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December 13th, 2016

Anna’s Italian Odyssey

Anna discovers Botticelli and eroticism. The next in the series.

By Paul S

Anna and Ben had been going steady for a while now, and seeing each other regularly. Their relationship had progressed to the point where they felt comfortable with each other and trusted each other.

The unsavoury episode with Ben’s previous girlfriend, Julia, had now passed and things settled down to normal. It is true jilted lover Julia had spanked her out of jealousy, but this had just awakened Anna’s curiosity, particularly after Ben had punished ex-girlfriend Julia and told her to stop abusing his new beau, Anna.

Anna’s curiosity eventually got the better of her, and she asked Ben to try out a brief and light swishy caning to see what it felt like. Needless to say, she found it very stimulating.

October 13th, 2016

Heather Discovers the Leather

A new wife makes an interesting purchase

By Paul S

Heather was a newly married wife in her late twenties, living in Glasgow, Scotland with her new partner, Chris. They had a wonderful wedding, had just returned from honeymoon and were getting back in the old routine they left behind before all the family buzz of getting married.

Heather was fairly slim, about 5 foot 8 inches tall with long dark hair, blue eyes and a slim, trim figure, 26-24-36. Chris was a little bigger built and slightly taller with auburn hair.

Chris drank socially with friends and Heather, who also drank, also smoked, which was habit Chris badly wanted her to break.

September 25th, 2016

The Pains of Parenting

Are strict parents such a bad thing?

By Jenny

Andrea lay back, eyes closed, reclined on the wooden garden chair; her cold drink fizzed on the round wooden table by her side. The page of her book was marked by being open against the table. Her senses soaked in the sounds of the garden. Quiet music ebbed and flowed in the background, birds sang, there was a hum of wildlife. The sweet smell of the freshly mown lawn was being cut away by the first gentle wafts of the warm smoke from the barbecue.

A shrill cry of excitement made her jump. She looked around, lifting her sunglasses to survey the scene.

September 8th, 2016

Spanked in the Master Bedroom

A wife Katie honours her marriage vows

By Paul S

Mark and Katie were a married couple in their 40s with no children but a small Staffordshire terrier dog called Bella who was 3 and very lively, but kept out of the master bedroom.

Mark was about 45 and medium build, about 5 foot 9 inches with dark hair and hazel eyes. Katie was younger and also medium build and a bit shorter at 5 foot 6 inches, with blue eyes and ash blonde mid length hair, and originally with 34-26-36 vital statistics.

They had been married about 15 years, and for the first 10 years or so were very happy. Then Katie decided to indulge in extravagant spending habits and rudeness, possibly as a result of being unable to conceive a child and becoming frustrated in her aim to start a family. At first, Mark was very understanding, but as Katie’s spending and behaviour grew more excessive, he reminded her to take it easy and that with her marriage vows she had agreed to honour and obey her husband.

September 2nd, 2016

Cheryl’s Spanking

A student gets what she really needs to help her with her studies. By a new writer to us.

By Cliff

Growing up, my Mom managed the Dairy Queen (DQ) in my home town. I played Pop Warner football when I was 12 years old. Normally, we had practice on Mondays after school. One Monday morning, the coach’s son let me know his Dad had to make an emergency trip out of town and practiced was cancelled.

Our house was only a few blocks away from school and I got home about 3:15. My mother usually worked until at least 5:30 pm. She did not like phone calls at work and being home early was not anything I needed to let her know about. Shortly after getting home, I was in my room and heard my Mom come through the front door. I started to come out of my room and I could hear she had someone with her.

June 17th, 2016

From a Mother’s Perspective

A journalist investigates attitudes to corporal punishment.

By Lisamum

My name is Claire Cooper. I am a retired journalist, and I was browsing through some early papers from my career when I chanced to come upon an interview I did as a trainee back in the early sixties. The magazine I worked for was doing a series of interviews on ‘ordinary family life’. I was sent to interview a lady who had agreed to talk about her experiences and her views on corporal punishment or ‘a smacked bottom’ as it was referred to in those days. As you can imagine, I was very nervous as this was one of my first assignments. This is the transcript.

June 14th, 2016

Rear End Damage

A daughter in law pays the penalty for damaging a car

By Paul S

Martin was married to Louise and they were a couple in their mid-fifties, happily married with two adult children, Craig and Charlotte, who now lived on their own, plus their sheepdog Poppy.

Craig had married Daisy about 6 months ago, and she was a charming and delightfully fit young girl who frequently popped round to see Martin and Louise in her Toyota Yaris, which Martin had let her have when he upgraded his wife’s car a year ago.

Martin was mad about cars, and recently changed his ageing classic TT Roadster for a brand new hard top TT sport in white. He spent hours cleaning and polishing it, and trying out all the optional extras, like the phone links, stereo system and additional driver features of his new £30,000 car.

June 8th, 2016

The Landlady

Two student lodgers learn the hard way they need to obey their landlady’s rules

By Kane Strokes

Many months had past since Helen’s daughter had left home as a married woman. Pleased and happy for her daughter, Helen missed the noise, the chatter and laughter that young women bring into a house, and this house was demanding those features of life.

The house was ideally set, less than fifteen minutes walk from the university, but only yards from open country and, better still, only a short drive to sun, sea and sandy beaches, when there was a summer to enjoy such features.

Helen no longer had to work. She filled her days doing the things she wanted to do, gardening, walks in the country, days out to places of interest, and of course some retail therapy. It was on such a therapeutic day, taking a break with morning coffee, she over heard a conversation between two students sat behind her. Their language was colourful, to say the least. When you stripped away the expletives, their topic of conversation was the high price of lodgings in or close to the university. An idea was born.

May 31st, 2016

I know What I Need

A friend’s father comes to the rescue when a little discipline is needed

By Lorna Brand

Heather stood dripping wet, fresh from her shower, ruffling through her drawers on the morning of her twentieth birthday. Her long dark hair clung to her back, dropping beads of water that trickled their way down to the carpet. She was still living at home although her parents were at work and she had a big day ahead.

Heather had been contemplating about her living arrangements for some time now. She had been trying to save up so she could move out into a small place with her best friend, Holly, but that was easier said than done. Heather had a part time job even though she was still attending college, so it’s not laziness that is her downfall but every time Heather got her pay cheque, instead of leaving a portion in her account or putting some of it aside, she managed to waste it. She was terrible at not paying attention to her spending habits. If she wanted a little treat or couldn’t resist a sale, she never thought about it. She never bought anything extravagant, just twenty or thirty pounds here and there, which was her justification, but it added up fast and as Heather never kept track, she inevitably found she had shopped her way into her overdraft before her next pay came around.

May 23rd, 2016

Girlfriend Spanked for Nagging

A new girlfriend oversteps the mark and gets a firm hand

By Paul S

Steve had met his new girlfriend, Lorraine, at work after his previous relationship had ended six months ago. He had been at a business meeting at her store, when she walked in and took an immediate shine to him. They exchanged details and started seeing each other.

Both Steve and Lorraine were in their forties and currently single. Lorraine was a trim 36-30-38 with a well-rounded bottom and smartly dressed. Steve was a spanker but was happy to have a ‘vanilla’ relationship with Lorraine initially. He was secretly hoping she would turn ‘fruity’ in due course, but had an open mind on the matter as he didn’t know if the relationship would work.