A persistent offender is dealt with


I knew this was going to be bad. I was a rebel and had been caned once before by the Headmaster, but with my black trousers and knickers retained. But this time I knew I was in for it as he had promised that one more transgression would result in the ultimate caning; a bare bottom thrashing. Telling the English teacher to ‘fuck-off’ had done it and here I was again in the Headmaster’s study.

Made worse by the fact that he determined that a bare bottom caning made it necessary for a female teacher to be present.

I had to wait for Miss Morris to arrive before my caning could be executed. She came and I was immediately told to remove everything below the waist. So embarrassing; I’d have much preferred it if had just been me and him.

Miss Morris seemed to revel in my discomfort and I knew she disliked me. But I had no choice as I removed my trousers and, standing in front of the both of them, removed my knickers. I was determined not to show any embarrassment as I stood before them defiant, making no effort to cover my frontal nudity and pubic triangle.

The Headmaster selected a cane from his collection that was at least three foot long, told me to expect six strokes, to bend right over the punishment stool and make sure that I held onto the cross-rail near the bottom of the far legs of the stool. By definition, as I bent over as instructed I was very exposed with my bare bottom presented to the headmaster and Miss Morris. He left me in position for ages before I felt the cane touch my bottom.

My previous caning had been painful but I was shocked by the first stroke given across the centre of my bottom, which was much worse than my previous caning when I had retained my trousers and knickers. I think the Headmaster was determined to teach me a real lesson as he thrashed me for the second time. I was determined not to show any emotion but it was hard to remain completely quiet.

The third stroke came all too soon and again was incredibly painful but I managed to take it without making much of a noise. I reached further over the stool to get a better grip on the bar between the front legs of the punishment stool as he caned me for the fourth time and I thought about my bottom so cruelly exposed and again hated the fact that Miss Morris was witnessing me being thrashed.

The fifth stroke was if anything even harder and had me gasping as I made every effort possible to not show that I was struggling. I so wanted to show him that whatever he did, I could take it. I knew the last stroke is always the worst and he did not disappoint. If I had thought the first five strokes had been painful, the final whack was unbelievable and I am not sure I remained completely silent.

Being told to stand and face them, I managed to remain defiant but again felt the awful Miss Morris looking me up and down, seeming to focus on my pubic region. My bottom was on fire as the Headmaster told me what he thought of me.

“You think you are a hard nut, but I will have no hesitation in repeating the caning you have just received if you step out of line one more time and I might even consider thrashing you in front of your class.”

If he thought that was a threat that worried me, he was wrong. It simply made me think: ‘Go ahead if you think that you can break me.’

The End

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