Readers following this ‘Attitude Adjustment’ series have asked what happened to the other two office girls. As you will see from this addendum, they didn’t get away with it.

By Lesley Carole

Anna walked sullenly away from Jason’s office with Karen, both having been given a severe reprimand and a disciplinary on their records for their treatment of Alicia. How could the little tramp have managed to ensnare her now former boss Jason? She was seething. She didn’t even like Greg Peterson, and she was forced to be his secretary without even being consulted. Karen had got off lightly, she was staying as Jean’s secretary and she simply seemed relieved to be keeping her job at all. How was she going to cope?

Greg Peterson was intrigued as to what had transpired between Alicia, Anna and Karen. Jason and Tom had been very non-committal about the details, but he gathered it was something to do with Anna being infatuated with Jason and therefore jealous of the lovely Alicia. He had nothing but praise for Alicia; he had interviewed her and found her to be intelligent and promising, an asset to the company, despite being the boss’s daughter. He had been disappointed to hear of her altercation with My Harding though.

He surveyed Anna as she sat across from him in his office. She was obviously nervous, with good reason, as she knew she was on probation with him. He had every intention of keeping her under strict control. He started as he meant to go on.

“Anna, I don’t know the details of your troubles but I want to make it clear that it all stops now. I will not tolerate any nonsense from you, and I will deal harshly with any transgressions, do you understand?”

He studied her face and noticed the shock in her eyes, and a little trepidation. Good.

Greg was 40 years old, an attractive professional man who was efficient in every way. He continued to study the pretty secretary and knew her to be 30 years old. He guessed she lacked direction in her life; he was good at reading people. She looked nervously across the desk as he waited for her response.

“Of course, Greg, I don’t want any trouble. Thank you for letting me work with you.” She offered a weak smile. He was not convinced it was genuine.

“Very well, let’s get you familiar with my way of working. I suspect Jason and I work in pretty much the same way, but there are a few things you need to know.” He proceeded to fill her in on the mundane and specifics of his requirements of a secretary.

Karen was having a much easier time, until Jean summoned her to her office and gave her a similar lecture about behaviour and standards. Jean could be quite scary at times, she was a stout woman with a no-nonsense attitude. Karen sighed, resigning herself to the fact that, although no one else knew the details of the little feud, everyone seemed to side with Alicia. She was quite put out about that.

Jean delivered her little speech sternly, she was certainly no pushover.

“I want to be certain there will be no more disruption in this office, or there will be trouble!” She was obviously waiting for Karen to offer some response.

“I assure you there won’t be, Jean, don’t worry.”

Anna and Karen both left their boss’s offices feeling further chastened.

Much later in the day, Greg went over to Jason’s office, hoping to gain some further insight into the incidents. As he approached the office, he heard the unmistakeable sounds of someone being spanked. The slaps resounded dully through the door and Alicia’s anguished cries confirmed who he had guessed was being spanked.

Well, well, well! Fancy that! He hovered beyond the door to listen, wishing he could observe as well, but knowing it was impossible. He couldn’t make out the words that were exchanged, but realised the punishment had ended and Alicia was being comforted by Jason.

He walked away in a bit of a daze, smiling with satisfaction, and decided that was a very proficient way of dealing with a fractious woman. He would speak to Jason tomorrow.

As he passed Jean’s office, he decided to discuss an idea that was already forming in his mind.

“Jean, I assume you know as little about the situation with Alicia, Anna and Karen as I do?” He asked.

“I only know there was trouble and it’s been dealt with. I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of it, though. Karen was a bit surly when I lectured her.” She frowned.

Greg sat down opposite Jean and smirked.

“I just went to Jason’s office and overheard him spanking Alicia!” He announced.

He noticed Jean’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Really? That’s… interesting.” She answered.

They stared into each others face, both began to smile, and then laugh out loud.

“If that’s how Jason deals with Alicia, I believe that’s how we should deal with Anna and Karen, don’t you think?” Greg asked, hoping Jean would agree with him.

“It does seem as if they got away with far too much, doesn’t it? If only we knew the details. It must have been bad for Jason to swap secretaries and for both to get a disciplinary.” She mused.

Greg studied Jean carefully, and then offered his proposition.

“I suggest we ask Anna and Karen to work late one day, after everyone else has gone home, and show them both what will happen if they ever screw up again, as a warning, you understand.”

Jean’s smile widened as she imagined Karen bent over her desk, and also imagined Anna bent over Greg’s desk.

“Will they agree though? They have already been dealt with by Jason; they might not accept further punishment.”

“If we explain that we want them to be aware of the consequences of any transgressions and that we are starting as we mean to go on, they probably would. Anyhow, I’m certain there will be something we can both complain of about them with their recent track record. What do we have to lose? I certainly don’t want to have to deal with problems from now on; neither, I suspect, do you.”

It seemed so reasonable to the two of them as they discussed spanking their prospective secretaries. There was a certain satisfaction about the thought of punishing two ladies who caused problems in their well-run office. They could both understand why Jason couldn’t spank them; Alicia would not like that either.

So, this was the answer, they decided to see what appertained tomorrow and if they could possibly carry out their plan.

The opportunity arose much sooner than either Greg or Jean could have hoped for. Anna and Karen met in the coffee lounge early the next morning and immediately began bitching about Alicia, thinking they were alone. However, Greg was in the stockroom and overheard every detail. He was both angry they had already forgotten their promises of good behaviour, yet excited at the prospect of having an excuse to spank them.

He marched out of the stockroom and challenged them both with an angry glare.

“How dare you speak like that about Alicia? You both promised yesterday to behave and the very next day you have broken that promise!” He glared from one to the other, noticing with satisfaction that they were horrified to have been caught, obviously fearing they were about to lose their jobs.

“We’re sorry, Greg. We didn’t mean it, really we didn’t.” Pleaded Anna, tears welling in her eyes. Karen looked panic stricken.

“You will both report to my office at 6.00 tonight, and I will deal with you in an appropriate manner, unless you would rather me inform Jason right now?” His manner was unrelenting and both girls nodded their agreement.

“Now get to work, and don’t let me see you put a foot wrong!” His voice was not raised; it was strictly controlled and ominous.

Anna and Karen scuttled guiltily away and kept their heads down for the entire day, very obliging and efficient. Each of them was squirming with anticipation as to what the form of retribution would be. Butterflies were fluttering wildly within each stomach, but neither could ever have guessed what was about to happen.

Greg had informed Jean immediately and they had checked their schedules, confirming the details of the up-coming punishment and making sure all other staff would have left the building.

6 o’clock came too quickly for Anna and Karen. They watched everyone else leave and, with distinct trepidation, they both presented themselves at Greg’s office.

A nervous tap on the door was answered with a very stern sounding: “Come in.”

They entered, surprised to see Jean there too. They looked at the desk, totally cleared of papers and letter trays. How strange!

“You must be wondering what is going to happen and I see no point in delay. You are both going to bend over my desk for a spanking.” Greg delivered this information with confidence and waited for the outburst.

Twin gasps were all he heard. Both girls looked at each other, then at Greg and Jean.

Anna found her voice first.

“But… you can’t!” Was all she managed to whisper.

Karen echoed her denial.

“No, No, you can’t possibly be serious.”

As they looked form Greg to Jean, they realised that they were indeed serious.

“Your choice, of course. A spanking or we inform Jason you broke your word already and you know what that will mean, don’t you?” Greg’s eyebrows rose in query.

Both girls bowed their heads, exchanged resigned expressions and whispered frantically to each other. It was impossible to tell which of them was more horrified. Greg and Jean relished their suffering.

“Well, what’s it to be? Spanking or dismissal?” Greg asked.

It seemed an age before they both whispered their agreement to a spanking.

Satisfied smirks passed between the punishers, while the soon to be punished continued to squirm.

“Bend over the desk, side by side,” Jean ordered and they reluctantly obeyed. Jean directed one to each end of the desk, allowing space for each of them to wield the punishment implement.

Heavy wooden rulers were the only available implements and each punisher now held one, ready to punish the bottoms presented over the desk. Tight skirt and tight trousers clung to their cheeks as they were bent over for punishment. Two girls, face down over the desk, anticipating a spanking, flushed and tense, wanting it to be over, and dreading it to begin. The anticipation was building and the punishers relished the torment, enjoying the view before them.

A nod between Greg and Jean, then it began; the relentless rise and fall of two rulers, in unison, striking two bottoms. The muffled cries, rising in volume after each subsequent stroke, the sniffles, and the writhing to avoid the inevitable. The strokes fell from top to bottom, alternate cheeks, both cheeks, falling on already punished flesh, the heat rising, the sting keenly felt.

Then it was over.

The girls both lay there, panting, quietly sobbing and sniffling, tears dripping onto the desk, waiting to be told to stand, not wanting to face their punishers.

“Stand up.” It was Jean who spoke.

Hesitantly, both girls stood up, desperately rubbing their punished bottoms.

“Turn around,” Jean ordered.

Reddened eyes and repentant faces looked at Jean and Greg, blushing furiously in shame from what had just taken place.

“We never, ever, want to have to do that again, do you understand?” Asked Greg.

“Yes, we understand.” Both answered at once; eager to reassure them it would never need to happen again, promising behaviour above reproach forever.

“Go home, and don’t ever forget tonight.” Ordered Greg.

They could not leave the office fast enough it seemed.

As soon as they were gone, Greg and Jean each let out a heavy sigh.

“Do you think we made an impression?” Jean asked hopefully.

“I believe we did.” Greg answered.

They exchanged satisfied glances, then made their own way out of the office, confidant that they had made a distinct impression on two rather naughty girls.

The End

© Lesley Carole 2014