My sisters and I were always spanked by our father. I have a variety of spanking experiences, from childhood to late teenage life; he only stopped spanking me when I was 19.

There were many times I was lazy, hanging out late with friends and never doing my schoolwork. My report card would often reflect this and my father would always adminster a spanking, never with his hand but with a device. Our mother would rarely spank us but would be present in the room.

“Get in your room!” I remember my father growling, once he returned home from work.

March 20th, 2018

The Message on the Mirror

Four girls get together at the end of exams, with consequences

 By Julie Baker

My name is Claire Green and I was born in Sheffield in May 1984. I’m two years younger than my brother, John, and I have never met my father. He went off with another woman just before I was born and subsequently emigrated to Australia. My mother was therefore left with the task of bringing up my brother and me single handed. She never indicated that this was anything other than a duty and a pleasure, but it must have been tough for her at times. She was a lecturer, now retired, at Sheffield University and would have been earning a reasonable salary, but we certainly didn’t have a lavish lifestyle. We lived in a terraced house in an area of Sheffield called Millhouses and my brother and I attended the local secondary school.

March 9th, 2018

Like Father, Like Daughter

A girl meets her new step father

By Jane Fairweather

Emily looked round slightly frantically at the small halt of Oncombe. No one on the platform to greet her in this strange place! Where was mother? Where, for that matter, was the porter; there did not seem to be one.

She picked up her bag, which was not that heavy for most of her things were in her trunk, which was coming separately. Miss Crouch had at least promised her that would be done, despite the disgraceful manner of her leaving.

Then Emily hesitantly walked out into the yard where there was a large heap of coal and little else, well, except for a great heap of bricks, which were no doubt intended for some new house. She glanced round frantically, then spotted a dog cart driven by an older woman who was dressed all in black and was almost invisible on the other side of the heap of bricks. Well, she had better go and ask where Oncombe House was; if no one was meeting her then she had better walk.

February 22nd, 2018

A Wedding Spanking

A couple agree it’s time she learned to love, honour and obey

By Paul S

Tom met Elena on a dating website and immediately both were smitten on their first date. They had both been unlucky in love, having both been previously jilted; Tom after living together for 2 years and Elena by a boyfriend she found cheating on her. They were both wonderful characters, easy going and very affable and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Their friends gave it a year but said they could last the course.

They dated several times, but it seemed that both were weary of playing a drawn-out dating game and were very comfortable with each other. Several dates later, at a Valentine’s dinner, Tom proposed marriage with a small diamond solitaire ring he had bought, and Elena didn’t hesitate; she jumped at the chance to marry Tom.

February 9th, 2018

Housekeeping Duties

A girl finds a new job with unusual terms and conditions

 By Julie Baker

My name is Hannah, I’m 31 years old and I’ve lived most of my life in Birmingham. My Mum and Dad are both teachers and I did well at school, gaining good enough A Level grades to be able to study history at Durham University. Sport has also been a big part of my life playing a good standard of hockey through the winter and county standard tennis during the summer months. I would say that I have a confident, outward going personality and I’ve never been short of friends of either sex. I’m reasonably tall with a slim but muscular build. I have a dark complexion with jet black hair and my fiends often tease me that I have a hot, Mediterranean style make-up!

January 16th, 2018

Jackie Made to Pay

A marital problem resolved


Jackie had been married for thirty-one years and was soon to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. Her marriage has been a great success and she and her husband had a daughter and son both in their twenties and both with excellent jobs in the City. However, it might have been very different had her husband had not given her a second chance a little over a year into their marriage. The thirty-year anniversary was approaching of when she received a devastating caning at the hands of her husband. At the time he had been furious and their marriage had very nearly ended, and this is story of what happened almost thirty years previously.

December 9th, 2017

Four O’clock in the Headmistress’s Lair

A girl’s experience in the headmistress’s study. By a new writer to us, with the grahic illustrations also by the author

By Angela Fox

‘Friday afternoon at four o’clock, and once again I am sitting on this hard chair,’ I thought. ‘Why do I do this to myself?’ I wasn’t given long to ponder. Within a minute the so-called traffic light outside her door turned from red, meaning do not disturb, to green, directing whoever was waiting on this damned chair to knock on the door for entry.

I stood up, smoothed my gymslip into place, making sure the broad knife- edged box pleats were perfect and prayed my hair was neat and tidy. Then I nervously knocked on the door and, when I saw the white sign below the traffic lights blink ‘Enter’, I turned the brass doorknob and pushed the heavy door open.

November 7th, 2017

Late Again!

How to improve a girlfriend’s timekeeping

By Joanna Jones

I glanced at my watch for the umpteenth time, and wondered whether to keep waiting. It was a cold March evening and standing outside Holborn tube station was not my idea of how to spend my evening. At least this time it was not raining.

My girlfriend, an American lass called Geri who I had met at an early December Christmas party, was late again. Indeed she was almost always late. On our first date it had been only five minutes, and on the dates running up to Christmas and New Year it had been typically around ten. Since January we had really become an item, but the delays for her to arrive seemed to have just gotten progressively longer, more like quarter of an hour or more. On both the previous two she had been around twenty minutes delayed. This time she was thirty minutes late and counting.

October 25th, 2017

Lillian’s Test

A woman lets someone stand in for her, but it doesn’t all work out.

By Lorna Brand

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else for the day? Well I don’t have to! I’ve been trading places with my big sister Bella ever since we were small. She is just under a year older than me, but to look at us you would think we were twins. We had loads of fun growing up, tricking teachers and friends. Mum even cut my hair once to make us look different. She was called in to the school because I had been taking Bella’s Modern Studies class and she was taking my French. Mum said that it was the last straw. We almost made it to the end of the year. If I hadn’t been off with chicken pox we would never have been discovered. We didn’t look different for long, though, because I ended up cutting my sisters hair to match mine. We got into so much trouble my bum still tingles at the thought of it.


October 2nd, 2017

Marital Discipline

A mother in law advises exactly what her wayward daughter needs.

By Paul S

Richard and Lucy had been married only 6 months, and were happy despite her wild child behaviour and extravagant upper class tendencies. Their friends and family were taking bets at the wedding that it wouldn’t last a year. But, oh what a hot and steamy year, they all said.

Richard and Lucy were passionate about each other, and their displays of affection in public were becoming a bit embarrassing for Richard at times. Notably in front of his ‘stuffy’ and prudish upper class and very wealthy family, who lived on the coast near the yacht club with their own private yacht, and did not approve.