Two girls chat on the phone. By a new writer to us.

By Alex B

Julie and Rachel had met online at Blushing Blossoms, a website dedicated to single women curious about others who were interested in the world of erotic discipline. They had exchanged messages for a few weeks, sharing stories and photographs. Then one of Rachel’s letters included her phone number.

“Hello, Rachel? This is Julie from San Diego.”

“Oh. Hi, Julie!”

“You free to talk?” The conversation was simple and pleasant for a few minutes.

Then Rachel ventured past the bounds of the weather and other pleasantries. “So, how did you get interested in spanking?”

“I’m not sure when the seed was first planted.” Julie said. “My parents spanked me occasionally, but I certainly didn’t attach any enjoyment to that. But then one day, when I was in high school, my boyfriend and I were watching that Monty Python movie, that one with all the knights? So, there was this scene where all these women in a convent were begging Sir Galahad to spank them.”

“I love that part!” Rachel cried. “So hot!”

“I know! I couldn’t understand it, but the idea of all those women craving a spanking gave me this funny feeling inside.”

“What did your boyfriend think of the scene?” Rachel asked.

“He just laughed.”

“Did you tell him how you felt?”

“No.” Julie said. “I was too shy. We hadn’t even kissed. I wasn’t planning on ever telling anyone about it! But the next summer, when I went to cheerleading camp, things changed. There was this beautiful girl with long blonde hair. Her name was Heather. She was captain of my squad and was always getting on us about being on time for practice. Without thinking much about it, I suggested spanking as a punishment for tardiness.”

“Then you showed up late all the time?” Rachel said.

“Every chance I got.” Julie said with a laugh. “I wasn’t generally interested in girls then, but Heather had the prettiest face and the most beautiful thighs I had ever seen. I found myself constantly daydreaming about laying across them. One day, when I’d been twenty minutes late, Heather had me stay after practice. She said she’d decided to take me up on my idea. I followed her into a wooded area behind an empty baseball field. She sat down on a fallen tree, then reached out and took me by the wrist. She yanked me to her side and without a word, grabbed the elastic band of my shorts pulling them down to my knees. My panties went with them. I could feel goose bumps rising on my legs and arms as she hauled me over her lap. She didn’t waste any time, the spanking started fast and hard and it stayed that way until it was over. It couldn’t have been more than a minute, but it’s one minute I’ll never forget. I still remember the feeling of the cool air on my bottom just before the first swat landed and the sound of her hand smacking my ass over and over. And I know it sounds cheesy, but I’ll never forget the smell of the juniper berry bushes surrounding us.”

“Mmm” Rachel replied.

“That was the first of several spankings I got from Heather that summer.” Julie continued. “For the next three weeks, she toyed with me at every opportunity. She’d give my ass a hard smack when no one was looking. I mean a slap that would practically lift me off my feet! One day, in the shower, she hauled back and gave me such a swat, I had to cover my mouth to keep from crying out. She’d stand right behind me during exercise and whisper, ‘In ten minutes, those shorts are coming down.’ It was a little bit frightening at times, but I couldn’t resist her. She had me under a spell. Whenever we could get away together and find some private spot, Heather would have me pinned over those heavenly thighs of hers with my gym shorts around my ankles before I knew what was happening. And damn, could she spank hard?! I remember standing up at the back of the bus all the way home.”

“What turned you on the most?” Rachel asked.

“It was when she took me by the wrist. That’s when I really got weak in the knees. Ever since then, I’ve loved that moment just before a spanking when I get taken by the wrist and bent over. Most people don’t get that it’s the details that can make or break a good spanking. It’s the way someone scolds me, the way they pull my panties down. There’s so much more to it than just the spanking itself. If all I wanted was to get my ass slapped, I’d be a waitress at a truck-stop.”

The two laughed.

“All right, what was your first experience?” Julie inquired.

Rachel took a deep breath and began. “I was in college. I was a freshman and I met this other freshman girl in a chemistry class. Her name was Masami. She was very American, but her parents were from Japan. I’ve always been attracted to Asian girls. We became fast friends. I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be flirting with me at times. One night, I went over to her dorm room to study and talk. The first thing I noticed when she invited me in was that on the wall over her bed was a poster of a woman spanking another woman.

“I didn’t say anything at first, but after a while I just had to ask her who the black-haired woman on the poster was. She told me it was Betty Page. I took a long hard look at the picture. It was black and white and had a fifties look to it. There was a tall, scantily-clad woman holding a hairbrush. She was holding across her lap another woman who wearing nothing but a black bra and panties. The young woman getting spanked had long, silky black hair, just like Masami’s. It was cut just the same, as well.

“Masami told me she’d found a hairbrush just like the one in the photo. Then she went into the bathroom, brought it out and handed it to me. It was this heavy oak brush which I patted against my palm a few times. I asked her if she had ever been spanked with it. She told me she’d smacked herself with it a few times, but that was all.

“We both stood there for a moment looking at each other. She took her hair out of the ponytail it was in and let it fall around her shoulders. We started to take off each other’s clothes. When we were both down to our underwear, like the women in the picture, I took a chair from behind a nearby desk and sat down. Masami carefully slid over my lap.

“As I took hold of the top of her panties, she arched her hips so I could slide them down past her thighs. She had the most beautiful bottom, Julie. It was small and round and so soft! I ran my hand over her perfect cheeks for at least a minute. I almost didn’t want to spank them. You know, the way a cake is sometimes so beautiful you nearly hate to eat it. But then I raised the brush and gave her perfect ass a smack. She jerked and gasped, yet I could tell that she wanted more.

“So, I hauled back and began giving her a real bottom blistering with that brush. She was kicking and crying before I was done. Of course, at any moment one of her roommates might have walked in on us, which only added to the excitement. Afterward, I stood her up and we kissed for the longest time. We took off our remaining clothes and laid down on top of the covers wrapped in each other’s arms. It was so…”

“Intimate.” Julie sighed.

There was long moment of silence before Rachel spoke again.

“Listen, if I came out to San Diego, would you like to get together?”

“I don’t know.” Julie said. “Am I in trouble?”

“So much trouble.”

“When can you be here?”

The End

© Alex B 2018