A girl misses a class and gets caught. Another story in the series.

by Holy Diver

On the last day of November 1979, snow came to the English countryside. For the girls of St Anne’s Academy, it wasn’t so much snow more than horrible sleety rain. As much as the girls loved white snow, they all hated icy rain. Regardless of the severe weather, running outdoors in gym class still went ahead as usual. Senior girl Hannah Anderson hated gym class in general and dreaded the prospect of having to run outside in the freezing weather. Today, Hannah had a plan to avoid going outside.

It was the penultimate class of the day on Friday afternoon. Hannah was in History class with her friend Sophie Prior. Hannah had a hushed conversation with Sophie, asking her if she was interested in bunking off gym class.

“I don’t want to,” replied Sophie. “I’ve been in trouble too many times recently. I don’t think my botty can take any more spankings.” Sophie rubbed her own backside at the thought of her recent spankings.

“But you don’t even like PE,” persuaded Hannah.

“I know, but I don’t want to take the risk of getting into trouble. I mean, where will you be going?” Enquired Sophie.

“The common room, of course,” replied Hannah. “It will be nice and warm and much better than running outside.”

“Well, on your head be it,” finished Sophie firmly.

“Stop talking, you two, and get on with your work!” Barked Mrs Carlin, their History teacher.

When the bell rang, the girls parted ways. Sophie tried to give Hannah one last pleading look in an attempt to get her to reconsider, but Hannah was determined and headed for the common room.

Before gym class started, the girls changed into their gym clothes. The required uniform for gym class involved white t-shirts and purple shorts. Not ideal for outdoor weather in winter. As the girls left the changing room to go to the hall, apparently nobody noticed (expect Sophie of course) that Hannah was absent.

In the common room, Hannah sat down on a comfy chair and brought out her magazine. ‘This is the life,’ thought Hannah as she sat back and read her magazine. It was bliss to be in a warm room while her suckers of classmates were freezing their backsides off running laps outside. However, Head Girl Jackie Melling was in Hannah’s gym class. Jackie had noticed Hannah was missing and hadn’t said anything initially, thinking Hannah would turn up. By the end of the class, Hannah was still nowhere to be seen.

Jackie reported Hannah’s absence to the fearsome gym mistress, Mrs McAuley. While all teachers of St Anne’s were incredibly strict, Mrs McAuley was said to be among the most fearsome to grace the floor of St Anne’s. Jackie asked Mrs McAuley’s permission to search for Hannah and permission was granted. The teacher even gave Jackie credence to deal with Hannah as she saw fit. After all, it made the teachers lives easier if the Head Girl and prefects dealt with miscreants.

Jackie went into the changing room and got changed back into her school uniform. She did not find Hannah in the changing room. Jackie then searched each of the school toilets, and even the library in an attempt to locate Hannah. Finally, Jackie went up to the common room where she eventually found Hannah still had her face buried in her magazine. Jackie walked over and grabbed the magazine from Hannah’s hands.

“What the hell?” Blurted Hannah, furiously.

“Shut up! You are in so much trouble.” Jackie roared, prodding Hannah’s chest. “Bunking off from gym class. I knew you were missing and here I find you, sitting on your lazy backside reading this trash.”

Jackie ripped the magazine in half and threw it in the bin.

“That’s my magazine, you bitch!” Screamed Hannah, lunging at Jackie.

“Oh ho ho!” Laughed Jackie, grabbing Hannah’s arm. “Don’t you dare try to pick a fight with me. As much as I could easily tear you limb from limb, I would never risk my position as Head Girl for a little brat like you. I’m taking you with me back to gym class. I’m going to give you the spanking of your lifetime. And if Mrs McAuley is there too, she will also thrash you. Come on! And you better come quietly.”

Jackie led the subdued Hannah back to the changing rooms. Hannah did not dare struggle. She knew that Jackie was much stronger than her. Hannah’s stomach was churning. If Mrs McAuley was still there, she would also punish Hannah.

At last they arrived at the changing rooms. By this time, class had finished and Mrs McAuley had left for the day. Hannah was somewhat relieved that she wasn’t going to get a double punishment. Of course, Mrs McAuley would probably deal with Hannah on Monday morning. As for now, her fate was in Jackie’s hands. Jackie then instructed Hannah to change into her gym uniform.

“As this is a gym infraction, I’ll require you to change into your gym uniform, which I know you have. No underwear, though. You are only allowed one piece of clothing. I don’t want you giving your bottom too much protection. And I will be checking. Move!”

Feeling completely miserable, Hannah did as she was told. She stripped off her school uniform, including her pants. Then Hannah put on her white t-shirt and purple shorts. Jackie came to inspect.

“Ah, you look ready for your punishment. Let me check to make sure you are not wearing underwear.”

Jackie gently pulled back Hannah’s shorts, and indeed, Hannah did not have her pants on. Once satisfied, Jackie patted Hannah’s bottom. It was down to business.

“Now Hannah, I’m going to give you six swats with the slipper. I believe you have been previously slippered by Laura Chapman, yes?”

Hannah nodded. She could easily remember receiving the slipper from her prefect friend, Laura.

“I must warn you that my slipperings are even harder. I’m pretty sure Laura told you that, eh?”

Indeed, Laura had told Hannah about her spankings from Jackie. Laura was even gracious enough to show her bruised bare bottom to Hannah as a deterrent not to cross Jackie. Jackie gave Hannah the usual, monotonous spiel about remaining in position and calling off each swat. Hannah braced herself.

Jackie took aim. Smack! Hannah’s eyes watered. This was ten times harder than the force of the slipper she had felt from Laura.

“One, Miss.” Called off Hannah.

The second swat followed. Smack!

“Two, Miss!” Sobbed Hannah.

Jackie was pleased that her power was so strong. Hannah was already in tears. The third swat came. Smack!

“Three, Miss!” Cried Hannah.

Another hard swat came. Smack!

“Four, Miss!” Bawled Hannah.

The excruciating fifth swat occurred. Smack!

“Five, Miss!” Yelled Hannah.

Again, Hannah received the usual speech about the last swat being the hardest. Indeed, it was, if it could be possible. Smack!

“Six, Miss!” Screamed Hannah.

Jackie then told Hannah to pull her shorts down so she could examine the damage. Hannah did as she was told. As Jackie could see, Hannah’s bottom was sufficiently punished. Both buttocks were bright red and she had some nasty bruising on her right cheek. Even Hannah’s left cheek was somewhat bruised. As customary, Jackie gave each cheek a smack to be completely satisfied. Then Jackie allowed Hannah to pull her shorts up.

“I hope you’ve learned a lesson, young lady,” said Jackie.

Today, however, Hannah was so angry she didn’t care what she did. “I hate you!” Screamed Hannah, giving Jackie a shove.

Jackie could hardly believe the nerve of Hannah. “Oh! You hate me, do you? Well guess what? You’ve earned yourself two more swats. Bend back over!”

Jackie practically pushed Hannah into position. Then came two of the loudest sounds you could possibly imagine as Jackie ruthlessly swatted Hannah’s bottom with her slipper. Smack! Smack!

Hannah was crying her eyes out. How stupid was she to challenge Jackie like that, she thought to herself.

“Now, do you hate me?” Gloated Jackie.

“No,” sobbed Hannah. Her backside was on fire.

Jackie ordered Hannah to get changed back into her school uniform. Hannah found this most difficult considering the pain she was in.

“Get out of my sight!” Barked Jackie. “And don’t let me see you for the rest of the day, or you will be sorry.”

Hannah quickly left the changing room. After a painful dinner time, Hannah went back to her dormitory, which was empty. Later, Laura Chapman came in. She found Hannah lying face down on her bed, still sobbing and bare-bottomed.

Laura observed the state of Hannah’s bottom. She felt Jackie had done an excellent job, yet Laura was also highly disappointed in Hannah. Laura stealthily walked up to Hannah and gave her bottom a hard smack. It was not playful, but hard and spiteful. Hannah instantaneously reacted to Laura’s smack.

“What the fu- oh it’s you,” stopping short upon seeing that it was Laura.

“Yes, it’s me,” replied Laura with a stiff expression on her face. “Well, I heard what happened,” continued Laura, sounding as cold as the weather outside.

“Heard what?” Replied Hannah defiantly, in an effort to save face.

“Heard that you foolishly avoided going to gym class, and then challenged Jackie. I must say, Jackie has done an excellent job of your backside. I thought I was doing you a favour by warning you about how severe Jackie’s slipperings were. Clearly, it has done you no good. You know, I am incredibly disappointed in you, Hannah. I have done my best to help you and this is how you repay me? You were doing so well these past couple of months and I’ve been so proud of you. And now you’ve just blown it, you silly girl.”

“I’m sorry,” pleaded Hannah.

“I’m not interested,” retorted Laura.

“Could you please rub my botty better for me?” Pleaded Hannah.

“No,” replied Laura icily. “You don’t deserve it. And for God’s sake, cover your bottom. If the other girls laugh at you, I won’t be dealing with them.”

Laura left Hannah to go to the common room. Reluctantly, Hannah put her pants back on, but continued to lie on her belly. The icy rain continued to buffet the windows. Hannah lay on her bed feeling depressed. Her bottom was on fire, and her best friend fell out with her once more. She knew she really had to get her act together.

The End

© Holy Diver 2017