The next part of the series, and a naughty young lady gets a return visit to the former headmaster.

by Pat Greenham

The Smithson Correction Centre had been established by Donald Smithson after he retired from being Headmaster at one the most respected schools in the area. As Headmaster he had been a strong believer in the use of corporal punishment. His Correction Centre offered some people a solution of last resort to a relationship completely breaking down and, as he sat in his kitchen during the early evening with a well-earned gin and tonic, Donald was reflecting on his busy Saturday.

During the morning he had seen four clients, Jane who had got very drunk at her husband’s staff party and had received six-of-the-best with the thirty-six inch cane across the seat of her trousers. Sophie followed who had twice crashed the car whilst applying make-up and received a long bare bottomed spanking followed by twelve strokes with the medium strap; as a bonus she received two strokes of the cane. His third client, Susan, had had a brief fling with a work colleague and received six strokes of the large leather paddle followed by six strokes of the medium cane all to her bare bottom. Finally just before lunch he had caned a very unpleasant eighteen-year-old who had made her parents’ life a nightmare. Ten strokes to her bare bottom with the medium cane all given with the severity normally reserved for the ‘final’ stroke had certainly made her think again about her attitude. It was, however, the fifth appointment that took up most of the afternoon that had been the most challenging.

Appointment Five

Prior to Julia’s arrival, Donald had spent some time discussing her punishment with Jim, her husband, and it was clear that this young lady was in need of a very severe thrashing. It had been agreed that her punishment would culminate with six strokes of the birch, an implement that Donald rarely used. Whilst he had a birch as part of his armoury, Donald had spent some time during the previous week constructing a new one. He had used hazel twigs, carefully cutting off side shoots and leaves until he ended up with five thirty-six inch straight smooth twigs that he then carefully bound together at the twelve and twenty-four inch points as well as creating a handle. This left the final twelve inches ‘free’ as the part of the birch that would impact with his client’s bottom. Once he had completed the construction of his new birch, he had left it in water for a couple of days earlier in the week to ensure flexibility.

This was Julia’s second visit to the Smithson Correction Centre, making her a repeat offender, with her ‘crime’ being getting drunk and sleeping with another man. And this was the same crime that she had committed that had resulted in her first thrashing. Jim had got to the end of his tether and they had parted, but Julia desperately wanted to repair the damage and agreed to her husband’s condition that she must return to see Donald. It was clear that when Julia has too much to drink her character completely changes from a quiet and slightly shy girl to an extrovert with no control.

Jim had asked for maximum humiliation and two of Donald’s friends had agreed to witness the punishment, which would greatly add to Julia’s shame. After his morning’s work Donald had slipped out to meet Peter and Robert at a local restaurant, two friends who had both been colleagues from Donald’s days as a Headmaster and both believers in corporal punishment and its power.

Donald and his friends were all back at his house in good time for Julia’s arrival with her husband who were shown straight into the punishment room. Julia had not been told that her punishment was to be witnessed and was shocked realizing that she was going to be extremely humiliated.

Jim gave Donald the completed form and he told Julia that as a repeat client she could expect something a great deal more severe than the twelve strokes of the sixth form cane she received on her previous visit, adding that she had obviously not learnt her lesson. Donald remembered that he had been surprised at how well Julia had taken her first caning and was determined that on this occasion he would make her punishment really tell.

Donald read the form and told Julia that she was going to get six strokes with the American style wooden paddle followed by twelve strokes with the forty inch punishment cane before finishing with six strokes of the birch. The form specified that she must be completely naked and attached to the A framed trestle throughout and that there would be a two minute gap between each stroke. Further that she would have to wait for five minutes after being attached before punishment began and a further five minutes after the last stroke.

Julia knew that her husband wanted a punishment of severity but was shocked at what lay ahead. Donald gave Julia the form to sign, which she did and passed it back. She was then told that she should remove all her clothes and, glancing at Peter and Robert, she knew that there was no choice if she wanted to repair her marriage.

Kicking her shoes off she undid her smart black trousers and pushed them down her legs before taking them off one leg at a time. Next she undid her blouse and took it off and put it with her trousers. Standing in just her underwear, she reached behind to unfasten her bra with all eyes on her breasts as they were revealed. Now just in a skimpy pair of knickers, she knew they had to come off and with incredible embarrassment she put her fingers into the side of the elastic and slowly pushed them down and off revealing a nicely trimmed fair coloured triangle at the apex of her legs and a wonderfully round bottom.

Julia had a lovely womanly figure, being about 5ft 6in, with nice firm breasts, a trim waist and quite long shapely legs flaring to her hips and Donald estimated that she was 36 – 26 – 36. She was a sight that any red-blooded male would appreciate but it was her bottom that was to be the main focus and Donald told her to get into position over the trestle.

As she turned and took the short steps to the trestle she gave the audience the first full sight of her bottom, which was a nice size, perfectly round and an absolute peach. Bending over the trestle Donald fastened her wrists to the two front legs before coming behind her to attach her ankles to the furthest apart straps leaving her legs wide apart with nothing hidden from view.

She knew that she had five minutes to wait before her beating was to start and also knew that the incredibly humiliating position she found herself in was the least of her worries. Jim simply wanted his wife to learn a very big lesson whilst Peter and Robert were just appreciating the view of Julia’s lovely bare bottom bent right over and looking forward to what lay ahead.

The five minutes seemed like twenty to Julia, but it was soon time for her first stroke with the American style wooden paddle. For Donald it was a rare combination of implements. It was not often that the wooden paddle or birch were used, and also quite rare to use the forty inch punishment cane as most canings involved the thirty-six inch sixth form version.

The wooden paddle was about eighteen inches long and four inches wide, and as Donald gave Julia her first stroke, it made a tremendous crack on impact with her bottom, resulting with a gasp of horror. Julia had only ever experienced the cane, and this paddle had the effect of setting a large part of her bottom on fire and creating a red imprint. Two minutes later Donald delivered the second stroke almost exactly on top of the first stroke with another loud whack and another gasp from Julia. She had expected the paddle to be less painful that her previous caning but this was, if anything, worse. The next eight minutes saw Julia get another four strokes of the fearsome wooden paddle pretty much all to the same place causing the red imprint to deepen in colour and certainly got her thrashing off to a very good start, if not for Julia.

It was now time for her caning, and two minutes after the final stroke with the paddle Donald picked up the long punishment cane, tapped Julia’s bottom a couple of times before taking it back over his shoulder and bringing it back down to strike Julia’s bottom quite low just above the crease and causing her to cry out as a line of fire was added to the extreme throbbing caused by the paddle.

These twelve strokes were going to be given over twenty-two minutes and Julia could do nothing to prevent the slow but continuous assault to her bottom. The second stroke came, hitting Julia’s bottom just above the first stroke, and caused her to jolt against the straps and again cry out. Any embarrassment about her nudity with her legs wide apart and the audience watching evaporated as she concentrated on surviving the extreme pain caused by the forty inch cane, and she was surprised how much worse this cane was compared with the sixth-form version used on her first visit.

Donald used a line he had used in the morning telling Julia that the pain she was suffering paled into insignificance to the pain she had caused her husband – adding that she was lucky to be getting this opportunity for her marriage to have another chance.

As another two minutes passed, Julia received her third stroke again just a little higher on her bottom and it was clear that Donald was working slowly up her bottom as she uttered another loud gasp. The fourth stoke was very close to the middle of her bottom and everyone appreciated Donald’s accuracy as each cane whack created a red line clearly visible against the background of the overall colour created by the paddle and resulted in a loud gasp.

Donald had to admit that this girl could take a very severe caning and whilst she was finding it painful in the extreme, she was handling it well and he wondered just how much experience she actually had. As Donald continued up her bottom with the next three strokes, he now had seven red cane marks as a two-tone pattern on the background of her overall red derriere. It was no accident that there were a number of small gaps that were going to be taken advantage of with the remaining five strokes.

In all, Julia had been fastened to the trestle for just over half an hour with six strokes of the paddle and seven strokes of the cane at two minute intervals with her five minute wait at the start, but she knew that she was only just over half way.

As the second hand once again crept up to the sixty-second mark to signify another two minutes had passed, Donald lined the cane up against the first gap toward the top of her bottom and from over his shoulder struck with amazing accuracy to cause another cry out from Julia. With four strokes to go, Donald made certain each struck the remaining gaps and when finished it was just possible to make out each of the twelve blisteringly painful strokes – all parallel over the entirety of Julia’s wonderful bottom.

The small audience was most impressed both with Donald’s skill and Julia’s ability to take the considerable pain being applied to her bottom. It was certainly not that she was getting any enjoyment, far from it, but that she was absorbing each stroke with a loud grunt or cry out but not screaming as many in her position would.

It was time for the finale, and Donald chose to use the new birch that he had made in the last few days. He had soaked it earlier in the week, but it was now almost dry although it retained enough moisture to have the suppleness to ensure its effectiveness.

This was going to be the ‘icing on the cake’ to Julia’s already very well decorated bottom, and rather like the paddle, this implement was going to strike a larger area and each whack would inevitably be on top of the most of the cane strokes.

Donald was aware that over two minutes had passed as he lined the birch up against Julia’s bottom before taking it back and bringing it down to strike right in the middle and causing Julia to loudly cry out. She did not think that her bottom could be in any worse pain, but just one stroke of the birch changed that as it sent every nerve ending into an explosion.

The width of the ‘free part’ of the birch was about four inches, which meant that all six strokes were going to be largely to the centre of Julia’s bottom with a tiny amount of flexibility to go slightly higher or slightly lower. The second stroke two minutes later struck Julia’s bottom again in the middle and caused a loud grunt from Julia as each of the five hazel switches did their work across the entirety of her throbbing derriere.

It was soon time for the third stroke which he lined up against Julia’s bottom before taking the birch back and bringing it down with speed to strike just above the middle, and again causing Julia to once more cry out. The birch was having the effect of merging all the cane marks into one, and Julia’s bottom was now an inferno.

Donald gave Julia the fourth stroke a little lower and it again resulted in a cry out from the unfortunate twenty eight year old fastened naked over the trestle.

Julia had been in position for nearly fifty minutes and had undergone a monumental thrashing. Everyone knew that there were only two strokes to go as Donald lined up the fifth stroke above the centre and brought the birch down right on top of the third stroke and caused another scream from Julia.

Since he had started the Smithson Correction Centre, this was the most severe punishment he had been asked to administer, and Donald once more reflected on Julia’s ability to take serious pain. The two spectators had never seen anything similar and Jim was hoping that such a severe thrashing would mend her ways.

Julia was made to wait a little longer for the final stroke, as Donald lined up his new birch against the middle of Julia’s bottom before slowly taking it right over his shoulder and striking the middle perfectly with accuracy and pace. Despite the overall severity, Donald had succeeded in making this final twenty-fourth stroke the hardest of all and getting a loud and long gasp from Julia for his efforts.

Donald then told her that she was going to remain in place for five extra minutes and asked her to think about what she had done to her husband and repeated that she was very lucky to be given yet another chance.

Her bottom was an absolute picture of ‘redness’ and for Julia, a level of pain that was beyond anything imaginable. Donald opened a bottle of wine and gave Jim, Peter and Robert a large glass each before he untied Julia from the trestle. She immediately went to rub her bottom to be told that she should put her hands behind her head and face her husband and tell him how sorry she was.

Completely naked, Donald made her stay facing the audience for a few minutes before telling her to turn away and give everyone a final look at a bottom that undergone a very well deserved thrashing. As the clock showed that it had been exactly one hour since she had been fastened to the trestle, her punishment was declared over.

Julia immediately went to rub her bottom and asked if she could apply some cold cream. Jim then surprised Robert and Peter as he asked them if they would like do the ‘honours’ and moments later she was bent over the whipping stool as the two men applied some welcome relief to her damaged bottom. It certainly didn’t take the pain away, but was soothing all the same.

When she stood, Donald told her how impressed he was with the self-control she had shown during what by any measure was a severe thrashing with three implements that were designed to cause maximum pain, but that he hoped that she would now return to her husband and mend her ways. He added that she clearly valued her marriage and it was about time she got back on the right road on a permanent basis. He also told her that he very much hoped that a third session would not be needed.

Whilst this little speech was being made, Julia remained completely naked in front of four men and, in truth, she was no longer embarrassed. They had seen everything, and at least she was no longer over the trestle with her legs wide apart. Donald offered her a drink, which she gratefully accepted. The pain in Julia’s bottom remained intense, but had started to subside very slightly.

Julia eventually dressed being very careful about putting her knickers on over her damaged bottom. When fully dressed Julia popped to the loo to repair her make-up and returned looking as if nothing had happened, although everyone knew that the bottom now encased in her smart black trousers would take a while to repair!

As she went to leave, Julia kissed both Peter and Robert and told them she hoped they had enjoyed witnessing her thrashing. She then turned to Donald and thanked him for giving her what she deserved, adding that he certainly knew how to deal with a very naughty girl and doubted that she would find sitting down very comfortable for a while. Jim shook Donald’s hand and thanked him as they both departed and Donald watched another bottom walk down his drive.

He reflected that there was something about this women that was extraordinary and that whilst she had been put through a very humiliating and painful ordeal, she had got something from the session as she had a definite ‘glint’ in her eyes.

It had been quite a day!

The End