A British girl moves to the USA where she continues her schooling

By Gillian Howard

I was born in May 1995 and enjoyed a very good upbringing in Southern England before, in June 2006, my Father was promoted and we had to move to Florida in USA. I couldn’t believe my luck going to school with almost permanent sunshine.

We arrived and settled in and I was even more pleased to be told that school had already finished for summer and would not restart till the middle of August. I was quickly accepted by the local children and after attending an interview at our local school was informed that I would be starting in the middle school sixth grade but if I proved that I was as advanced as they thought I may be upped a grade to seventh grade with children who would be a year older.

My parents discussed this possibility but thought that I would have enough problems adapting to another country and thought that being a year above my age may cause problems so asked that I stay with my age group, which the principal agreed to. The school had a fantastic reputation for academics and I was pleasantly surprised to find that no school uniform was worn. There was also enormous opportunity for sporting activities and several after school groups in gymnastics, netball, volleyball, cross country, and swimming. The school had three gymnasiums and a swimming pool. As mum and dad signed all the necessary paperwork I was given a tour of the school by the secretary.

My name is Caitlyn Mitchel and I have always enjoyed gymnastics and swimming. As we arrived home mum handed me a booklet entitled ‘Students Handbook’ and told me that I had to read and digest all the contents before school started as I would be expected to know all the rules. I went poolside and sat on a bed at the side of our own pool and started to read the booklet. Mum brought me an orange juice and sandwiches. She had changed into a bikini and was soaking up the sun.

I said to her: “Mum, I don’t need to wear any uniform as long as no underwear is visible when walking and no bare skin like a bare midriff, and I am only allowed to wear ear studs in pierced ears but no other piercings at all, and no tattoos. I can’t believe this, mum, it’s great.”

I carried on reading, but then suddenly exclaimed: “Mum, what is this? If we commit certain things like 2 tardies (late) twice in the week or various other offences we can end up in Saturday morning detention when any misbehaviour will result in a set number of licks with the paddle. What are licks and what is a paddle, mum?”

“Mr Johnasen showed us a paddle. It is about 18″ long 4 ” wide with a handle about 6″ and is used to spank a student’s bottom. The licks are the number of strokes you will get.”

“But mum, I thought corporal punishment was illegal now.”

“Apparently not here in Florida. So we have had to give our consent that if you warrant it they may give you corporal punishment including the paddle.”

During the next few weeks I met several others of my age who would be in my class and became close friends with 4 girls; Mandy, Savannah, Grace and  Sara. We went to several secluded beaches and as I am a blue eyed blonde I needed to make sure that I always had a factor 40 or above sun cream on.

When I started school in August I was taken aback as the majority of the students were either Hispanic or black. But we all mixed and there was no racism.

It was about 6 weeks into that semester that I witnessed a paddling for the first time when a boy and a girl had been sent outside for disrupting the class. When the headmaster walked past and entered our class, he spoke to the teacher and then asked for the class paddle and went out into the corridor.

Then I heard 3 loud bangs followed shortly after by 3 more, and then both students were ushered back into class, the girl in tears and the boy not far off. They apologised for disrupting class.

Over the next two months I was told on several occasions that Mr Bernstein was not ‘Headmaster’ but ‘Principal’ Bernstein. Then, just before Thanksgiving, I was walking along the corridor with Mandy, Grace and Jefferson, a boy in our class, and Mr Bernstein was walking towards us.

Without thinking, I said: “Good Morning, Headmaster,” and the others said: “Good morning Principal Bernstein.”

I felt somebody grab my arm and pull me across his body before giving me six hard smacks across my bottom.

“Next time it will be the paddle, young lady. You have been here long enough to know I am not a Headmaster and I have told you so on numerous occasions.”

That evening on the school bus, Savannah said that I had been very lucky to have escaped the paddle.

By the time I reached 12th grade I had escaped any further punishments and I was now 5’9″ tall, long blonde hair, size 8 figure. I had dated several lads but was now in a real relationship with Jefferson Carter, who had taken my virginity during the summer Holidays. We went everywhere together and he used to take me to and from school most days.

One day during Maths, I received my homework back and had received a grade D for it. Mr Greenberg said: “Mitchell, that is totally unacceptable for you. Saturday morning detention for you.”

I blushed as he gave me a slip to take to the school office so that my parents could be informed. Savannah warned me to go to detention in a pair of denim jeans as any single deed of misbehaviour resulted in the paddle immediately and in front of the class. So, extra knickers and jeans were a must.

When I got home, mum was very disappointed that I had got a detention and she told me she had been told by the secretary that rang her that there was a good chance I would be paddled in detention.

I was not looking forward to Saturday morning and the detention class but it soon arrived and, after registering, we all had our own task to do. We were told we must concentrate on our own work and not what was going on around us. After the first hour, 5 pupils had received between 1 and 2 licks of the paddle. As the detention came to an end, only 4 of our detention class of 19 had not been paddled, me being one of them. Savannah, Grace, Mandy and Jefferson were waiting for me in the nearby Subway and we sat chatting. They were shocked that I had escaped the paddle.

On the Sunday, we all went into the city for some shopping and to go to the big water park in the afternoon. I bought some really short and tight fitting shorts in bright colours and some thongs in matching colours as the temperature was now in the low 70s every day and forecast to rise significantly in the rest of the school term.

Over the next few weeks I worked really hard and spent a lot of time with Jefferson in the evenings. Our relationship was becoming very intense. I had overslept on a couple of occasions and received a couple of tardies for being late, but never 2 in a week.

On the Thursday in the first week of May, I was on my way to school and had a puncture. I managed to change the wheel, which I had been showed how to do, but it meant I arrived in school filthy. I also received another tardy, which would be my second that week and would mean the paddle.

It was lucky dad had always insisted I kept a pair of overalls in the car as I was wearing a bright pink pair of tight fitting satin shorts and matching pink lace top,  and had a matching pink thong and bra on.

As I was leaving the school office with my tardy slip, Miss Marchant, a History teacher in her mid fifties, was entering.

She looked at me and said: “Mitchell, I can see your bra through that top. Inside now, that will be a dress code violation for you, Miss.”

We re-entered and I was handed my dress code violation slip, which I knew meant that I was certain to receive the paddle for both the dress code and the tardies sometime that morning.
I went to homeroom and was telling Savannah about my dress code violation. She said I was certain to get 1 or 3 licks. Then I also told her about getting my second tardy of the week.

Our first lesson was Computer Science and half way through Mr Bernstein entered the room. I started shaking when he said: “Caitlyn Mitchell. outside now. Miss Brady, could I borrow your paddle, please?”

As I left the room, I was shaking and blushing. As soon as we were outside, I saw one of the young female office staff outside and was told that she was to witness my paddling. I blushed even more as it was Jefferson’s sister. I was then told to face the classroom window 3 feet away, place my legs 2 feet apart and place my hands on the window sill. I felt my shorts tighten and start to disappear up my bottom.

Principal Bernstein said: “You have received 3 tardies in the last 2 weeks, so you have earned 3 licks of the paddle. You also received a dress code violation today. That is another 3 licks, but as the maximum I can give you is 5, that is what you will receive now. Don’t move.”

I felt the paddle tapping against my bottom before it disappeared and returned with a loud bang. It almost lifted me off my feet. Before I knew it, the second and third arrived, one on each cheek, before the last 2 both made me jump with the severity and strength of the blows.

My bottom was on fire and I was told to return to class. I made my way back in and sat down in agony with tears running down my face.

During the remainder of my time at school in USA, I served 2 detentions and was paddled both times, but as I was wearing jeans and 3 pairs of knickers it wasn’t too bad. I did get sent to the principal for being found in a compromising state with Jefferson and received 5 licks. I realised his paddle was bigger than the classroom one and had holes drilled in. It hurt a lot more and left bad bruises for over a week.

Three weeks after that paddling, our family returned to the UK. My cousins were fascinated when they heard mum telling everybody they used the paddle and that I had received it only 3 weeks earlier. I had to give all the details and, while at the time it was both humiliating and painful, I had come to believe that Corporal Punishment was a very good means of controlling behaviour in schools.

This happened just 4 years ago and last summer, after getting a 2.1 degree in accountancy, I returned to Florida and got engaged to Jefferson. We are getting married in August. I recently had my bridal shower and one of the gifts I received was a paddle the same as Principle Bernstein used. Jefferson thought it was really funny and last weekend we held our first house party. Seven 22 year old women felt the sting of the paddle and had the bruises to prove it!

I think this is going to.become a very well used implement after our wedding.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2017