Might a job as an extra lead to better things?

By Richard Marks

Lisa is a 21 year old student at Bristol. Like most students she is always broke, and this problem was made even worse just after Easter as she lost her weekend job when a discount store went into administration.

She heard that a few students earned some cash by becoming extras in BBC’s ‘Casualty’ which is filmed in Bristol. She quite fancied meeting some of the famous cast, especially one of the consultants, and one of her friends suggested that she should compile a portfolio and join one of the internet agency sites.

She found some recent photos (she could be a double for Sian in Corrie) and wrote a little about when she studied drama at school and took part in some local amateur dramatic productions. ‘Maybe I might get a chance of appearing in one of those period dramas they always seem to be shooting in Bath if I don’t get spotted by the producers of Casualty,’ she thought and pressed the button to upload her portfolio.

A few days later she noticed that she had a new email and found it was from a studio fairly close by in Clifton. “We have some vacancies for extras for a school classroom scene – no experience necessary. Please call if you are interested,” it said, giving a mobile number.

Excited, she rang the number and spoke to a young girl who she thought was a PA. “The director’s not here at the moment,” she told her. “But we are shooting on Saturday. Come along at nine o’clock, and wear a white blouse, short pleated skirt and ankle socks if you can.”

She had a white blouse somewhere, but did not possess anything like a short pleated skirt. Like most students she was always in jeans or trousers. She had a free afternoon and decided to have a tour of the local charity shops.

The number of times she heard: “A short pleated skirt size 8/10? No, sorry, we don’t seem to have any at the moment,” was incredible, and she was just thinking of giving up when, in the window of the RSPCA shop, there was a display of schoolwear!

“Erm, I don’t suppose you have a pleated skirt that will fit me, do you?” She asked with a certain amount of embarrassment.

The elderly volunteer behind the till reached into the window and gave her the largest of the skirts on display. “This one might, my dear,” she said. “It’s only one pound twenty-five and nearly new.”

Lisa fumbled in her pocket, found the required money in change and left with the skirt in a carrier bag. When she got home she found that it was an excellent fit. She looked at herself in a mirror. She always looked younger than her twenty-one years and could easily be mistaken for fourteen or fifteen dressed like this.

“I wonder what I will have to do in this film,” she thought to herself. “I can’t wait until Saturday!”

Saturday arrived and Lisa left her students’ flat at 8.30 am to walk the short distance to the studio. It was a frosty morning and she felt strangely exposed and underdressed in her short skirt. She was glad that most of the other students were asleep and didn’t see her leave but she did get one strange glance from a man walking his dog!

The studio was in a grand terrace overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge. She climbed a short flight of steps up to the front door and pressed a bell alongside a small brass plate which read: “Bridge Studio.”

A man in his thirties opened the door.

“Ah, you must be Lisa, the new girl. Hi, I’m Andy. I’m the owner of the studios and I’m producing this film. Come on in. Some of the others are already here.”

Lisa walked through into a hallway which doubled as a reception/office and Andy led her into a downstairs room. There were sofas everywhere in various styles and colours.

“This is where we shoot those commercials for a well known company who are always having sales,” he explained. “We are using a room over here today.”

They entered a room at the back and Lisa found it was set up as a school classroom dating from the 1960s.

“All that you have to do is sit at one of the desks and join in when the lesson starts. We are waiting for Katie who is our main performer. I will be the teacher. The other girls will explain what happens while I go and try to ring Katie.”

There were three other girls there all dressed like schoolgirls but obviously in their twenties.

“Hi, I’m Lisa,” she announced. “Can I sit here?”

One girl nodded and introduced herself as Annabel. “And this is Marie and Emma.”

Lisa recognised Annabel’s voice as the person that she spoke to on the phone, a few days earlier.

“What is going to happen?” Lisa asked Annabel.

“Nothing much if Katie doesn’t turn up. We three draw the line at being spanked but Katie loves it.”

“Erm, spanked?” Lisa spluttered.

Annabel could see her surprised look. “Didn’t Andy explain? This is a short spanking film. But don’t worry, we are only extras. Katie gets about two hundred and fifty pounds to our twenty-five but we still refuse to have our bums smacked by Andy for all to see on the net. Have you ever been spanked?”

“Er, no.” Lisa replied. “I thought it was illegal.”

“Not if it’s between consenting adults.” Emma explained. “But we’ve made it clear to Andy that we won’t do it.”

‘An extra two hundred and fifty pounds would go a long way to clearing some of my debts,’ thought Lisa. ‘But having my bum smacked by a man I don’t know? Well that might be a bit too much.’

She was deep in thought when Andy burst in.

“Katie’s gone down with a stomach bug. Dodgy curry last night. The shoot’s off unless one of you will agree to perform the star role.”

Lisa thought hard and then nervously said: “Erm, I’ve never been spanked so I don’t know if, er, I would like it or not.”

“Well,” replied Andy. “If you would like to find out we could do a gentle OTK. Then if you like it and can take it, we could try a few implements like the slipper and we could get the technicians in and take some shots. You’ll get two hundred and fifty pounds for two hours or so.”

“Erm, what’s OTK and, erm, I’m not sure about the slipper. That’ll hurt!”

“OTK is ‘over the knee’,” replied Andy. “And we won’t try any implements unless you are really happy.”

Andy sat down on the teacher’s chair and gently pulled Lisa over his knee until her hands and feet were resting on the floor.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked.

“S’pose so,” was the reply.

“I will give you a few light slaps over your skirt, and then lift it up and give you a few over your knickers.”

A few gentle smacks came down on her behind and then she felt a draught as her skirt was lifted and folded back. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK echoed around the room as Andy alternated from one knicker covered cheek to the other.

“How does that feel? I won’t give you any more as we don’t want to give you a red bottom now in case you agree to be filmed.”

“Er, that was OK.” Lisa replied. “It’s tingling a little but it’s a nice tingling feeling.”

The other girls sniggered at each other and she heard one say something like: “Katie had better watch out or she’ll have some competition.”

“Are you willing to go on?” Enquired Andy. “Maybe we could do some scenes?”

“Er, OK but be gentle,” replied Lisa.

“Right, we’ll do some scenes from a lesson and you will be the naughty girl who ends up being punished. It’s mainly ad lib. You’ll get the idea!”

The camera man came in and introduced himself as Ron. “You remind me of Sian in Corrie,” he remarked.

Andy donned his teacher’s gown and the lesson started. After about fifteen minutes Lisa found herself bending across the teacher’s wooden desk receiving some harder spanks than earlier. Her bottom started to turn red but she found that she was really enjoying the experience!

“Are you OK to continue?” Asked Andy after the spanking.

“Sure,” came the reply. “Somehow I found that exhilarating!”

A few more punishments ensued and she found herself bending over and grabbing her ankles and receiving the slipper. Her knickers had also been lowered by now and her bum was bright red and hot.

“Fancy the cane?” Enquired Andy nervously.

Lisa was by now on a high. “Why not? But not too hard,” she grinned.

“Bend over girl and put your hands on the seat of that chair,” commanded Andy. He tapped a thin cane on her red bottom and gave a gentle stroke.

A few seconds later she exclaimed: “OUCH! That really stung,” and shot up and rubbed her bottom. “That was a different sort of pain, but I could get used to it.” Lisa bent back down and Andy gave her six firm strokes as the camera whirred away.

Each time the cane struck her reddened buttocks a red mark appeared and she gave a: “EEOUCH!”

The scene ended.

“Well, I think you’ve had enough for today but you’ve been great, a real star.” Andy told her.

The other girls applauded in admiration. “I would have never been able to do that,” said Annabel.

The End