Instalment 5 of the ‘On the Right Road’ series

By Pat Greenham

It was a Saturday in July 1987, and at Beganfield High School it was the Annual Speech day and just two weeks from the end of term. It was a glorious day and many parents had come to see their sons’ and daughters’ displays and attend the various functions including the Prize Giving.

Carol and Dave were having an especially good time. They had completed their A levels and were looking forward to the long summer break before hopefully going to the university of their choice. They were also in the early stages of a new relationship and were very much into each other – something that was clear to all as they sat on a bank watching the yearly cricket match between the masters’ team and the first eleven.

At one stage they were embraced in a long lasting snog with Dave having his hand on Carol’s inner thigh under her skirt. One of the more senior teachers decided enough was enough and asked them to behave as they were in front of many parents.

However, this request was politely ignored and Carol and Dave decided to go elsewhere. There was a quiet area behind the swimming pool complex that was more private, and Dave and Carol resumed their passionate embrace. Things started to get out of hand and it did not take long for Dave to have his hand inside Carol’s pants. She was rampant and wanted nothing but to have Dave inside her. Quickly her pants came down and off and Dave, with his trousers at half-mast, shagged his new girlfriend up against the wall.

Things would have been fine if one of the School Governors had not spotted them wandering off and was suspicious. Brian Weston asked his wife to accompany him as he wanted to find out what Dave and Carol were up to. At the critical moment, as Carol was having her climax, Weston and his wife came round the corner to witness what he felt was a disgusting display with the two of them in a state of undress having sex.

He shouted at them to stop and make themselves decent, also telling them that he had no option but to report the matter to the Headmistress. Both Dave and Carol had an unpleasant time over the rest of the weekend wondering what was going to happen on Monday.

Sure enough, during assembly first thing Monday, their names were read out with the instruction to report to the Headmistress at morning break.

This proved to be a very unpleasant meeting with the Headmistress, Mrs Fitzgerald, who told them she had no option but to punish them severely, but added her options were limited as they both had only two weeks left of their time at Beganfield. She also said that corporal punishment would have been an option, had it not been discontinued at the College and had now been outlawed by Parliament. However, as the school governor would insist on severity for what he had termed the most disgusting thing he had ever seen, she felt the only option was to expel them both – meaning that they would leave the school in disgrace. This naturally shocked both of them as the reality of what they had done began to sink in.

Then Mrs Fitzgerald had a thought. Six months previously she had received a letter from Donald Smithson offering external disciplinary services. She had not taken Smithson up on his offer, and wondered where that letter might be. She told both Carol and Dave that she wanted them back in her office at the end of the school day to confirm the action that she was going to take.

In the meantime the Headmistress wanted to find that letter. It took a while, but eventually the letter was found and the Headmistress decided to have a word with Donald Smithson.

Over the phone she told him about what had happened and that the School Governor was already putting pressure on her to take drastic action, saying that his wife had been extremely upset by the incident. She added that both of them were over eighteen, and as such she would not have to involve their parents if she gave them the option of a visit to the Smithson Correction Centre as an alternative to expulsion.

Donald was, as ever, very happy to assist and asked what punishment she would suggest. Mrs Fitzgerald told Donald that it would have to be a salutary lesson as it was an alternative to expulsion and had the cane still been available she would have put them both down for at least six of the very best. The conversation ended with Mrs Fitzgerald telling Donald she would put the option to them and if they wanted to proceed they would contact him directly. She added that she would leave the exact nature of the punishment up to him.

Mrs Fitzgerald had one more unpleasant call to make to inform the School Governor of her plan. Brian Weston had always been a strong advocate of corporal punishment when it had been used at the school, and told the Headmistress that he thought her plan to be excellent.

At 4pm both Carol and Dave were back in the Headmistresses study. She told them that they were both going to be expelled and that she would inform their parents. Whilst the finality of this bombshell sank in, Mrs Fitzgerald told them there was one and only one alternative. Over the next few minutes she told them about The Smithson Correction Centre and said that as they were both over eighteen they could decide for themselves if they wanted to make an appointment to see Donald Smithson. She added that, as corporal punishment was no longer in use, the school could have no part in this decision but it was the only way she could see of pacifying Brian Weston.

Both Carol and Dave knew they had no alternative but to take the option and told the Headmistress of their joint decision. Carol asked what their punishment would actually be, to which Mrs Fitzgerald told them they could expect a good old-fashioned caning.

Before they left, Mrs Fitzgerald told them both that they should contact Donald Smithson as soon as possible and arrange an appointment and that she wanted to know by first thing the next day if they had complied, otherwise she would proceed and expel them both.

Carol and Dave left the school together and agreed that they needed to get this unpleasant matter over as soon as possible and called Donald from a public phone-box. He asked them if they had any immediate plans because if not they could visit him this evening, and it was agreed that they should both come to his house at 5.30pm.

There was one further twist in that Brian Weston had called the Headmistress back and asked if they had accepted the alternative. She told him that they both had, and Weston asked how she was going to know for certain that they had actually been caned. He suggested that as he had been the one to be confronted with their lewd behaviour that he should witness the punishments. There had been a previous incident where Mrs Fitzgerald had doubted his motives when a young teacher had shared some recreational drugs with two sixth formers on a school trip. Unfortunately one was Weston’s daughter and he had made sure that the young female teacher was given a severe caning as an alternative to being sacked. (see ‘Anthony Harrisons Glorious end to his caning career’ as a separate story on the OTD website). However she felt powerless to resist and gave him Donald’s number.

At just before 5.30 Carol and Dave knocked on Donald’s front door and were shown into the waiting room. Donald left them for a few moments and they could hear him talking to someone next door. After a couple of minutes had passed, Donald returned with some papers. He told them that in the circumstances they had to understand that no punishment could take place unless they specifically requested it, but that knowing it was their only alternative to expulsion it was likely that they would indeed sign the consent forms. Carol asked what exactly would happen after they had signed the forms.

Donald told them that they could expect a sound caning similar to one that would have been administered in the past. He added that, as they were clearly familiar on an intimate basis, they would be punished in front of each other. Finally he added that the canings would be witnessed by a school governor, the one that had come across them acting in such a disgusting way. Brian Weston had moved fast and, following his call to Mrs Fitzgerald, had called Donald immediately to arrange his attendance. He was already in the Punishment Room.

Then Donald dropped the bombshell, telling them that they would each receive eight strokes of the cane which would be applied to their bare bottoms. He added that he felt it was a very reasonable punishment considering they were going to avoid being expulsion.

As the reality of this sank in, Donald produced the two consent forms, which both Carol and Dave read in horror:

I, Carol Smith, confirm that I have attended the Smithson Correction Centre of my own free will to repent and request punishment that is deserved and will be given instead of other measures that have been outlined to me. I confirm that the nature of the punishment has been fully explained, that being eight strokes of the cane applied to my bottom with my lower garments removed. I request that Donald Smithson carry out this punishment and thank him for doing so. Signed by Carol Smith.

Dave had an identical form and they both knew they had no alternative but to sign.

Once both consent forms had been signed, Donald told them to follow him to the punishment room. It is fair to say that both Carol and Dave were taken aback by the range of equipment displayed, including the trestle and whipping stool together with the many implements laid out on the desk. They were also very embarrassed to once again meet Brian Weston who was going to witness their humiliating punishment.

Donald addressed them telling them that what they were going to experience would be a salutatory lesson but that they were extremely lucky to have the alternative, which effectively wipes the slate clean.

He asked which of them wanted to go first, to which Dave suggested ‘ladies first’. However Carol wanted Dave to go first as she had no idea how a caning is carried out and wanted to see what was involved. As such, Dave was told to remove his jacket and everything he was wearing below the waist. Dave was used to sports changing rooms, but this was different as he stripped down with his underpants being the last item to come off. Donald pulled the whipping stool into the middle of the room and told Dave to take his place over it, reaching down the far side to hold onto the legs or the crossbar. Donald told him to remain still throughout and to show Carol how a caning should be taken.

Carol was looking on in horror, but had to admire her boy-friend’s cute bottom which she had seen before, but not in this position. Donald picked up his sixth-form three-foot cane and approached Dave from his left hand side. Lining up the cane, Donald delivered the first stroke right across the middle of Dave’s bottom causing an immediate red stripe. Dave had been caned once before as a teenager prior to corporal punishment being discontinued at the school, receiving six-of-the-best across the seat of his trousers – but this was another level and he gasped at the ferocity of the pain. Donald left thirty seconds between each stroke and after six strokes Dave was in considerable pain. But he wanted to take it ‘like a man’ in front of Carol. She, meanwhile, was getting more terrified by the minute, knowing it was her turn soon, and regretted not going first. It was soon time for Dave’s last stroke, which was delivered as per normal as the hardest yet and causing Dave to omit a loud grunt. It was however over and he stood up stiffly and with his hands going to rub his damaged bottom, not caring about his frontal nudity. Donald told him to stand by the wall and keep his hands by his side and to remain undressed.

Donald then turned to Carol and told her it was now her turn and that she should undress exactly as her boyfriend had done, and she found him very ‘masterly’ in an authoritative way. Carol asked if she could just pull up her skirt and drop her knickers, but she was told sternly to do as she had been told and remove everything below the waist.

Brian Weston had watched Dave’s caning with interest, but this was what he had come for. The story he had told Mrs Fitzgerald about needing to be sure punishment actually got carried out had been a smokescreen for him to witness Carol’s caning. He wanted to watch her undress and bend over and be caned.

Carol removed her jacket and put it on the desk together with Dave’s clothes. Looking away from Donald and the Governor, she undid her skirt and pushed it down to the floor before stepping out of it. Next she kicked her shoes off before going to the waistband of her tights which she carefully removed one leg at a time. Now standing in just her shirt with her bra clearly visible and her brief knickers she knew this was the most horrifying moment as her pants now had to come off. Not knowing where to look she peeled them down before stepping out of them – now completely naked below the waist with her shirt giving her no modesty. Donald and the governor took in the view with her sporty legs rising to her shapely hips, slim waist and her delightful pubic triangle completely on show. Meanwhile from the other side of the room Dave was admiring her bottom as the fire in his own bottom was just starting to moderate.

Donald told Carol to take her position over the whipping stool. Turning, she took two steps to the stool and bent right over, reaching down to hold onto the cross bar with her long hair falling and almost touching the floor. Behind, she made sure her legs were together to allow a small amount of modesty and they were stretched out straight at a 45-degree angle with her bottom now perfectly presented for the cane. It was a peach of a bottom, not too small and not too big, just perfectly round and Donald estimated her to be a size 10.

He gave her the same instructions as he had Dave – do not move during the caning and try to stay as quiet as possible. Also he told her to think about her disgraceful behaviour whilst she was being caned. Donald was taking more time with Carol and he knew that Weston would also be enjoying the girl’s discomfort. For Carol this was appalling, as she knew that her boyfriend and the two men would have complete focus on her bare bottom, not knowing what was worse between being completely exposed and the prospect of the pain of her first ever caning.

Donald picked up the same cane he had used on Dave, and went to her left hand side as he suggested Weston move to a position directly behind her so as not to be in the way and in the process giving the governor a better view.

He tapped Carol’s backside three times with the cane before taking it right back and bringing it down with speed and accuracy to strike her for the first time right in the middle of her bottom. Carol gave out a loud grunt followed by the words: “oh my god”. She could not believe what had just happened to her as the pain of just one stroke to her bottom hit home and sent fireworks to her brain. Seven more of these was unthinkable.

The second stroke came thirty seconds later and hit Carol’s bottom above the crease and caused another loud gasp. Again she could not believe that the cane could cause quite so much pain as she concentrated on holding onto the bar. A further thirty seconds passed before Donald delivered the third stroke, this time higher, and inevitably caused another involuntary gasp as Carol parted her legs to get more balance. She had stopped worrying about her nudity and no longer cared what they could see.

Weston, however, appreciated the slightly different view as Carol’s pussy was now in view. With five strokes to go, Donald decided to put two between the first and third and three between the first and second, thereby creating a balance with no two strokes in the same place. The fourth stroke caught Carol low down just above the second cane mark and caused her to cry out.

Dave was watching this from the side of the room and had mixed emotions. He was still in a state of undress and felt sorry that Carol was receiving such a thrashing. However, despite having seen his girlfriend naked several times, he had never seen her bare bottom bent over in such an exposed position, perfectly presented for Donald’s cane, and was finding it quite a turn-on, so much so that he was getting a ‘hard-on’ which he did not want. He tried to think about other things, but it did not make any difference.

The fifth stroke hit Carol’s bottom just below the third ‘high’ stroke and Carol now knowing what to expect gave out a slightly quieter grunt, but the pain that was building was immense and her bottom was on fire. Donald was effectively working from bottom up and top down filling in the gaps with his legendary accuracy.

With three to go, Donald slowed the pace slightly allowing a full minute to pass before delivering the sixth stroke in the gap lower down, and Carol again cried out as the searing pain burnt another stripe across her lovely bottom.

By any standards, Carol had already received a severe six-of-the-best caning that even a hardened schoolboy would have found difficult to take, but everyone knew there were still two strokes to go. Donald stood back to admire the view of this eighteen-year-old girl’s lovely bottom, now decorated with parallel cane stripes. Donald left a full minute before giving Carol the penultimate stroke in the gap above the very first central cane mark. For the first time Carol made no sound and just hung on to the bar low down on the stool for grim death.

During her caning she had gradually parted her legs little by little to a state whereby for the very last stroke they were quite wide-apart leaving nothing to the imagination. Donald stepped back to again admire the view and congratulated himself on a caning well delivered.

When it came it was, as ever, the hardest of all and caused the loudest cry so far from Carol who stayed in position for a moment or two before asking Donald if she could stand. He told her to remain in place and think about why she had been caned, but at the same time congratulated both of them for being brave and taking the matter into their own hands.

Carol was then told to rise from the stool and stand next to Dave. They made quite a sight, both naked from the waist down, and it was at this stage that Donald noticed Dave had an erection.

Dave was told in no uncertain terms that this was a further example of his disgusting behaviour and ordered him back over the stool for two extra strokes. Dave didn’t think it could get any worse as he was once again positioning himself before Donald gave two extra strokes in very quick succession, which did have the desired effect.

He was then told to go back and stand next to Carol as Donald asked the School Governor if he wanted to say anything. Weston stepped forward, finding it difficult to look anywhere else but at Carol’s naked lower half with her wispy triangle very much on show, as he told them that they had been very lucky to have been offered this very unofficial alternative and that they would be able to see out the remaining two weeks of their school term.

They were then told to get dressed, and Weston watched with interest as Carol was facing him when she replaced her knickers.

As they left and walked away, Dave suggested they go to his house as he knew his parents were out and he could apply some cold cream to Carol’s bottom.

Donald reflected on the events of the last two hours since he received the call from Mrs Fitzgerald, and knew that he had saved two eighteen year olds from being expelled and felt that he had done a good job.

Weston had enjoyed himself immensely watching both canings, but it was Carol’s punishment that did it for him. Watching a very attractive eighteen year old having to undress completely below the waist and then having to bend right over and receive the cane across her delightful bottom had made it for him!

Dave did end up rubbing cold cream into Carol’s bottom and getting another ‘hard on’ in the process. Strangely that night, separately, they both had erotic thoughts about what had happened. Dave had received a caning way more painful then his previous experience, but had to admit that watching Carol bending over and being caned had been quite an experience and he had got two extra strokes to boot for his obvious enjoyment.

For Carol, the caning had been horrific and something she never imagined she might have to experience. But thinking about watching Dave being caned and the thought of her then being made to strip and having to bend right over being so exposed with her bare bottom on full show to the three of them was having a strange effect. The pain had been simply dreadful, but there was something about being dominated and humiliated by Donald Smithson that was turning her on. She knew that it was an experience that she would remember for the rest of her life.

The End