The second in the series featuring a headmaster who finds his skills required after retirement

Pat Greenham

Donald Smithson retired at the end of the school year – six months after he had caned Louise Johnson at her husband’s request as punishment for her infidelity. In short Louise had been unfaithful and she and her husband parted. The only way Chris would accept her back was that if she accepted a caning, and he had asked his old Headmaster to administer six strokes to Louise’s bare bottom – an event that had a profound effect on the old Headmaster and he often wondered if there was a wider requirement for the services of an expert in the application of corporal punishment outside the school world. In his forty year career he had been Headmaster for the last fifteen years and had probably during the period caned two pupils a week, which meant he had administered well over a thousand canings. He felt that he could certainly claim to be an expert.

As such, Donald put a discreet advertisement in the marriage guidance section of one of the directories and was surprised at the response. Initially it was one or two calls a week, but over the first year the number of calls grew to the point that he decided to call his new venture The Smithson Correction Centre. In the main, Donald saw his clients at his house on a Saturday morning – but sometimes in the afternoon as well.

The majority of enquires came from husbands who, like Chris Johnson, had reached the end of their tether with their wife. He also received some calls from parents whose relationship with either their teenage son or daughter had broken down and were on the point of chucking them out of the house onto the streets.

The common link with almost all the enquires, was that the situation had reached crisis point and that the relationship was about to break apart permanently unless something dramatic took place. And that dramatic event, as an absolute last chance offer to the potential recipient, was a visit to see Donald Smithson for a dose of corporal punishment.

After the first year, Donald felt that his services had saved quite a few marriages as well as preventing the breakdown of a few daughter/parent relationships.

There was one further small group of clients – ladies of any age that saw Donald for spanking as a means of achieving sexual gratification. These ladies fascinated him and he wondered at the level of punishment they could take.

Before he officially called his new sideline The Smithson Correction Centre, he had converted his dining room into a punishment room. He had acquired a number of bits of equipment including an A framed trestle and a whipping stool. Additionally he had a wide variety of leather straps and paddles, gym shoes, whips, specially made wooden spanking boards and, of course, a number of canes of different thicknesses and lengths. He also had a birch.

Donald Smithson also constructed a punishment form that could be completed in full or part before any punishment was administered. It was a rule that the recipient or client as he liked to call them had to sign the form confirming that they accepted the agreed punishment. The form had the following sections:


  • – Name of proposer
  • – Name of recipient/client
  • – Reason for punishment
  • – Type of spanking required (can be one or a multiple of the following, delete what is not required)
    • o Hand spanking (only effective to the bare bottom)
    • o Gym shoe spanking
    • o Strapping, light, medium or large leather paddle
    • o Crop spanking
    • o US style board paddling
    • o Caning, light (30in), medium sixth-form cane (36in) or long punishment cane (40in)
    • o Birch (only effective to the bare bottom)
  • – Number of strokes required (maximum of 24 for the hard strap, crop, US style board, birch and cane – maximum of 48 for the gym shoe and light strap – unlimited for hand spanking) – please add numbers to the list in the previous question
  • – Time delay between strokes between strokes
  • – Clothed bottom, pants only, bare bottom (please underline which proposed. If clothed is chosen either a tight fitting skirt or trousers are essential) (if hand spanking or birch are chosen, only effective on the bare bottom)
  • – Position for receiving punishment (underline choice)
    • o Over the knee (only for hand spanking)
    • o Touching toes
    • o Over the A framed trestle (possible for recipient to be secured to the trestle)
    • o Over the whipping stool
    • o Over the desk
  • – Presence of proposer YES or NO (please delete as appropriate)
  • – Level of humiliation (delete as appropriate)
    • o Full strip
    • o Wait between removal of clothes and punishment (indicate time of wait)
    • o Presence of two discreet spectators (needs seven days advance warning)
  • – Signature of recipient/client

The vast majority of recipients that reported to The Smithson Correction Centre were female, but occasionally a male would report for punishment. It was June 1986 and Donald was reflecting on the Saturday just gone that had been quite a busy day. He had seen four ladies during the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning appointments had been 30 minutes, whilst the client booked in for the afternoon had been for a more complicated session that had needed a full hour.

Appointment One

Jane’s appointment was at 9 am and she was to be punished for getting very drunk at her husband’s staff party and telling his boss some very personal details of their marriage. It had been agreed that she would receive six strokes of the medium cane over her trousers whilst bent over the whipping stool.

Jane arrived early and alone, and Donald showed her into the lounge that acted as a waiting room. There were copies of Country Life on the table and Jane felt as if she was at the dentist waiting for a very unpleasant procedure. At 9.00 on the dot Donald returned and asked Jane to follow him into the punishment room. He gave Jane the form that had been completed between him and her husband and asked her check the details and sign if they were correct as had been agreed.

She read the form and confirmed they were correct. Jane was quite slim, only 5ft 4in and very attractive. Donald asked her if she had ever experienced the cane before to which she said ‘No never’ but regretted what she had done and the embarrassment caused and felt she deserved punishment. Donald told her that as there were no instructions about the gap between strokes he would ensure that her caning would be quick and suggested that after each stroke she should say ‘OK’ as soon as she was ready for the next one.

He told her to remove her jacket and bend right over the whipping stool. Jane was wearing tight thin cotton beige trousers, which tightened across her delectable bottom as she took up position over the stool and reached down the far side to hold onto the bar. It was clear to Donald that she was either wearing a thong or no knickers, as there was no Visible Panty Line.

Jane had a slim but shapely figure and picking up the cane from the table he lined it up before taking it back and bought it down to strike the middle of Jane’s lovely bottom, causing her to cry out as the pain of her first ever cane stroke was absorbed. For Jane it was just pure shock as the intensity of one stroke was way more than she had expected. She wanted it over as soon as possible and after thirty seconds she said ‘OK’ to prompt a second stroke just a little lower which caused a similar cry out.

In a strange way the cane was leaving a line across the tight trousers that helped Donald ensure he didn’t hit at the same place twice. In all, Jane’s caning lasted less than three minutes and she was in considerable pain as she rose from the whipping stool as her hands went to rub her bottom. However Donald told her she had taken her caning well as he poured her a glass of water. Jane asked if what she had just experienced would have similar to punishment given to schoolboys, to which Donald confirmed that, yes, she had been given a classic six-of-the-best. Jane thanked him and as she left, Donald watched her walk down his drive whilst he admired her wonderful bottom, which he had so recently dealt with.

Appointment Two

Sophie’s appointment was for 10 am and she arrived with Brian, her husband, and was led straight through to the punishment room. Donald suggested that her husband take a seat whilst he went through the preliminaries. Sophie had twice crashed the family car in the last year; and on both occasions she had been putting on her make-up. Despite her husband constantly telling her not to do this dangerous practice, she had continued her bad habits and the cost of repairs had meant that their holiday had had to be cancelled.

Sophie had been given an ultimatum and told she must be punished and it had been agreed that she would be spanked on the bare bottom like a small girl before receiving twelve stokes of the medium strap whilst bent over the A framed trestle. Sophie signed the form and gave it to Donald who simply told her to prepare herself for punishment by removing everything below the waist.

Sophie was quite tall and of medium build and was wearing a tight fitting pencil skirt, which after kicking off her shoes she removed. Whilst Donald was appreciating her splendid long legs, Sophie asked if she could retain her knickers, which were actually only a thong. Donald told her a bare bottom was exactly that, and moments later her knickers were pushed down as Sophie stepped out of them now naked below the waist with her shapely hips and wispy pubic triangle on show.

Donald sat down on one of the chairs and told Sophie to lie across his lap with her bottom facing toward her husband. Donald asked Brian if he thought a five-minute spanking would suffice to which he nodded. If Sophie thought this was going to be mild, she had another think coming as he spanked her twenty times in the first minute. In all Sophie received one hundred smacks and her bottom was a decent shade of red by the time Donald had finished.

Sophie was told to stand and get in position over the trestle. Her medium sized bottom was especially attractive bent right over and Donald gave Brian the choice of three straps, and he selected an eighteen inch two tailed leather tawse. Donald told Sophie that she must not move whilst being punished and delivered twelve strokes to her already hot bottom over the next two to three minutes. Sophie took her punishment quite well making a few gasps as two strokes in succession were given in exactly the same place.

After the final stroke had been given, Donald asked Brian if he felt the punishment had been as requested. Brian’s response was that he thought that there would be no harm signing off the punishment with two strokes of the cane.

Sophie immediately objected to be told that she had caused the loss of the holiday and that she deserved two extra strokes. Donald selected the medium cane and told Sophie to hold on as he brought the thirty-six inch rattan down from over his shoulder to strike her bottom in the middle and cause a red weal across her already reddened bum. Sophie cried out for the first time and Donald knew that the cane had taken her to a different level. He waited a full minute before delivering a second cane stroke slightly lower than the first and causing another cry out and another weal. Her bottom was now bright red with two additional stripes an inch apart right across the middle. Sophie was told to stand and say sorry to her husband who then hugged her and told her that he hoped applying make up whilst driving would be a thing of the past. Sophie then carefully dressed and Donald said his goodbyes as he watched another punished bottom walk down his drive.

Appointment three

Donald had a little over half an hour to wait for his 11 am appointment. Susan actually arrived ten minutes early and was alone. Donald showed her into the waiting room as he made it a rule that he kept to time and that if a client was early they should be made to wait in anticipation. At exactly 11.00, Donald showed Susan through to the Punishment Room where she handed him the form which confirmed that following a brief fling with a work colleague she had agreed with her husband that she would receive six strokes with the large paddle before six strokes with the medium cane. The strokes were to be given to her bare bottom at one-minute intervals, and that once she had undressed below the waist, she was to be made to wait ten minutes whilst facing the wall before being punished as extra humiliation.

Susan was actually quite calm considering what lay ahead and told Donald she realised that she deserved punishment and that she had let her ‘wonderful’ husband down very badly. After she had signed the form, Donald told her that she must now remove all her clothes below the waist.

Susan was about thirty and was wearing tight fitting jeans, which encased a very attractive bottom and Donald knew he was in for a treat as he watched her start to undress. Off came her shoes before she removed her jacket. The jeans were next which she gingerly pushed down her legs before stepping out of them. Now with just her pants to go, Susan was clearly very embarrassed, but knew that she had to be naked below the waist as she put her thumbs into the elastic of her pants and pushing them right down and off.

Susan had a lovely figure, which Donald estimated to be 34-24-34 and being quite tall she had long legs that flared up to her hips, a slim waist and very attractive boobs. For Susan this was extremely humiliating and she just wanted him to get on with it. However she knew she had a further ten minutes to wait as she was instructed to face the wall and remain still.

Donald sat at his desk and went through some papers glancing frequently at Susan’s bare bottom. After the period was up. Donald told her that there were no instructions about positioning, so for the first part of her punishment she could have a choice between the stool, the trestle and his desk to bend over.

Susan elected the desk and as she bent over Donald told her to effectively lie across the top and position her legs out straight behind her. This was the third superb bottom in a row, and Donald was having a good morning. He told her that he would leave her in position for a couple of minutes before starting the first part of her punishment with the large black oval paddle.

In truth, Donald was enjoying the view of Susan’s bare bottom even more, now wonderfully presented to him bent right over across his desk. After the two minutes had passed Donald picked up the black leather paddle and measured it up against Susan’s bottom before taking it slowly back and bringing it down with speed to deliver her first stroke. Susan gasped as the large paddle left its imprint across a large part of her bottom.

Sixty seconds later Donald gave her second stroke, which caused another gasp as the paddle added to the intense pain of the first stroke. The third stroke followed with a loud crack, as it struck home and Susan held onto the desk trying not to move as she absorbed the pain. Effectively because of the size of the paddle, each stroke was directly on top of the previous one and simply built on the throbbing pain.

Donald slowed the pace slightly making her wait for over a minute for the fourth stroke which resulted in a now similar but slightly louder gasp. Susan knew there was only two more but also that there was worse to come once she had taken all six, The fifth was the hardest so far and left Susan breathing quite hard as Donald lined up the paddle for the last time and gave her an absolute ‘corker’ right on top of the previous five strokes and leaving Susan with a very red bottom.

He told her to stand up and take a break whilst he poured her some water. Donald was more than happy to continue to take in the view of this very attractive half naked woman who was now facing him with her golden triangle on show. Susan had taken her paddling very well considering she had never experienced any form of CP before. He wondered how she was going to get along with her caning.

After a few minutes Donald suggested that the whipping stool might be better for her caning to which she nodded and bent right over the structure reaching down to hold onto the front legs with her own legs touching the floor behind her. Over the desk, Susan’s bottom had been attractive, but over the stool it was even more inviting. For the first time Donald sensed a degree of nervousness as she waited quietly and he picked up the thirty-six inch cane. He told that he would give six strokes a minute apart and that she was to remain still and not be temped to jump up which would result in an extra stroke.

Susan told him she would do her best but yelped loudly as Donald brought the cane down for the first time right just above the middle of her bottom. The paddle had been bad, but this was another level and Susan could not believe the incredibly intense pain caused by just one stroke of the cane. A minute later Donald caned her again, hitting a spot just above the crease and causing Susan to cry out but she remained still over the whipping stool and tried to come to terms with the pain from the second line of fire.

The first and second stokes had given Donald two markers for the remaining four strokes and it was soon time for stroke number three which struck right across the middle of Susan’s delectable bottom with a pistol like sound and resulted in a large ‘cry out’ from Susan. Donald knew he had her now and that whilst she had survived the paddle well, this caning was really hitting home. A minute later Donald again took the cane back slowly before bringing it down with real speed and force to strike Susan’s bottom in the gap above the third stroke.

Susan was holding onto the legs of the stool for grim death as the searing pain from the caning was being absorbed. Donald watched the clock and as the minute hand came round to twelve he delivered the fifth stoke in the gap above the second stroke near the crease between bottom and thigh causing another cry out from Susan. So far there were five well spaced out cane marks with an obvious gap for the last stroke which in line with tradition was the hardest stroke of all and caused a loud gasp as Donald completed his work.

Susan took a few moments to stand up as her hands immediately went to rub her now very red bottom with six added cane marks. As she remained half naked Donald gave her another glass of water and suggested she dress in her own time. Susan told Donald that she had had no idea just how painful the cane was and that she had a new respect for boys who received such punishment at school. After thanking Donald, Susan left to return home to show her husband the damage.

Appointment Four

Donald knew that the next appointment would be different as it involved two very frustrated parents and their eighteen-year old daughter. At just before twelve Mr and Mrs Harris arrived with Jo their daughter. Donald suggested that Jo wait in the front room whilst he discussed the plan with Mr and Mrs Harris in the punishment room.

It was soon clear that these people were at their ‘wits end’ and Mr Harris outlined her recent behaviour. He told Donald that Jo had been suspended from school for theft, been in trouble with the police and given a warning having been caught smoking cannabis, had completely screwed up her A levels, had damaged the family car twice but worst of all, she showed no contrition of any kind and indeed was extremely unpleasant. He added that he had stopped her allowance and she was now banned from using the car – two things that had finally got her to think. As such Mr Harris outlined the offer he had made that he would restore her allowance, let her use the car again, pay for an extra year at sixth-form college so that she might go to university on one condition, which was a visit to The Smithson Correction facility.

Eventually Jo had decided to apologise and accept her father’s terms. Mr Harris told Donald that he wanted a very severe punishment, which he wanted to discuss before completing the form. Smithson asked if he had anything in mind to which Mr Harris said if had committed just one of Jo’s crimes his housemaster would have thrashed him severely and that he wanted Jo to be really shocked. As such he thought eighteen strokes with his most severe cane applied to her unclothed bottom would be more than deserved.

For the first time Mrs Harris intervened and told her husband that his suggestion was too severe and Donald sensing the need to compromise told him that he agreed with his wife but also understood the punishment needed to be a ‘sharp shock’. He added that when he been a headmaster, the most severe punishment given would have been six strokes on the bare and that as Jo had never experienced the cane perhaps that would be more appropriate. Mr Harris said that he wanted the caning to be more than that and eventually they all compromised on ten strokes with the sixth-form cane at thirty second intervals to her bare bottom whilst secured to the trestle.

Mr Harris suggested that they bring Jo in and that they wait in the front room whilst Jo receives her caning. Moment later Donald was alone with their daughter who he instantly found to be rather a nasty piece of work – clearly spoilt by well meaning parents. He asked her if she knew what to expect as he passed her the form and asked her to sign it accepting the terms. She told him that he could do what he wanted but it would not change her, and that she had only agreed so that she could get her allowance back – as Donald momentarily thought that perhaps her father’s first suggestion might have been more appropriate. Anyway agreement had been reached and he told Jo that she must remove her jacket and everything below the waist. It was almost in defiance that she complied, taking off her skirt and black tights before removing her knickers.

In a rather arrogant way she told Donald that she hoped he was happy because there was nothing more to remove below her waist. Donald decided that this minx was going to get a real thrashing and told her to get into position over the trestle whilst he fastened her wrists to the front two legs and her own legs to the lower bar which meant they were about eighteen inches apart leaving nothing to the imagination. Donald took a step back to admire the view and observed that all bottoms are different and that Jo had a slimmer derriere to his previous clients but none-the-less round and attractive, and in this case very much deserving of a very decent beating.

He picked up the medium sixth-form cane and told her that she must stay quiet whilst being caned and think about why she was where she was. He touched her backside a few times before delivering a stroke across the middle of her bottom with the severity he normally reserved for the final stroke. Suffice to say that for all her defiance this was a huge shock for Jo who could not believe what had just happed as a line of fire lit up across her bottom and she involuntary cried out. The second stroke came thirty seconds later before Jo had recovered from the first and every part of her that thought she would be able to handle being caned evaporated.

The third was just as hard as the previous two and Donald knew he had his decision to deliver ten consecutive strokes of the ferocity he normally left for the final stroke was going to please Mr Harris who had wanted a more severe caning than actually agreed. Jo was certainly getting that as she screamed once more as the fourth stroke hit home across her bottom with the sound of a pistol like shot that her parents would obviously be able to hear from the front room. Jo was fixed firm to the trestle and could not move an inch, which helped Donald ensure that every stroke was deadly accurate.

Jo did not know it at the time, but she was all the better for being fastened, which ensured the cane did not hit her thighs or lower back. The fifth and sixth strokes resulted in loud grunts from Jo who had completely forgotten her nudity and was just enveloped in a level of pain she had never even imagined existed. Donald knew he had just administered six-of-the-best cane strokes possible and that if had been in his previous position that would be an end to the caning.

Donald paused for a few moments as he told Jo that whatever pain she was currently experiencing paled into insignificance to the pain she had subjected her parents to in the last couple of years and that when her caning was over he wanted her to make a full apology.

However both of them knew she had another four to go and Donald soon gave her the seventh stroke finding a sliver of white bottom still available to him causing another massive gasp from the eighteen-year-old as the cane bit home. Thirty seconds later he delivered the eighth with exactly the same severity and standing back he was pleased with the parallel lines that formed a pattern across this minx’s bottom.

With two to go, Donald slowed the pace slightly wanting her to anticipate the cane for a little longer. It was not possible to cane her harder and Donald delivered the ninth quite low down, just above the crease causing a particularly loud gasp of distress from Jo. There was one small gap left and Donald was determined to find it with the very last stroke. Actually he was being kind because to put to strokes of this severity on top of each other would have been even more painful. As he took the cane back over his shoulder for the final time, Donald whipped it down to find that final sliver and complete the unique pattern of ten individual stripes causing Jo one final piece of extreme pain and a final loud gasp.

Donald unfastened the eighteen year old who stood up looking very shocked. Gone was the defiance and the arrogance replaced by contrition and an acceptance that she had been punished with great severity. Donald told her that she should think very carefully about the future and that she needed to remember to apologise when her parents joined them in a few moments. Jo was rubbing her bottom as she stood before him still naked, and Donald admired the view even if knew that he had given this very deserving eighteen-year-old a caning she absolutely deserved.

He told Jo to replace her clothes and watched as she very gingerly pulled her knickers up her legs and over her bottom. The leggings and skirt followed whilst Donald went next door to ask her parents to rejoin them.

They found a very different daughter who immediately told them how sorry she was and that she knew they had done everything and she had acted terribly. Donald told her that he very hoped that she would now mend her ways and added that for a few days sitting down would remind her of the caning and she should expect to carry marks on her bottom for a couple of weeks.

The three of them left after Mr Harris thanked Donald as he watched another bottom walk away from him down his drive.

The morning had been a triumph but the one session in the afternoon had been extraordinary, involving a repeat client who had strayed from the ‘right road’ for a second time and her husband had requested an extremely severe and humiliating punishment.