Camping Trip

Three friends go on one last camping trip

By Lorna Brand

The clatter of poles and the dank smell of farm animals filled the air as Melanie, Hanna and Sonya struggled to put up their old family sized tent as the storm approached. The hills they chose to make their home for the weekend looked so inviting from the ground below; fresh and green, with the sun moving along from one to the other, changing the seasons instantly with a magical touch. The rocky heather and bracken covered hills were occupied only by sheep, rabbits and the odd kestrel, making it the perfect retreat for the girls to catch up with each other.

They had put the tent up many times over the years, along the loch shore or at the odd festival, but the dark rolling clouds were closing in fast and they were not on the soft ground they where used to. The friends giggled and squealed like school girls as the sky grumbled and groaned before bursting with torrential force. The beads of rain bounced off the ground and thundered off the tent as the soaking wet trio laughed on the floor of their temporary home.

“Well, so much for our day,” Hanna chuckled, trying to catch her breath. “I was looking forward to wandering around in the sun.”

“Yep, looks like an early night for us.” Sonya puffed.

“Oh come on, when did we get so old?” Melanie laughed. “We used to stay out all night, rain or shine. We’ve only just finished university. We should be causing mayhem and being crazy!”

This was the girls’ last chance to get out on their own and spend quality time together before they had to go their separate ways. Hanna had a gap year planned and in true student fashion she was going back-packing. Sonya had a job lined up at her daddy’s firm, and Melanie was off to Edinburgh to find her fortune.

The girls had been through secondary school and university together and had shared many trips like this, but as this was to be their last, they wanted to go somewhere without distractions or interruptions; the hills were the perfect place.

“Right,” said Melanie. “Let’s get the first bottle open.”

“Yeah, that’ll warm us up,” beamed Hanna, a little too keenly fetching it from the over sized rucksack.

It wasn’t long before the second bottle was finished and it was all too apparent none of them had eaten. They where reminiscing over old times and having a great time as dusk crept in and the birds started their evening song.

“Cards?” Suggested Sonya. “I brought a pack,” she smiled.

“Didn’t we all?” Sniggered Hanna.

“Er, we always end up playing strip poker. It’s a bit cold for it, don’t you think?” Groaned Melanie.

“You’re probably right, Hun,” smiled Hanna. “So, something else then?”

“We have a few bottles lying about,” winked Melanie.

Soon enough, stupidity in the shape of a game of ‘dares and forfeits’ was raining down harder than the weather. Sonya had spun herself round and round until she’d fallen down. Hanna had wet grass in her pants and a sore head from doing handstands in the rain (badly). Melanie was still cringing from the worm she had to dig up and kiss.

Sonya spun the empty wine bottle around on the dimly lit tent floor once more. It came to rest with the neck pointing at a cold wet Hanna.

“Again? Oh no, I can’t do any more dares, I have to say ‘Truth’,” she almost pleaded while ringing the water from her long chocolate hair into a towel.

“OK. Are you sure? Once I ask the question you have to answer it truthfully.” Sonya said in a strangely menacing way.

“Do your worse, Hun.” Hanna grinned.

“Here goes; have you ever kissed a friend’s boyfriend?” Sonya blushed, clearly already aware of the answer and revelling in the idea of discourse taking hold.

“That’s not fair, Sonya! Why would you ask that? For god sake! I know you are a bit of a bitch when you’ve had a few, but that’s just mean!” Hanna steamed as she rose from her cross-legged position.

“I seem to be missing something here.” A confused Melanie inquired as she moved in between the feuding friends to try and diffuse the situation.

“I don’t know. Is she missing something, Hann? I simply asked the first question that popped into to my head” Sonya replied.

“Melanie, don’t be mad but It was a few years back. We were all out for the evening and completely drunk.” Hanna started to explain.

“Not that drunk,” sneered Sonya.

“SONYA! SHUT UP!” Hanna roared.

“And?” Melanie asked tentatively.

Silence fell and the dull torch light glowed softly highlighting the sadness in poor Melanie’s face as she realised where this conversation was going.

“It was Brian. HE kissed me first though!” Hanna confessed. “I didn’t mean to kiss him back, but I did,” she whispered.

“You were the other girl? I knew he’d cheated on me, but with you? That’s why we split up. He was so guilt-ridden. He told me you knew! But you didn’t!” Melanie said, so heartbroken.

“I am sorry, really I am. I didn’t mean for it to happen and I didn’t want to lose you as a friend.” Hanna said sincerely. “It was years ago and you wouldn’t have met Steve if you hadn’t split from Brian. Aren’t you much happier now?”

“Are you really trying to make this a good thing? Should I be grateful one of my best friends betrayed me?” Melanie spitted.

“Yeah, Hann. Really, I told you to tell her.” Sonya stupidly said.

“YOU KNEW!” Melanie was infuriated. Both her friends had betrayed her and had hidden it for years. She didn’t know what to think, to feel, even. Should she really feel this hurt over something that happened such a long time ago? With a boyfriend that she only had for a few weeks? Melanie needed time to think and calm down.

“You have no idea how hurt and disgusted I am with you both right now! I can not believe my so-called best friends decided to betray my trust like this!” Melanie scolded, talking to them like children since that was how they were acting.

The girls stood there, heads bowed, looking at their toes and feeling so small and sorry for themselves.

Melanie told them she needed some space. It wasn’t at all how she expected their weekend to go. She decided to go to bed and work out how to get past this.

The other two girls spent the night tossing and turning in their sleeping bags, stewing in their own self pity.

The next morning, Hanna and Sonya were awake early and making Melanie’s breakfast for her, ready to grovel and plead if necessary.

“Morning, Melanie,” they offered.

“Did you sleep well?” Asked Sonya.

“What do you think?” Melanie snapped. “I really don’t know what to say or do to fix this. But then, I don’t want to lose you both either. This is the last night we will have together, possibly for a very long time, and it has been ruined.”

“The day has only just started. We can salvage it.” Sonya tried to bargain.

Hanna started to blush a little and look uncomfortable, shuffling on her make-shift stone seat as she plucked up the courage to say what she was thinking.

“Do you remember that summer when we camped in your back garden and got so drunk the neighbours thought we where up to no good? Your Dad was so mad he slippered our butts.”

“Off course I do, my bum was red for two days!” Melanie said, trying to suppress a tiny little smile.

“Well, what if you where to spank me? We could go on and have our last twenty-four hours happy. Like we were before big mouth here spoiled things.” Hanna said, gesturing her head towards the delinquent of the group.

“Oy! Thats not fair!” Sonya said in a rather weak protest.

“Oh yes it is!” Laughed Melanie. “You completely dropped Hann in it just for fun! I think if I am going to spank Hanna, then she should spank you! That would be fair!”

After a bit more protesting, Sonya finally agreed and it was down to practicalities.

“OK Hanna, let’s get to it. The quicker we get it over with, the quicker we can start smiling again.” Melanie tried to say with a straight face.

“But we don’t have a chair in the tent.” Hanna stated, as the consequences of her idea started to dawn on her.

“I know, but as you are demonstrating, these boulders are just the right height to sit on.” Grinned Melanie.

“Out here in the open?” A shocked Sonya stammered. “You cannot be serious.”

“Yep! Look at it as part of your punishment. So, Hanna, stand up and take your trousers off!” Melanie said firmly as she took up her position, sitting where her friend had been.

Hanna was not feeling quite so keen about her solution now. Her friends had seen her naked many times before but undressing out here in the open was something different. In complete silence, Hanna stood before her friend and slowly undid her trousers, giving her hips a little wiggle to make the trousers drop to the grass before slipping them off altogether along with her trainers.

Melanie patted her knee, indicating Hanna should assume the position. Giving her a helping hand, Melanie pulled Hanna towards her and over her knee in one move. Hanna shuffled to get balanced, and caught a glimpse of the friend that put her in this predicament staring at her wide-eyed with a open mouth.

“I don’t think you will be needing these either!” Melanie said, slipping her hand under the waistband of Hanna’s white cotton panties and sliding them down over her behind as she caressed her target.

“Oh Mell! My butt was cold enough!” Cried Hanna, taking a glimpse over her shoulder and making her long dark plait fall forward to one side and her big brown eyes screw up tight in humiliation.

“Don’t you remember when my dad slippered your bum? It was bare then so it can be bare now!” Melanie said, rubbing her friend’s very round peachy bum before making her first slap.

Melanie brought her hand down rapidly, going from one cheek to the other and building up the strength each time. Hanna started to squirm and roll her hips with each blow. The heat was compounding the uncomfortable stinging feeling she was feeling, spreading over her cheeks until she finally started to cry out: “Sorry, I am so sorry. Please stop!”

The tears started to trickle down Hanna’s cheek as she begged for forgiveness.

Melanie, though, didn’t want to give up this opportunity so quickly, and she continued until she felt her friend stop writhing and submit to her fate. By then her beautiful round peachy bum was so vibrant compared to the surrounding dark grass it seemed to glow.

Hanna was grateful for the cool breeze gently blowing over her bum as she lay over her friend’s lap, crying softly.

“Oh Hann, it’s all over now.” Melanie said, lovingly cupping Hanna’s derriere and feeling the warmth emanating from it. Then she helped her to her feet.

Sonya, meanwhile, had gathered up Hanna’s trousers and now helped her to get dressed, paying special attention to her bum. Sonya couldn’t help but stare at the spectacle of several shades of red showing through Hanna’s white pants and seeing the results close up it made her tingle all over with anticipation.

“You’re next!” Giggled Melanie, who had noticed Sonya’s intense fascination.

It was another hour before Hanna had recovered enough to even think about Sonya’s punishment but once it was her turn she revelled in the idea of taking her wayward friend to task.

“Hanna, are you ready to put Sonya over your knee?” Melanie said cheekily. “I’m sure Sonya is ready to go,” she winked.

Carefully lowering her throbbing behind down on to the cold hard rock, Hanna winced but, undeterred, she sat awaiting her friend.

Sonya had seen how this was going to play out and didn’t have to wait for an invitation. She pulled her blond hair back into a ponytail, sat down and untied her trainers, carefully placing them next to the tent entrance. Then, milking her spotlight, she pulled her trousers down slowly taking one leg out at a time and trying not to make eye contact with her audience.

Without a word, Sonya draped herself carefully over Hanna’s knees, reached her hands back and slid her thong free of her bum.

Faced with such a delectable sight, Hanna took a moment to enjoy the situation while Melanie moved in for a closer look.

Hanna’s own stinging bottom was what made her snap out of her little trance and focus on the reason it smarted so much. She wasn’t going to let Sonya get away with anything less than what she got. Hanna didn’t quite have the same experience with spanking as Melanie clearly had demonstrated, but she was strong and determined. Starting the way she meant to go on, Hanna hit Sonya’s pretty bottom at its most tender point on the crease between the top of her thighs and the very edge of her bum.

Sonya cried out immediately as the sting caught her by surprise.

Firmly and deliberately, Hanna spanked her victim, moving up and across her bottom and making her rock forward and back across her lap as she tried to keep her composure. As the intensity increased Sonya’s discomfort was vocalized more loudly but it didn’t sound as distressed as Hanna did.

Sonya’s moaning and groaning did not go unnoticed, though, as her friend started to slap the top of her thighs. Before long Sonya was sobbing over her friend’s lap but she never pleaded or asked her to stop. Completely resigned to her position, Sonya took every blow without fuss until Hanna was satisfied. She didn’t enjoy the process too much.

Hanna surveyed the damage which was much more wide-spread than her own, but clearly satisfying for all involved.

The trio went on to have one of the best days they had ever spent together and the spankings certainly added something to their last ever strip poker session.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2015