More tales from the Donald Smithson Correction Centre

By Pat Greenham

It was 1986 and Donald Smithson’s Correction Centre was in its third year offering expert application of corporal punishment to those that had come to the end of their tether with their partner or teenage son or daughter. Over ninety per cent of those that came to Donald were from these two categories, but occasionally he saw a client that came to be thrashed for sexual gratification.

Reading the paper that morning, Donald was very disappointed to note that the Government had successfully passed a bill banning the use of corporal punishment in state schools from the beginning of 1987. As an ex Headmaster, Donald knew this was ridiculous and felt strongly that the government should not interfere with how schools are run. He also felt that the legislation took away a punishment that was often used as a final resort and could only lead to an increase in suspensions and expulsions. As such Donald decided to write to all the Head teachers in the area with an idea:

Dear Head Teacher,

If you like me are appalled by the recent legislation banning the use of corporal punishment in schools, which can only lead to an increase in suspensions and expulsions, I have a suggestion which you might find useful.

My idea which, in individual cases would require both the consent of the pupil and their parents, may avoid sanctions that can only have a very bad long-term effect on the pupil. Put simply, if you found yourself in a position whereby a pupil would be a candidate for suspension or expulsion where previously you would have considered a caning, you could give the parents the details of The Smithson Correction Centre on the basis if they were to organise a suitable punishment (which the school would have no direct involvement in) you may consider reversing such a decision. Clearly the sequence of events would have to take place quickly, but I believe that a pupil and their parents would find a visit to The Smithson Correction Centre preferable to the drastic alternative of prolonged suspension or expulsion.

Let me know if you have any interest in my proposal,

Yours sincerely,

Donald Smithson

After sending the letters to the schools in the area, Donald received a number of replies, two of which expressed interest in Donald’s idea.

It was January 1987, and the ban was now in place in all state run schools and Donald did not hear anything more until mid February when he received two calls on the same evening. The first was from Peter Hughes whose son Stephen had been sent home from school having been caught passing drugs to other pupils. A little while later Diane Parsons called with the same message about her daughter, Janet.

Evidently their Headmaster had immediately suspended both and told them to return at the beginning of the next week to find out if they were to be expelled. Both were in their penultimate term before A levels with university places awaiting; they were distraught with the prospect but the only hope they both had was the Head’s suggestion to discuss with each of their parents an alternative which was a visit to The Smithson Correction Centre. Neither of them liked the sound of that, but in a strange ‘coded’ way, they were being offered a ‘way out’.

In Donald’s conversations with Peter Hughes and Diane Parsons, he made it clear that he was ready to help but that their respective son and daughter should be under no illusions about what a trip to The Correction Centre involved which was good old-fashioned discipline. He underlined that everyone involved had to give their consent to corporal punishment. Both Peter and Diane told Donald that their respective son and daughter would do anything to avoid being expelled. It was arranged that Stephen Hughes and Janet Parsons would see Donald on the following Saturday morning at nine in the morning.

Two days later, Stephen Hughes arrived alone just before nine to be followed by Janet Parsons and her mother. All three were shown into the punishment room where they were addressed by Donald who told the two eighteen year olds that they were very lucky to have this option and he very much hoped that what they were about to receive would have the result of their expulsions being reversed.

Donald went on to explain that, subject to them both signing a consent form, they would receive a caning. He also added that he felt a good caning was actually quite lenient considering the gravity of their crime, and asked them if they had any questions, to which they had none.

He then suggested that Diane and Janet should go the waiting room whilst he dealt with Stephen.

As Diane and Janet made themselves comfortable in the front room, they could hear Donald lecturing Stephen before a couple of minutes silence preceding the unmistakable sound of the cane hitting its target for the first time with a loud crack.

There was a considerable pause between strokes, and Janet wondered how many strokes he was going to get, assuming that she would get the same. It was only on the fourth stroke that Stephen cried out, and Janet being already nervous started to really worry about what lay ahead. Her mother Diane had no sympathy for her daughter and secretly was pleased that Janet was going to get a very sharp shock that hopefully would stop her drug taking once and for all.

Janet knew that six-of-the-best was a traditional punishment and hoped that after the sixth stroke it would be the last. However her hopes were dashed when sixty seconds after Stephen received his sixth he received another stroke. And one minute later he received his eighth. Once again Diane and Janet could hear Donald talking to Stephen and it seemed as if the caning was over.

A couple of minutes later, Donald came into the front room to ask to have a word with Diane in the punishment room. He asked Diane if she was happy for him to give Janet the same punishment as Stephen had received, being eight strokes applied to the bare bottom. Diane told Donald that she agreed and felt that was the minimum she deserved, and suggested that she would take a judgement after the eight had been given to see if she felt it was sufficient. She added that her daughter had caused great shame to the family.

Donald asked Diane if she wanted to stay and witness her daughter’s punishment, to which Diane said absolutely, and said: “I will go and get her.”

Once back in the punishment room, Donald produced the consent form which both Janet and her mother had to sign. As Janet read it she was very shocked to note that it said: “As a result of supplying drugs to fellow pupils, Janet Parsons will receive eight strokes of the cane to be applied to her bare bottom.” This could not get any worse, but she had no option but to sign and hand the form to her mother. As Diane Parsons read the form she told her daughter that this was going to be a very salutary lesson.

Donald then turned to Janet and told her that she should remove her jacket and all her clothing below the waist, which absolutely horrified her. She had worn grey trousers to hopefully give a little protection, which were now totally redundant as she started to come to terms with the fact that she was actually going to be caned, and that she was going to get it from a man on her bare bottom.

Diane told Janet that she’d better get on with it as there was nothing to be gained from holding proceedings up. Janet took off her jacket, kicked her shoes off and undid her trousers before pushing them down and taking them right off. Standing in just a tee-shirt and knickers, she knew that her knickers were next and shamefully slid them down over her bottom and put them on the desk with her trousers. Now naked below the waist with her pubic hair on show, Donald noted that she had a mature figure for an eighteen-year-old with attractive legs that flared up to her hips and slim waist.

He told her to bend over the whipping stool and reach down to hold onto each of the two front legs. Janet was tall enough for her legs to be at forty-five degrees and touching the floor behind her – she made a picture with her bottom presented perfectly to Donald. He chose his thirty-six inch cane and told Janet that she would get an identical caning to the one he had given Stephen – eight strokes with a full minute between each and that under no circumstances should she move during her punishment unless she wanted to risk extra strokes.

He tapped her bottom over the next thirty seconds as the second hand moved toward the sixty second point, when he took the cane slowly back before bringing it back down with speed to strike Janet’s trim bottom in the middle and causing an immediate screech from the girl who could not believe that a cane could cause quite so much pain.

As Janet tried to come to terms with the pain of the first stroke, Donald was watching the second hand again approach the top and gave Janet her second stroke a little higher and causing another load screech. Almost immediately a red stripe appeared to match the first one. Janet had long forgotten about her nudity and parted her legs slightly to be more balanced taking heed of Donald’s remarks about staying still.

Donald took a step back to admire Janet’s lovely bottom admitting to himself that having administered the cane to hundreds of boys during his tenure as a headmaster, it was so much nicer to thrash an attractive female.

He stepped forward again and touched Janet’s bottom with the cane lining up the next stroke before taking the thirty-six inch cane back over his shoulder and once more giving her a real whack just below the first stroke causing another cry out and a third stripe.

As Diane watched her daughter being caned she was experiencing some strange feelings that brought back memories of her time at Finishing School and in particular the time when she received eight strokes of a Scottish tawse to her bare bottom whilst bent over a table. She had been beaten by a uniformed Punishment Officer, and whilst hating the punishment at the time, she now looked back on the experience with nostalgia. Diane wondered what it would be like to be caned by Donald Smithson over the whipping stool.

Janet meanwhile was trying to come to terms with the fire that was taking place in her bottom as Donald gave her the fourth stroke with the same intensity and causing another cry out. He told her that they were halfway and that she should think about what she had done and why she was being caned. In reality there was only one thing Janet was thinking about which was that she had four more strokes to come.

Donald, as ever had been deadly accurate and there were four clear spaces on Janet’s bottom for the remaining strokes. The fifth was a beauty catching Janet’s bottom just above the crease and caused another screech as a further red stripe appeared to match the previous four.

Janet parted her legs a little more giving Donald a clear view of her secret charms and wisps of golden pubic hair. Donald knew that this eighteen-year-old would remember these moments for the rest of her life and hoped that it would put an end to her drug habit.

The sixth stroke was straight into a gap a little higher and caused another cry out as another line of fire was ignited into Janet’s bottom and she held onto the front legs for grim death. As ever Donald had been deadly accurate and one minute later he lined up the penultimate stroke in one of the two remaining gaps and delivered another scorching stroke from over his shoulder.

Janet’s bottom was on fire and she knew she had only one stroke left. She had never ever experienced so much pain and just wanted the final stroke to be over. Donald, being the absolute master knew what was required and did not disappoint Diane as he delivered the traditional hardest final stroke to the final remaining gap on Janet’s now striped bottom which was followed by the loudest screech yet as Donald told her to remain in position.

Diane, far from feeling sorry for her daughter, told Donald that he had given Janet a first class thrashing that she fully deserved. Diane stood up and went over to the table where all Donald’s implements were lined up and asked him if he thought two extra strokes with a different implement might really ram home the scale of what Janet and her friend had done.

As Janet complained to her mother, Diane told her she was in no position to protest and to stay exactly where she was. Donald replied that he would be perfectly happy to administer another couple of strokes and asked Diane which implement she had in mind as she sifted through the various options.

Picking up the three-tailed tawse that reminded her of punishment she had received when at Finishing School, she also picked up the American style wooden paddle and asked Donald which he thought would be the most effective. He said that if she wanted something that would substantially build on the caning, the wooden paddle would be ideal because it would strike Janet’s bottom on top of most of the cane marks and give an overall glow to the sting delivered by the cane.

A minute later Janet received in a very loud whack with the paddle, which struck right in the middle of her bottom and caused her to loudly cry out. The second stroke with the paddle a minute later was to the identical spot and caused a final loud grunt as Janet finally knew it was over. Janet’s bottom had eight clear cane stripes with an overall redness caused by the paddle and she was instructed to stay in position for a minute.

Donald then told her to stand up and face her mother with her hands behind her head to apologise for all the trouble she had caused. Standing naked from the waist down with her golden triangle again on full display, Donald had to admit she had taken her thrashing very well – in fact better than Stephen who had made more of a fuss and had not endured two extra strokes with the paddle. Janet was very contrite as she apologised to her mother and said she would never again entertain the idea of using drugs.

Diane then told Janet to dress before they left the house and Donald once again watched an attractive bottom walk down his pathway. Before they left, Diane asked Donald a very strange question about did he only see people for correction on a Saturday. Donald replied that sometimes he saw clients at other times and Diane replied that she would keep his number safe.

On Monday morning both Janet and Stephen returned to school from their brief suspension and were instructed to see the Headmaster at morning break. This was going to be the meeting where their future would be decided and hopefully the threat of expulsion would be lifted.

At ten-thirty they both nervously made their way to the Heads study to be invited in together. He was strangely friendly as he asked if their respective parents had ‘made arrangements’. Janet replied that if he meant had they both been to The Correction Centre, they had indeed.

The Head then told them that the school could not have contact with the Smithson Correction Centre and could play no part in anything that had been arranged by their parents. He then told them that however, before he could make a decision, he needed to see evidence and told Stephen to turn round and lower his trousers and pants and bend forward.

As Stephen complied, he showed the Headmaster a bottom that clearly had the results of a significant caning two days earlier. The Head told him to pull his trousers back up as he turned to Janet, and told her that he also needed to see her bottom.

Janet was incredibly embarrassed at the thought especially as Stephen was still there and the fact her skirt was too tight to pull up made it all the much worse. She undid the zip on her skirt before pushing it down and off before turning away from him and lowering her pants to her knees and bending forward to display her punished bottom. The Headmaster remarked that she also had clearly taken a decent caning and he could clearly see each of her eight stripes, which were in addition to a round bruise on each cheek and asked what she had happened to cause the additional marks. With Stephen looking on, and appreciating the sight of Janet’s bottom, which was an unexpected bonus, she told them that her mother had suggested two extra strokes and had selected a wooden paddle, which had been extremely painful.

Leaving Janet without her skirt and pants still at half-mast with her golden triangle on view, he told both of them to turn and face him as he said that they should be very grateful to their respective parents because by their actions and with the help of The Correction Centre he could now reverse his decision to expel them. It was almost as if he had forgotten that Janet was half naked as he suddenly told her to pull her pants up and put her skirt back on. He also told them that he hoped the lesson they had learnt would remove forever the idea of bringing drugs onto the school premises.

They were then dismissed and knew that whilst they had both been through a considerable ordeal, they had saved their school careers and were able to continue with their A level studies and hopefully go to University.

It took nearly two weeks for the cane weal’s to go and over time Janet and Stephen developed something of a bond and they often talked about their visit to The Smithson Correction Centre. Janet never let Stephen forget that she had endured those two extra whacks with the dreaded wooden paddle.


Janet’s caning had had a profound effect on her mother, Diane Parsons. It had brought back all the memories of her thrashing over twenty years ago at Finishing School when Mr McTaggart had given her eight vicious strokes with a long triple tailed Scottish tawse to her bare bottom.

Diane had hated it at the time, but over the years she often thought about her thrashing in a sexual way. It wasn’t the only time at the finishing school that she had suffered corporal punishment, but it was the only time she was beaten on her bare bottom. Being made to remove her dress and knickers was the first time a man had seen her naked and she had nostalgic memories of being dominated, and Donald Smithson thrashing her daughter had revitalised all those strange feelings.

Whilst watching Janet being caned, Diane was thinking what it would be like to be over the whipping stool having her own bare bottom caned. It had made her slightly wet, although she didn’t want to admit it even to herself.

But over the weekend she could not stop thinking about it and how she could experience it for herself. She thought she must be crazy, but the very idea was becoming ever more powerful and consuming.

There was no way she could admit any of this to her husband and she wondered how she would ever be able to conceal a bottom that would clearly have the tell tale signs of a caning if she was wild enough to try and live out this ridiculous thought.

Then she realised that the week after next her husband was leaving on a two-week business trip to Australia and the Far East. If this was ever going to happen, this was the ‘window of opportunity’.

On the same Monday that Janet was going through the ordeal of showing her bottom to the Headmaster revealing the damage her caning had caused, Diane was on the telephone to Donald Smithson.

In truth she was nervous and did not know quite how to start the conversation but after some small talk, Donald asked if there was anything he could help with – which gave Diane the opportunity to ask if it would be possible for her to come and see him in one week’s time, the day her husband was leaving on his business trip. She added that there was something she wanted to discuss following her visit with Janet the previous Saturday.

Donald told Diane that he would be very happy to see her and they agreed to eleven o’clock on the following Monday morning.

This gave Diane a week to think about how to start the conversation. Donald meanwhile had a hunch that this was going to be an interesting meeting.

Over the next week Diane went through phases of tremendous excitement and phases of thinking she was completely mad.

But the Monday came and after saying goodbye to her husband when he left for the airport, Diane showered and put on her most provocative underwear and a fitted dress that showed off her figure.

Arriving at Donald’s home at eleven on the dot, he showed her into the front room. After exchanging polite conversation about Janet who had succeeded in avoiding expulsion, Donald asked how he could help.

The conversation was very easy and put Diane at ease, and she simply said that after watching Janet’s punishment, she felt that she would benefit from a similar punishment. Donald asked if there was any reason for punishment, to which Diane told him about her thrashing more than twenty years ago and that she remembered it had done her good. Diane could not bring herself to admit that she simply wanted to experience the cane, but Donald knew.

Moments later they were in the punishment room and Donald asked if she wanted exactly the same punishment as Janet. Diane replied that perhaps she would just have a classic six-of-the-best with the cane and she how she got on.

It was implicit that this was to be a bare bottomed caning, and Diane stripped off her dress to reveal a very fit and attractive woman in her early forties, now in just a very attractive bra and pants set. Without any conversation, Diane slid her knickers down and off as Donald appreciated her nudity. This was a women that had taken very good care of herself with regular gym visits resulting in a very toned body, defined legs that tapered up to very nice hips with a trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

Without being asked Diane took the few steps to the whipping stool and bent right over just as her daughter had nine days before.

Diane’s bottom was as toned as the rest of her body, round and perfect, something for Donald to really appreciate. As she lay right over the stool she was excited by the idea of him looking at her bottom, and excited about what she was about to experience. She also remembered being in a similar position many years ago before Mr McTaggart had thrashed her bottom.

Donald left her in position for a minute or so and the anticipation for Diane was terrific knowing that her bare bottom was prominently presented. Donald picked up the same cane he had used on Janet and asked her if she wanted a caning of the same force. Diane simply said: “Yes please,” as Donald took the cane back over his shoulder and whipped it down to hit her bottom right in the middle causing an immediate red line of fire. Diane made a soft gasp as she absorbed the first stroke but otherwise stayed exactly in position. In truth the ferocity of the pain had shocked her as it would any woman receiving her first ever cane stroke to her bare bottom, but as she was left for a minute to absorb the sting the pain made way for pleasure as her bottom started to glow. The second stroke caused a similar soft gasp and another line of fire but Diane knew that after twenty or thirty seconds it would turn to pleasure.

As Donald caned Diane with his normal accuracy and force, she went into a world of her own absorbing each stroke as her whole bottom began to glow in the most pleasant way. Each stroke simply resulted in another soft gasp and it was soon time for Diane’s sixth stroke, which Donald gave with his customary extra level of severity. Diane simple stayed over the stool with the most marvellous feeling of arousal from her burning bottom. She had been completely dominated for the first time since Mr McTaggart’s thrashing and took a while to stand up and face Donald.

He asked if the caning had been as hoped, to which she replied: “No, better than anything I had hoped for.”

She told him that he had pushed her beyond any pain level and into a place of pure pleasure. Donald asked if she wanted to continue, to which Diane replied that she did but did not want the wooden paddle that Janet’s extra two stokes had been given with. She asked Donald if he would simulate the punishment she received at Finishing School at the hands of Mr McTaggart and give her eight strokes of the tawse whilst bent across his desk.

Donald had a triple tailed tawse very similar to one that had been used to thrash her over twenty years previously and invited Diane to get into position over the desk. She stretched right across it with her legs straight out behind her in exactly the same position as she had been at Finishing School.

As Donald gave her the first stroke with the tawse from over his shoulder, Diane did not make a sound. In her mind she was back being beaten by Mr McTaggart. The tawse was different to the cane, not quite as stingy, but none-the-less creating pain that again soon turned to pleasure. The tawse was building on the caning in the most pleasant way and Diane was getting more and more aroused as Donald gave her a very solid thrashing. Her bottom was turning into one mass of red with the cane marks becoming slightly less distinct.

It was soon time for her final stroke of the tawse and Diane had not made a sound during the eight whacks. Slowly Diane stood up and faced Donald and thanked him for taking her back over twenty years.

Donald, sensing that she was not quite finished, asked what she would like for the ‘finale’. Diane went through Donald’s implements, but concluded that she had to finish with another six strokes of the cane. This is what she had come for, and the first six strokes of the cane had been quite extraordinary. She knew that it would take her to another level of pain but hoped she would be able to endure more and continue to find pleasure.

Once again, Diane bent right over the whipping stool presenting Donald with a very red bottom. This time she parted her legs and Donald obliged her with another six wonderful strokes with the final one resulting in a long gasp of pleasure as she climaxed in the most wonderful way.

It was over and Diane had had the most wonderful hour at the hands of Donald. She clearly had never experienced anything like it and Donald brought in a bottle of champagne. He told her that she had discovered something about herself that had been buried since her Finishing School experience and that she should celebrate with a glass of fizz.

As Diane remained naked accept for her bra she talked about how much she had enjoyed the session and said that if her husband has another long business trip she would be very tempted to return. Donald told her she would be most welcome.

They ended up having lunch together and as Diane sat down at the table on a hard wooden chair, she was reminded of her very well thrashed bottom. Indeed that feeling did not go away for quite a few days.

The End

(For those that have collections of Janus Magazine, the inspiration for Diane’s original thrashing at Finishing School comes from Janus 20 where you can see her wonderful bottom)