A story based on the rumours that were circulating a few years back

by Pat Greenham

NOTE: This story was published in Kane Magazine and is re-published with the kind permission of Josie Harrison Marks

It was back in 2006 that Avril came across some correspondence in the Daily Telegraph about Corporal Punishment given to Wrens. One letter actually started with: “I thought I was reading a CP magazine, not the Daily Telegraph!”

The letters brought back memories for Avril who had also suffered corporal punishment as a Wren thirty years previously. There were two letters of particular interest. One from a Wren called Gwen Lawes who had been given six strokes of the cane across her bottom with skirt removed but knickers retained, another from a Wren called Mavis Parker who had suffered an extreme thirty strokes across her bare bottom. (These letters can be viewed on the Telegraph website if you search under ‘Wrens corporal punishment’, 29th January and 5th February 2006 respectively.)

There was a response from someone who was disgusted by these accounts and suspected the motives behind those involved. So be it, but Avril can tell you as someone who served in the Wrens during the Seventies, these were not isolated events as she can indeed testify.

Avril joined directly from school as a Cadet and by the time she was nineteen she had worked her way up to become an Ordinary Wren. Trouble came when she was caught in bed with another Wren who was a good friend. She had never regarded herself as a lesbian, but at the time they were a long way from home, often quite lonely and it was just nice to cuddle up together.

The First Officer did not agree and next day they were both summoned to see the Senior Officer in overall charge of their unit to explain.

They were both frightened about what might happen as they waited outside her office. Eventually they were called in together and told to stand to attention. The Senior Officer was not in a good mood and told them they were disgusting and asked if they had anything to say. They mumbled that they were sorry and it wouldn’t happen again.

Her response was: “That is clearly not good enough,” and told them that there were two alternatives. The official and proper route going forward would be for them to face a Disciplinary Panel which would impose a punishment which would include a combination of demotion, loss of pay or loss of leave.

The second alternative would be an unofficial punishment within their unit, which would involve them both receiving a beating, which would have to be approved by the Base Commander.

She went on to outline the pros and cons of the alternatives. If they went before the Disciplinary panel, the incident would become a matter of record, and the whole base would come to know of their behaviour. They would also receive punishments that would have a long-term effect on their service. It was also possible that one of them might be transferred to another base. They would however avoid a humiliating and painful beating.

If they took the unofficial alternative, the advantages were that the whole issue would remain between the two officers, the base Commander and one other individual and that no one else would be aware of their behaviour. They would keep their service record intact and that once the punishment had been administered, it would be an end to the matter. She finished by saying that for three minutes of extreme pain, they would keep their noses clean.

The senior officer added that in many ways it would be better for all concerned if the matter did not become public knowledge, although she repeated that every instance had to be confidentially signed off by the Overall Base Commander. However she said the Base Commander was generally in favour of finding ways of discipline that avoided a service record being blemished for stupid misbehaviour.

She asked again if they were interested in this possibility, as there was no point in bothering the Base Commander if they were not prepared to consider the unofficial punishment. They were both horrified but the alternative of the whole base knowing about their ‘crime’ was also a dreadful thought and the possibility of demotion and the thought of one of them being transferred was awful.

Avril said that she would accept the unofficial route, as did her friend, Julie. The Officer said that assuming the Base Commander was available to agree the punishment, they could be punished that very evening. She added that they should be under no illusions about the severity of the punishment, which would be a severe caning. This was the first time the ‘cane’ word had been used and it occurred to them that they had agreed to corporal punishment without knowing any of the details. But they had both passed the point of turning back, and Avril asked rather feebly: “So it’s to be the cane then?”

The Officer said yes, and that she would outline what exactly would happen from this point. The two Wrens would be notified later in the day whether or not the Base Commander was prepared to agree to the unofficial punishment. If so, they would be given a time to report to the Base Gym. They would have to sign a disclaimer, and would then have to prepare themselves for the cane across their unprotected backsides, and that she would recommend to the Commander that they each receive twelve strokes. She added that they would be required to take the punishments well and that they could expect each punishment to last a little under three minutes. In the light of knowing about what a beating consisted of, she asked finally: “Do you want to proceed, or shall I put you both down for the Disciplinary Panel?” They knew she had them in a corner and told the senior officer again that they would accept.

They then left her office in shock and spent the rest of the day dreading the prospect of what lay ahead. When she had talked initially about a beating, they could have assumed a caning, but not across the bare. At school, canings were very unusual and it was their understanding that they normally consisted of six strokes and double that number sounded a lot. At about five o’clock the First Officer told them that the Base Commander had agreed for the unofficial punishment to take place, and just to make things worse, he had said that depending on his commitments might even choose to attend in person. They were also told to be at the gym just before eight o’clock and to report in full uniform.

The next three hours went by predictably slowly, but at five minutes before eight they reported as instructed. Thankfully the Base Commander was not present, but in addition to their Senior and First Officers, one of base fitness instructors was also present, and as he was holding the cane it became immediately apparent that it would be he who was going to carry out the beating. This was the fourth person that had been mentioned earlier and it came as a shock as they had assumed they would be punished by one of officers and not by a male, particularly as they were going to get it on the bare. Avril and her friend were also mesmerised by the cane itself, which was straight, at least 36 inches long and clearly quite whippy.

The Senior Officer then asked the First Officer to ensure that the gym was locked from the inside before addressing the two of them, first saying she was going to outline precisely how the punishment would be carried out. She told them that in a few moments they would have to prepare themselves which would mean that they would have to partly undress, after which they would be caned in turn whilst bent across the vaulting horse. She added that the caning would be given over about a three-minute period and they were expected to take the punishment in a dignified manner, staying both still and quiet.

She then told both girls to take off their uniform and undress down to their underwear. Avril had assumed that they would undress one at a time, be punished and re-dress, but no, they were both to remove their clothes together. This was particularly appalling as they were being made to strip in front of the fitness instructor as well as the two Senior Wrens. Apart from a very embarrassing medical when Avril joined the Wrens, no man had ever seen her naked, and here she was having to practically bare all.

There was nothing for it, and they decided to get it over as quickly as possible. Off came their jackets, their ties and shirts, followed by their skirts, shoes and tights leaving them both in just bra and panties. They were told to stand to attention by the wall-bars as the officers picked up a vaulting horse and moved it into the centre of the gym.

At this stage, the First Officer produced a clipboard and explained that they had to sign three disclaimer forms. The first outlined their crime of ‘conducting in lewd behaviour that could bring the service into disrepute’. Each Wren had to sign admitting guilt. The second form was to confirm that each Wren had been offered a hearing in front of a disciplinary panel, and that each had asked for an alternative punishment. Again each Wren had to sign to confirm. The third form outlined the nature of the alternative punishment, that they would receive twelve strokes of the cane across their bare bottoms and they were requesting this punishment in full knowledge of its nature. Again each Wren signed to confirm.

They were then told that they would be subjected to the exact same levels of humiliation irrespective of who went first. The Senior Officer then instructed them to each remove their pants, which horrified both Wrens, but they knew they had no choice. Moments later, they were standing by the wall bars in only their bras, with their entire pubic region on show.

A coin was then tossed and Avril was asked to call. She called heads and it came down tails. Julie was asked if she wanted to go first or second. She elected first.

Julie was then told to walk to the vaulting horse and bend right across it and reach right down the other side, keeping her legs together and straight out behind her.

As she took her position, Avril was struck by how beautiful her bottom was, and although, she did not consider herself a lesbian, she could appreciate just how erotic her bottom bent over in a highly submissive position would be to any male, particularly at this moment, the fitness instructor. She also thought that in not many minutes she would be in the same position with all eyes focussed on her bottom.

The senior officer asked the fitness instructor to begin the caning asking that the first stroke be given when the second hand on the gym clock reached the 60 second position. He added that subsequent strokes be given when the second hand passed the 15, 30 and 45 points on the clock until twelve strokes had been given.

Reading the Daily Telegraph, Avril could remember this as if it was yesterday, although it was over thirty years ago. She watched in horror as the second hand moved toward the 60 second position and the fitness instructor tapped Julie’s bottom a couple of times before taking the cane right back and bringing it back down hard right across the fleshy part of her bottom, which almost immediately produced a red cane mark.

The second stroke was just as hard and about three inches lower and above the crease between thigh and bottom. The fitness instructor may have been quite a small man, but he certainly knew how to use a cane and all subsequent strokes were between the first two weals.

To Avril’s surprise, Julie didn’t make a sound and as her caning continued she was amazing. It was only after the sixth stoke that she made a grunt, but she held position as the fitness instructor continued the caning with a stroke being administered every fifteen seconds. If anything the strokes were getting harder and her bottom was by now a mass of redness between the upper and lower points set by the first two strokes. After the final stroke, the Senior Officer told her to stay in position and asked the fitness instructor to give her one extra stroke for luck, which she received exactly three minutes after the start of her caning. Avril wished she had gone first because it would have all been over.

Julie was told to stand and return to her position. She was told to stand to attention and not even think about rubbing her bottom.

It was then Avril’s turn and she knew all attention was on her as she walked to the middle of the gym, feeling incredibly self-conscious about everyone looking at her pubic region. To her horror there was a knock on the door, which the First Officer unlocked and opened to let the Base Commander into the gym who was clearly going to witness the second caning in person. Avril wondered if this could get any worse, but without being told she took a few paces to the vaulting horse before bending right across it, taking up the same position that Julie had been in moments before.

She glanced up to see the clock with the hand just passing the 15 second position meaning that if they followed the same format, she had 45 seconds to wait until the first stroke. Avril was not sure which was the most powerful emotion between being terrified and dreadfully embarrassed with her bottom on display. This was possibly the longest forty-five seconds of her life but she felt the cane tap her bottom two or three times before she received the first stroke, which felt worse than her wildest dreams and made her cry out, and she knew another eleven would be impossible.

She managed not to cry out as she received the second stroke, which was lower and she could see the clock out of the corner of her eye and the anticipation as it approached each 15 second point was dreadful, because it signalled another whack was coming. After the sixth stroke, she heard the Base Commander move from standing at an angle to a position immediately behind her where he had a ‘perfect’ view, and to her absolute shame he praised the fitness instructor on a ‘first class’ caning with all six lines on Avril’s bottom perfectly symmetrical. But she knew that she was only half way through with her caning less than ninety seconds old.

The seventh stroke was the first that landed on top of a previous one and was unbelievably painful. She knew that the remaining five would be similar and she wondered how she would survive. But somehow she did. The caning seemed to be going on forever and she even lost count at one stage. The fitness instructor was clearly an expert because all twelve stokes were within the three inch band across the middle of her bottom. She tried her best to stay still and quiet but there were certainly some of the strokes that made her cry out.

Like Julie, she also got ‘one for luck’, and was in a worse mess than her friend as she was told to stand and return to her position. They had to remain standing to attention, still and almost completely naked for about another three or four minutes whilst they put the gym back into its original state. The Base Commander went over to them and said that although they may not think it at this exact moment, they were both very lucky to have been offered an unofficial punishment and whilst they might find sitting down painful for a few days and that they would carry some marks for a week, their service record would remain clean. Whilst getting these ‘kind words’ Avril could feel him glancing down at her pubic region. Finally they were allowed to dress and they were both very cautious as they pulled their pants back on.

Avril did get the cane once more for some stupid error, and that time only six strokes given by the same fitness instructor. On this occasion she was caned alone with only him in the gym and felt for the first time that there may be something not quite right about a situation whereby a female in her early twenties was made to undress before being caned across the bare with no female witnesses present. On this occasion she had to bend over a bar, which had been lowered to exactly the right height and if anything this position was even more embarrassing.

To this day, Avril probably thinks about her canings whilst a Wren very often, and it has become the basis of her main fantasies. There are any number of variants; she likes to pretend in her mind that she was actually striped naked, or that she was caned on the bare in front of the whole unit, or that she was taken from behind after being caned whilst still being over the vaulting horse.

It certainly wasn’t that she enjoyed the caning, far from it. But there is something very naughty about being made to strip and be beaten or caned by a male on the bare bottom.

The End