A couple on holiday enjoy a local treat

Tom and his wife, Jo, were holidaying in Rhodes for two weeks during the early autumn of 2016.  It was still very warm and there were still some holiday-makers out and about.

After dinner, they went for a walk down by the beach as they did most nights. The waves were rolling in, the bats were doing their aerobatic displays catching the myriad of flying insects that were aloft. Heading for the end of the beach where there were a good number of rocks and rock pools, they could occasionally hear amorous courting couples making love without a care of being observed. This wasn’t their motivation for going to the end of the beach; a path led to the top of the cliff and back to their accommodation. The path was unlit, but did benefit from strong moonlight on a clear evening.

One evening, 2 or 3 days before they were due to fly back, Tom and Jo, having had a lovely meal and a few drinks, made their way back to the apartment. However, when they got there, Jo realised they had left the key at the beachside restaurant where they had eaten on several occasions. Being quite chatty with the owner and his wife, they were sure the key would be safe until they returned to pick it up. Jo had said she would look after the key as Tom had no pockets in his shorts.

As they made their way up the side of the rocks, the sound of a couple below echoed slightly off of the rocks. They were well away from the path they were using. Tom grinned at Jo and offered to go back alone to get the key. Jo told him no way she was letting him get an eyeful of the goings-on they could clearly hear from the rocky shore in the distance. She would come with him for protection. From what, she wasn’t sure.

A cloud had come over, making it a more difficult for the couple to see the way. They knew from the website the place was remote, so one of them should have packed a torch. Once on the path, the going was steep and a little rocky, and Jo tripped and fell. Fortunately, Tom broke her fall but they both ended up in an untidy heap on the wrong side of the boulders and in ‘lover’s lane’. They both just looked at each other and giggled as slightly tipsy couples do.

“Mind your step, Jo,” quipped Tom. “You are too heavy to pick up off the floor.”

Jo flicked sand in his direction, got to her feet and knocked the sand off her legs and bottom as best she could.

The couple carried on walking at the bottom of the rocks before a sudden shrill sound stopped them dead in their tracks. By now, the clouds had drifted through and a bright, almost full, moon was now shining like a beacon. In the gloom, maybe 30 or so metres away, they could make out two figures standing between a dead tree and several large rocks, with it appearing there was no way out for them except either clambering back over the rocks or walking by the two figures.

“Come on, let’s brazen it out,” whispered Jo as they crept forward, keeping low so they were mostly hidden by the  rocks as they neared the origin of the sound.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to leave it behind, mum,” said one of the figures, a female with long dark hair who was speaking English with a northern accent. “You can’t blame me every time something goes wrong,” she added with venom.

“Look, I told you to be more careful with it. That has all our spending money in it and your credit card. If it has not been handed in when we get back to the restaurant, we are in big trouble,” said her mother angrily.

“Next time, you can look after the wallet, mum!” the girl said, close to tears. “If you are so bloody good at keeping things safe.”

“That’s it, I have just about had it with your cavalier attitude this holiday. You probably think you are too old for a spanking at 19, don’t you?”

Tom and Jo couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing. Jo put her fingers to her lips and indicated to Tom to follow her. They both crouched behind a small boulder. The sky was just about clear now and their eyes had adjusted to the dark and now the bright illumination offered by the glowing moon. They waited with bated breath to see how this was all going to unfold.

“You have been careless and very stupid ever since we got here,” the mother scolded. Then, she sat down and, to the couple’s amazement, delight and entertainment, she grabbed her daughter’s arm, up-ended her over her knee and yanked the girl’s shorts down to her knees. “Stop struggling or these are coming off as well,” the mother said, snapping the elastic of the poor girl’s panties back against her skin.

A second later, the sound of hand slapping panty-clad bottom rang out and the couple sank further into the shadows so as not to be seen. The girl was clearly crying as she continued to struggle, while her mother continued to deliver the spanking of a lifetime to her daughter. Smack followed smack, and the daughter was soon in floods of tears and apologising profusely but her punishment was not quite over yet.

Presumably because she had continued to struggle, the couple could just make out the girl’s panties being tugged down to her knees and a dark, presumably very red bottom was now on full show. Mother’s hand continued to spank the bare bottom, against a sound that was very much more acute than the slightly muffled slapping sounds that had gone before.

Finally, with a couple of really loud cracks, the spanking appeared to be over and just a gentle sobbing could be heard. The daughter jumped up rubbing her bottom vigorously and she pulled her panties and her shorts back up. Mother attempted to hug the daughter, but she stormed off in the direction of the restaurant. Her mother chased after her and eventually was able to hug the girl as she seemed to be calming down.

The mother was now talking quietly to her daughter and calming her down even further. It sounded like it wasn’t the young lady’s first trip over her mother’s lap, and may not be the last either.

After a few moments, mother and daughter headed off in the direction of the restaurant. They now walked arm in arm and clearly this had cleared the air between them.

When Tom and Jo reached the restaurant and went in, they found both mother and daughter hugging the owner’s wife as she handed them their small brown wallet. They headed off into the night at the far side of the restaurant as Tom and Jo entered at the front.

The owner’s wife looked at Jo and said with a strong local accent, “We are not a lost property office, you know.” She handed Jo the key which they had left. “I think those other two were relieved to get their wallet back. We had a quick look to see if there was any identification inside, and there was a lot of money, certainly too much to lose like that. It looked like the youngster had been crying and she rubbed her bottom a couple of times.”

“Her mother had spanked her bottom for being so forgetful and careless,” Jo said. “We saw them over by the rocks as we were coming back here.”

“It must have been a good spanking,” replied the owner’s wife. “At least she was crying with relief they got the wallet back,” she added kindly.”

Jo smiled. “Put it this way, if Tom spanked me like that in public, it wouldn’t just be the rough end of my tongue he’d get afterwards!” she grinned lovingly at Tom.

The couple thanked the lady profusely for safeguarding their key and headed back into the moonlight, hand in hand. They headed back the way they had come, reliving what they had witnessed as they exchanged whispers.

Meanwhile, the restaurant owner’s wife was telling her husband of the conversation she’d had with Jo, while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The End

© Jo Green 2021