A girl sees bribery as a way out of her difficulty.

by Holy Diver

On a rainy Tuesday lunchtime in November 1979, Sophie Prior was hard at work in the common room of St Anne’s academy for girls. Sophie was a senior student; short and skinny with dirty blonde hair. Unlike her friend, Hannah Anderson, who had cute freckles, Sophie was riddled with acne. At present, Sophie was desperately trying to get her homework assignment finished which should have been handed in on Monday, but was given a one day extension.

Sophie was trying to keep warm too. She was wearing a woolly jumper over her school uniform. Sophie was sat beside the window which had the heavy rain lashing against it and outside the rain was bouncing off the ground. In addition, the wind buffeted against the windows, sounding like an air raid siren. Ironically, her essay was on World War Two for her History class. Sophie found it hard to concentrate with the noise. She knew she would be in deep trouble if she failed to get this paper handed in today.

Her history teacher, Mrs Carlin, had never liked Sophie much. Sophie often received the slipper and strap from Mrs Carlin. And Sophie was no stranger to the cane either. Just last Friday, she had received a 12-stroke bare bottom caning from the Headmistress, Mrs Burke, for smoking yet again.

Although Sophie had agreed to undergo study sessions with the prefect, Laura Chapman, her grades had not improved much. Laura was often strict with Sophie and hence poor Sophie was often on the receiving end of Laura’s slipper. In contrast, their mutual friend, Hannah, was doing much better in her grades. Hannah’s result of 90% for her French exam made Laura so proud, following on from Laura giving Hannah some motivation. But Sophie had yet to make much improvement. As such, Laura’s patience was wearing thin.

Five minutes before lunch finished, Sophie was still not finished. She was three quarters of the way through her report. Sophie did not have another History class until Wednesday morning, so she thought she could get in finished that evening and quietly submit it. Alas, fate had other plans.

The tall, athletic and dark-haired Laura Chapman came into the common room.

“Right, Sophie. I’ll need that paper,” announced Laura in an authoritative tone.

“I’m still not finished,” replied Sophie guardedly.

“Come on now, Sophie,” replied Laura impatiently. “You’ve already had an extra day’s extension to finish it.”

“It’s so fucking hard,” protested Sophie.

“Oi! Watch that mouth,” shouted Laura. “I’ll have to take what you’ve written and hand it in to Mrs Carlin,” continued Laura. “After all, you’re not back in History class until tomorrow morning. You have Maths and Science this afternoon and your deadline is 3.30 pm this afternoon. So there’s no way you can continue on this,” finished Laura.

Sophie had a wicked idea. “You have a free period this afternoon. You could finish it for me,” suggested Sophie in a persuasive tone.

Laura was outraged. “What?! I don’t believe I’m hearing this,” thundered Laura. “You’re asking me, a prefect, to do your work for you? I’ve earned my free periods through hard work and as a privilege to being a prefect. I’ve a good mind to spank your bottom right now.”

Sophie looked shocked. “Oh, don’t spank me. My botty still hurts from the caning I got last Friday.”

“I know, I heard about that,” replied Laura. “I have no sympathy for you, though. You deserved that for smoking yet again. When the hell are you going to learn girl? OK, I won’t spank you, but I’m taking that paper now.”

Sophie tried again. “Look Laura, if I give you a fiver, will you finish it for me?”

Laura looked sharply at Sophie. “Are you attempting to bribe a prefect?”

“What about a tenner?” Chanced an undeterred Sophie.

Laura paused for a minute. She frowned at Sophie. In principle, Laura knew that it was wrong to accept a bribe. However, Laura succumbed to greed.

“Alright then, I’ll finish it for £10. I don’t approve of this though. But you better not tell anyone about this. And I would hope for both our sakes that Mrs Carlin doesn’t notice the different writing or we will both be for it. I want to see the money first before I go through with this.”

Sophie was glad and could not believe her luck. She went into her purse and withdrew a ten pound note and gave it to Laura.

It was unfortunate for both girls that the fiery red-headed, tall and beefy head girl, Jackie Melling chose that moment to appear.

“Laura, I’ll need you to come with me to a meeting with the head.” Jackie stopped dead when she noticed the transaction between Sophie and Laura and saw the guilty looks on their faces.

“What is going on here?” Asked Jackie suspiciously, her eyebrow raised. “What are you giving Laura money for, Sophie?”

Bold as brass, Sophie lied through her teeth and replied: “I was giving Laura the £10 that I owed her.”

Jackie looked unconvinced and asked Laura if that was true. Laura told Jackie the truth that Sophie was attempting to bribe her for finishing her homework. Jackie looked outraged.

“What the hell?” shouted Jackie. “How dare you try and bribe a prefect, Sophie! And Laura, you should be ashamed of yourself for accepting the payment. Give me the tenner now.”

Laura, truly ashamed of herself, handed over the money to Jackie.

“As much as I have a good mind to keep this for myself, I am above such practices. You take your money back, Sophie.” Jackie thrust the tenner back at Sophie. “Both of you are going to be spanked with my slipper. I shall hand your paper into Mrs Carlin and I will be reporting this to her. Chances are you will fail and face further punishment, Sophie. Both of you wait here while I fetch my slipper. Do not move!”

Jackie left the common room to fetch her slipper while the two girls started to argue.

“Why did you tell on me?” Sophie asked Laura angrily.

“It would have been stupid to lie to Jackie,” retorted Laura. “This is all your fault, trying to bribe me. I’ve a good mind to give you a spanking too.”

“Don’t blame me, you accepted my bribe,” continued Sophie.

The two girls were still arguing when Jackie returned.

“Both of you shut up, now!” Shouted Jackie. “Laura, I want you to sit at the desk. Sophie, I want you to bend over the desk, and Laura, you hold onto Sophie’s arms to prevent her from moving. This will give you a feeling of team spirit,” smirked Jackie.

Sophie bent over the desk, while Laura held onto Sophie’s arms. Jackie lifted Sophie’s skirt, exposing her panty-clad bottom. The marks from the caning Sophie received last Friday were still visible.

Jackie laughed when she saw the state of Sophie’s backside.

“Good God, girl,” sniggered Jackie, slapping Sophie’s barely protected bottom. “You never learn. The state of your botty should have been enough to modify your behaviour. But I guess you will have to learn the hard way.”

“Fuck you,” snarled Sophie.

“OI! Watch that mouth!” Shouted Jackie. “If you’re not careful, I shall take you to the bathroom and wash your filthy mouth out with soap.”

Laura gave Sophie a look of ‘I did warn you’.

Jackie took her blazer off and put it on the chair. She then gave Sophie the usual lecture about receiving six swats with the slipper and remaining in position at all times. She also added that Sophie was to count herself lucky she wasn’t receiving more.

Jackie took aim while Sophie braced herself.


Sophie felt the impact of the slipper from Jackie was much different than what she was used to from Laura.

“One, Miss,” called off Sophie. Unlike sensitive Hannah Anderson, Sophie thought herself a tough girl and was determined not to cry.

The second swat came soon after.


“Two, Miss,” called off Sophie.

Jackie was determined to get a reaction out of Sophie. She gave the third swat even harder


“Three, Miss,” yelled Sophie, her eyes watering. Laura noticed the change in Sophie’s demeanour, yet did not take pleasure as she knew full well that her own rear would soon be meeting the same fate.

Jackie continued with another hard swat.


“Four, Miss!” Cried Sophie, tears now starting to fall from her beautiful blue eyes. It was often noted that her eyes were Sophie’s best feature.

“I’m finally getting somewhere with you, girlie,” remarked Jackie in a snide tone.

Yet another hard swat was delivered to Sophie’s sore bottom.


“Five, Miss!” Bawled Sophie.

As always, Jackie gave the usual lecture about the final swat being the hardest. Indeed it was.


“Six, Miss!” screamed Sophie. Laura kept a tight grip on Sophie’s arms to prevent her from jumping up.

Once Jackie was satisfied, she allowed Laura to release Sophie and for the latter to stand up.

“Let me check your bottom,” barked Jackie.

Jackie yanked down Sophie’s pants, exposing her bare bottom. Jackie surveyed the damage. As expected, Sophie’s bottom was bright red with some bruising on the right cheek. Jackie considered herself an expert with the slipper. To be completely satisfied, Jackie gave each cheek a smack and allowed Sophie to pull her pants up.

Sophie was crying her eyes out.

“I’ve finally made an impression on you,” remarked Jackie, triumphantly. “You’re a mess, girl. Here,” said Jackie thrusting a tissue at Sophie. “Dry your eyes, but you’re not getting any sympathy. Trade places with your friend.”

Sophie took Laura’s seat, and Laura bent over the desk, with Sophie holding onto her hands. Sophie found it hard to sit on a sore bottom. As such she was fidgeting constantly.

“For God’s sake, sit at peace!” Shouted Jackie. “Unless you want anymore.”

Sophie tried hard to obey.

Jackie lifted Laura’s skirt and gave her the standard pre-spanking lecture. Laura, who was used to giving out the same practice to other girls, knew the words off by heart.

Jackie took aim.


“One, Miss!” Called off Laura, her eyes watering. Laura had received the slipper from Jackie before and knew how sore it was. As much as Laura could deliver an effective slippering, Jackie’s were even harder. Unlike Sophie, Laura made no attempt to be tough.

The second swat came soon after.


“Two, Miss!” Yelled Laura, tears streaming down her eyes. Sophie dutifully held onto Laura, but showed no sympathy towards her. Sophie was bitter at Laura for getting them into trouble and knew that she would be facing further retribution from Mrs Carlin.

The third swat followed.


“Three, Miss!” Sobbed Laura. Her backside was on fire.

A satisfied Jackie continued with the fourth swat.


“Four, Miss!” Cried Laura. She felt her position deeply. It was so undignified for a prefect to be spanked like a naughty girl.

A hard fifth swat was delivered to Laura’s sore bottom.


“Five, Miss!” Bawled Laura. She could not wait for the spanking to end.

Before the last swat, Jackie gave the monotonous spiel about the last swat being the hardest. Again, Laura knew these words off by heart. Of course, that did not make it any easier for her to personally endure.


“Six, Miss!” Screamed Laura.

Jackie then allowed Sophie to release Laura and for the latter to stand up.

As was customary, Jackie demanded to inspect Laura’s bare bottom to make sure an excellent job was done. As embarrassed as she was, Laura dutifully dropped her pants. While bent over, Jackie examined the state of Laura’s buttocks. Both cheeks were bright red with some bruising on the right cheek. As was her wont, Jackie gave each cheek an extra smack to be satisfied. Laura was then allowed to pull her pants up.

Jackie ordered Sophie to stand up and to stand beside Laura.

“I hope you have both learned a lesson. Sophie, I shall be taking your unfinished paper to Mrs Carlin and I shall be telling her the truth. You will now head to your Maths class. I trust you will have a tough time sitting,” smirked Jackie.

The bell rang and Sophie set off for her Maths class feeling depressed. She knew she would have to face the fearsome Mrs Carlin tomorrow morning and the other girls would guess that she had just been spanked.

Jackie then addressed Laura.

“Before we go to our meeting with the Headmistress, I will be taking you to meet Mrs Carlin, too. I trust you will also be facing further punishment for your serious lack of judgement. You know, I am disappointed in you,” remarked Jackie coldly. “You are supposed to be setting an example.”

Laura felt terrible.

Jackie and Laura left the common room. Laura felt down about the likelihood of facing further retribution for her greed and lack of judgement. She had been looking forward to a free period. If only she had the sense to refuse Sophie’s bribe and punish her on the spot, Laura would have been safe.

The End

© Holy Diver 2017