Poor Sales figures mean another reprimand 

By Lisamum 

Our story this time takes place late one Friday afternoon in the office of Debbie Williams, a thirty something sales manager of a pharmaceutical company. She is studying a computer print-out of last months sales figures of one of her new staff, Karen Oliver. She picks up the phone and dials the number.

“Karen, come into my office now, please.”

A few moments later there is a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“You want to see me Debbie?” Enquired Karen, stepping into the office.

Karen is early twenties, fairly tall with dark hair and wearing a dark blue trouser suit.

“Yes, Karen, sit down,” replied Debbie, waving her hand in the direction of a chair next to her desk.

Karen sat down and made herself comfortable.

“I’ve had the monthly sales figures through this morning and in your case they don’t make pleasant reading.”

“Oh,” replied Karen, dropping her eyes so as to avoid contact with her sales manager.

“Yes, oh,” said Debbie. “I’m sure that you are well aware of how poor yours are?”

“Yes,” muttered Karen. ”But I have tried hard this month.”

“It doesn’t seem like it from here,” replied Debbie, eyeing Karen up and down.

“But honestly Debbie I have been working hard to improve,” pleaded Karen.

“Evidently not hard enough,” stated Debbie. “This is now the third month in a row that your figures have been below the standards that we expect from our sales team.”

Karen was now starting to wriggle uncomfortably.

“I’ve had you in here twice now and you’ve promised to improve.”

“I’ve really tried my best but the sales just don’t come. Perhaps I need more training?” said Karen hopefully. She knew she was now having to start fighting to keep her job. “I do want to keep my job and I’ll do anything I can,” grovelled Karen.

“As it happens, I had a meeting with the sales director this morning and he was all for getting rid of you.” Said Debbie with a very serious tone to her voice.

“Oh no, please Debbie, don’t get rid of me.”

“I did put in a good word for you and said that I would take all steps to get you to improve, so he has given you more chance,” said Debbie.

“Oh Debbie, thank you so much, I won’t let you down,” replied Karen gratefully.

“It’s not quite as easy as that,” replied Debbie. ”You need some incentive to get you working even harder.”

“Anything, Debbie.”

“You won’t be so keen when you know what that incentive is,” threatened Debbie.

The expression on Karen’s face changed.

Debbie, who was wearing a short skirt with her legs crossed, pushed her chair back and Karen got a quick glimpse of stocking top as she did so. Then Debbie reached forward and opened her desk drawer and took out a thick wooden ruler. Karen looked puzzled.

“You are going to report back here at eight o’clock sharp on Monday morning and you are going to feel this ruler across your backside,” announced Debbie.

“Eh,” said Karen in a startled voice.” What do you mean?”

“Precisely what I say.” Replied Debbie.

“You mean you’re going to whack my bum with that thing?” Said Karen incredulously.

“Exactly that.” replied Debbie.

“But you can’t; I’m not a little girl you know,” said Karen indignantly.

“Oh yes I can. If you want your job, that’s what you’re going to have to take.”

“I’m not doing that,” retorted Karen angrily.

“In that case I shall arrange for you to have a month’s notice,” replied Debbie. “You said you would do anything to keep your job, so this is it.”

“Yes, but I didn’t think of anything like that,” protested Karen. “Isn’t there any other way?”

“Nope, take it or leave it,” said Debbie, smacking her left hand menacingly with the ruler. “It’s up to you.”

Karen shuddered as the ruler made a juicy smack on Debbie’s hand. She remained silent for a few moments while she decided what to do.

“Alright I’ll be here on Monday morning.”

“Good girl,” said Debbie. “I think you’ll find this will spur you on to better things.”

“I hope so,” replied Karen.

“Alright you can go now,” said Debbie putting the ruler back in the drawer.

Karen got up and left the room.

Debbie sat back with a smile on her face. She’d been waiting for ages to be able to do this. Many times she’d walked into the sales office and seen Karen bending over her desk and had dreamed of going over and giving her bum a good whack, and now here was her chance.

For both women the weekend dragged on, but for different reasons. Debbie couldn’t wait for Monday morning, while Karen was dreading it. Eventually the appointed time arrived and Karen knocked on Debbie’s office door.

“Come in,” called Debbie, trying to disguise the excitement in her voice.

Karen entered and, after closing the door, turned towards Debbie’s desk in front of her. Her heart missed a beat as she saw the dreaded ruler lying on the desk.

She walked over and stood in front of the desk. Debbie stood up, smoothed down her tight skirt and picked up the ruler.

“You know why you’re here, so let’s get on with it,” said Debbie, walking slowly round the desk.

Her heart was already beating fast with excitement and her hands were sweating as well. ‘I’ve waited long enough for this,’ she thought to herself. She took Karen by the arm and led her to the spot where the whacking was to take place.

“Stand here,” she commanded.

Karen’s heart was pounding as well, and her hands were sweating, but not for the same reason.

“Now bend over,” instructed Debbie.

Karen paused for a moment and then reluctantly bent down and put her hands on her legs just below her knees.

“Right over, touch your toes,” barked Debbie.

Karen stretched down but had to bend her knees slightly to get there.

“This is really uncomfortable,” muttered Karen.

“You’ll find that things can be uncomfortable in this line of business,” retorted Debbie.

She pulled the end of Karen’s jacket up over her back and stepped back and stood admiring her beautifully rounded backside in her tight trousers. The seam cut into her bum between the cheeks pulling the trousers even tighter. ‘I’m going to really enjoy this,’ thought Debbie.

“Right, keep still and don’t get up until I tell you, and you’d better keep quiet if you don’t want anyone outside to know what’s going on,” advised Debbie.

She stepped back and got into position to deliver the first whack. As she did so, she felt increasingly warm. She drew the ruler back and brought it down hard right in the middle of Karen’s bum.


“Ow,” gasped Karen.

Debbie drew the ruler back and down it came again.


“Ouch,” muttered Karen, trying to keep her cries down.


“Ow,” gasped Karen as the ruler landed on the spot of the first one and she jerked upwards.

“Keep still,” growled Debbie. “That’s only half way.”

Karen breathed a half sigh of relief. ‘At least I’m taking it well enough,’ she thought. ‘It’s only going to be six.’


“Ow, Ow,Ow.”

‘Only two more,’ she thought.

Meanwhile, Debbie was concerned that she wasn’t having the desired effec and drew the ruler further back and brought it down with all her strength.


“Yeeooowww,” cried Karen, leaping up and grabbing her backside.

“Get back down,” ordered Debbie. ”And that’s an extra one for getting up.”

“Oh no, please, it really hurts,” groaned Karen, still standing rubbing her backside.

“It’s meant to,” snapped Debbie. “Now get down again before I give you two extra.”

Karen reluctantly bent down and waited.


“Aaaggghh,” she groaned and jerked up but managed to get down quickly.

“Last one,” announced Debbie.

Again she drew the ruler back and brought it down with all the force she could muster.


“Ooouucchhh,” cried Karen, holding her position.

“I hope you’ll remember this for a long time,” said Debbie, standing back and reviewing the throbbing backside in front of her.

“Yes Debbie, I will,” whimpered Karen.

“Right then, get up.”

Karen slowly drew herself up and her hands immediately flew to her throbbing backside. ‘Thank goodness it’s over,’ she thought, her eyes starting to water.

“May I go now please?” Asked Karen.

“No.” Snapped Debbie. “From now on, your sales figures will be assessed weekly so you will report to me here at 4 o’clock on Friday, and if you haven’t improved sufficiently this week then you’ll report back here at 8 o’clock next Monday morning. Next time, though, it’ll be over your knickers. You’ve had far too much protection this time. I’ve been too lenient with you.”

“Oh no, please Debbie, I don’t deserve this,” complained Karen.

“Well, you know the alternative, don’t you?” Remarked Debbie.

“Yes, I do,” replied Karen.

“If you’re going to improve, you’d better go and make an early start,” said Debbie.

“Yes, I will,” replied Karen making a beeline for the door.

Debbie grinned with satisfaction. ‘Did I enjoy that?’ She thought to herself as she returned the ruler to the desk drawer and sat down.

Meanwhile, Karen had run to her desk, taken a mirror from her handbag and made for the toilet to inspect her throbbing backside. Once inside the cubicle, she pulled her trousers and knickers down and looked at her crimson backside in the mirror.

‘Bitch!’ She thought.

The End

© Lisamum 2015