Settling marriage problems in a novel way

By Pat Greenham

Chris and Louise Johnson have now been married for over twenty years and have two children both now in their late teenage years. By any estimation their marriage has been successful. Chris is a Main Board Director of a bank in the City; Louise gave up a successful career to bring up the children, both of whom have excelled at both their academic studies and on the sports-field.

However not everything has always gone quite so well, and Chris and Louise both know that back in 1986, their marriage came very close to being over before it had really started.

Chris met Louise when she was nineteen and he was twenty-six. They had a whirlwind romance and married in a matter of months. It is probable that Louise was too young to enter marriage and she and Chris had a very turbulent relationship. Two years into their marriage, Louise got drunk at a party and ended up having sex with a complete stranger. To make matters worse, Louise had no idea who the stranger was and complained that the sex had been particularly rough and had caused injury.

The event resulted in Louise moving out of the marital home to live with a friend. Chris was absolutely furious and told Louise he needed time to think. Louise was mortified at her behaviour and told Chris she would do anything to come back and try to patch up their marriage.

After a couple of weeks apart, and with Louise calling Chris every day begging him to let her return, he came up with an idea. First, though, he decided to seek the advice of the Headmaster of his old school, Broughten College, Mr Donald Smithson.

Chris needed to speak to the old headmaster in confidence, and decided to use a public telephone box during his lunch break. Donald Smithson was pleased to hear from one of his ‘old boys’ and was equally pleased to hear that Chris was doing well in his career. However he was disappointed to hear about the problems with his marriage.

Chris said that he needed some advice. He explained that he did want his marriage to succeed, but that he felt he simply did not want Louise to move back in as if nothing had happened. He said that financial penalties were not an option, and asked the Headmaster if he thought a severe beating might be an answer.

Chris added that he well remembered being caned twice during his school years by the Headmaster, and said that the second time had been for theft and he had never since stolen anything. He said that getting such a severe caning had put him back on the right road, and wondered whether a similar punishment might work for Louise.

Donald Smithson said that it was an interesting idea, but one he should carefully consider. Chris’s response took the old Headmaster aback, when he said he did not want to administer the punishment himself, as he did not own a cane, and had absolutely no experience. He added that if Louise was to accept this drastic action to demonstrate that she was willing to ‘do anything’ to get her marriage back, he would want the caning to be administered by a professional, and that he knew nobody better than the Headmaster himself.

Donald Smithson replied that this was a very unusual request and he would give it consideration over the next day or so. He did add that if he agreed, he would require Louise to request in writing the suggested course of action, noting the precise nature of the beating. Chris thanked the Headmaster and added that if this was agreed he would want Louise to come alone as he had no interest in witnessing the punishment – he just wanted his wife to understand the gravity of her actions and to come back to the marital home having fully repented.

Two days later, a letter arrived from the Headmaster saying that he was willing to help Chris in this matter and confirmed the conditions.



21st May 1986

Dear Chris,

It was a pleasure to hear from you, and of course I remember you. It is pleasing to hear that since you left the College ten years ago, you have succeeded in business and now have a good job in the City.

I am however, sorry to hear about problems in your personal life. As I understand from our conversation, you married Louise two years ago when she was just nineteen, and that she has been quite difficult culminating in her being unfaithful to your marriage and that you currently live apart. I also understand that she is anxious to move back, but you feel that she has first to repent in some way – otherwise the same thing could happen again.

You mentioned that when you were at the College, I had occasion to beat you twice and you asked my advice about Louise taking a dose of corporal punishment as a condition to her returning to the matrimonial home. You also mentioned that the second time you were beaten was for petty theft and that you have never since committed such a crime – citing the punishment as the reason for you being put back on the right road. Further that if Louise were to undergo a similar punishment, it might cure her once and for all of unfaithful behaviour.

During our conversation, you said that you would unwilling to administer such a beating as you do not own a cane and have no experience. You have asked me if I were willing to carry out such a punishment.

I told you I would give the matter due consideration.

I have checked the school records, and you are correct that you were beaten twice, on the second time for petty theft. On that occasion you received the most serious punishment available – six strokes of the sixth form cane given with full force to your unprotected backside.

If you can confirm that you wish Louise to receive a similar punishment, I am happy to administer on your behalf on one condition. Louise must want to repent and must bring with her a letter asking me to carry out such punishment. She is an adult and cannot be punished against her will. Perhaps you could let me know,

Yours sincerely,

D.S. Smithson

It was now for Chris to tell Louise of his plan. He decided to wait for her to call, which she did later that evening. As usual, Louise was upset and Chris told her that he given their marriage and its future a great deal of thought and said that he thought it would possible to reconcile, but there were a number of conditions attached. He suggested they meet for dinner the following night.

In the meantime, Chris telephoned Donald Smithson again to tell him of the plan and to ask him when it would convenient for Louise to come and see him if she agreed. They agreed a provisional appointment of 5.30pm the following Monday – with Smithson adding that his secretary would still be at the school and could show Louise in, but would be soon departing for the day. Chris had further call to make to an old school friend who was a GP at a surgery nearby. Robert King had been in the same year as Chris, and they had kept in contact. When they spoke, Chris told him he had a very sensitive matter to discuss and explained the situation, and particularly the ‘rough’ nature of the sex Louise had experienced in her moment of madness. He asked Robert if he would see Louise on a private basis to examine her to check she was ok as well as taking whatever tests necessary to ensure she had not contracted any sexual disease. Robert agreed to see Louise at 4.30pm on the same Monday.

Later that evening Louise was pleading with Chris to forgive her and added that she would do anything to be allowed home and to show she really wanted the marriage to work. Chris had his opportunity and explained his two conditions. Louise was naturally horrified at the prospect of seeing a doctor that was a complete stranger over such an embarrassing matter and even more horrified at the age of twenty-one to contemplate being caned. However Chris held firm and told her that it was not negotiable – if she wanted to come home she must see both the doctor and the Headmaster on the following Monday. Chris also shared the letter he had received from Donald Smithson.

Finally Louise agreed to the plan and Chris said that he would want confirmation from Robert King that she had made her appointment – and that she could come home immediately after her appointment with the Headmaster, the only confirmation required – would be a well caned bottom.

All weekend Louise worried about her fate but knew that she had no choice. Monday afternoon came all too quickly, and she left work slightly early for her first appointment. Robert King was waiting for her, and after a brief conversation, the doctor took a blood sample before asking her to remove her clothes below the waist. Louise had only ever seen women doctors and was extremely embarrassed to have to undress in front of Robert King, who apart from being very handsome was also a friend of her husband. She had dressed very smartly and removed her jacket before unzipping and removing her designer jeans. She then slipped her knickers down her legs and off. Louise was then asked to lie on the couch and bring her legs up and spread them as far apart as she felt comfortable. The doctor was very gentle as he examined her pussy externally before conducting an internal examination and taking a swab. Louise could have died of embarrassment, but was relieved when the doctor told her that she had healed and there was no lasting damage.

Louise knew that as bad as the doctors appointment had been, worse was to come. She arrived at Broughten College slightly early and was shown through to the Headmasters secretary’s office, where she was asked to take a seat. She wondered how many naughty boys had had the experience of waiting to be summoned, and thought of Chris as a sixth former waiting in exactly the same place ten years previously. At 5.30 pm on the dot, Donald Smithson came out of his study, introduced himself to Louise and told his secretary that she could go home as he no further work for her.

The Headmaster was immediately quite taken with Louise, who he found to be a very attractive slim women – he invited her into his study and asked her take a seat. He asked her what she thought about her behaviour that had put her marriage at serious risk. He asked her if she thought her husbands solution and proposed punishment was fair. He asked her if she fully understood what was going to happen next. Louise simply replied that she was ashamed of herself, but in truth she was just mortified of the position she found herself in, and wanted him to just get on with it.

Donald Smithson asked her if she had brought a letter with her requesting the punishment required by Chris. Louise went to her handbag and pulled out the letter that Chris had given her, and handed it to the Headmaster.

Dear Mr Smithson,

Following your conversations with my husband, I confirm the following:-

That I, Louise Johnson request that Donald Smithson administer six full force strokes of the sixth form cane to my unprotected backside as discussed with Chris Johnson as punishment for my infidelity.

I confirm that I absolutely accept, and fully deserve this punishment.

Yours sincerely,

Louise Johnson

The Headmaster read the letter and said that the contents were as required and asked Louise to sign it by way of confirmation. He then told Louise that she should be under no illusions about receiving a full force caning and that she would find the next ten to fifteen minutes extremely painful.

The Headmaster then went outside to check that his secretary had indeed left for the day, before returning to lock the door saying that they did not want to get interrupted. He then moved a stool into the middle of his study that had a padded curved seat, with legs that from the side were in an ‘A’ shape. He told Louise that the woodwork master had made the stool some years ago specially for the caning of deserving pupils adding, that: “You will the first female to be punished over it.” It was clear that this stool was not meant for ‘sitting on’.

Louise was told that the time had come for her caning and that she should remove her jacket and everything below the waist. For the second time in little over an hour she was being made to undress in front of a perfect stranger. She folded the jacket and put it on his desk, before removing her shoes and jeans. Taking her knickers off in front of the doctor was one thing, but in front of the Headmaster of Broughten College was quite another, but there was nothing for it as she slowly peeled them off before turning to face the Headmaster. Meanwhile, he had produced a cane that was over three foot with a straight handle which he told Louise was normally reserved for sixth-form pupils.

Donald Smithson was a strong believer in Corporal Punishment knowing that it was effective, evidenced by the fact that Chris had never again been tempted to commit theft. He took no pleasure from inflicting serious pain to deserving schoolboys, instead knowing that he was being ‘cruel’ to be ‘kind’. Whilst it was rare to administer the most serious level of beating available – perhaps no more than once or twice a term, it was a weekly occurrence to give less serious canings for lesser crimes – normally six moderate strokes across the seat of a pupil’s trousers.

As such he had not given much thought to being asked to cane Louise Johnson, simply agreeing to Chris’s request on the basis of his one condition. However for the first time he felt a stirring as he looked at her completely naked below the waist with a wispy triangle of pubic hair, slim waist, curvy hips and nice legs.

He told her to turn and bend right over the stool and reach down as far as possible to grip each of the front legs. Louise actually found the special stool quite comfortable, and as she reached down she was also able to just touch her feet to the carpet behind her, positioning her exactly in the shape of the A framed stool, and presented positioned for the Headmasters cane. She was however dreadfully embarrassed at her exposed position with her bare bottom now so prominently presented to the Headmaster.

With Louise now in position, Donald Smithson could fully appreciate her wonderfully round bottom, which was a very nice change from having a naughty schoolboy bent over in front of him. However there was a job to do, and Smithson knew of only one way to deliver the most serious level of caning he ever administered – with great severity, accuracy but importantly at a leisurely pace. Louise, meanwhile was telling herself to try and be brave – as the Headmaster was telling her that it may not be possible to remain silent whilst being caned, but above all else she must stay in position. He added that if she did not stay in position or reached behind at any stage she would get extra strokes.

There was complete silence in the room as Headmaster left her waiting over the stool for two minutes before touching her bottom with the cane and telling her to be ready. He then took the cane back high over his shoulder – before delivering a full force stroke right across the centre of Louise’s bottom. The defiant Louise instinctively cried out badly shaken by the shattering pain of just one stroke of the cane – never could she have realised what boys went through at school.

Smithson left Louise in position for a further two minutes to really allow the pain to sink in before again tapping Louise’s bottom with the cane which preceded a very slow backswing and a second devastating blow that struck one inch below the first stroke causing Louise to again cry out. She had forgotten about the hugely humiliating position over the whipping stool with her bare bottom prominently presented and could think of nothing else but the shocking pain being inflicted on her.

Again Smithson let another two minutes pass, wandering round the room taking in the view. For the first time, he was really enjoying administering the cane and did not want to rush it. Four minutes after the first stroke, Louise received the third blow, which struck her bottom midway between the first two cane marks, and again caused Louise to cry out. At least she now knew what to expect, but it did nothing to reduce the extreme pain caused by the sixth form cane, as she held onto the legs for grim death. Whilst she was grateful for the two-minute gaps, she also wanted him to get on with it. She was now at the half way point, and knew she had three more to come.

The old Headmaster was a master at his craft, and he debated in his mind where to put the fourth stroke. He decided that he would go high and when a further two minutes had passed he touched her bottom one inch above the very first central stroke and delivered another full force stroke, which again elicited a cry from Louise and an involuntary wriggle as she tried to absorb the excruciating pain. Any concerns about being naked across the whipping stool in front of the Headmaster had long since gone, and she had parted her legs to help keep balance. Smithson noted that he now had a great view between her legs and stood a few yards directly behind Louise to take in the slightly adjusted view of her secret charms.

Donald Smithson was watching the second hand as it approached another two minute point, and touched his cane on Louise’s bottom between the recently delivered fourth stroke and the very first stroke where there was a perfect gap. Knowing that he had only two strokes left, he wanted them to be absolute corkers, and as he again took the cane back over his shoulder in a slow backswing as if he was about to hit a 5 iron really hard, he whipped it back down with huge speed and connected in the exact spot intended, causing Louise to let out a loud ‘yelp’. She did not think it could get any more painful, but this fifth stroke was the hardest so far, and she desperately wanted to rub, but knew that she risked an extra stroke if she broke that particular rule.

With only one stroke left, the Headmaster walked around his room knowing that it would be unlikely that he would ever have the opportunity to administer such a caning again and didn’t want it to finish. But he also knew that he must under no circumstances go beyond what had been agreed and satisfied himself that he was administering a caning of extreme severity to the very attractive bare bottom of this twenty-one year old wife of a former pupil. He decided that for the last whack he would strike half an inch below the second stroke in the gap above the crease between thigh and bottom. He was also aware that two minutes had already passed with his victim exposed across the stool waiting for the final stroke. He decided to give it an extra minute before touching her bottom in the exact place he intended to target. He then, for one final time took the cane back in another slow backswing before bringing it down from above shoulder height at devastating speed and with absolute precision. The fifth had been the hardest and this sixth stroke was no less painful, and Louise gave one final, long cry, but she knew it was at last over.

Donald Smithson told Louise to stay in position as he stepped back to admire his handiwork. His accuracy had meant that all six strokes were perfectly symmetrical and parallel over two and half inches of her bottom. For Louise, she was more than relieved for her caning to have finished but her bottom felt as if it was on fire. She wanted to rub it but was wary of letting go of her grip of the front legs until told.

Eventually she was instructed to stand, and instead of being allowed to dress, she was told to face the wall and think about how she had let her husband down. In reality Donald Smithson wanted to ‘drink in’ the view of Louise Johnson’s superb bottom now decorated with six lines of fire from the cane.

After two minutes, she was told to turn round and approach the desk. The Headmaster gave her a lecture about morality, standards and the importance of marriage and anything else he could think of whilst she stood before him still naked from the waist down and with her golden triangle on complete view.

Eventually she was allowed to dress before Donald Smithson asked her if she felt she had learnt her lesson. Louise told the old headmaster that she had regretted her actions a long time before having to undergo a caning, but that she felt she had now had a deserving punishment which had been incredibly painful and doubted that she would find sitting down very comfortable for a few days.

She thanked the Headmaster and he, letting his guard slip, replied that the pleasure was all his, and that he hoped she could get her marriage ‘back on the right road’.

Twenty minutes later, Louise was removing her skirt and knickers for the third time in a couple of hours – this time to show Chris the evidence of her caning. Understandably he was impressed and it was a matter of moments before they were having fairly wild sex on the living room floor. For Louise a strange thing happened as she had the biggest organism she had ever experienced. It was as if the fire in her bottom had an unexpected effect.

That was all over twenty years ago, and Louise and Chris have a very happy marriage. Louise never again acted unfaithfully so one could conclude that the caning worked. It had worked so well, that spanking became part of their sex life – although not at the severity levels administered by Donald Smithson.

The End