CANED BY THE HEADMASTER contains three fictional stories depicting the corporal punishment of sixth form schoolgirls:

The Hearing: When the Headmaster of St Andrew’s Comprehensive School discovers that four of his upper sixth form girls have been shoplifting, he decides that corporal punishment is called for. All four girls are summoned to his study and sentenced to six of the best. However, after the first three girls have been disciplined, Corinne Wright, the ringleader of the group, having witnessed her friends being reduced to tears, refuses to be caned and walks out of the Headmaster’s office, going home completely unpunished.

Offered the choice of corporal punishment or expulsion, her parents refuse to cooperate, and eventually an independent hearing is arranged to resolve the matter. As the hearing progresses it looks at first as if Corinne has won but the presiding magistrate’s decision does not go quite as the arrogant girl had hoped.

Privileged Information: When the Headmaster’s secretary carelessly leaves one of her filing cabinets open, three Upper Sixth form girls try to take advantage but are caught red-handed in her office photocopying their mock ‘A’ level exam papers. When the secretary later tells her step-brother, a sixth form pupil at the same school, that the girls have to see the Headmaster, he makes sure to be in the vicinity at the appointed time, in the hope that they will be caned for their attempted cheating. The girls are angry that he’s hanging around outside the Head’s study to enjoy their come-uppance, but he gets luckier than he could have possibly imagined.

The Letter: When the local Conservative councillor attends Oakhampton High School’s Sixth Form Debating Society, one of the headstrong girls, Daniella James, pelts him with eggs. The Headmaster is furious, and the following day Daniella finds herself in his study, bent over the back of a chair, for a severe caning – the maximum number of strokes allowed. She is further instructed to write a letter of apology to the councillor, giving a detailed account of her painful punishment.

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